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Course numa frase em (in ingles)

Of course he had a.
Of course they can.
Of course she had a.
Of course, he could.
Of course not, sir.
M: Of course there is.
It isn’t of course.

Of course, there is.
No, of course not.
Of course, he ain't.
Q: An idea, of course.
Of course I hit her.
Discreetly, of course.
Wright’s, of course.
Of course, I couldnt.
Of course I'll listen.
Yes, yes, of course.
Of course she does.
Of course, my dear.
Of course, to Eke it.
Of course, the young.
Well, of course not.
Oh of course it could.
Although this course.
Yes of course I would.
But of course, it is.
Of course I wanted it.
M: The Self, of course.
Of course, you know.
Unless of course you.
Accept help, of course.
She was right of course.
You would, of course.
I had so much adrenaline coursing.
The adrenaline started coursing in my blood.
The crew was jumpy, coursing with adrenaline.
Apart from his dinners and his coursing, Mr.
The adrenaline started coursing in her blood.
I heard the blood coursing slowly through my body.
Something was coursing through her like anesthesia.
The mixture of excitement and exhilaration coursing.
The serge of intense love that went coursing through.
I looked them over and they set my adrenaline coursing.
I love you, Michael thought, tears coursing down his face.
And two great big lovely big tears coursing down his cheeks.
Fear, stupidity, and a good dose of machismo were coursing.
The adrenaline coursing through her body pushed her into a run.
The sensation coursing through Monserrat was one of cold anger.
He trembled with anticipation, adrenalin coursing through him.
I have electricity coursing through my veins instead of blood.
Elves coursing through her veins, and they had dealt with much.
She felt as though the blood coursing through her veins had been.
He wiped at the tears, which were silently coursing down his face.
I drew a long breath, and hot shivers went coursing over my body.
Sylvie began to sob, thick tears coursing over her high cheekbones.
Physical pain was coursing through Carroll’s body as he listened.
Candy however, had always had defiance coursing through her veins.
Ow! A sharp pain coursing through his hand, Kevin pulled it.
I have drunk a cup, and the vódka is coursing through all my veins.
She clutched the armrests even tighter, shivers coursing through her.
Help! he sobbed, tears of blood and sweat coursing down his face.
The adrenaline was coursing through her and she felt her hands shaking.
It was thought that some sort of mystical energy was coursing through.
She stared at him and felt strange sensations coursing through her body.
He turned to look at her, fear coursing through every nerve in his body.
Sancha was standing near him, hysterical tears coursing down her cheeks.
Shoop coursing through ever fibre of his being but the agents noticed felt.
Dar moaned, he couldn’t believe the sensations coursing through his body.
It thumped in his head, and he saw blood coursing through someone’s veins.
Tremors were coursing through his big body, his hands clenched at his sides.
With depression coursing through me, I closed my eyes and gave into to sleep.
The adrenalin was coursing through him and it made him feel elated and carefree.
The power inside of this wand is great; I can feel it coursing through my veins.
The pain and fear coursed.
They coursed down my cheeks.
My blood coursed through me.
Sweat coursed down her back.
Tears coursed down her cheeks.
A cold chill coursed her body.
A shudder coursed through his.
The pain coursed through her body.
It coursed through her, the power.
Sweat coursed down his head and neck.
No white blood coursed in his veins.
The wine coursed in their veins and.
His awareness coursed through the mechanism.
The blood coursed rapidly through his veins.
Sharp juices coursed again through his veins.
Something unnatural coursed through the dwarf.
The fury in his voice coursed through her veins.
I gasped as another wave coursed through my body.
Excitement coursed through her when he picked up.
Dread and disbelief coursed through Aazuria’s veins.
Forgiveness coursed through all of the men at Naoetsu.
They coursed Europe on the White Horse of the Plague.
The plane coursed down, and the world fled away above.
Like any of this was my fault! Anger coursed through me.
A feeling of cold surging numbness coursed through my.
Alarm coursed through me as I didn’t see it anywhere.
As these thoughts coursed through his mind, Paul turned.
Searing pain coursed through me as I jolted back from Raya.
But his heart was beating and his breath coursed his lungs.
The wind danced and shivered as the voice coursed through it.
Then all at once a tremendous strength coursed through my body.
Doing so generated a really satisfying sensation that coursed.
Sweat coursed down my back in rivulets under the tunic I wore.
Once again pain coursed through her, wave after wave, unceasing.
Fresh tears coursed down his face as he made it up the last stair.
Hot anger coursed through me and I had to refrain from hitting him.
Anticipation coursed through the forest; tonight would be different.
The pain shot out from my heart and coursed its way through my veins.
The pain in his leg coursed all the way up past his hip into his back.
Raw terror coursed through my veins as I fought back acid in my throat.
A chill courses through me.
When there are no courses.
We shed light on the courses.
I took courses in Physics of.
Courses in more than 50 fields.
You can sell joke books, courses.
What courses should I take?
TEA offers the following courses:.
He did well in his writing courses.
Courses in more than 75 categories.
Raise the bar with top legal courses.
The courses of the meal came and went.
Way 5: Good horses on steady courses.
All courses that I began in September.
So Rich had to calculate many courses.
Warmth courses through me, and comfort.
He has really good copywriting courses.
She began taking courses online, though.
We are asking you to deliver 10 courses.
Howe'er they laid their courses, failed.
Jealousy definitely courses through her.
Ryerson even offers the courses for free.
I take courses with the college students.
Mitchum decided on two courses of action.
These courses include several changes in.
Holohan in his limping and devious courses.
Storytelling courses are always interesting.
To those other courses, he wish he could jet.
Without needing years of university courses.
Usually, golf courses have a chain of holes.
You can have books and courses on how to do.
These are courses where legends have played -.
She signed up for the required freshman courses.
Some golf courses have rocks all over the place.
In my veins courses the blood of the Ancients.
During the passing of the many courses which Mrs.
The unarmed combat courses had been afterthoughts.
There were the so-called voluntary winter courses.
Thomas decided he would take bible college courses.

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