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Contrast numa frase em (in ingles)

It was a stark contrast.
Contrast with ease of use.
Shepherds was, by contrast, a.
In contrast, Paul penned the.
Samantha smiled at the contrast.
Quite a contrast to Hag Younes.

What a contrast! The road that.
A great contrast to the men of.
This is in contrast to integrity.
By contrast, they rarely see you.
In contrast to the dominance of.
Contrast that truth with the un.
The contrast was sharp and clear.
This is a contrast showing that.
In contrast with the building at.
Carl Ferris, in contrast, did rise.
By contrast, in 1982 q stood at 0.
It is a contrast easily explained.
Mutual Shares, by contrast, fell 8.
Contrast this with what we have now.
Contrast this with the turn of the.
In contrast, he said the Patrons (a.
In contrast, the preresponse signal.
She wanted to point out the contrast.
In contrast, her goodbyes with John F.
By contrast, pectin itself cannot be.
The contrast between them was glaring.
But, in contrast, if you offer them a.
In contrast to me he was relaxed and.
Pete, in contrast, was of the belief.
In contrast, Narayan began fading out.
In contrast, decile 7 compounded at 12.
It was such a contrast to this life here.
Let’s contrast that with ON-SITE links.
This anger was in stark contrast to that.
Worrry is a product of the contrast mind.
But JOHN? What a contrast? Why? And how?
In contrast, Revelation 18:20 says that.
The contrast with her dark hair struck me.
This is important because by contrasting.
Having to adjust to the contrasting conditions.
Then comes the contrasting status of the unbeliever.
Contrasting beautiful Namibia, Namibia our country.
The two contrasting creations – one conducive to.
Contrasting between sects within a religion (Sunnis.
This also works in reverse with contrasting vibrations.
Thus, understanding the concept of contrasting moving.
Contrasting the annual returns of two hedge fund indices.
Now have a look in Verse 9, at the contrasting attitude of Caleb.
From such repeated contrasting experiences, he learns that the.
Her face grew pale, contrasting with the dark and threatening sea.
He is dressed in a rich-blue linen jacket and contrasting tan slacks.
Adding a question mark as contrasting to a full stop is still open for.
Shoes, pants and dress shirt, suit, all black, contrasting with a silver.
His eyes then reddened into rubies, contrasting dramatically with blue skin.
This contrasting of them with the rest seemed, I was glad to see, to do them.
Behind her was a flash of white, contrasting with the stark darkening forest.
The two distinctly contrasting forms now rotated together in this odd embrace.
Somewhat contrasting the findings from Roberts and colleagues, but consistent.
The gallows loomed on the platform, contrasting strangely with the bright trees.
In Psalm 4, The writer starts by praising God, and continues by contrasting the.
I have never seen before a group of people with such contrasting auras and alignments.
The guys dressed conservatively in light color pants with contrasting jackets and ties.
Lush as the environment was, with its deep greens and contrasting colours, there was an.
The dreamscape of the foothills shifted with sharply contrasting areas of light and dark.
He was old; his white hair contrasting with his blackened face produced a horrible effect.
Even now, they were probably contrasting her abilities against Keller’s evolved cunning.
This environment has been presenting us with contrasting choices throughout our incarnation e.
Don’t you see that it symbolizes the contrasting phases of my life? he said in remorse.
To dream about sex refers to the integration and merging of contrasting aspects of yourself.
You can substitute different vegetables, but be sure to use ones that have contrasting colors.
Yes, but here Paul was not contrasting his joys in this body with the joys he would have without a body.
It sat at the village center, its immaculate tidiness contrasting sharply with most of the other ruined buildings.
Mattie said it was at least the third time they had all gathered there to rehash the contrasting medical opinions.
The surface had been scattered with rose petals, the crimson stark against the contrasting white of the tablecloth.
Did the contrasting financial positions of the two main parties make a difference in the campaign? Yes, to some extent.
A stock’s buyback yield is determined by contrasting shares outstanding today with those outstanding one year earlier.
During the best known negotiations of all time, those between Moses and Pharaoh, we see two contrasting positions collide.
Her long black hair contrasted.
He had a nice tan that contrasted.
The white coat contrasted with her.
Her modern look contrasted with the.
Contrasted with the Godly blessed by God.
His bright green silk robe contrasted starkly with.
You are the sunlight which is contrasted by the moon.
His Spiderman T-shirt and jeans contrasted with the.
The roles of men and women in worship are contrasted:.
The tumult of his thoughts contrasted with the funereal.
The man wore a black hat which contrasted with his silver hair.
They were of the purest blue and contrasted with her pale skin.
Her long black hair ponytail contrasted with the white material.
Man's aesthetic appreciation of beauty contrasted with ugliness.
Those who are eager for wealth are contrasted with the faithful:.
This contrasted sharply with another group of "controls" that had.
Casting their flicker of black contrasted with wild red and yellow.
The diaphaneity of Babet contrasted with the grossness of Gueulemer.
The shimmering water contrasted with the darkness of the rusty pail.
Strange thing is that all this contrasted with the immense amount of.
And this thawed sternness, contrasted with his habitual brutality, was.
Also, we contrasted our predicament with the lives of our parent friends.
At the bottom was a stream and the water contrasted darkly with the snow.
A more recent human study contrasted the in vivo binding of [11C]FLB 457 and.
Under such a definition the spirit world is contrasted with the material world.
The loss of a hand or eye is contrasted with the lost of the whole body [of which.
The loss of a hand or eye is contrasted with the lost of the whole body [of which the.
Sotillo's ebony moustache contrasted violently with the livid colouring of his cheeks.
The loss of a hand or eye is contrasted with the lost of the whole body (of which the.
His skin was sickly-pale and it contrasted against the black of his suit and long coat.
The bruises except for the capilaries contrasted with the pale white of his glowing skin.
Her fire-red hair stood up in a Mohawk and contrasted with her deep black, beautiful eyes.
The loss of a hand or eye is contrasted with the whole body [of which the hand was a part].
O'Molloy said, of Roman justice as contrasted with the earlier Mosaic code, the lex talionis.
In the distance a large dark blob staggered along, contrasted by the lighter grey of the river.
Some people contrasted the British success in Malaya with the failure of the Americans in Vietnam.
Did I mention how the red of the bra sharply it contrasted with pale Irish skin? Or how she had a.
When Modi contrasted a ‘powerless’ UP with a fully electrified Gujarat, there were wild cheers.
It stank too, of sweat and horses, heavy male musk that contrasted sharply with Blackfin’s perfume.
In fact, her beauty was even more pronounced when contrasted with the coarse, dull fabric of the robe.
There would be no contrasts.
Lennox was a study in contrasts.
This contrasts with the idea that.
But such contrasts are Hugo's delight.
Even in that one, an example of contrasts is.
The cause of the contrasts lays in the recent.
Japanese and Chinese use of contrasts of colour, 208.
It contrasts beautifully with his totally white hair.
Much of the rest of the Psalm contrasts the saints, or.
Laura knew her father was a man of intriguing contrasts.
This was such a place of contrasts it rather amazed Gianni.
New York City and the contrasts prove the point: humans are.
Rivers, and contrasts it somewhat too vividly with what is.
I made you talk: ere long I found you full of strange contrasts.
If one contrasts the young Ernest, with only his dreams and few pieces.
The program just outlined wil provide you with a continuity of contrasts.
This contrasts the task that the Lord gave the Levite priests with the.
This contrasts with the torturer or sadist who, like the vampire, is pitiless.
Psalm 5 opens with a plea to the Lord, and then contrasts some of the ways in.
This contrasts with the typical bearish crowd, whose lifetime is measured in months.
Christ contrasts "eternal life" for the saved with "eternal punishment" for the lost.
Verses 2 to 11, Paul now sums up what the law can do, and contrasts this with what the.
Harsh contrasts of tone produce much the same look of terror as harsh contrasts of line.
As just noted, growing developing world demand for energy contrasts with finite supplies.
The PMV contrasts with the value that the stock market is placing on the equity of the firm.
Verses 5, is one of several verses that follow where, in different ways, Paul contrasts the.
The dharma of compromise hauls the coupe of matrimony on the parallel track of contrasts.
Verse 13 and 14, Paul contrasts the behaviour of believers with the behaviour of sinners, and.
The life was uncertain, dream-like, with sharp contrasts of battle, pillage, murder, and flight.
We left downtown and entered more residential neighborhoods, which were full of sharp contrasts.
Set in the present day in a world not our own, Mañana is a world of contrasts and amalgamations.
In typical usage, the term "growth investing" contrasts with the strategy known as value investing.
This contrasts with a decline in the price of Westvaco common stock from 116½ in 1929 to 3 in 1932.
The following list contrasts the two states and the words I've chosen to represent those distinctions.
There was this force in his movement that contrasts sharply with the Ben I knew, a gentle and calculated Ben.
The black zigzag spine of the snake tail continues to the beast's back and contrasts with his golden reptile skin.
Murky as well, and very rich in saline material, their pure indigo contrasts with the green waves surrounding them.
They have a sense of connectedness and rootedness which contrasts sharply with the empty materialism of our society.
Witnessing these devilish visions contrasts with witnessing the facts and Godly lights through God’s messenger (cpth).
In the physical world there are innumerable contrasts and these may, for convenience sake, be designated by distinctive names.

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