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Crease numa frase em (in ingles)

Hey! Don't crease the top.
The crease on his brow deepens.
A crease forms on his forehead.
The crease between his eyebrows.
A slight crease marks his forehead.
A crease forms on Channing’s forehead.
Disappointed, he threw the bat on| the crease.

Ish said as he signalled him to take the crease.
Naveen took the crease and Ali became the runner.
His smile faded and a crease in his brow deepened.
A crease between the eyes, a slackness to the mouth.
A shaggy-haired boy with a crease between his eyebrows.
I'd hate to crack or even crease the enamel on my face.
If we had three stocks this would crease our performance.
Ali took the bat, walked to the crease without looking up.
Ish nodded as the Australian batsman reverted to the crease.
That’s a hard ass name! A crease formed on Bam’s brow.
As he did, he noticed a crease in the man’s shirt, in his.
She laughed with a bitter crease around her lips and replied:.
Ish was about to take a run-up when Ali sat down at his crease.
There’s a crease on Zachary’s forehead, and he swallows hard.
The crease on his forehead melts away as he looks over my shoulder.
The way her soft lips would purse and her eyebrows crease together.
Tears were openly falling down Harold’s old crease lined cheeks now.
His lips caressed the crease of my thigh and he lowered himself to lie.
He enjoys her large round breasts and the raised crease between her legs.
She blinked before reading it a second time, her brow beginning to crease.
I looked over at Larc and I saw the corners of his mouth crease up a little.
Ish said as the Indian openers took the crease for the second follow-on innings.
I give Nita a questioning look, and she frowns, creating a crease in her forehead.
Broaden the base of the skull too, and lift the crease of the neck diagonally into.
Channing stands up with a smile, but there seem to be a deep crease on his forehead.
The crease on his forehead deepened, and worry wrinkles had emerged around his eyes.
It was encrypted? The crease in the middle of Ray Sizemore’s forehead deepened.
His thumbs pinch into my butt cheeks and spread them as he licks up the crease of my ass.
I felt a line of worry crease across my brow as I glanced at the inner reaches of the island.
At chest level on the left side, she found a crease in the mortar that depressed when touched.
He nodded, but the worry crease in his forehead remained until I reached up and smoothed it away.
He skated out to the top of his crease and then slowly skated backwards as I crossed the blue line.
I've shaved every morning for thirty goddamn mornings and put on a tie and had a crease in my pants.
Robbie stared at him, his forehead creasing.
He had such a naughty smile creasing his cheeks.
He looked at me, a small smile creasing his face.
Tylin looked across at Joey, her forehead creasing.
How stupid is he? She said, creasing her brow.
Sohrab was looking at me with a frown creasing his brow.
He glanced down, the smallest frown creasing his forehead.
Sheena nodded, a frown creasing deep furrows in her forehead.
Henry turned to his friend, a knowing smile creasing his lips.
Sheena sat at her desk, a frown creasing her usually smooth forehead.
Matts mind returned to the present, a slight smile creasing his face.
Yes, a younger man thrust forward, a frown creasing his forehead.
And if it isn’t? Geoff said, his forehead creasing with concern.
He seemed to be counting noses, a frown of nervous anxiety creasing his forehead.
Tommy? Newt asked, stepping closer with a look of concern creasing his forehead.
Myles shook his head, a tiny smile creasing his face as he weighed the seven stacks in his two.
I guess, Youssaf now offered, a wry smile creasing a corner of his mouth, that you have.
She wanted to be depressed about the state of the world, not the crumpling and creasing of her skin.
Smith was sure he detected a slight creasing of Sarah Proud’s eyes when he mentioned Wolfie’s name.
That was the scene earlier today at the county jail, he said, a look of concern creasing his face.
A sheet of blue fire crackled around us and he stepped back a pace or two, his face creasing in astonishment.
She snugged her hand on her father’s arm, and he gave it a gentle pat in return, his eyes creasing in fondness.
Vasant pulled a seat over and plonked his large bottom on it, lines creasing his forehead as he stared at the image.
Nurse lifted one skeletal hand and rested it on the younger man’s, the corners of her mouth creasing into a soft smile.
A radiant smile washed across her face and, for a brief moment, banished all the problems that were creasing her forehead.
Two of them were stern looking, as if they were born at the age of forty and had always had hard lines creasing their faces.
Do you want me to stand by watching, when I could help? What were all of those lessons for? She said, her brow creasing.
The Preceptor could see the questions forming in the young boar's eyes even before he asked them and moved closer, a grim expression creasing his snout.
Snout creasing with anxiety, Grey wondered how long it would be before the Preceptor discovered the theft of the Sacred Roots and sent out a search party.
Creasing his brow, lowering his lids, and puckering the corners of his eyes, the Canadian focused the full power of his gaze on the ship for a short while.
I guess, Youssaf now offered, a wry smile creasing a corner of his mouth, that you have placed too much reliance on your overlords to keep you informed.
A grin creased his face.
A frown creased his brow.
A frown creased his forehead.
Her brow creased into a frown.
His forehead creased into a frown.
His face was creased with urgency.
His brow creased into a nervous frown.
Grumbold’s face was creased with worry.
Now a bread-crumb smile creased his lips.
His brow was creased, his eyes looked red.
Sheena’s forehead was creased with worry.
Thomas nodded, his face creased with tension.
Her face was creased with worry and sadness.
Eva frowned before a smiled creased her face.
Bucca’s leathery face creased into a frown.
My clothes are creased but beyond salvaging.
My forehead creased as the last words sunk in.
She eased back on her stool, her brow creased.
His forehead creased and his shoulders shrugged.
Jamie took out his creased map and consulted it.
He turns and stares at me with a creased forehead.
Maggie was quiet for a long time, her brow creased.
E’s face appeared puzzled as he creased his brow.
My eyes lit up as an expansive grin creased my face.
Her brow creased at this strange contribution, but.
The tiny lines around his eyes are creased in concern.
His face was creased with deep lines as he stared out.
His brow creased, probably expecting a rush of emotions.
Her face was just as creased with tension as ours were.
Her brow creased as she tried to remember back to that.
You need to feed, he said, his brow creased in concern.
Her eyes closed and slowly a smile creased her red lips.
Michael's forehead creased into a thoughtful frown, as he.
Hilderich’s face was creased in a show of anxious concern.
He just stood staring into space, face creased into a frown.
Sprague was superfluously tall; his trousers got creased at.
Trevor’s brow creased, and his keen eyes flitted restlessly.
Hartstongue is fully awake then, his face creased into a frown.
His eyes were bloodshot, his forehead creased with heavy lines.
She looked up at me and immediately creased her face in concern.
Creases form on his forehead.
Sadness showed in their creases.
The shapes and creases of cowboy.
Her forehead creases, her lips tight.
Blood appeared at the creases of his mouth.
Harvey pulled the creases up on his trousers.
His brow creases, and I almost regret asking.
His brow creases as he waits for me to continue.
And embedded are the words in the creases of the brain.
Two deep creases framed his chin, making it look hinged.
I sat down, smoothing the creases in my pants more than.
A tear catches in the leather creases of his ancient eyes.
I opened it and smoothed the angry creases from its surface.
It’s for getting the creases out of things, like shirts.
The creases at the corners of his eyes deepened as he smiled.
He slowly ran his fingers along the creases of her soft skin.
The candlelight created shadows in the creases of his muscles.
Nicolas chuckled, but his laugh ended in the creases of a frown.
He unfolded a paper napkin and pressed out the creases as he did.
He had not moved, and I watched as the creases on his face deepened.
The smell of dry mud rises as he stretches the creases in his clothing.
Those babies had creases running from the corner of my shoulder to my.
At first he found nothing, just screwed up creases and smudged figures.
These were men with the creases of hardship drawn deep across greying brows.
Always trying to flatten the land and fill in the holes, creases and valleys.
He counted the creases of rucked leather wherein another's foot had nested warm.
His eyebrows bent into a serious shape, and the creases next to his eyes deepened.
This is because rolling your shirts and your pants would prevent too many creases.
Her creases glowed and cool air drifted off to touch the woman, giving her shivers.
The rain ran unnoticed down the scars and creases that were the roadmap of his face.
His eyes stare at the lower side of the car, and playful creases form on his forehead.
At this point, Donald also looked around the corner, sweat in the creases of his brows.
His face was aged and lined, with deep creases on either side of a great beak of a nose.
I put my hand on the screen of my laptop trying to ease the tense creases on Egan’s face.
Her face was pale, and lined with creases that had not been there before all this started.
Becky delightfully stares at him while listening to the thick brown paper as he creases it.
The mist lifted from the hilltops and they were clear and brown, with black-purple creases.
Her father took them and shuffled them around, flipping some over and smoothing out creases.
Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to clean the tops and creases of Roman blinds.
The sheath was red with designs like scales, and with green creases and a yellow, metallic end.

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