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  1. Cox just shook her head.
  2. And tell me, Cox said.
  3. At least Cox felt that way.
  4. Samuel Cox in Salvator Mundi.
  5. Cox, you seem to be outnumbered.

  6. This is Wendy Cox from the AJC.
  7. Carter, Cox said, staying seated.
  8. The Cox family proudly says they.
  9. Same objection, Cox said, tiredly.
  10. Cox was satisfied with this statement.
  11. Wendy Cox had a shot of the good stuff.
  12. Cox gave herself an imaginary high five.
  13. I have nothing further, Cox concluded.
  14. Wendy Cox did not have to hunt Brian down.
  15. Wendy Cox did not hesitate in her response.

  16. Cox sat up in her chair and said, Go on.
  17. The Cox family is proud to have carried on.
  18. Ellie Cox died because of this man, Nana.
  19. Cox, himself no mean Rabbinical scholar, adds.
  20. For these patients, Cox said sarcastically.
  21. The defense has nothing further, Cox concluded.
  22. Mai Cox still couldn’t believe what had happened.
  23. The year I ran it the Cox River was in flood and.
  24. Cox attempted to contact Steve Warner one more time.
  25. Wendy Cox sat by herself, looking very outnumbered.

  26. And what brought you to this conclusion? Cox asked.
  27. Is the attorney asking a question? Cox interjected.
  28. While he was being sworn in, Cox could see Pratt smiling.
  29. Cox jotted down a few more notes and headed out the door.
  30. Options Markets, by Cox and Rubinstein, Prentice-Hall Inc.
  31. Wendy Cox was counting on the reputation of Judge Grover.
  32. Clinton Cox – Come All Ye Brave Soldiers: Blacks in the.
  33. Incidentally, State Farm agent Glenn Cox was also a member.
  34. The highest ranked cable provider, Cox Communications Inc.
  35. Wendy Cox, Attorney at Law, returned to the mess on her desk.
  36. Cox translates as an 'oeonial pruning,’ (ko>lasin aijw>nion).
  37. The first part read; Dear Mr Cox, We as the executers of Mr.
  38. That’s great news, Cox said, attempting to sound cheerful.
  39. One of the secrets was that Ellie Cox had visited her in Lagos.
  40. And were you given a reason for this tactic, Cox interjected.
  41. Adanne wrote that, and she told another writer, named Ellie Cox.
  42. Brian looked over at Cox, who nodded at him to answer the question.
  43. See you in court next week, Cox announced and hung up the phone.
  44. Typical coxswain abuse, one Washington cox later said, laughing.
  45. Wendy Cox was working diligently through lunch to prepare for the afternoon.
  46. Cox pulled a sheet of paper out of her stack on the table and began reading.
  47. With a gun and a body, we can go for life, Cox began, speaking in legalese.
  48. Cox looked over at Pratt and could actually see the veins sticking out of his neck.
  49. Mai Cox pulled her rapid response vehicle into the lay-by and switched off the engine.
  50. The witness stated that he did not obtain drugs from an outside source, Cox stated.
  51. It was what she had contacted Ellie Cox about; she had talked to Ellie about her research.
  52. You remember how you found the Cox family in Georgetown? This is better, he taunted me.
  53. Withdrawn, Cox said, waving her hand at the witness dismissively as she would an annoying fly.
  54. You are not suggesting that we actually investigate the FDA for corruption? Remember what Cox said?
  55. Carter, Cox redirected, could you describe your symptoms that began on the fifth day of abstinence?
  56. Jessica Cox (USA) was able to gain her pilot’s licence on 10 October 2008, in spite of being born without arms.
  57. Leaning forward, Mai Cox tried desperately to see through the windscreen but her eyes seemed not to be working properly.
  58. This is our prosecuting attorney, Glade Cox, he said, gesturing to a suited figure seated near the opposite wall.
  59. At the rowing medal ceremony: Ah, isn't that nice, the wife of the IOC president is hugging the cox of the British crew.
  60. Hayes, General Cox, former Secretary of the Interior under President Grant when the Peace Policy was adopted, and the Hon.
  61. Before a regatta, the cox receives a race plan from the coach, and he or she is responsible for carrying it out faithfully.
  62. An example is the Dodge and Cox International Stock Fund (DODFX), which lost 47 percent of its value in 2008 and paid out $2.
  63. Cox still preferred the old fashioned idea of doing the job in a manner that would lend itself to being able to sleep at night.
  64. Not only is that not going to happen, Cox countered, but I think the paper has enough evidence to write a follow-up story.
  65. Wendy Cox was used to mudslinging and every other kind of dirty lawyer tactic, but dealing with Pratt made her want to take a shower.
  66. You don’t think the abundant amount of drugs that Donovan gave her had anything to do with her suicide? Cox asked incredulously.
  67. Unlike me, who has never been in a kayak before, she does have some experience, so she takes the most responsible position, that of cox.
  68. Twisting sideways, Mai Cox put her foot on the passenger seat and pulled up the leg of her green coveralls, dabbing at the bites with a wet tissue.
  69. Cox, Wilding said, turning to the prosecuting attorney–who up until that time had remained uncharacteristically quiet–what do you think?
  70. The RLI was an all-white unit and the best book to read on them, if you are interested, is "Fire Force - One man's war in the Rhodesian Light Infantry" by Chris Cox.
  71. Sometimes oarsmen who thought their cox was weighing them down took matters into their own hands and locked their diminutive captains in the steam room for a few hours.
  72. A youngster of seventeen was cox (and a first-rate cox he was too); a fellow in a torn blue jersey, not much older, of the usual riverside type, looked after the engine.
  73. I knew I was in the middle of something bad—but what was it? Why did everybody seem to want me out of the country? What did it have to do with the murder of Ellie Cox?
  74. Cox laughed at him and assured him that the doctor conducted evaluations for all psychological profiles that would be used to either present or contest proceedings in court.
  75. When a race plan is failing to yield results, it is up to the cox to come up with a new one, often in a split second, and to communicate it quickly and forcefully to the crew.
  76. Cox, in his Salvator Mundi, a still abler discussion on the same subject; although I cannot think that Christ ever held out to the destined victims of the unquenchable fire what Mr.
  77. Jackson and Cox went crazy trying to get out of the car, and then the last man they would see in this world sent several shots into various parts of their upper bodies until no one moved.
  78. There were a number of ETFs that had similar years to the Dodge and Cox fund, losing nearly 50 percent, but as far as tax efficiency, the majority did not pay any capital gains to investors.
  79. Act ties the hands of the Executive branch when it comes to saving tax-payers money, Representative Christopher Cox wrote an editorial in ‘Investo’s Business Daily’ dated May 10, 1995.
  80. The cox is the only person in the shell who is facing forward and can see how the field is shaping up throughout a race, and he or she must be prepared to react quickly to unforeseen developments.
  81. The first widely used model to evaluate American options was introduced in 1979 by John Cox of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stephen Ross of Yale University, and Mark Rubinstein of the University of California at Berkeley.
  82. When Michigan senator Robert Griffin told Cox that Nixon seemed completely rational, Cox informed him, The President was up walking the halls last night, talking to pictures of former presidents—giving speeches and talking to the pictures on the wall.
  83. Early on, Navy and Cornell pulled out ahead of Washington by a quarter of a length, but, finding that he could hold his bow in that position with his crew rowing at a relaxed thirty or thirty-one, Washington’s cox, Winslow Brooks, was content to sit back and watch the two leaders burn themselves out.
  84. In the late 1970s, three professors, John Cox of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stephen Ross of Yale University, and Mark Rubinstein of the University of California at Berkeley, were trying to develop a method of explaining basic option pricing theory to their students without using advanced mathematics.
  85. In a Pocock shell in the 1930s, the cox controlled the rudder by pulling a pair of ropes in the stern, at the end of which were a pair of wooden dowels, called “knockers” because they were sometimes used to raise the stroke rate by beating them on an ironbark “knocker-board” fastened to the side of the boat.
  86. Letting her head fall back against the car’s cushioned headrest, Mai Cox closed her eyes, trying to erase the memories that kept flooding into her mind; the crushed bodies by the exit door of the cinema, the chewed and mangled flesh of the patrons who’d been attacked by the cats, the small girl they’d found with her eyes torn out - at least they’d been able to save her.
  87. But this festive irony reached its climax recently when the impeachment of Nixon on grounds of unpopularity was dropped because it was found that Congress was more unpopular than the President, and later when the “New York Times” and Cox accused Nixon of being guilty of misprision (failure to report a felony to “some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States”).
  88. There was the Saturday Night Massacre when Nixon fired Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, the disclosure of a mysterious 181/2 minute gap on one of the tapes, endless hearings, the House impeachment investigation, the backdating of the deed to Nixon’s vice presidential papers to claim a $500,000 tax deduction, the use of government funds to vastly improve his estates in Key Biscayne and San Clemente, and more questionable or illegal campaign contributions.
  89. Knaplock at the Bifhop's Head, MDCCXI, with dedicatory epiftle to his worthy friend Charles Cox, efquire, Member of Parliament for the burgh of Southwark and having ink calligraphed statement on the flyleaf certifying that the book was the property of Michael Gallagher, dated this 10th day of May 1822 and requefting the perfon who should find it, if the book should be loft or go aftray, to reftore it to Michael Gallagher, carpenter, Dufery Gate, Ennifcorthy, county Wicklow, the fineft place in the world.
  90. Cox further stated under the section titled ‘The Problem’,.
  1. He moved Shorty Hunt into the JV boat Moch was coxing.
  2. When he enrolled at the University of Washington, he set his sights on coxing.
  1. She coxed him into the small room and told him to stand there.
  2. Except for the cricket cap and neck scarf that Duckworth wore in the coxswain’s seat, he coxed an awful lot like Bobby Moch.
  1. The typical coxswain abuse remark is from Eric Cohen, as are a number of details related to coxes in this section of the book.
  2. Good coxes know their oarsmen inside and out—their individual strengths and vulnerabilities—and they know how to get the most out of each man at any given moment.

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