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Crinkle numa frase em (in ingles)

Crinkle the fat about their eyes; and yet.
Every crinkle of paper sounds like a warning shot.
She smiles, but her eyes crinkle at the corners with concern.
His face was as blank as a new sheet of paper, but then it started to crinkle.
Through a screen of dense smoke, he could see the slight grin crinkle his middle aged face.
Patting her dress in a panic, she felt the crinkle of the paper she had tucked into her bosom.
She wondrously watched the delicate skin around his eyes crinkle into tender lines of hilarity.

THAT NIGHT WHEN my head hits the pillow, heavy with thoughts, I hear something crinkle beneath my cheek.
It was a charming smile, lopsided, the left side of his mouth twitching up, making the corners of his eyes crinkle.
There’s an undercurrent of affection in his words, the way his voice grows softer and his eyes crinkle as he mentions her name.
Perhaps it was as simple as this: he liked her grin, the crinkle at the bridge of her nose, the mouth a little large for the face.
The crinkling pages echoed throughout the café.
The room is full of the sound of crinkling and ripping.
I parked and sat staring, my car crinkling from the drive.
When I sat up, the condom made a crinkling sound in my back pocket.
She thought nothing of the crinkling sound behind her until Sage spoke up.
The smooth surface of the meat was crinkling up and turning a faint brown.
For a moment, the boy continued to stare at Simon, a frown crinkling his forehead.
Harry nodded his big head, the skin at the corners of his faded blue eyes crinkling.
He smiles, his dark eyes crinkling at the corners, and follows me into the living area.
Enough pain, I winced as I buckled over; the glass crinkling under the weight of my hands.
But his smile … I could picture it now, a rare flash of even white teeth, his eyes crinkling.
We’ll just have to practice that part as well, Caleb says, his eyes crinkling in the corners.
The woman continued to react with incredulity, her face crinkling up and her head shaking momentarily.
Her aunt nodded slightly and looked across at her, the skin around her eyes crinkling as she gave a soft smile.
The soldier on guard blinked and yawned, his grizzled face crinkling into a riot of lines and scars before relaxing again.
He carefully opened the wax paper sleeve and retrieved the piece of parchment it contained, all of it crinkling loudly in his hands.
Chantry turned to me and smiled the old weathered skin of his face crinkling, Relax Tyre I haven’t stolen your treasure from you.
The woman left the shelter of her doorway to join the young man at the railing, a canny crinkling of the eyes indicating she had taken his measure.
Slowly, Wyatt reached his hand up towards the cash register, crinkling his nose as he pushed the eject button, causing the cash draw to ‘ding’ as it popped open.
Matthew leaves without waiting for Nita’s response, and Tris sits on the examination table, the paper crinkling beneath her and tearing where her leg hangs over the edge.
Sunday twisted his face until he had the boys laughing, and most of the girls, except for a few who were crinkling their noses and whispering, Eeeuuw, like a real pig farm?
He walked around the outfit with an inquisitive sniffing of his nose and a crinkling of eyebrows, and at last set himself before the man of the chaise top, his knuckles on his hips.
Agent Sutton crinkled her nose.
She crinkled her eyes a little.
Her lips crinkled in a grimace.
Gus’s face crinkled into a smile.
Jons face crinkled into a question.
Her face crinkled as she expected.
The woman’s eyes crinkled in a smile.
Stephanie blinked and crinkled her eyebrows.
She crinkled her eyes together in concentration.
Conal’s forehead crinkled into a frown as he read.
The handsome American gave a smile that crinkled his.
The farmer crinkled his brow, ‘Touched by what?’.
She crinkled the sheets of the bed in her clenched fists.
His body was crinkled over like a piece of aluminum foil.
The pillow crinkled under her head as she settled into it.
His mouth crinkled in a smile at the sight of all of them.
My nose crinkled at the carnage raging below me as man and.
He placed the last dollar atop the pile of crinkled money: $320.
She appeared to be the same age as Zoe and her brown eyes crinkled.
Her brow was crinkled, which happened when she was deep in thought.
The old man was cradling the amulet with both of his crinkled hands.
Thaniel crinkled the paper down with his fingertip once she had gone.
Titus could not resist a cheeky grin at the red face and crinkled nose.
But now you are undecided? His brow crinkled and he let go of her.
Her face crinkled up in surprise, You watch animated kid movies?
Her brow crinkled as she thought of being left alone in this wilderness.
Her smile creased an already lined face and her big brown eyes crinkled.
Her eyes crinkled into a smile as she said, Counting my grandchildren.
The paper crinkled as he unfolded it again and began to re-read the script.
After her forehead crinkled, her hazel eyes penetrated straight through him.
Triumphantly she handed it to me in a crinkled, dead-lettuce kind of state.
In the center of the lake, the crinkled spidery frame of the B-36 lay prone.
Glass is all over the place, and the steel roof is crinkled up like tin foil.
Lucy's forehead crinkled, her brows knitted and her mouth twisted to the side.
I guess… Savannah crinkled her eyes and shifted from one foot to the other.
Her suspicious look slighty subsided lessened replaced by a softer, crinkled look.
Hmpf… The young woman snickered as the note she had stolen crinkled in her hand.
Clary slipped his hand in his pocket and crinkled the banknote Humphrey had just given him.
It sat on its haunches in front of him, and it waggled its ears and crinkled its nose at him.
Without her smile; without the way her ice-blue eyes crinkled at the corners when she laughed.
He crinkles his nose.
Placing it on the table, I carefully smoothed out the crinkles, scanning the print.
His snapping brown eyes disappeared in crinkles when his belly-laugh roared through the caravan.
Can I fly on the way back? In spite of the oxygen mask crinkles on his cheeks, Toby looked ten years younger.
I loved his kind eyes, with the little crinkles at the corners, the sound of his voice, and his long hair draped on his shoulders.
George looks better than the last time I saw him, but grief leaves its mark on his expression, taking the crinkles out of the corners of his eyes when he smiles, taking the dimple from his cheek.
A slim girl of just over average height, white skin and jet black hair, large eyes, the crinkles at the edges permanent from so much smiling of that large mouth with the perfect teeth and ineffable sweetness.

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