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Curl numa frase em (in ingles)

Noses that curl so cute.
His hands curl into talons.
I believe I'll curl up on.
Why wouldn't her hair curl.
The curl of his lip is cruel.
She wanted to curl her body.
Jack’s lips curl with amusement.

Over the curl of her short waist.
I curl up on the bed in front of her.
A hot bath, and then she would curl.
I curl my fingers, slow my breathing.
I curl up onto the bed and hug myself.
He wanted to curl up next to her and.
His lips curl with cruelty and disdain.
Making my toes curl until they felt numb.
That line still caused my stomach to curl.
One part of him wanted to curl up and cry.
They had the same green eyes and curl to.
I loved that little curl of hair behind her.
Scott felt Ingrid's arm curl around his waist.
The trees below me all curl out at different.
She had wanted to curl up into a ball and die.
I wanted to curl up into a ball and roll away.
A curl of white light crashed about the horizon.
His arms curl around me as my legs turn to jelly.
I just wanted her to let me be and curl up in bed.
The edges of the bread are hard and starting to curl.
I stiffen and curl my toes as the caffeine and heart.
In every black curl of his dog-hair he carried autumn.
I force my lips to curl, trying to conceal my irritation.
Ah, wanted to go upstairs, curl up in a ball on the bed.
The singing ends, and Stallman's lips curl into another.
He brushed away a stray curl from his forehead and rested.
All I need to do is curl up under the covers and I’ll be.
They pass the pipe, and then curl up in their sleeping bags.
She only continued to curl and uncurl her toes in the water.
Guys, scale that tree over there, each of you curl up into.
The waves swirl up and each curl swirls away some more of land.
Curling up his nose in.
It has many curling reasons.
You will be curling the top.
Mum plugged in the curling iron.
Then, Tori had started curling.
The wildly curling crest sailed.
Curling his lip, he faced the man.
The forest haze curling round her in.
She saw the severed toes curling slowly.
Whіlе curling the fооt уоu will also.
A wisp of smoke was left curling in mid-air.
Curling herself into a ball to prepare for the.
She screamed, her foot curling against the pain.
She is alone, curling and uncurling with hunger.
I swear that smoke was curling from my ears as I.
My power spun around her curling through the air.
He nodded slowly, a gradual smile curling his lips.
Curling streets of colorful, restored town houses.
While curling the foot you will also end up pressing.
Smoke was curling up lazily from the electrical wiring.
A thin wisp of smoke was curling up out of its barrel.
Oh ho, smoke’s curling out of your forehead, Sugar.
No, he’s not my brother, he said, curling his lip.
Far behind them a dark smoke rose in thin curling threads.
Ah! you are afraid of yourself, he said, curling his.
Libby stared at the dark hair curling into his strong neck.
He had long blue-black hair curling over his uniform collar.
Ali Cross, the boy said, sniffing and curling his nose.
Curling into the fetal position, my only option now was to.
In a spectacle of curling dark smoke and light they were gone.
She had a way of curling and lying on her side, like a child.
It was a good night, very dark, with big curling black clouds.
Naked on the bed he lays, his manhood erect curling her Bible.
The sodden walls of the curling tunnels flickered mysteriously.
Lucien turned from the statue, his lip curling with disgust at.
Shaw and I have been curling together for close to ten years now.
Curling his lip, Darek grunted, That Windzer! He tricked me!.
Horns grew from the top of the head, curling in menacing spikes.
They wrapped each pendant, adding a waterfall of curling ribbon.
He turned on his side, curling to conserve the warmth of his body.
It was curled up and.
A grin curled his lips.
Mrs Houston curled her lip.
Curled up in a bal , jaw.
Ruby was curled next to me.
He curled up his left hand.
Blood curled down his chest.
Way out, a huge wave curled.
His hands curled into fists.
The puppy curled up in her.
A smile curled up on my lips.
Her lips curled into a smile.
Excitement curled in his gut.
She was curled up in a ball.
Curled waves swirl into bays.
One side of his mouth curled.
He curled up in the armchair.
A grin curled across his lips.
His lip curled as he read it.
Her fists curled at her sides.
My stomach curled into a knot.
Curled his arm under his head.
Her lip curled back, and she.
She thought she was curled up.
My eyes skip to his curled lips.
He curled up, his mind at ease.
Ewok curled up in a fuzzy ball.
Smoke curled from every chimney.
He fell on his side and curled.
Mist curled off the filthy water.
Dominic fists curled at his sides.
His beard was trimmed and curled.
His hands were curled into fists.
His arm curled around my shoulders.
Sammy was curled up by Will's legs.
Her lips curled into an ugly scowl.
Emily curled up with Allen to sleep.
At night sleep curled up around it.
Huff curled into a ball at his back.
Buddha was curled up in the corner.
The way your hair curls.
Her mouth curls into a smile.
Red curls bobbed in front of.
Loki’s lip curls into a sneer.
Breath curls above thick scarves.
Amid the meshes of those baby curls.
She whimpers as she curls up tighter.
Her free, fine curls tickled his face.
My belly curls at the thought… oh my.
Black curls which to his shoulders hung.
Fresh curls spring from the baldest brow.
She listens amid coils and curls of hair.
Curls of smoke still rose from the ruins.
Wisps of gray curls peeked around her face.
He loved the long soft black curls on the.
They fall unheeded on that mass—his curls.
Now it was long and thick and full of curls.
He usually has a smoke then curls up asleep.
The girl’s red curls bobbed at the motion.
Her full brown curls almost covered her face.
She got the curls from me, believe it or not.
He pushed away her curls and nuzzled her neck.
The grass curls green in the bathing witchery.
Gently pulling on the curls of his dark hair.
He saw nothing except the baby’s dark curls.
A halo of ebony curls encircled his tiny head.
Shrugs and wrist curls are good examples of this.
Petra put her hand on top of Zoe’s orange curls.
Garnish with whole cherries and chocolate curls.
He peered down to see her curls and a white form.
His wig formed a mass of curls which reached his.
Ciere’s hand drifts to her shoulder-length curls.
Putting together the Breathing and Abdomen curls:.
Brown curls were starting to flip up at his collar.
He had a big forehead and a dome of light grey curls.
Blood spills over her lips and curls around her chin.
Her long auburn-gold curls tumbled off her head and.
Her hair sprawled around her with long waves of curls.
Instinctively, Mary curls her hands into two tiny balls.
The dead river curls around the building and disappears.

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