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Crack numa frase em (in ingles)

Not a crack.
Don't crack him.
crack of the door.
he heard it crack.
hard egg to crack.
with a loud crack.
tough nut to crack.

to crack his skull.
thing can crack it.
a crack in the wall.
Her head’ll crack.
Crack, crack, crack.
the TIP of the crack.
a crack in the tiles.
It was open a crack.
He heard it crack.
You will see a crack.
A crack of thunder.
Kehaar detected crack.
But there was a crack.
It was opened a crack.
The two of us crack up.
She was going to crack.
A crack of the air, a.
There was a sharp crack.
in a crack of the floor.
I saw some crack pipes.
She heard a loud crack.
A thin crack appeared,.
The door opened a crack.
And cracking on.
He was cracking.
It's cracking her up.
It was a cracking day.
The sound of cracking.
On the cracking pavement.
Is this man cracking up?.
Josh heard a cracking sound.
The ice was cracking down.
the beach, its hull cracking.
Ben could hear ribs cracking.
Inspect for cracking and if.
You think I’m cracking up.
the cracking of the biospheres.
Wood cracking, splinters flying.
The cracking sound shocked Finn.
Skeets‘ rock face was cracking.
In a cracking voice, she replied.
cracking the spines of sinners,.
’ I told him, my voice cracking.
ally for cracking password hashes.
He’s cracking himself up again.
There were several cracking sounds.
be cracking up more than we used to.
Old legal cronies cracking a magnum.
It cracked open.
It was cracked.
Her back cracked.
He cracked a smile.
One joint cracked.
He had cracked it.
It cracked in two.
of dry cracked mud.
The stair cracked.
was a cracked plate.
He cracked open a.
He cracked it and.
He had cracked the.
His pals cracked up.
Her voice cracked.
The ceiling cracked.
It cracked into his.
His skull was cracked.
Others have cracked it.
He cracked a smile.
The phone cracked again.
He cracked a black whip.
His voice cracks.
cracks around the M.
cracks in the ceiling.
the cracks in the barn.
Poland: The cracks show.
Can you see any cracks?.
the cracks had reappeared.
My voice cracks with fear.
The cracks in the ground.
There were two loud cracks.
cracks (conformable to the.
(The brake cracks violently.
Hurt? Her voice cracks.
from the cracks in the stern.
His voice cracks a little.
There were cracks in the wall.
that cracks just occasionally.
cracks in the accursed ground.
A rare gem within the cracks,.
Cracks appeared in the ground.
Skip the cracks in the street.
There were cracks in his skin.
& cooling will result in cracks.
He cracks a smug little smile.
And the earth that cracks open.
through the cracks in the weeks.
I hear more cracks from the whip.
coming through some of the cracks.
areas: a-b- absence of cracks in.

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cleft crack crevice fissure gap chap cranny cracking snap shot quip sally wisecrack tornado fling go offer pass whirl fracture break check collapse ace super tiptop topnotch tops

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