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Cook numa frase em (in ingles)

Bru was a good cook.
He was a good cook.
The man was no cook.
You have a fine cook.
The cook, he be mad.
To Cook in the Oven:.

She looked at the cook.
Give it to the cook.
Cook said in a whisper.
Cook for just a minute.
It was his turn to cook.
Rosie was a great cook.
He could learn to cook.
I love the way you cook.
I could use a good cook.
Cook to firm ball stage.
Sara went in to the cook.
He then went to the cook.
You are a very good cook.
You know that I can cook.
She was a brilliant cook.
Cook, his face was weary.
You cook, fire the works.
He looked up at the cook.
Cook looked at each other.
Frugal Gifts for the Cook.
A maid, a cook and a post.
She was an excellent cook.
Cook had not worried then.
He wants to marry our cook.
Cook till thick as desired.
Cook for another 3 minutes.
Cook rapidly for 5 minutes.
I saw the cook wiping her.
NEVER cook with flax oil!.
Stir and cook for 1 minute.
Cook? I don’t cook, Mr.
So, he can't cook, he tried.
Father Cook, 231, 233, 237.
We eat our own cooking.
I have cooking to do.
Drain off the cooking oil.
You can share the cooking.
Rob was cooking for dinner.
After nine days of cooking.
I’m not cooking for you.
Cooking is another hobby and.
I wonder who does the cooking.
Must be this home cooking.
Method of cooking the paratha.
Boy, I've missed your cooking.
I do all the cooking in this.
One example of this is cooking.
Pour out cooking fat when done.
By means of usual cooking stove.
A History of Cooks and Cooking.
She was in the kitchen cooking.
He anointed them with cooking.
The grease can come from cooking.
My cooking is not bad either.
Suppose you learn plain cooking.
Humphrey returned to his cooking.
So what are you cooking?
She’s in the kitchen cooking.
They're either at work, cooking.
You’re in charge of cooking.
Cooking & Baking Recipes From the.
Benefits of Cooking with Children.
I’m the one cooking, did you.
I glared at him and went on cooking.
Cooking was one thing Phyllis had.
Pare and core about 8 cooking apples.
Some Tips for Cooking with Children.
He couldn’t smell anything cooking.
About time you guys did some cooking.
Heat the pan and add the cooking oil.
Her momma was in the kitchen cooking.
Cooking techniques are also important.
So, I cooked up two.
Add the cooked brown rice.
I cooked good Irish stew.
I have cooked the patties.
She cooked his food, and.
Meat and how it is cooked.
For he knew he was cooked.
Same story you cooked up.
Remove once cooked and let.
At home he had never cooked.
He cooked for me that night.
As if she has ever cooked!.
It was cooked to perfection.
Your vat of oil is cooked.
Henc, I rarely cooked supper.
They cooked and ate together.
They cooked the liquid with.
At least not to cooked rabbit.
Jo cooked lasagne for us, Mum.
I would have my sausage cooked.
Be sure they are cooked through.
Gabriel cooked, but I didn’t eat.
Include hot cooked brown rice and.
The roots are edible raw or cooked.
There was a scent of cooked pastry.
Mix carefully with the cooked rice.
You cooked, it's the least I can do.
Oh man the meat is perfectly cooked.
The cooked root is excellent to eat.
I cooked her a good meal, the first.
That they cooked it all up in here.
I came closer and smelled cooked flesh.
My mom did dishes and cooked, Kenzie.
No doubt, it was cooked and prepared.
You are meat cooked on a barbecue spit.
Has a bad taste unless correctly cooked.
This sauce wasn’t even cooked either.
Bring a home cooked meal at the office.
Boil the haddock in water until cooked.
Drain the cooked eggplant on paper towel.
Chapter 89: The Frog Cooks.
Lots of cooks in the kitchen.
She only cooks it because Dad.
A History of Cooks and Cooking.
We have excellent cooks here.
He is a good Cook: he cooks well.
Katherine's mother cooks the fruit.
The Vikenvor had three full-time cooks.
Lee cooks them up with butter and salt.
She was a nun as other women are cooks.
I was wondering if the cooks required.
They often thought of their cooks in St.
The cooks that use salt and oil say it.
Antoine said his dad cooks their meals.
Amy cooks lobster every year for Nick.
When one of the cooks tried to take the.
Only think--I've engaged twenty-five cooks.
They don’t trust cooks to be there alone.
Mary cooks much better; but it's her day off.
Spaghetti is a favorite kind with most cooks.
She cooks the same way,’ he rattles them off.
Kwenda were excellent cooks and they fed us well.
Even the two cooks and the two handymen from the.
I’ll be sure to relay your praise to the cooks.
The exotic cooks pay anything for the lowland stuff.
Besides, too many cooks in the kitchen and all that.
In inviting more and more cooks into the kitchen, Tor-.
I will outsource this and hire a company that cooks and.
On the wings, we have a Peranakan who cooks up brilliant.
He slow cooks meatballs in sauce and bakes veal Parmesan.
He looked like he really would be afraid of the cooks now.
Mac said, Somebody’ll try to kill the cooks, I guess.
The cooks were men from whom hard labour was not expected.
Shanghai Red cooks up his muck on the south side of the.
Having a nice slave wife who cooks him food on the griddle.
The traditions of the cooks and why there are so many cooks.
All right, I have to go now and see what the cooks are doing.
The cooks, for making cafeteria food bad only 35% of the time.
And what a vulgar price to pay for a dal that my mom cooks.

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