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I’m the cuckold.
They cannot call him a cuckold.
To be called a cuckold was bad enough.
Cries cuckold to my father, brands the harlot.
In Cymbeline, in Othello he is bawd and cuckold.
A state of divine grace where nothing can go wrong for the cuckold.
He said he did not want to feel a cuckold even before he was married.

No? Its not important that there are rumors circulating that I am a cuckold?
Women who are faithful, women who cuckold their husbands with young lovers or their.
Being called a cuckold also lost its impact when this became a normal state of affairs.
The innate doubt that he could be the object of ridicule as a cuckold always haunted him.
The father who discovers that he has been raising the child of another man is called a cuckold.
You have had carnal knowledge of a Bride of Christ and, as such, have conspired to cuckold Our Saviour Jesus.
It was incredible to Eve that she could cuckold her husband every day and that he neither suspected nor cared.
Not much love was lost between her and Rhea but it was either that or conceding that her son was a cuckold pure and simple.
He could not help feeling that the old cuckold deserved what he got since he contracted such a mismatched and selfish marriage.
What was more than evident was that after a certain time Cousin Harry was considered by most of the Greek gossipmongers as a shameless cuckold.
Lisa separated from her husband soon after that evening and the husband let it be known that he was not disposed to be the second cuckold in the family.
It was reported in the Noble Hadith that God’s messenger (cpth) had said: “A cuckold man never smells paradise” and in another Hadith: “a cuckold is that who consents adultery to his family”.
It’s as though men are prone to policing their wives than husbanding them! And, as if to celebrate the poetic justice to their predicament, won’t women turn gleeful whenever they cuckold their caretakers?’.
Her double life is an antidote to the wear and tear, boredom and irritability of conjugal existence and, perhaps being aware of the injustice she is doing him, she makes a special effort to keep the poor cuckold happy.
Even when freed, won’t it be his lot to wear the cuckold badge? What a shame he had advertised that his wife was loose? Oh, she did visit him often enough, but who knew she hadn’t replaced her dead lover? After all, wasn’t she as attractive as ever? And thanks to his rashness, she became a free bird without an encumbrance to name.
The playwright who wrote the folio of this world and wrote it badly (He gave us light first and the sun two days later), the lord of things as they are whom the most Roman of catholics call dio boia, hangman god, is doubtless all in all in all of us, ostler and butcher, and would be bawd and cuckold too but that in the economy of heaven, foretold by Hamlet, there are no more marriages, glorified man, an androgynous angel, being a wife unto himself.
And then there is the cuckold,.
There is just the insane horror of love twisted and poisoned, passion and love twisted into revenge, hatred, rape, cuckolding, betrayal and the destruction of all love.
You will get a small inkling of just how insane medieval Europeans were and just how obsessed they were with cuckolding each other as if they were birds instead of humans.
He resented the aspersion upon his manhood that Peta’s cuckolding him entailed; the laughter and innuendo he’d have to put up with from his friends and neighbors, but really, who cared? What the hell could he do about it anyway? And if you can’t do anything, then why get all excited about it?
It’s you that cuckolded.
The fact remains she cuckolded her husband.
Had he been that he would not have been cuckolded.
They are fooling the cuckolded man into raising another man’s child.
To have it said that you were cuckolded by your fourteen-year-old brother was devastating.
Afterwards, sick with shame at having cuckolded his best and only friend, he fled to Brisbane, where life was difficult and cruel.
I catch Jeff (cuckolded, divorced, complicated custody arrangement) furrowing his brow as we pass a Love Tester: Squeeze the metal grip and watch the temperature rise from just a fling to soul mate.
A cuckolded, lovesick husband, suffering from Korean War shell shock, and his gorgeous, adulterous wife are at Niagara Falls—for very different reasons: He wants to repair his beyond-repair marriage; she is meeting with her lover to plot her husband’s murder.
It was the fate of all cuckolds.
Containing the new addresses of all the cuckolds in Dublin.
She progresses, through gradual Stages of Debauchery, from being kept by a rich Jew (whom she cuckolds), to being the tainted Whore of Highwaymen, to beating Hemp in Bridewell (still in her Whore’s Finery!), to dying of the Pox in a Garret, whilst her poor Urchin sits by the Grate, waiting for his meagre Supper.

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