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1. He goes to some cushy asylum in Maryland or Virginia.
2. Scorse went with me into the impressive, very cushy conference room.
3. Cushy, comfy, soft, like walking on a carpet of sweater-covered titties.
4. He had lost his cushy little den to send Cherybus to, but at least he knew.
5. A day ago he had a fairly cushy job, but now the police and the FBI were all over him.
6. Yes we know trust you to get a cushy job away from all the fatigues and proper work.
7. And, as we usually did, Gary and I chided Charles about his cushy vacation schedule as a college professor.

8. Hank arrived at the station and paid the bail bondsman and I soon found myself in his cushy, secure Lincoln Town Car.
9. We sat out on the deck in the warm sun and crowded around John as he sat in a big cushy chair that helped ease his pain.
10. But if one must reward cushy prestige jobs, make them the Ambassador to Luxemburg or another position where they cannot do any harm.
11. When asked how it was possible his buddy told him that this was a cushy job and if he had to be there then Angelos would be there too.
12. SALLY PFIESTER stretches her legs in the cushy sand and rests her head against her soft pack, the water crashing to the shore only ten yards away.
13. They know if they do not collude actively with the pharmaceutical companies while in office: they will not get these hundred million dollar cushy perk-jobs.
14. Beyond the formal recognition, Gordon saw to it that Manuel’s reward included elevation to the rank of captain and the cushy job of Port Authority liaison officer.
15. Oppenheimer analyst David Goldman let his enthusiasm get the better of him-he quit his cushy analyst job in October and went to work for Cott as the investor relations officer.
16. They were rowdy and noisy and waving a lot of money about and when I looked at them I thought what a bunch of cowardly shits I had lost a lot of good mates so that these scavengers could have a cushy war.
17. A souvenir am I, for your minds to have near by, so find a place or palace and if not there have I at spare: there is cushy cocker band for the authentic man and for a mad Mrs Roof, her claw and ball hoof.
18. Any way back to academia, because the Law Reviewers had cushy jobs lined up after successful second year internships with hot shit firms in LA, SF, Chicago, and NYC, classes were perfunctory, attendance voluntary, no hard academic work was done by any of the five of us.
19. He was damn-well determined to save it, but how the hell was he supposed to do that if that prick of a preacher found another cushy job in the area? Hell, Jess had already screwed the man once, what was to stop her from trying it again to see if it was as good the second time around? Nothin’, that’s what.
20. Now isn’t this a wonderful opportunity for some of the sickest, weakest antisocial whackos to become powerful and have safe, secure, cushy jobs doing nothing? Isn’t this the easiest, best, most cowardly way to institutionalize and portray the sickest inhuman humanity as the highest human good? Simply by worshipping linear logic, and the Scientific Method, as the most sacred and only way any human can arrive at any truth whatsoever.

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