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1. As a counterpoint to the 802.
2. Counterpoint, United States, page 19.
3. Jeff, in marked counterpoint, was quite the opposite.
4. Well, I would have if I knew what counterpoint meant.
5. The signs offer an interesting thematic counterpoint to the.
6. But I Am is patient, a counterpoint to your lack of the same.
7. Serving as a counterpoint to the happiness was Istasica Forest.

8. But I’m meeting him thrust for thrust, a perfect counterpoint.
9. Almost a counterpoint to the erection thundering between my legs.
10. Their music stood in stark counterpoint to the events which were unfolding.
11. Andy added a counterpoint noting the absence of any trace of the missing man.
12. Though McCoy and Spock were wearing blue, their counterpoint positions reminded.
13. To the Ailats, storm-time and calm-time are the point and counterpoint of life’s.
14. As a counterpoint to Zinn’s selective imagery, I present below a citation from a scholarly source.
15. Mickey’s unsubtle comments to Sheila, with the usual counterpoint provided by Kev, was ignorable.
16. Kaitlyn's voice, a full whisper at first, rose to harmony and then into counterpoint with the music.
17. They fly towards the group and sweep overhead, their high cries providing a counterpoint to the trees’ music.
18. Somewhere within him, as if a strange counterpoint, Beth Johnson-Angelo was also offered up, and then Father Theophane.
19. The stories she told me about horses were a counterpoint to the other stories she’d told me about her Catholic upbringing.
20. Counterpoint (book 1 of series) is being edited to contain the best of Fire Ice (book 2 of series) and form just the one book.
21. Outside, the bright sun gleaming down from a cloudless sky was like a glaring counterpoint to the thunderstorm that was raging inside her head.
22. Ford leaped to his rescue, hazarding counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor of the… er… Hefloundered too, but Arthur was ready again.
23. But eventually he and Hookhand end up in an enthusiastically drunken conversation about the finer points of tuning theory, counterpoint, and hook maintenance.
24. As more and more birds vanished away, long wings beating as a counterpoint to the silence, leaving only the space beyond them, he realised he was looking at clouds.
25. They were a counterpoint to the white even though they were not yet words that spoke but those that listened, to his blood, to his mind, to the snow-raven’s song.
26. Once through the tunnel, we eat, the sound of rain hitting the barge above our heads a musical counterpoint to the chatter of the crew members and the cutlery on the china.
27. A small creature in the underbrush twittered in musical counterpoint to the tune, but his eyes weren’t sharp enough to pick it out in the light-and-shadows playing in there.
28. Ralph glances at the knife, even more distant than it was before and curses his own slowness as bright stars and blackness dance before his vision, a counterpoint to the pain which threatens to overcome him.
29. When I wouldn’t let this idea go, he wrote me a long, powerful e-mail that not only challenged my strategy but, as a counterpoint to some of the hard, deeply psychological opinions I’d been hearing in group, offered one of his own.
30. By then he was familiar enough with the music to improvise bass harmonies in counterpoint to the melody, and as he found himself administering to a pretty young elfess, he sang to her joyously and wordlessly, simply using various vowels to play with the notes.
31. There was Swapan Dasgupta as the premier right-wing voice and someone who had an inside track to Modi; the liberal historian and public intellectual Ramachandra Guha was among the rare breed who spoke as well as he wrote; Manini Chatterjee of the Telegraph offered a punchy counterpoint to Swapan’s Modinama; P.
32. Jason wondered about the current intense propaganda push, for instance, the use of children as pawns in a tick-tick ad as though the bomb of global warming was about to go off, or the fierce attempts to force children (and parents!) to see the Gore film An Inconvenient Truth, without proper scientific counterpoint.
33. To produce works of musical art, he must first learn to move his fingers on some instrument as rapidly as those who have reached the highest perfection; next, he must know how in former times polyphonic music was written, must study what are called counterpoint and fugue; and, furthermore, he must learn orchestration, i.

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos quaisquer frases de exemplo para esta palavra.

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos quaisquer frases de exemplo para esta palavra.

1. Skeptics also raise counterpoints to positive a priori arguments.

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