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Crap numa frase em (in ingles)

What a load of crap.
He was a crap swimmer.
I'm sick of this crap.
Yes, so cut the crap.
All kinds of gross crap.
He was tired of her crap.
Jeez, this stuff is crap.

Some crap on the train.
Putting up with his crap.
All that crap was a lie.
Can the crap with me Mac.
Yes, it had been a crap day.
This is crap, he said.
He beat the crap out of her.
Arch, please cut the crap.
It was a particularly crap.
Mum, that's a crap excuse.
Next was this blind date crap.
That you are being sold crap.
Yep, under all the crap was.
Oh crap, it’s a blind date.
I’m so sick of this crap.
Holy crap – my mouth dries.
That was the really crap bit.
Enough of this but sir crap.
Screw this waiting around crap.
Frank is a lying sack of crap.
My watch beeped crap I thought.
And a pretty crap one at that.
Holy crap, that guy is huge.
It was a heap of crap anyway!.
Which was all a bunch of crap!.
Darian gathered all of his crap.
She spoils the crap out of him.
The stories about you are crap.
We were too close for that crap.
What a load of crap, he grunted.
It freaked the crap out of me.
That's what you think, crap head.

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Then my car craped out on me.
The blinds of the avenue passed and number nine with its craped knocker, door ajar.
Marius wore crape on his hat.
With taffety instead of crape.
Waule always has black crape on.
A man in a buff suit with a crape.
Shall I take off the crape, eh?
Remove crape from the pan and stack on a plate.
Flip when large thin crape when it begins to brown.
Everything is as handsome as could be, crape and silk and.
He too looked down at the crape round his hat and replied—.
Well, for instance, here's an important question—the crape.
Madeleine appeared clad wholly in black, and with crape on his hat.
As on the preceding day, she wore her damask gown and her crape bonnet.
Velchaninoff stared stupidly at the crape, and thence at the man's face.
The man in the crape hatband was standing on the opposite side of the street.
You! Crape hatband! You want to escape notice this time, do you? Who are you?
The fact of the matter is, there had been a fourth meeting with the man of the crape hat band.
Well, I'll take it off! He took his hat, tore the crape off, and threw the latter into the road.
She went into her closet, and, fetching her crape hat from the shelf, began pinning it on before the glass.
He would polish cases, fetch toadstools and spiders, hang crape, but when the party started he'd be ignored.
Raffles, whose appearance presented no other change than such as was due to a suit of black and a crape hat-band.
He used to say that the horrible hue and surface of her crape dress was most likely the sufficient controlling force.
As on the previous occasion, this man leant on his elbow at the table and would not speak; he was in a round hat with a crape band.
The glimpse of a smile beneath a white crape bonnet with a lilac curtain is sufficient to cause the soul to enter into the palace of dreams.
The visitor raised his eyes to Velchaninoff's, lifted his hat from the ground beside him, and with great dignity pointed out the black crape band.
Awaiting the proper moment, Velchaninoff suddenly slipped the hook, pushed the door wide, and almost tumbled over the man with the crape hatband!.
And she is not in the least evangelical, said Rosamond, reflectively, as if that religious point of view would have fully accounted for perpetual crape.
The two-story colonial with its rose-colored brick, black shutters and graceful column set back on a five-acre landscaped lot with crape myrtles and lace pines.
He smelled the hot tallow in his nostrils and instinctively he grabbed at a candle and walked with it around and about the house, pretending to straighten the crape.
I remember her appearance at the moment—it was very graceful and very striking: she wore a morning robe of sky-blue crape; a gauzy azure scarf was twisted in her hair.
It is surrounded by purple and red Crape Myrtles and Japanese Maples and there is a large oak — planted by Grandfather Braithewaite in 1960 — at the head of the plots.
Then, for five days there was not a sign of the man; and yet, much to his distaste, Velchaninoff could not, for the life of him, avoid thinking of the man with the crape band.
Ere that, however, or the lightening of her widow’s crape, a fresh link was welded from her life, which gave the sad earl a joy in his old age, and a despot to Veynes Court.
The fact of the matter was this: Nearly a fortnight since, he had met for the first time, somewhere about the corner of the Podiacheskaya, a gentleman with crape round his hat.
A resolution was unanimously adopted, requesting each member of the House, in testimony of their respect to the memory of John Smilie, to wear crape on the left arm for one month.
What should you do yourself, if you were wearing crape, under the circumstances? My own idea was, that if I left it on, I should be giving a proof of the fidelity of my affections.
He was punctual, dressed in black, with crape around his hat, and presented himself at his cousin's with a face made up for the occasion, and which he could alter as might be required.
On repairing thither, I found a man waiting for me, having the appearance of a gentleman’s servant: he was dressed in deep mourning, and the hat he held in his hand was surrounded with a crape band.
Thumbtacked to the different pictures were trinkets they’d loved in life, silver charms, silver arms, legs, bodies, silver cups, silver dogs, silver church medallions, bits of red crape and blue ribbon.
Leonard with his little black medical case, Samuel with his large, dusty ebon bound book under his arm, bearing more black crape, and Bion excursioning to the car outside and bringing in many more gallons of liquid.
The crape man had appeared suddenly, as usual, and had passed by Velchaninoff, but without looking up at him this time; indeed, he had gone by with downcast eyes, and had even seemed anxious to pass unobserved.
Make as many crapes as desired.

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