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Curtly numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He nodded curtly to Mr.
  2. He nodded curtly to Melodía.
  3. He told it dryly and curtly.
  4. Come with me, he demanded curtly.
  5. Mountain Man nodded once, curtly.

  6. I know it, said he, curtly.
  7. Just tired, she said curtly.
  8. Wickland here, he said curtly.
  9. Kearney said curtly at intervals:.
  10. Tried and failed, he said curtly.
  11. Very well, said the female curtly.
  12. It was that short, he said curtly.
  13. It was a nasty remark, delivered curtly.
  14. He loudly but curtly said Enter!.
  15. Hilderich apologized curtly and asked:.

  16. He nodded curtly and said, Very well.
  17. He's my child! said Chinedu curtly.
  18. I beg your pardon? she spoke curtly.
  19. What did she want? Jason said curtly.
  20. No buts idiot! it curtly cut him off.
  21. Nothing, thank you, she replied curtly.
  22. His mother moved curtly aside to let him pass.
  23. Nodding curtly he picked his way past the seats.
  24. Then who have I been? Ningla asked curtly.
  25. Louie curtly ordered, Let’s get outta here.

  26. What were you doing there? he asked curtly.
  27. Have you used a sword before? He asked curtly.
  28. James asked Giles then, curtly and to the point:.
  29. I'm handling this, Mama, said Chinedu curtly.
  30. I’ll introduce myself, said the man curtly.
  31. It's time to go to church, Chinedu said curtly.
  32. Wiggles curtly nodded to her as if he was signaling.
  33. She nodded rather curtly at him, but a wicked smile.
  34. Minister, he said curtly and pressed another button.
  35. Just when I think about it, Frank curtly answered.
  36. Fixed defensive lasers! Said curtly Rose to herself.
  37. She nodded curtly, a movement only Chance could have seen.
  38. Neither are you, she responded curtly and walked out.
  39. He said nodding curtly and setting them on the coffee table.
  40. I’m good, he said curtly, though he really wasn’t.
  41. Wash nodded once, curtly, and leapt feetfirst into the hole.
  42. Sit down, he said curtly, following her into the room.
  43. Is the commander willing to listen? Cassim said curtly.
  44. Suddenly Tinette opened the door and said curtly: Breakfast's.
  45. The phone operator did recognize it and curtly told him to wait.
  46. Extending an arm and grabbing the receiver, Dewey answered curtly.
  47. I’m at the hospital, Smith replied curtly, at the morgue.
  48. Lezura turned to Oleon and said curtly, I wanted to say that!.
  49. When did you put the tracking device in there? he asked curtly.
  50. They’re friends, Beth replied, as curtly as she could muster.
  51. He spoke curtly, feeling the ache of despair as to his being able to.
  52. Billie reminded me curtly that he had not had a day off in three weeks.
  53. The Inspector nodded curtly, and then clambered back into the police car.
  54. I hung up, curtly calling her a bitch and told her to never call me again.
  55. Yeah, it does, he said curtly, and then there was silence once more.
  56. She greeted the men, they greeted her curtly, then she served them dinner.
  57. The Colonel nodded curtly and settled his reading glasses back on his nose.
  58. I will never get used to that he said, pointing at me slightly curtly.
  59. Sir Richard showed not even a trace of emotion as he answered curtly, I'm.
  60. She turned curtly before Rogan could speak to her and went back to her seat.
  61. Thanks, I replied, curtly, paying no attention to his outstretched hand.
  62. We waited for his minions then he nodded curtly and waved us in ahead of him.
  63. A voice on the other end reported name and rank curtly and added in Yoruba:.
  64. Hotel Paradise, she responded, a bit more curtly, like I just told you.
  65. The woman stepped away and said with a gesture, and said curtly, You may enter.
  66. Well, I guess we can cross that bridge when we come to it, he answered curtly.
  67. Joshua, Gad, and I will ride on ahead! Moshe curtly addressed the remark without.
  68. He nodded curtly his old shoulders seeming to straighten some as he understood my meaning.
  69. Featherstone, curtly, keeping on his spectacles, but withdrawing his hands under his wraps.
  70. Raz had earlier scolded me curtly by saying that if I wished to make her acquaintance then.
  71. I wouldn't bet on it! Judah answered curtly, as he gave Moshe a fatherly sidelong glance.
  72. Good night, he said curtly as he lifted one case, considerably lighter now, in each hand.
  73. Have you met Walter Yetnikoff? she said curtly without really intending for me to reply.
  74. It is a known fact that the female libido … I began, only to be cut off curtly by the old lady.
  75. He asked how long the holiday was for, and they replied curtly that it was for an unlimited period, as Mlle.
  76. He took his hands off them and said, Well screw you guys then! he folded his arms and curtly looked away.
  77. Sister Joan had taken this up with enthusiasm, but when she offered to explain it to Philemon he refused curtly.
  78. Yes, Paul, Jack curtly replied, before resuming the conversation he was trying to maintain with his mother.
  79. Wickland nodded curtly and watched the man disappear around the corner to an area out of his direct line of sight.
  80. Thank you! Replied curtly Ingrid before heading towards one of the tables in the corner reserved for officers.
  81. Late for class again is not fine, Roberta put in curtly, but turned on his heel and pranced off without waiting for an excuse.
  82. Before Pomona could speak, and, indeed, as she had no excuse to offer, the words were slow in coming, her patient intervened, curtly.
  83. He looked at his inert partner and the two unmoving men on the street, nodded curtly, and scrambled across the ice toward the cannery.
  84. After a little while, shortly before the tension became truly unbearable, Jack stood up, cleared his throat and said curtly: Excuse me!.
  85. You’ll do, she said curtly, and then she tilted her head and frowned at me, making me wonder if there was something wrong with my appearance.
  86. I nodded my head curtly and quickly left the tent needing the freshness of the outside air after the closed in verbal filth of the tent’s atmosphere.
  87. The Catskinner in the back seat of the car curtly instructed jun jor and the driver wrenched the gear lever upward and heaved the steering wheel anticlockwise.
  88. His wife returned curtly that she had not misheard him, he had distinctly said 'over-gruntled,' to which she added, Really Samuel, I don't think that is even a proper application of the term.
  89. He waved curtly, putting the other man on hold, and then held out his right hand to clasp forearms with the newcomer who’d just been ushered into the miserable hut serving as his command post.
  90. Save it big man companies coming! The short blonde spit out curtly, as she opened up on a bunch of black clad fighters stepping through a door behind and to the left of the still kneeling Titus.
  91. Scarlett curtly refused to contribute But her presence in the house made Aunt Pitty a storm center, for both Scarlett and more money to Pitty’s establishment as long as India was under the same roof.
  92. Lavished, as it were, on the upholding of this village's standards of excellence and good reputation;” she paused, “So valuable to our native industry,” then curtly added, “Don't you agree?”.
  93. They nodded curtly and disappeared into the crowd which soon began to disperse as the attention was redirected back to the very present and menacing army that was gathering in force beyond our great wall.
  94. Obedient to the occasion, the boys would have given their best stored yells air, but again, on the instant recognizing their need, the Illustrated Man trapped the sound before it could issue forth, then nodded curtly to the old dust woman.
  95. I mentioned this initiative to the company commander who curtly dismissed it as coming down to damaging of state property, or more properly, SAP COIN property and they won't f take kindly to such f long haired liberal tendencies! Really Sergeant, you Flying Squad men are all the f same.
  96. The general, unmoved by her fidelity, curtly repeated that they must part—in the first place because circumstances rendered it impossible to maintain women on the march; and secondly, because he was already married; in short, she had best return to Moscow, where no doubt a handsome sweetheart awaited her.
  97. Casaubon, he heard her with an air of patience as if she had given a quotation from the Delectus familiar to him from his tender years, and sometimes mentioned curtly what ancient sects or personages had held similar ideas, as if there were too much of that sort in stock already; at other times he would inform her that she was mistaken, and reassert what her remark had questioned.
  98. I took advantage of the interval to tell him of my visit to Filipov's house, and curtly and dryly expressed my opinion that Lebyadkin's sister (whom I had never seen) really might have been somehow victimised by Nicolas at some time during that mysterious period of his life, as Liputin had called it, and that it was very possible that Lebyadkin received sums of money from Nicolas for some reason, but that was all.
  99. Recollecting, however, that the valiant Amadis was not content to call himself curtly Amadis and nothing more, but added the name of his kingdom and country to make it famous, and called himself Amadis of Gaul, he, like a good knight, resolved to add on the name of his, and to style himself Don Quixote of La Mancha, whereby, he considered, he described accurately his origin and country, and did honour to it in taking his surname from it.
  100. At first he declared that the prince had trusted him with his confidences as to “a certain person” (Nastasia Philipovna), but that of late his friendship had been thrust back into his bosom, and his innocent question as to “approaching family changes” had been curtly put aside, which Lebedeff declared, with tipsy tears, he could not bear; especially as he knew so much already both from Rogojin and Nastasia Philipovna and her friend, and from Varvara Ardalionovna, and even from Aglaya Ivanovna, through his daughter Vera.

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