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  1. I hid it in a crevice.
  2. She’d scaled the damn crevice.
  3. She looked back through the crevice.
  4. Filling every crevice, of the heart.
  5. It is in a deep crevice in some rocks.
  6. I see the crevice, he informed them.
  7. Andy got out and felt around in the crevice.
  8. Raw emotion fills every corner, every crevice.
  9. The body was out of sight, caught in the crevice.
  10. I put the scimitar in a crevice among those rocks.
  11. Thing: Cameras installed in every crevice in house.
  12. A few paces away, the tall shadow became a crevice.
  13. In the morning the words read, ―A crevice is a pod.
  14. Hidden deep within the crevice she found—nothing_.
  15. Joey made a mad dash out of the crevice and into the open.
  16. Carmen rolled over and worked her foot out of the crevice.
  17. He searched every item, corner and crevice of the suitcase.
  18. Sam absorbed her beauty as his eyes feasted on every crevice.
  19. He watched her head back to the crevice while he buckled them.
  20. Stooping down into a crevice of the rocks, I tried one of them.
  21. It was paved and clean, but grass was growing in every crevice.
  22. It clinked and clattered onto the rocks, falling into a crevice.
  23. There should be a blanket wedged into a crevice right above it.
  24. The crevice that she had just come from was the heart of the Blue.
  25. He pushed the scimitar into the crevice as far as his arm would reach.
  26. Andy and I threw our IDs in the same crevice of a dilapidated building.
  27. Within that crevice waits a personal journey, unique to each individual.
  28. I put it into a rock crevice that seemed as if it would be a very dry place.
  29. All the while he rested his eyes on the open flower, the furry crevice, the.
  30. Ahmed moved to the crevice opening, reached in and then withdrew the scimitar.
  31. At the entrance of the crevice he took aim and threw a stone into the opening.
  32. With a gesture he ordered us to crouch beside him at the foot of a wide crevice.
  33. Where his foot struck, a crevice opened in the solid rock that widened instantly.
  34. Roger was also bloodied and sweat poured copiously from every crevice of his body.
  35. I found a little family of mice building a nest within a small crevice in a dead tree.
  36. The clothyard shafts found every crevice in their armor and the housings of the steeds.
  37. This crevice, the hiatus of a gulf of mire, was called a fontis, in the special tongue.
  38. At a point about three quarters of the way to the top he found a narrow but deep crevice.
  39. Without much trouble Sven found what he was looking for—a vertical crevice in the cliff.
  40. He’d lost friends who would have given him hell for not being able to climb the crevice.
  41. There was a stream exiting the lake and flowing off into the a crevice in the cavern wal.
  42. With hand shaking in anger, he plunged it into the dark crevice, touching nothing tangible.
  43. Ruby heard footsteps approaching and hid within a small crevice cut away in the old stone wall.
  44. She held little more than a thread, but that thread was enough to turn the cracks into a crevice.
  45. The door was ajar, and from the crevice a strong light flooded out into the twilight of the hall.
  46. Striding along in the shimmering sun beating down on the road, I stepped in a crevice cut in the stone.
  47. She cowered in a crevice as footsteps went past her on the path, then they retreated back to the deck.
  48. I tapped upon the floor, but it sounded the same all over, and there was no sign of any crack or crevice.
  49. It was in a tiny crevice that could barely be detected and was exactly the same colour of the cliff wall.
  50. Stepping into the crevice of the small rocky mountain, they went inside and found that it was fairly shallow.
  51. The men yelled and gave back suddenly, and the creature scuttled into a crevice of the rocks and disappeared.
  52. It's just this consideration that has led the prosecutor to assume that the money is hidden in some crevice at Mokroe.
  53. They stole cautiously, and with beating hearts, to a crevice, through which the faint light of the fire was glimmering.
  54. He could reach his arms up through the crevice and grip the edge, and careful testing told him it would bear his weight.
  55. Trails of wispy gray smoke were pouring out of every single crevice his son’s rectangular-shaped desktop computer had.
  56. He had the oddest sensation that he had been within that crevice, yet he could not recall any details of that experience.
  57. The crevice was narrow for about fifteen meters and was on a sloping angle, so it was difficult to edge their way through it.
  58. And in a moment we were all scrambling around trying to find any opening or crevice which would give us something to work on.
  59. There were no homes on this road, which edged higher into a crevice between two of the foothills where the land flattened out.
  60. By Mitra, the clothyard shafts find every crevice of their harness! Horses and men go down, struggling and thrashing in the water.
  61. She came across a soda can, a dime, a plastic bag, and eventually something blue that peeked out from under a little rocky crevice.
  62. The spinning orb had risen from the water and was now hanging near the roof of the cavern, casting a strong light into every crevice.
  63. He tucked the blankets into a crevice between the bottom of the highway and the concrete slope, then plopped the ice chest on the ground.
  64. Suddenly, a black reptile or some entity, which seemed like a Chimera of the ancient Greek, crept out of a crevice making cold baying sounds.
  65. Still he went on, for his mind was as utterly narrowed into that precipitous crevice of play as if he had been the most ignorant lounger there.
  66. Crass struck a match, and Slyme, stooping down, drew a key from a crevice in the wall near one of the doors, which he unlocked, and they entered.
  67. It sat hidden away in a huge crevice formed by the splitting of the rocks in ages past, forming the two natural sides, several hundred feet high.
  68. They fanned out and searched high and low, mindful of the animals hanging above their heads but with keen eyes scrutinizing every crack and crevice.
  69. He found a crevice to pry it into, and he worked and worked the leverage until he could pull the grate out enough to force in a rock to prop it open.
  70. His lips and tongue lovingly explored every contour and line of her naked body, finding their way inevitably lower to the pouting crevice of her desire.
  71. I imagine that part of the money was hidden in that house, not long before the arrest, in some crevice, under some floor, in some corner, under the roof.
  72. Peace had failed her and Ashley had failed her, both in the same day, and it was as if the last crevice in the shell had been sealed, the final layer hardened.
  73. Her hand trembled as she reached over and with her index finger gently drew the underwear down to reveal the sculpted ass cheek and the soft crevice of his butt.
  74. Presently the dry wood sent out a flame which illuminated every crevice, and Mary saw that the old man was lying quietly with his head turned a little on one side.
  75. Fuck, I never thought they would ever let me out of there until I heard your broadcast, Ren shovels sand from a rocky crevice about two hours past her prison.
  76. The small, narrow path had degenerated into a granite crevice with pockmarks and surfaces of chipped rock that one had to climb using his hands as well as his feet.
  77. When her mother returned to the kitchen and sat opposite Susan again it was as if a cold black vapour had seeped into every crevice of the room; every pore of her skin.
  78. She sprang behind the door, through which Lelechka had passed, sat down there on the floor, and as she looked through the crevice, she cried out: "Lelechka, tiu-tiu!".
  79. He was alive and lying covered in bruises in a small thorn tree that was growing in a crevice in a rock that projected out of the foaming white wall that was the Rimfall.
  80. There were two easy levels to climb before the third level, which required a seven-foot jump across and a five-foot jump up — over a deep crevice and up to the next level.
  81. Having finished his task, Raskolnikoff inserted his finger in a small crevice in the floor under his couch, and brought out the PLEDGE with which he had been careful to provide himself.
  82. Bending over in the saddle with his hood down against the total whiteout that faced him and annoyingly blew into every exposed crevice, he struggled desperately to get into the contents.
  83. The natural taste and true ear of David governed and modified the sounds to suit the confined cavern, every crevice and cranny of which was filled with the thrilling notes of their flexible voices.
  84. It was not so much a room as it was a crevice, a hollowed out cavity of rock somewhere underneath the city, just another small cave forming part of a complex network whose size she could only guess.
  85. Driven by trembling curiosity, I ran into the house, took the key of the woodhouse from its nail, and in a minute, through the crevice between two planks, I was looking into that mysterious little room.
  86. Why do precisely these objects which we behold make a world? Why has man just these species of animals for his neighbors; as if nothing but a mouse could have filled this crevice? I suspect that Pilpay & Co.
  87. The acoustics of the large master bedroom were favorable, and she felt a sensation approaching joy as she allowed her voice to gust forth from deep in her gut and fill every corner and crevice of the chamber.
  88. It was not a cave and was open to the sky above; but at its inner end a flat wall rose up that in the lower I part, close to the ground, was as smooth and upright as mason's work, but without a joint or crevice to be seen.
  89. He entered it as an adder slips through a crevice, and disappeared within, and an instant later, the two children saw his head, which looked pale, appear vaguely, on the edge of the shadowy hole, like a wan and whitish spectre.
  90. He was not much acquainted with valves of any sort, but he knew that valvae were foldingdoors, and through this crevice came a sudden light startling him with his first vivid notion of finely adjusted mechanism in the human frame.
  91. In a few minutes, some mortar and dust came dropping down, which he averted his face to avoid; and in it, and in the old wood-ashes, and in a crevice in the chimney into which his weapon had slipped or wrought itself, he groped with a cautious touch.
  92. Those other prisoners, thru the several tunnels, also cheered with excitement at the manifestation of His authority of Love in this underground vault, for they too could see the brightness of His existence as it illuminated thru every crack and crevice.
  93. Her leather armour had began to chafe her inner thighs as sweat had worked its way into every crevice from the hours of exertion and with her breastplate also rubbing her to soreness, the constant movement of another few hours travel could end up very painful.
  94. Nervously, I get my tawstones out and, aware that the men are standing by me, facing outwards looking for the first sign of trouble, I concentrate … there it is! Confidently, I move forward and put my hand over the crevice where I left the Element and give the Words.
  95. Why, why does the prosecutor refuse to believe the evidence of Alexey Karamazov, given so genuinely and sincerely, so spontaneously and convincingly? And why, on the contrary, does he force me to believe in money hidden in a crevice, in the dungeons of the castle of Udolpho?
  96. Yes, entering softly, he helped to close and chain the door and followed softly along the hallway the man's back and listed feet and lighted candle past a lighted crevice of doorway on the left and carefully down a turning staircase of more than five steps into the kitchen of Bloom's house.
  97. The small cave was irregularly shaped in an angular way; the bookcases and an old study were massed together near the corner of the jutting rock, while a somewhat larger space to the right of the study, a sort of crevice, housed a small cot and a cupboard of what at a glance seemed to be antique wood.
  98. The charcoal glowed white hot, the dust ran together and disappeared, and in its place, when the charcoal had cooled a little, and the amateur chemist presented it to Prince Shadursky, the prince saw a little ball of gold lying in a crevice of the charcoal, such as might easily have formed under the heat of the blow-pipe.
  99. The ruined walls of this old mansion, with lichen cropping out from every crevice; the unhinged doors and broken windows; the ladder rotting as it leans against the moss-grown roof, the broken well-sweep and deserted barn, offer an aspect of desolation and decay which should prove sufficient bait to tempt any ghost of moderate demands.
  100. It had been like this since the beginning of time itself: a windowless white cube flooded with a dead fluorescent light that percolated into every crevice of his being, Truscott with his cheerless grins and endless questions, with occa¬sional spurts of bile from Meadows, interjected like venomous punctuation – and all under the inscrutable gaze of the guardian of the door.

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