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Crystallization numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Carbon, supposed crystallization of, C.
  2. The effect of crystallization of con-.
  3. The process is by lixiviation and crystallization, and is very simple.
  4. Yes! From all this fogy situation of God-less-ness the crystallization of the true God takes place.
  5. Deformations of expansion in cement stone and concrete at hardening are results of formation of the crystallization stone structure.

  6. A considerable tendency to crystallization appears at this place, not only in the quartz, but in the foliated structure of the barytes.
  7. It is thus the various arrangements in saline crystallization, the freezing of water, and cooling of melted metals, may be accounted for.
  8. But if the lime should remain too long mixed with the powder, it would probably attack the water of crystallization of the saltpetre, and, according to Count Rumford's idea, destroy a great part of the power.
  9. What all this proves is that in an open society, not constrained by religious dogma, there could be pro and contra view points for debate and discussion, leading to the eventual crystallization of public opinion and political mandate.

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