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Culture numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. When a culture is 670.
  2. This is what culture is.
  4. Bad ideas of culture and.
  5. We, as a culture, evolve.
  6. The Culture of Mass Media.
  7. This mass culture of safe.
  8. And the costume of culture.
  9. He was not without culture.
  10. The basis of human culture.
  11. This culture really was a.
  12. We survived by our culture.
  13. The young are Culture Gas:.
  14. Culture is a connected thing.
  15. The origin of human culture.
  16. Human culture is a cover-up.
  17. They believe in our culture.
  18. But only as a token culture.
  19. Bird culture is in our songs.
  20. That, in the end, is culture.
  21. The Culture of Modern Comedy.
  22. German culture became a male.
  23. He loved the culture and the.
  24. Not a religion, not a culture.
  25. Culture will have us believe.
  26. This spread across the culture.
  27. In terms of Christian culture.
  28. You have created a war culture.
  29. It did not have a drug culture.
  30. They were a culture of rapists.
  31. Agriculture is a greed culture.
  32. Experience is a form of culture.
  33. I will tell you what culture is.
  34. In modern culture one can meet.
  35. Yes he was a real man of culture.
  36. It did not expand human culture.
  37. God gave them a reverse culture.
  38. The culture really is different.
  39. They invented their own culture.
  40. Modern culture is conceptual y.
  41. Culture -- education and wisdom.
  43. The English culture of: Raiding.
  44. That’s The Palace of Culture.
  45. Human culture is negative energy.
  46. Develop a culture of cannibalism.
  47. It is the culture of the country.
  48. Therefore, in the Hindu culture.
  49. Every human culture is ritualized.
  50. It has always been slave culture.
  51. The stains of concealable culture.
  52. Culture and the World of Childhood.
  53. What is a wise military culture?
  54. Now she was in the native culture.
  55. The Slave Culture of Civilization.
  56. They are carriers of this culture.
  57. A worldwide culture of pornography.
  58. There is a culture of exporting.
  59. Ancient Greek culture was a mockery.
  60. There is a national culture Namibia.
  61. Every culture on earth which has a.
  62. The Creation of Robber Baron Culture.
  63. What did this do to Western Culture?
  64. It was an entirely different culture.
  65. In her culture such things were done.
  66. American culture at absolute zero!.
  67. We have developed a culture of money.
  68. Human culture has NO positive energy.
  69. The culture of lions is a war culture.
  70. It did not have a culture of gambling.
  71. Bad culture is driven by bad impulses.
  72. This is culture we cannot do without.
  73. But this was a very different culture.
  74. Thoughts speaks of a dead man culture.
  75. He was looking for culture and history.
  76. It came from the culture of cowardice.
  77. Human culture comes from bird culture.
  78. This creates a culture of uselessness.
  79. In our culture we need to think about.
  80. An important part of the Greek culture.
  81. You need culture to be a proper nation.
  82. Culture and the World of Childhood / M.
  83. It's the culture that's a bit medieval.
  84. Our culture today promotes independence.
  85. Culture became a form of group identity.
  86. It glorifies cowardice and bird culture.
  87. Richard started preparing culture medium.
  88. In Chinese culture (under the study of.
  89. Panhandle culture where it is customary.
  90. Lastly is a description of their culture.
  91. Now American culture has found a new low.
  92. Your culture resides now in thought only.
  93. This is why the culture of comedy is evil.
  94. We are a fractured culture with no real.
  95. It had a culture of KINDNESS TO CHILDREN.
  96. American culture is normalizing gambling.
  97. That humans cannot exist without culture.
  98. A new culture is the result of new ideas.
  99. It did not have a culture of pornography.
  100. Lion culture is based upon male dominance.
  1. These continuous culturing techniques enabled the laboratory to produce sufficient blood cells to supply the needs of all the incubators in the Section.
  2. They lacked the finer culturing that higher societies often possess at the cost of going soft militarily speaking such as was apparent with the Western Kingdom.
  1. Arbnor Jasari can be cultured.
  2. I prefer to suppose you cultured.
  3. It is bad form among cultured people.
  4. This man was so intelligent, so cultured.
  5. What’s more, they’re quite cultured and good-natured.
  6. Whatever you say, I won't be convinced he's a cultured man.
  7. Jack was about my age, cultured, intelligent and well read.
  8. Does he share us? You mean-- No, he seems a cultured man.
  9. Sir Craig Holland, the man said in a well cultured voice.
  10. Like New Orleans, it sprang into life as a cultured community.
  11. Actually it wasn't, it was a musical, cultured sort of giggle.
  12. They wanted to be seen as leisurely cultured, and elegant also.
  13. Noziak, Ling Mai said, her voice as cultured as I remembered.
  14. And that’s testing it on Missy’s cultured stem cells?
  15. Before bead making: we were never actually cultured or civilized.
  16. Everything a civilized, cultured human says, and why they say it.
  17. This lure of becoming cultured: was the entire reason for its existence.
  18. There used to live fifty-to-sixty cultured Kshatriya families in a village.
  19. There was a crackle of static from the speakers, then a cultured voice said.
  20. Now cut the wallowing in self-pity and prepare to receive the cultured hordes.
  21. For example, tridacnid clams are often cultured in canals or raceways that are.
  22. That is the one-sided blindness of the cultured ego that is not aware of itself.
  23. Most vaccines are cultured on animal tissue or use other animal cells-most often.
  24. She is growing to love his oddly cultured yet innocent use of the English language.
  25. He was cultured and considerate, had a bit of dry humor, and a wide range of knowledge.
  26. If you did not learn how to lie well, artistically, with finesse: you were not cultured.
  27. This being the week of the book festival, maybe they were not local yobs, but the cultured.
  28. The driveway’s cars looked like cultured pearls in the moonlight, or a line of cooling embers.
  29. And now I revealed that not only could I speak, I spoke with the cultured accent of a Dej noble.
  30. It is a selling image of leisure, affluence, ease, good-times, socializing, and cultured elegance.
  31. Romans were supposed to have been honest, just, fair, cultured, wise, and the bravest of the brave.
  32. Emeroth addressed the assembly in a cultured contralto that sounded surprisingly normal to human ears.
  33. A well-educated, cultured gentleman and his wife beat their own child with a birch-rod, a girl of seven.
  34. David used his old spatula that his father gave him to flip his cultured soy hockey pucks onto the plate.
  35. Anyway, Edward was a PhD in Sociology and a very cultured person with interests in music and literature.
  36. He was cultured, spoke several languages, and was rich thanks to his status as heir to a fragrance fortune.
  37. She only wore clothes that were white, lavender or lilac and always with a single strand of cultured pearls.
  38. I befriended the chief of the NKWD in Namangan, who was learned and cultured, not arrogant and a lover of art.
  39. They say that the young man is as nice, as amiable, and as cultured as though he had been brought up in Paris.
  40. In a still greater contradiction and in still greater sufferings lives the man of the so-called cultured class.
  41. Planning on trying some of that? Richard asked as he reached for the last dish of the cultured stem cells.
  42. They inject the semen that is obtained from renowned and cultured men of the world in order to improve the race.
  43. The victims described their attacker as handsome and cultured, and coming from a foreign background, possibly Latin.
  44. At last, with a final gulp, the crocodile swallowed my cultured friend entirely, this time leaving no trace of him.
  45. The indefiniteness, if not the insincerity, of the relation of the cultured men of our time to this phenomenon is striking.
  46. Toulouse had a reputation through the Middle Ages for being a tolerant and cultured city compared to most of the rest of Europe.
  47. His voice had a cultured ring in it and though he spoke in measured accents there was a suspicion of a quiver in the mellow tones.
  48. We know that for thousands of years, in prehistoric times, we lived much as we do today, just as civilized, refined and as cultured.
  49. And so you are; cultured, I should say, out of all reason; so much cultured that there's hardly anything left that you are able to like.
  50. East of Grondar, whose people were less highly cultured than those of their kindred kingdoms, stretched a wild and barren expanse of deserts.
  51. The lawyer who defends an educated murderer because he is more cultured than his victims and could not help murdering them to get money is one of us.
  52. Master Vernon Duffy is it, that you are seeking? The voice was soft, cultured and a little sibilant, Oh dear! I’m afraid you’ve missed him.
  53. If some had their way he’d be in a padded cell (a view he’d cultured ever since the media broadcast, when he’d declared the aliens’ existence).
  54. As for the President of our Court, I can only say that he was a humane and cultured man, who had a practical knowledge of his work and progressive views.
  55. Rather, he was one of millions of cultured experiments, where bits of stolen reproductive materials combined in test tubes were allowed to fully develop.
  56. It is a Russian type, but since it is taken from the most highly cultured stratum of the Russian people, I have the honour of being a representative of it.
  57. But, perhaps, we shall say that we, as highly cultured people, must not submit to the demands of the rude masses and that we must teach the masses what to wish.
  58. Where the lower classes could enjoy this new high-class beverage in high-class surroundings… and feel as if they were cultured and affluent and high-class also.
  59. And, notwithstanding its obvious insolidity, nobody else's theory so pleased the cultured crowd, or was accepted so readily and with such an absence of criticism.
  60. And there have been many instances of fathers and heads of what have been cultured families, laughing at what their children perhaps would have liked to believe in.
  61. It is supposed to be the most sacred universal human custom that marks us as being cultured and civilized, and different from all other animals and superior to them.
  62. His fervor survived success in study, and he came through his course intense and scholarly, fervent and accurate, faithful and accomplished, courageous and cultured.
  63. Very sensitive, moral men (they are for the most part the most highly cultured) avoid these conditions and prefer more modest ones, which are independent of violence.
  64. As his commander, Schmidt knew the young man as a shy, reserved teenager whose cultured tastes were more typical of those found in a university than in a Wehrmacht unit.
  65. As civilized and as cultured, as tolerant of races and religions (though a nonbeliever), and as aware of our world and universe as my unexceptional intellect allowed me.
  66. She may be as beautiful as the stars, as wise as Pallas-Athena, as cultured as Goethe, as entertaining as a circus, as affectionate as you please--he cares nothing for her.
  67. They had given up everything that makes life good and beautiful, in order to carry on a mad struggle to acquire money which they would never be sufficiently cultured to properly enjoy.
  68. The present revolution in the opinions of all classes of men, the highest and most cultured of men as well as those of the laboring class, stands unparalleled in the history of the world.
  69. Aware that her cultured tones would be unlikely to secure a room for Humphrey, she had asked an acquaintance, a gravely voiced cattle farmer, to telephone the hotel and make a reservation.
  70. Carius, as fun-loving and devious as her brother, was additionally quite cultured and appreciative of the scholarly and finer arts – something he had in common with Heron’s eldest sister.
  71. Oh, I can see you shiver at that impertinence, for I know down in your heart, though you always take pains to explain how ignorant you are, you consider yourself an extremely cultured young man.
  72. In my life I have had many drinking experiences, some of them have been quite cultured; others, I have to admit, have left a lot to be desired and I would be surprised if I can remember most of them.
  73. The same thing I have observed among the labouring classes of other nations, and I have often been assured of the same by cultured Frenchmen, Germans, and Englishmen concerning their own working people.
  74. Far from this; Varvara Ardalionovna did not marry until she felt convinced that her future husband was unassuming, agreeable, almost cultured, and that nothing on earth would tempt him to a really dishonourable deed.
  75. Additional Buildings for our higher educational institutions, to accommodate the increasing number of students; Meeting Houses for the new churches we are organizing; More Ministers, cultured and pious, for these churches.
  76. Additional Buildings for our higher educational institutions, to accomodate the increasing numbers of students; Meeting Houses, for the new churches we are organizing; More Ministers, cultured and pious, for these churches.
  77. Additional Buildings for our higher educational institutions, to accommodate the increasing numbers of students; Meeting Houses, for the new churches we are organizing; More Ministers, cultured and pious, for these churches.
  78. After a light meal I had a nervous shit, an intensive once over with a sponge dipped in aftershave to ensure the sweet-smelling purity of all orifices, and at eight jogged to my rendezvous with The Colonel’s cultured cohorts.
  79. Already the merchant grows more and more eager for rank, and strives to show himself cultured though he has not a trace of culture, and to this end meanly despises his old traditions, and is even ashamed of the faith of his fathers.
  80. Such was the science of Confucius, of Buddha, of Socrates, of Mahomet, and of others; such is this science as they understood it, and as all men—with the exception of our little circle of so-called cultured people—understand it.
  81. And, though it is strange and terrible to say so, the cultured people of our time, the leaders, with their refined reflections, in reality are dragging society back, not even to the pagan state, but to the state of primeval savagery.
  82. Clerical persons preach toleration, often also the negation of violence, and the more cultured among them try in their sermons to avoid the lie which forms the whole meaning of their position and which they are called upon to preach.
  83. The finest example of the union of the primitive with the most refined and cultured art the world has ever seen is probably the Parthenon at Athens, a building that has been the wonder of the artistic world for over two thousand years.
  84. A gentleman entered, with a pleasant, cultured face, high-nosed and pale, with something perhaps of petulance about the mouth, and with the steady, well-opened eye of a man whose pleasant lot it had ever been to command and to be obeyed.
  85. Indeed, let us take a man of our time, whoever he be (I am not speaking of a true Christian, but of a man of the rank and file of our time), cultured or uncultured, a believer or unbeliever, rich or poor, a man of a family or a single man.
  86. Am I unjust, indeed, in saying that he is typical of many modern fathers? Alas! many of them only differ in not openly professing such cynicism, for they are better educated, more cultured, but their philosophy is essentially the same as his.
  87. Involuntarily there arises the question: how could honest, cultured people, who sincerely love their work and wish to do good,—for such I regard the majority of my opponents to be,—have arrived at such a strange condition and be in such deep error?
  88. His office was in a bright and airy building in cultured Westminster, surveying a skyline hard to match anywhere else in the world, and when he wasn’t there he spent a good deal of his time at high priced and highly prized events we could only dream of attending.
  89. It happened so fast… that they actually had a chance to compare two completely different ways of living in one lifetime: first as an affluent, propertied, cultured, educated ethnic community, and then; as a money-less, homeless, starving, educated, cultured ethnic community.
  90. Who needs to hate and fear people that are educated better than you? Who needs to hate and envy people that are smarter than you or more competent? Who needs to hate and envy people who are more cultured than you? All you have to do is tell them that they are overqualified for the job.
  91. If hereafter any highly cultured, poetical nation shall lure back to their birth-right, the merry May-day gods of old; and livingly enthrone them again in the now egotistical sky; in the now unhaunted hill; then be sure, exalted to Jove's high seat, the great Sperm Whale shall lord it.
  92. This miserable, ill man, who has lost his mind from the exercise of power, with these words offends everything which can be holy for a man of our time, and men,—Christians, liberals, cultured men of our time,—all of them, are not only not provoked by this insult, but even do not notice it.
  93. Sometimes a cultured voice came from the shadows: my horse? Sometimes it was the hard burring of a mountain voice, sometimes the odd nasals of the flat Wiregrass country to the far south, occasionally the lulling drawl of the Coast that caught at her heart, reminding her of Ellen’s voice.
  94. I shall try to help the peasants to educate their kids; by the way what else serves the mankind better than educating the children of the underprivileged? It’s the educated children that make aware fathers to perpetuate cultured generations, and the more they are, the better it is for the world.
  95. So that, whether it pleases or displeases the so-called cultured people of to-day, they must admit the existence of religion,—not of a religious cult, Catholic, Protestant, or another, but of religious perception,—which, even in our times, is the guide always present where there is any progress.
  96. First of all, the word had no sense for cultured minds, to whom the narrowness of every belief is odious; and secondly, in connection with the everlasting troubles of this unhappy country it was hopelessly besmirched; it had been the cry of dark barbarism, the cloak of lawlessness, of crimes, of rapacity, of simple thieving.
  97. On the thirteenth of January of this present year, 1865, at half-past twelve in the day, Elena Ivanovna, the wife of my cultured friend Ivan Matveitch, who is a colleague in the same department, and may be said to be a distant relation of mine, too, expressed the desire to see the crocodile now on view at a fixed charge in the Arcade.
  98. The family ties were more a burden, as Marilee always forget her cultured grandfather and her colonial past, when she sat at the crisply set linen covered dinner table in Toorak, and felt the cheap shoes and the lack of Private School Educational Ties that all the others seemed so casual about, and brought into the conversation so easily.
  99. Russian and Church-Slavic grammar and calculation, that is, the knowledge of one dead and one living language, with their etymological and syntactical forms and their literatures, and arithmetic, that is, the foundation of all mathematics, form their programme of knowledge, which, unfortunately, but the rarest of the cultured class possess.
  100. One execution, which is performed by well-to-do, cultured men, not under the influence of passion, but with the approval and coöperation of Christian pastors, and presented as something necessary, corrupts and bestializes men more than hundreds and thousands of murders, committed by uncultured labouring men, especially under the incitement of passion.
  1. All cultures have their own.
  2. Clash of cultures, all that.
  3. They became two distinct cultures.
  4. Their cultures were more personal.
  5. It has created cultures of Violence.
  6. However, the two cultures that had.
  7. Cultures were all things are impure.
  8. It has created cultures of Violation.
  9. Asian cultures always attracted me.
  10. Worldwide cultures of hatred and envy.
  11. All three of them were Baron cultures.
  12. Mother and the Mother Goddess cultures.
  13. All cultures are based on beliefs and.
  14. Native cultures respected grizzly bears.
  15. It is still used in backward cultures.
  16. Charity spans religions and cultures.
  17. All three of them were Raider cultures.
  18. Some cultures see gray hair as an honor.
  19. Then the cultures were successful?
  20. All three of them were Robbers cultures.
  21. European cultures were born out of rape.
  22. Worldwide cultures of rape and violation.
  23. In preliterate cultures, myths were oral.
  24. Even on Earth, whole cultures disappeared.
  25. Jesus was a mixture of all 3 main cultures.
  26. Look at the surviving older cultures today.
  27. All early cultures were extremely ritualized.
  28. There are different cultures within Hinduism.
  29. This is the seed from which those cultures.
  30. It should be versed in both our cultures.
  31. All three of them were Robber Baron cultures.
  32. In Eastern cultures desire is said to be the.
  33. Krystyna was raised in a city of many cultures.
  34. They love all of the legalized elite cultures.
  35. Mothers ofSix Cultures: Antecedents of Child.
  36. Water is required by all cultures, all people.
  37. There are many books on different cultures, too.
  38. Well our cultures were completely antithetical.
  39. On Earth, we have many cultures, many religions.
  40. They were slave cultures for thousands of years.
  41. The lowest, most powerless, most raped cultures.
  42. Alchemy is something found in all world cultures.
  43. But like all stronger healthier warrior cultures.
  44. Many cultures have in common the concept of karma.
  45. So people in different cultures did understand Him.
  46. Arnold always had a fascination with old cultures.
  47. Cave tombs were used by many preliterate cultures.
  48. Killers hide inside the living cultures they kill.
  49. Surly the two opposing cultures were destined to.
  50. All cultures try to become all-powerful… all-safe.
  51. All cultures have such rites; they’re important.
  52. Just as new cultures accumulate on top of old ones.
  53. Sparta was actually an amalgamation of two cultures.
  54. These groups had developed very different cultures.
  55. Because European cultures had managed to reduce 99.
  56. This is two altars of cultures under revenge curse.
  57. In the past many cultures encouraged the killing of.
  58. Both groups had new cultures to assimilate and new.
  59. Love of science is universal across all cultures.
  60. Who still cling to their outdated, useless cultures.
  61. Some cultures demand that a widow shall have sexual.
  62. Yet all cultures hold up the sanctity of their laws.
  63. Or sport cultures talking about who won and who lost.
  64. The role of teachers within these cultures was clear.
  65. The co-mingled Anglo-Mexican-Native American cultures.
  66. To the Hebrew mind and to the Oriental cultures even.
  67. Still, it should be enough for the stem cell cultures.
  68. Harek had told me more about the way past cultures had.
  69. Or alcoholic cultures talking about how drunk they were.
  70. Has defined the relationship between all human cultures.
  71. All of the old cultures have faded and are disappearing.
  72. But other cultures have had erotic literature as well.
  73. I will make allowances for the ways of other cultures.
  74. As a sign of fear and hatred towards all other cultures.
  75. In many cultures; they were fiercely hated and despised.
  76. They put them down, and some cultures are very, very bad.
  77. It has created cultures of Hate and War and Fear and Envy.
  78. Catalog of Human Souls was present in these cultures.
  79. Different cultures have envisioned this in different ways.
  80. The Allies were the most corrupt evil cultures in the world.
  81. There are still foraging and pastoral cultures where people.
  82. All human cultures worship cultural purity and racial purity.
  83. Unlike those in ancient cultures, however, we’ve taken the.
  84. Jessica had been told that some cultures see them as an omen.
  85. Authority figures in consumer cultures have been whitewashed.
  86. In traditional cultures it took the whole childhood to form.
  87. Just, many prophets and many more identities in other cultures.
  88. The planet would be chaotic wherever differing cultures exist.
  89. When we hear about different cultures and how they need to be.
  90. One thing both cultures have in common: is their Semitic greed.
  91. That's why namelessness is considered sacred in some cultures.
  92. Taking the worst from both cultures; and making it even worse.
  93. What distinguishes entrepreneurial cultures is that they chase.
  94. Many ancient, relatively uncivilized cultures had that practice.
  95. The cultures and philosophical thinking with the human mind and.
  96. Jesus was sending them into such cultures, to change the culture.
  97. In these earlier cultures: social stature was a way to gain power.
  98. Ancient cultures had myths to explain creation, family, and tribe.
  99. Crowds behave alike in different cultures on different continents.
  100. They became more obsessed with cleanliness than all other cultures.

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