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Crisp numa frase em (in ingles)

1. The air was crisp and.
2. Fry till crisp and brown.
3. The air was crisp and cool.
4. To a crisp? Not quite yet.
5. Serve upon fresh crisp lettuce.
6. A crisp packet, I repeated.
7. Crisp stated with arched eyebrows.

8. The air was so crisp this morning.
9. We hand you crisp five pound note.
10. The morning air was cool and crisp.
11. Willie sat in his crisp new pyjamas.
12. The water had a crisp metallic tang.
13. Even his voice was smooth and crisp.
14. It’s a crisp packet, I said.
15. I gave him a crisp fifty dollar bill.
16. Stuart offered him a crisp £50 note.
17. Crisp concluded her story, she smiled.
18. Their pages are white, crisp and fresh.
19. An empty crisp packet, that’s all.
20. The air felt cool and crisp in the park.
21. Brown, crisp loaves stood on the hearth.
22. A crisp voice entered her consciousness.
23. Her silver hair was crisp, almost sharp.
24. Well, that bridge was burned to a crisp.
25. All fresh and fragrant and crisp and new.
26. The bacon was delicious, smoky and crisp.
27. They were very crisp and sharp with anger.
28. The crisp breeze felt bitter against his.
29. The crisp enunciation; the choice of words.
30. The bed had a crisp white, freshly fluffed.
31. It was a beautiful morning, crisp and clear.
32. Her hands clawed out, raking at the crisp air.
33. His boots crunched noisily on the crisp snow.
34. His affect was crisp and serious, but affable.
35. All the trunks are burned to a freaking crisp.
36. It was icy, yet crisp and _frappé du soleil_.
37. That hard crisp sound made my heart stand still.
38. I inhale deeply of the crisp cold mountain air.
39. Massie looked down at the crisp room around her.
40. His calm, crisp actions clearly took them aback.
41. The crisp air whipped her long red mane in the.
42. Rich purples and pinks blended into crisp blues.
43. Sir, yes sir, Admiral! was the crisp answer.
44. The air is crisp and clean with early autumn cool.
45. The air felt crisp, fresh, and I guessed it was.
46. The dry, crisp scent of winter hangs around them.
47. The medics, by contrast, are crisp and untroubled.
48. The gunshots carried crisp and clear in the still.
49. The air is as crisp and clean as any I have ever.
50. The secret place had burned to a crisp! There were.
51. His pale blue shirt was crisp and matched his eyes.
52. I put my hand on the front of his crisp white shirt.
53. The air was crisp and the sun shone on relentlessly.
54. His eyes watered, turning crisp details into a blur.
55. They stepped out of the ship into very crisp cold air.
56. It was a cold, crisp day, two weeks before Christmas.
57. Your clear and crisp information is always a big help.
58. Five riders left Elannort on that crisp spring morning.
59. An autumn leaf, very crisp, fell somewhere in the dark.
60. They were dressed to the hilt in their crisp uniforms.
61. It was a pretty room, with plenty of crisp white linen.
62. I felt his crisp blue eyes worm into me as if his own.
63. Samual stood up ,wiping dirt off his crisp white outfit.
64. You pull a heavy lever, and out comes a crisp £10 note.
65. It was a cool crisp day but the sky was clear and sunny.
66. As soon as the shooting ended I gave the gull two crisp.
67. The atmosphere was deliciously crisp, the feeling studious.
68. Programming will help your responses to be clear and crisp.
69. The air was crisp and still, the sun brilliant as it rose.
70. There seemed nothing to add to the crisp comments offered.
71. A young man and woman, both dressed in crisp business wear.
72. His breath came in clouds of vapor that rose in the crisp.
73. Flesh like drumheads and manuscripts and crisp bread dough.
74. It was late in the afternoon and the air was cool and crisp.
75. The detail was crisp; you could see every leaf on the tree.
76. They were bright, crisp green with small splinters of slate.
77. The early morning breeze was crisp and fresh as it wound its.
78. A majordomo dressed in a crisp red uniform held out his hand.
79. Her smile was crisp and bright, her eyes shone with a wicked.
80. I counted ten thousand dollars in crisp twenties and hundreds.
81. They started back over the crisp clods toward the sleeping camp.
82. Cloud’s heart stopped as the furious blast of crisp warm air.
83. The fries were crisp, and her burger tasted juicy and delicious.
84. A crisp breeze carrying the smell of rain blew into their faces.
85. The soldiers with crisp, unwrinkled uniforms and proper salutes.
86. Even his toast was perfect, arriving warm and crisp at the table.
87. His eloquence had gone, in its place were short, crisp sentences.
88. The crisp FBI label reminded him that he was a new recruit.
89. Garcia paused for a long moment, brooding up at the crisp blue sky.
90. I bet I’d burn to a crisp in California, with skin like this.
91. Who’s that on your back and why’s he burnt to a crisp?
92. I took a seat on the crisp, white sofa, putting my head in my hands.
93. He's in a navy suit today, crisp white shirt and a silvery blue tie.
94. He was wearing a navy blue suit, crisp white shirt, striped rep tie.
95. The spreading flat, one above another in crisp, light-dappled tiers.
96. As her spirit began to deflate, she heard the crisp sound of a flute.
97. Sweat beaded on the shaman's bare arms, even in the crisp winter air.
98. Hum? She had been watching a crisp packet floating on the breeze.
99. Barron shifted wearily in his new saddle, the crisp leather crackling.
100. He looked up from the TWX at Whitey and spoke in a soft but crisp voice.
1. She could not think of that policeman without crisping her fingers.
2. Misty rain cooled off the scorched feeling in the streets and saved the crisping grass.
3. Here and there a yellow tormentil showed in the grass, a late harebell or a few shreds of purple bloom on a brown, crisping tuft of self-heal.
4. An older woman was making her way back and forth from one fire to the other, adding vegetables and roots to the pots and pinching the crisping skin of the boar.
5. Even now, when winter was crisping the leaves beyond the mountains, the tall rich grass waved upon the plains where grazed the horses and cattle for which Poitain was famed.
1. The snow crisped under her feet.
2. Transfer the crisped tortillas to the baking sheets.
3. Dutifully, then, he had crisped the knife on the sharpening rod, and again set upon the fowl.
4. The crisped hand still gripped the ivory sword-hilt, but the blade was gone—melted and destroyed by that awful heat.
5. In place of peacock they had capons, crisped up nice and brown and stuffed with onions, herbs, mushrooms, and roasted chestnuts.
6. The explosion crisped Terry’s flesh and he was thrown clear of the wreckage, stumbling his way through an orange hell, wondering why his eyes felt so hot.
7. In fine, it might have answered very well the making a skew of; its enormous head seemed, in hue and size, not unlike a common sheep's heart; then you might have trolled dice securely along the broad back of the body of it; the length of it too was prodigious; then the rich appendage of the treasure-bag beneath, large in proportion, gathered and crisped up round in shallow furrows, helped to fill the eye, and complete the proof of his being a natural, not quite in vain; since it was full manifest that he inherited, and largely too, the prerogative of majesty which distinguishes that otherwise most unfortunate condition, and gave rise to the vulgar saying That a fool's bauble is a lady's playfellow.
1. But there were no crisps in the flat.
3. How did the Crisps live through that?
5. The Crisps were barely twenty years old when they began.
6. The Crisps called this delicious product, Kippered Salmon.
7. The crisps slid off the tray, and they heard him mutter ‘bugger’.
8. Now they are filled with crisps bags, cigarette filters, paper wrappers.
9. Just before they rode away, the Crisps insisted that I pay them a visit.
10. Nothing like milling into a family-sized bag of crisps to keep the blues away.
11. There were trays of tea sandwiches, cakes, crisps, cocktail sausages and some more.
12. Up at the bar I asked for a packet of crisps and a packet of peanuts, hoping that food would.
13. The shouting continues as to how is he going to cure the problem of their son having no crisps to eat?
14. I gave them a list of required recovery food, which consisted of fizzy drink, chocolate bars and crisps.
15. I could see through the thin red plastic bag that he had bought crisps, chocolate and Spirytus, a 95% vodka.
16. One would think that having been robbed of their fortune in a life threatening manner, the Crisps would see the light.
17. When Uncle Harry arrived home from The Northern Pacific depot, I told him of the Crisps visit and their gift of coins to me.
18. Sweet drinks, confectionery, crisps and snacks containing refined carbohydrate, sipping acidic drinks for prolonged periods.
19. When Troaz heard that the Crisps had jus’ sold their business, he rightly figured there’d be some cash around the place.
20. Jo appears clutching a bottle of wine and some crisps – ah, bless! Now where’s that bottle opener? It’s in here somewhere.
21. A gentle breeze blows the sound towards him and he cannot help but smile when he hears a Dad being told off for eating the last packet of crisps.
22. Before the Crisps left, they told a fascinating true story of how forty-two years earlier, they’d traveled west on the Oregon Trail from Council Bluffs Iowa.
23. Although sugar foods, including biscuits, cakes and soft drinks, are major offenders, starchy foods (such as crisps and crackers) also play an important part in tooth decay.
24. I think it can seriously affect trading decisions if you’re sitting in the midst of hundreds of old fag butts, empty bags of crisps, loads of bits of paper, newspapers and empty beer cans.
25. Billy's body is telling him that he needs something with starch and carbohydrates, so he selects the least offensive option; tuna and cucumber, together with a packet of salt and vinegar crisps.
26. I’ve made Chicken sandwiches for both of you, there’s salad in the ice-cream container, I’ve put a couple of apples in and two bags of crisps - I’ve also put a slab of chocolate in for you.
27. We went three miles to borrow a match; we divided salt with the stranger who had forgotten his; we learned that fish is good on other days than Friday and that trout crisps beautifully in bacon grease; we found eleventeen uses for empty lard pails and discovered the difference between an owl and a tree toad.

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