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Escolhe o idioma, depois escreve a palavra abaixo, para obteres frases de exemplo para essa palavra.

Continue numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I want you to continue.
  2. As we continue in the.
  3. As I continue to have a.
  4. If you continue to fool.
  5. I would have to continue.

  6. Her tears continue to dry.
  7. Alex was eager to continue.
  8. They continue to wait for.
  9. She could continue to put.
  10. We will continue on to.
  11. It will continue, but the.
  12. I would continue on in my.
  13. He would have to continue.
  14. They continue down the path.
  15. And if you continue trying.

  16. The Need to Continue Onward.
  17. You continue to amaze me.
  18. I needed to continue moving.
  19. Why should he now continue.
  20. I had to continue northwards.
  21. Seeing no need to continue.
  22. The story will continue in:.
  23. The Blacks will continue to.
  24. Their plans were to continue.
  25. First thing was to continue.

  26. Life would continue for them.
  27. Jones to continue the voyage.
  28. As I’ll continue to prove.
  29. But if you continue in your.
  30. In due time, if we continue.
  31. I hope you can continue with.
  32. People continue to feel that.
  33. If he wants to continue this.
  34. He nodded for her to continue.
  35. She waited for him to continue.
  36. We can continue talking there.
  37. She was now able to continue.
  38. Let’s continue on this tour.
  39. I just needed to continue my.
  40. Continue until you have about.
  41. So I decided to continue north.
  42. Click here to continue reading.
  43. It would be stupid to continue.
  44. And these numbers continue to.
  45. In the meantime, talks continue.
  46. Today, I continue to actively.
  47. You don’t have to continue.
  48. Vision your toes and continue.
  49. I waited but he didn't continue.
  50. He needed a reason to continue.
  51. Marie forced herself to continue.
  52. But she would continue still to.
  53. So, I have decided to continue.
  54. Some continue to question what.
  55. The Jews continue to bait Pilate.
  56. Our souls continue with the gods.
  57. Is this likely to continue?
  58. But we had to continue our trek.
  59. I have her, you can continue.
  60. He could have chosen to continue.
  61. They will continue to live here.
  62. The heroes of history continue.
  63. She could not continue to toil.
  64. Hillary will still continue to.
  65. Formed in 1939 they continue a.
  66. This soul will continue to write.
  67. Continue moving up by half-steps.
  68. Continue to cook about 5 minutes.
  69. But your life here must continue.
  70. He decided to continue on anyway.
  71. He couldn’t continue like this.
  72. Business would continue as usual.
  73. She had to continue on down the.
  74. But if you continue to read this.
  75. We can’t continue without food.
  76. Continue with your plan, I have.
  77. He wants his fighter to continue.
  78. We all need to continue to love.
  79. As you continue to read through.
  80. I decided to continue on to my car.
  81. They then continue upward to the.
  82. This can not continue much longer.
  83. Any other approach will continue.
  84. On the other hand, I can continue.
  85. Foster was badly hurt, I continue.
  86. Let's continue doing the dialogue.
  87. They should continue on their way.
  88. They continue the meal in silence.
  89. Does Samuel continue to exist in.
  90. I could continue the work I loved.
  91. Once the man leaves they continue.
  92. How far can the burning continue?
  93. He wanted to continue the tradition.
  94. Continue with cheeses and tomatoes.
  95. They had no choice but to continue.
  96. I had to continue to focus on Cliff.
  97. Hoping to continue our connection.
  98. Arthmes stopped, unable to continue.
  99. We have to continue to look for it.
  100. I simply couldnt continue onwards.
  1. While continuing to trade, Mr.
  2. Continuing to the third floor.
  3. No use continuing now I guess.
  4. Continuing to the fourth floor.
  5. And it is continuing to happen.
  6. Continuing down the asphalt path.
  7. He did this while continuing to.
  8. Her continuing thoughts were the.
  9. I read that one before continuing.
  10. Question the wisdom of continuing.
  11. He paused a while before continuing.
  12. He inhaled deeply before continuing.
  13. She sighed, continuing to be gentle.
  14. She smiled at Greg before continuing.
  15. Continuing on, I said, I don’t.
  16. He paused before continuing His.
  17. They could only stare in continuing.
  18. He paused for awhile before continuing.
  19. No, he said, continuing to smirk.
  20. Stan sipped his wine before continuing.
  21. Or rather, the continuing lack thereof.
  22. He cleared his throat before continuing.
  23. Are you comfortable continuing on?
  24. Stacy would be continuing on as planned.
  25. Nevertheless, habitat loss is continuing.
  26. I have a choice about continuing to be.
  27. Continuing her speech she further said;.
  28. She sucked her fingers before continuing.
  29. He eyed William coldly before continuing.
  30. In the mean time focus on continuing to.
  32. STEP TWO: Continuing the Recovery Process.
  33. Olsen took a sip of water before continuing.
  34. He hesitated a long moment before continuing.
  35. The current war in Iraq and the continuing.
  36. Sorry, Garcia said, continuing to play.
  37. Continuing with the same examples from that.
  38. She visably shook herself before continuing.
  39. She laughed before continuing with her tale.
  40. Investments and the continuing sales of her.
  41. His continuing coma had been stressful enough.
  42. This is better than continuing to commit evil.
  43. None of that was helped by their continuing.
  44. Corbin thus paused briefly before continuing.
  45. The conversation was continuing, it was the.
  46. Continuing onwards I learned a valuable lesson.
  47. The soul has its own continuing story to tell.
  48. The police investigations are still continuing.
  49. Roman stood motionless continuing to hold his.
  50. Continuing to look at what he had been working.
  51. They had made torches, and were continuing to.
  52. He then waited for it to pass before continuing.
  53. One issue was the continuing operation of the.
  54. None had noticed him, and Orastes was continuing.
  55. Spartan hesitated for a moment before continuing.
  56. They are diligently continuing the work of the.
  57. It was read, heavy bombing was still continuing.
  58. Mountains, the other, continuing along the coast.
  59. He paused to let this sink in before continuing.
  60. And he started continuing toward the cave again.
  61. It was a continuing saga all through high school.
  62. Continuing down the main hallway, we entered the.
  63. Cordus cocked his head, continuing to stare at me.
  64. Continuing on to the bathroom, she would have to.
  65. Indira took a sip of her glass before continuing.
  66. We backed away while continuing to fire into them.
  67. The continuing increase in world population needs.
  69. Shareholders continuing on as key executives may.
  70. There was value to continuing to watch this chart.
  71. Then, he paused for a long time before continuing.
  72. Yes I have noticed, she paused before continuing.
  73. The others are continuing their souls’ journeys.
  74. There is harm in my mother’s continuing downward.
  75. Patrick lifted his head and huffed before continuing.
  76. Continuing with these thoughts, Islam teaches that:.
  77. Continuing north along The Way of the Sea, he passes.
  78. A smile continuing to play on the corner of his lips.
  79. Schindler glanced at his colleagues before continuing.
  80. Lyons has been continuing exploration at Wady Halfah.
  81. She nodded, disheartened with his continuing outburst.
  82. She looked at Padraig with sympathy before continuing.
  83. But before continuing, I gulp down the last of my tea.
  84. Ha Ha, she says sarcastically before continuing.
  85. She was continuing Ben’s business with hired labour.
  86. Wisdom of Continuing the Business Should Be Considered.
  87. Continuing the theme of ―scientific imagination‖-.
  88. Be persistent in your continuing studies and have fun.
  89. How’s that for continuing the math metaphor?
  90. Increasingly he opposed the continuing US-Vietnam War.
  91. She waved her arms at the laboratory before continuing.
  92. Ralph leaned forward with a sly grin before continuing.
  93. I hope you are continuing to find the work satisfying.
  94. Do I detect…? Rachel hesitated before continuing.
  95. Continuing the memory Sarah remembered how she ate the.
  96. He looked at the bruise on his thumb before continuing.
  97. The police returned to their seats continuing the chase.
  98. He looked at us to see we understood before continuing.
  99. Coach Ryan then sat down on the bench before continuing.
  100. Michel simply twisted his head while continuing to run.
  1. He continued on his way.
  2. She continued to face Jon.
  3. My skin continued to itch.
  4. I simply continued to live.
  5. And as Carl continued to.
  6. He continued to wear the.
  7. Lucky continued to eye me.
  8. We continued to our journey.
  9. He shivered and continued on.
  10. We continued to the elevator.
  12. After a while, he continued.
  13. Will continued to the creek.
  14. And so she continued that way.
  15. My grandson continued to say.
  16. We continued for another week.
  17. He continued to persist and.
  18. She continued with the story.
  19. The pelvis continued to move.
  20. The plane continued to climb.
  21. She continued using a spatula.
  22. I left him and continued west.
  23. He continued with his reading.
  24. Sadie and I continued to chant.
  25. Joe continued to show interest.
  26. The CSM coughed and continued.
  27. He continued to watch as the.
  28. Both of you I continued.
  29. She continued using her mind:.
  30. I paused, and then continued:.
  31. The lynx continued to watch her.
  32. Zlifonn continued to probe them.
  33. Carol continued to look at him.
  34. They continued towards the rear.
  35. I continued, lowering my voice.
  36. She smiled at me and continued.
  37. He continued his tour of the U.
  38. By the way, she continued.
  39. He continued thrusting into her.
  40. He continued on his way all day.
  41. Tony then continued his speech:.
  42. She shook her head and continued.
  43. Anna continued to knit her scarf.
  44. He continued, He was in the.
  45. The Marines continued to advance.
  46. He continued the last few lines.
  47. This continued for about an hour.
  48. Frank Barry continued to climb.
  49. Nidon calmed down and continued.
  50. We continued on the road for a.
  51. Yet, he continued to sing hymns.
  52. Big Vegas continued the build-up.
  53. The Money, Chapter 11, continued.
  54. I leaned forwards, and continued.
  55. They continued to stroll forward.
  56. It continued raging for two days.
  57. Kenichi ignored him and continued.
  58. He continued to contemplate the.
  59. The value had continued to climb.
  60. I grabbed a basket and continued.
  61. Darniil continued in a calm voice.
  62. We continued east towards Indiana.
  63. The Opponent continued his attack.
  64. We continued for several minutes.
  65. Once on my feet, I continued up.
  66. As the pilgrims continued their.
  67. I continued on it for seven days.
  68. After a few minutes she continued.
  69. As the two men continued to eye.
  70. We should have continued to play.
  71. He continued to remove the shells.
  72. He continued to clean the bakery.
  73. Smiling down on them he continued.
  74. Clearing her throat, she continued.
  75. The Trials, Chapter 11, continued.
  76. Returning to Youssaf, he continued.
  77. He continued I'm into all sorts.
  78. She continued as Mark abruptly sat.
  79. This continued for several seconds.
  80. Getting no answer, Sammy continued.
  81. I continued to have dreams about.
  82. Roger froze as the voice continued.
  83. Their leader continued his speech.
  84. This continued in the early church.
  85. His voice weakened as he continued.
  86. She rolled her eyes and continued.
  87. Mike continued to be treated by Dr.
  88. Ish continued with his weird and.
  89. She continued to ponder the problem.
  90. Before she could react he continued.
  91. The next day, the process continued.
  92. They continued trying to convince.
  93. As General Sheridan continued his.
  94. As he continued to crane his neck.
  95. But the dragon continued flying on.
  96. Looking up, he continued his story.
  97. The KDM continued laying into the.
  98. I continued my defense without fear.
  99. Seeing this, Aaron continued even.
  100. After a short pause, she continued.
  1. The hunt continues by car.
  2. He continues to follow me.
  3. He continues to cross the.
  4. It continues over the page.
  5. He ignores me and continues.
  6. It continues to allow the.
  7. Mike continues to beat him.
  8. After a while, he continues.
  9. The mind continues in sleep.
  10. The pizza drop off continues.
  11. The fall continues two miles.
  12. The crowd continues to smile.
  13. Our story continues to unfold.
  14. The robot continues on it's.
  15. I hope it continues to do so.
  16. After a moment, he continues.
  17. This continues until the 21st.
  18. If she continues to progress.
  19. Thus, the brain continues to.
  20. She continues to spin and spin.
  21. John and he continues via the.
  22. The sound continues to escalate.
  23. He continues to check for time.
  24. Head bent over, he continues on.
  25. The stock continues to decline.
  26. Sara continues by saying that.
  27. The earth shaking thud continues.
  28. Elra continues on and speaks of.
  29. On top of that he continues to.
  30. The series continues with Hybrid.
  31. And this continues until July 16.
  32. Her cell phone continues to ring.
  33. Diane D continues to look at Dana.
  34. I know I am, but she continues.
  35. She continues to stare at Marcus.
  36. But then he continues with this:.
  37. And the outrage continues to grow.
  38. The series continues with Monsters.
  39. He continues, But don’t worry.
  40. The crowd continues their applause.
  41. His army continues to look forward.
  42. This system continues to this day.
  43. If mankind continues on the same.
  44. The series continues with Betrayal.
  45. Vince continues to compete in the.
  46. If he or she continues the threat.
  47. The process continues till infinity.
  48. He continues clapping as Mrs.
  49. God continues to show mankind his.
  50. Badde's door continues, a growing.
  51. The cycle continues because these.
  52. We both chuckle before he continues.
  53. And the Rotham genocide continues.
  54. He pauses again, and then continues.
  55. Jaden continues in a confused voice.
  56. The series continues with Darknight.
  57. Denson continues, Tighten the lid.
  58. On the following page he continues:.
  59. The harvest continues: this is the.
  60. The series continues with The Return.
  61. Shit yeah! He continues to my other.
  62. God continues to state that this is.
  63. The region continues to rise, still.
  64. The path you are on continues to the.
  65. Reagan’s toast continues at length.
  66. He continues to mouth words without.
  67. The series continues with The Fallout.
  68. If this rate continues, the machine.
  69. Man continues in all his blunders.
  70. This obscene project continues to run.
  71. The example continues on the next page.
  72. This continues for more than a minute.
  73. In the meantime, the search continues.
  74. Said; and the story continues as such.
  75. The UFO continues to cruise downwards.
  76. She continues, ‘Yes, we are explorers.
  77. It continues to rain heavily in Jamaica.
  78. Teresa continues to cry uncontrollably.
  79. The crowd continues to watch anxiously.
  80. Life in the palace continues as before.
  81. This trend continues in the year ahead.
  82. Why are you here? Ralph continues.
  83. Mom continues without acknowledging her.
  84. His family continues the tradition of.
  85. Politically Texas continues its paradox.
  86. Apollo continues the telepathy with her.
  87. And with that, she continues on her way.
  88. The scraping continues on his forehead.
  89. Kenny continues to lean behind the wall.
  90. But in ignorance, the formula continues.
  91. Even today he continues to prolifically.
  92. He continues: ‘And it was fun to do it.
  93. He stops, but then continues the tirade.
  94. He continues speaking loudly in the mic.
  95. Alex continues walking towards the farm.
  96. Mum continues to wait patiently on the.
  97. First Guardian or not, she continues.
  98. The firm continues to be a leader in the.
  99. A long black day continues the downtrend.
  100. She continues to cough into a pink hanky.

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