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Cocks were still crowing.
I awoke to the crowing of a rooster.
It was interrupted by the crowing of a cock.
The voice laughed a triumphant, crowing laugh.
He'll have to stop crowing about being bigger.
Peter stared at the roosters, their crowing coming at.
Finally, she heard a rooster crowing just before she fell asleep.
Male voices were crowing like cockerels and girls were clucking like hens.
The first thing Frank was conscious of, was a rooster crowing on a nearby farm.
A cockerel somewhere in the village stirred, crowing half heartedly to welcome the day.
He said it before, once, instead of crowing about it every week for the next ten years.
He strutted about, clapping his massive wings and crowing in the pride of a good father.
She once said, it’s a sad house where the cock is quiet and the hen does all the crowing.
Man became a silly cock crowing on his own dunghill, blind looking for something which is not there.
He’s been strutting around like a young cock-horror for the last week, crowing about it to anyone who’d listen.
By the time they got near Mozhaysk and began ascending the steep hill into the town, the cocks were already crowing.
By the time they got near Mozháysk and began ascending the steep hill into the town, the cocks were already crowing.
It's gotten to where my morning fart is equal parts the crowing of a rooster, a bugle blowing reveille and a starter's pistol.
With all the clucking going on, and with the rooster still crowing as well, Palomita and Squirrel Girl had both opened their eyes.
The press, always tame and wanting more crackers, parroted it as a major coup, literally crowing it from the rooftops in some cases.
One voice was heard shouting: ‘Eyes front!’ Then, like the crowing of cocks at sunrise, this was repeated by others from various sides and all became silent.
One voice was heard shouting: Eyes front! Then, like the crowing of cocks at sunrise, this was repeated by others from various sides and all became silent.
But she herself would come to fetch me as soon as this Ceremony was o’er, whereupon a Great Feast should begin which would last until Dawn and the first Crowing of the Cock.
Actually this idea of suffering from rooster’s crowing or dog’s barking is just a fiction and story concocted by our egos just to tantalize us and unknowingly we fall a prey to it.
In the court-yard a cock crowed, others near by responded; then from the village, first singly, interrupting each other, then mingling into one chorus, was heard the crowing of all the cocks.
When she came back to get the dinner ready, the baby was still crowing placidly in its perambulator, and the little Elizabeth, with all the clothes burnt off her body, was lying near the grate dead.
The moment it took the gods to harness their horses to the chariot of the new day which broke along a vast horizon of fire to the song of garden birds, punctuated by more distant crowing, barking, and cawing.
They went to bed quite early and slept soundly until daylight, when they were awakened by the crowing of a green cock that lived in the back yard of the Palace, and the cackling of a hen that had laid a green egg.
Somewhere in the fog, not far off, a cock crowed; another answered, and then others, far in the village took up the cry till the sound of the crowing blended into one, while all around was silent excepting the river.
Cindy was crowing about her interview with Hans Vetter’s uncle, and Yuki, having put on a couple of ounces since recovering from being drugged with LSD and almost killed by Jason Twilly, chortled at Cindy’s jokes.
For example some times the crowing of a neighbor’s rooster becomes a source of annoyance and irritation for us but we forget that if the crowing of the rooster was really harming then why the owners are immune to it.
That Peter was brought to the realization that he had repeatedly denied his Master by the crowing of a cock indicates that this all occurred outside of Jerusalem since it was against the law to keep poultry within the city proper.
They said they started crowing and clucking and bawling and squealing not out of fear of the snakes (although Palomita said she had seen their eyes rolling in their heads with fear), but because the crows had come to tell them they had been tricked and now would not have food when winter came.
All sorts of joyous sounds filled the air; the jolting of a cart rolling afar off in the ruts, the crowing of a cock, repeated again and again, or the gambling of a foal running away under the apple-trees: The pure sky was fretted with rosy clouds; a bluish haze rested upon the cots covered with iris.
Zoned by those letters you saw the likeness of three Andes' summits; from one a flame; a tower on another; on the third a crowing cock; while arching over all was a segment of the partitioned zodiac, the signs all marked with their usual cabalistics, and the keystone sun entering the equinoctial point at Libra.
Be diligent watch and pray because you know not when it is the time because the Son of Man is like a man taking a distant journey who left his house and who gave authority to his servants and gave to every man his work and commanded the doorman to watch; therefore watch because you know not when the master of the house comes at evening or at midnight or at the cock crowing or in the morning; In case that if in coming suddenly he finds you sleeping and what I say to you I say to you all; watch out!.
He wore the blue bag in the manner of my great-coat, and was strutting along the pavement towards me on the opposite side of the street, attended by a company of delighted young friends to whom he from time to time exclaimed, with a wave of his hand, "Don't know yah!" Words cannot state the amount of aggravation and injury wreaked upon me by Trabb's boy, when passing abreast of me, he pulled up his shirt-collar, twined his side-hair, stuck an arm akimbo, and smirked extravagantly by, wriggling his elbows and body, and drawling to his attendants, "Don't know yah, don't know yah, 'pon my soul don't know yah!" The disgrace attendant on his immediately afterwards taking to crowing and pursuing me across the bridge with crows, as from an exceedingly dejected fowl who had known me when I was a blacksmith, culminated the disgrace with which I left the town, and was, so to speak, ejected by it into the open country.
He goes to bed to sleep but his slumber dwindles away till the crowing of the cocks,.

I knew it! I crowed.
He neither cried nor crowed.
Shrill and clear he crowed, recking.
What do we have here? Buck crowed.
And she’s out of here! he crowed.
H, Carol crowed, warming to her subject.
The crowed all cheered in celebration, and.
I love it when you say that, she crowed.
That’s only the first line, crowed Tem.
The Yankees are Aunt Pitty crowed with laughter.
A cock crowed far off and another replied near by.
The crowed poured onto the court at the end of the.
It was the second time the cocks crowed that night.
Aye, m’lord, crowed Andrei into Trid’s ear.
On the left, an even larger crowed waved and screamed.
The rooster crowed again as she stomped off toward the.
In the distance a cock crowed but went unnoticed by the.
The winner's friend then knocked Omar down, as a crowed.
Kent looked around to the crowed that were looking back at.
Joey followed the rest of the crowed and headed down stairs.
There was a faint stir in the leaves, and a cock crowed far away.
The cock crowed for the second time, but the grating still held.
Lost my shot, crowed Caesar between gulps of the watery beer.
A cock crowed as the sun made its slow progress to start the morning.
We walked along the golf course; it was less crowed than the pool area.
Christina, by next week this will be your new father, she crowed.
Reginald tightened his sphincter again and Sebastian crowed with delight.
Though we could see no dwellings, somewhere over the hills a cock crowed.
At last the roosters crowed, far away, and gradually the window lightened.
When the red cock crowed, Ailia rose and dressed in her new rust red tunic.
The crowed was still mumbling in anger, when a man spoke out of the crowd;.
Yes, this is great! This’ll help a lot! Mark crowed enthusiastically.
The black tie crowed sang and as always the song brought a glimpse of better.
Not until the cock crowed did it occur to Peter that he had denied his Master.
We emerged in the crowed street, kept on walking, taking a turn whenever we could.
After all, if it wasn’t for you, all of this, she crowed wouldn’t be mine.
I love this house! Sullivan crowed, and he was all fake smiles and hyperenthusiasm.
As I told the assembly outside, he said indicating the crowed on eh screen behind him.
Cissy Caffrey played with baby Boardman till he crowed with glee, clapping baby hands in air.
A cock crowed in the yard opposite, but Olenin still paced up and down thinking of something.
Then we have the Crows.
Two of the crows fly away.
Even the crows were quiet.
So tell me about the crows.
That’s where the crows feed.
It'll be the Crows that starve.
The crows had been at both of them.
The Crows soon leave empty handed.
From the crows that fed upon the.
The 2 crows conversed with each other.
The crows soon stripped it to the bone.
Nearby the aliens, a group of crows caw.
O Lord! You can even see the crows flying.
He supposed the crows might have eaten it.
Crows call, wheeling, mobbing the buzzards.
Crows nest: lookout stand high up on a mast.
And crows are fatted with the murrion flock;.
They'll tolerate the Crows and their behavior.
Crows profitted from the coming of the settlers.
This time there is no field; there are no crows.
The tree was black with crows all cawing at once.
The crows, Chica had been told, had turned traitor.
Funniest thing though, it was surrounded by crows.
And the crows and jays will always spread messages.
Apparently, the crows had begun with Jeff’s eyes.
The crows always go for the eyes, he told Egg.
This is a variation of the Three Black Crows pattern.
Kyrin looked up at the crows, So they came for me.
The murder of crows dug in tight and carried me away.
Everyone knew that crows loved to feed on dead bodies.
We do that anyway, one of the crows said proudly.
Brooke told me that you were having issues with crows.
Canaries have opportunities presented that crows do not.
Even the flies had abandoned them, and the crows as well.
For the sun is made ready by the angels and the cock crows.
Old crows, blackbirds and parrots are tough and best boiled.
I had just woken up from a dream about the crows chasing me.
This would support the bearishness of the Two Crows pattern.
For the sun is made ready by the angels, and the cock crows.
He feeds the crows, the foxes, the worms and the vultures.

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She turned back to Crow.
Rising up with the crow.
But the King Crow said:.
Where is the crow bar?
He groaned and Mr Crow said.
Far away a crow was cawing.
Me said shoot the crow!.
Your queen is at Crow Hill.
That’ll teach the old crow.
Silas didn’t trust the crow.
I heard a crow in the distance.
Who was Croesus? He was a Crow.
Crow thought for a few seconds.
Till the cocks began to crow;.
Crow took Philip by the throat.
How can a scrawny old crow.
Crow Castle is Matsumoto Castle.
I have a crow to pluck with you.
They both nodded and Mr Crow said.
See that crow? I bet he's hungry.
He swung the crow bar and struck.
The crow rested on a fire hydrant.
As a crow calls out to trespassers.
The crow plummeted to the sidewalk.
Whatever you say, the crow said.
See you at Crow Hill, he told him.
Had he been a crow he would have flown.
Andrew took small steps toward the crow.
And what about Philip? Crow asked.
Are you the one called the Crow?
But Crow knew where she was hiding now.
Twenty years ago, the Heavenly Crow.
Even a crow is not without intelligence.
Things aren’t over between us, Crow.
A hard, boney crow was all I could think.
Terminus pointed at the crow with his wing.
The crow was now much closer to the ground.
I have also heard about you, young Crow.
The crow flew over to the boy’s shoulder.
Indeed, you have a keen eye, young Crow.

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brag bragging crow crowing gasconade vaporing big boastful braggart braggy

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