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Cut numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I cut it in half.
  2. So I cut and run.
  3. But he cut her off.
  4. He cut it in half.
  5. You can cut the act.

  6. By the time I cut.
  7. A short cut to hate.
  8. I felt cut off and.
  9. I cut the call short.
  10. It had not been cut.
  11. Cut back to the boat.
  12. To cut a long story.
  13. It had only cut her.
  14. I cut every frill I.
  15. A world made of cut.

  16. The phone had cut off.
  17. Q: I have cut my hand.
  18. The judge cut him off.
  19. He had cut back the.
  20. That one cut him to.
  21. It cut nice and deep.
  22. She cut to the chase.
  23. CUT TO: Inside the car.
  24. But I cut him in half.
  25. Cut the dough in half.

  26. Molly and Drew are cut.
  27. Once you cut out the.
  28. She had on a low cut.
  29. The sting of the cut.
  30. I cut my hair when I.
  31. Nancy cut her at once.
  32. She should cut and run.
  33. My father cut off all.
  34. It says not to cut.
  35. You're cut to the bone.
  36. This time Travis cut in.
  37. Please cut off my head.
  38. Cut each into 6 wedges.
  39. I cut up her body and.
  40. Troy cut his eyes to me.
  41. If I am cut, he bleeds.
  42. Judge Ellis cut him off.
  43. Cut into 10 cm squares.
  44. And he cut a huge slice.
  45. Cut into 1 inch squares.
  46. How dare you cut my.
  47. The channel was then cut.
  48. But you, you cut me off.
  49. Cancer cut her life short.
  50. Cut into 1/8 inch slices.
  51. Cut a slit into the lemon.
  52. Cut the lean meat into 2.
  53. I think I cut it asunder.
  54. Ah, cut that stuff out.
  55. You don‘t have to cut.
  56. To cut a long story short.
  57. There can be no short cut.
  58. Knowing the short cut, W.
  59. Every ant bite, cut and.
  60. I’ll cut you a check.
  61. Our meeting was cut short.
  62. The breasts were cut off.
  63. With a knife, cut a 7-in.
  64. It wasn’t that clear cut.
  65. Nothing was cut and dried.
  66. Then cut into small cubes.
  67. Her laughter cut him short.
  68. Cut to: John under the sea.
  69. I was cut up and bleeding.
  70. Cut into squares and serve.
  71. Cut into squares when cool.
  72. I do believe I cut a caper.
  73. She cut right to the chase.
  74. God cut it fine didn’t he.
  75. Normally this was cut and.
  76. Her face was dirty and cut.
  77. Cut cold into small pieces.
  78. Jesus, cut the Mister shit.
  79. Cut into squares while warm.
  80. I’ve cut three times that.
  81. Then she cut a tiny whole.
  82. Headlights cut on behind her.
  83. May I cut in? he asked.
  84. We were forbidden to cut it.
  85. They cut off his fingers.
  86. They cut the ropes binding.
  87. Cut your fat intake in half.
  88. Could a deal be cut between.
  89. I cut ties with her as she.
  90. Slam cut back to parking lot.
  91. Cut marks on the skull and.
  92. Cut into 20 equal bars and.
  93. He wasn‘t cut out for this.
  94. A shout cut through the air.
  95. With nothing to cut it loose.
  96. Jim as he cut the connection.
  97. The arms and legs are cut off.
  98. Cut cabbage into inch squares.
  99. Marco had cut through a wing.
  100. His work was cut out for him.
  1. We are on the cutting.
  2. He started cutting her hair.
  3. Ribbons of gold, cutting as.
  4. This was very cutting to Fred.
  5. Thus, cutting off the self-.
  6. The history of cutting tool.
  7. There are sharp, cutting words.
  8. Dance Cards and "cutting in".
  9. Cutting is a form of self-abuse.
  10. The phone rang, cutting her off.
  11. Doctor C house called, cutting.
  12. Cutting across the field, they.
  13. Then they were cutting her loose.
  14. Pat starts cutting up the carcass.
  15. Try cutting her off, I said.
  16. Cutting through the mist and rock.
  17. Then he finished cutting the grass.
  18. There was a cake cutting spatula.
  19. Rocky dove, cutting a deal with Joe.
  20. That means cutting the losers fast.
  21. Cost cutting the right way is vital.
  22. It is believed that after cutting.
  23. She was busy cutting a triangular.
  24. There's no point in cutting him up.
  25. Easy as cutting a piece of bread.
  26. Look along a cutting edge, or better.
  27. Naomi was cutting paper-doll dresses.
  28. Bones and Shorty opened up, cutting.
  29. She stopped cutting her hair in 1973.
  30. I had just started Cutting the Ties.
  31. By cutting the appetite down it can.
  32. You are cutting them away at the root.
  33. He ENJOYED cutting poor Adam to pieces.
  34. Wait a bit! There is a fellow cutting.
  35. Heat is the enemy of your cutting tools.
  36. Her long bangs needed cutting and she.
  37. Elena, cutting her short: Save it mother.
  38. I think its time for the cake cutting.
  39. The last time he met Ly she was cutting.
  40. He is cutting the grass at the cemetery.
  41. After cutting the padlock, they entered.
  42. He’s been cutting them all into pieces.
  43. She pushed the cutting board away, then.
  44. The key would be the cutting torch, and.
  45. His door chimed, cutting off his thoughts.
  46. Shannon shakes her head, cutting me off.
  47. Nice cutting is her function: she divides.
  48. Try cutting you’re spending in half on.
  49. You’re cutting yourself off, that way.
  50. Cutting spending put budget under control.
  51. Now imagine cutting a slot with an endmill.
  52. Cutting the grass is a very important step.
  53. Lowrie, Clark, Strieby and Cutting, and Mr.
  54. They edged closer to the stairs cutting a.
  55. Guess cutting it in bits is good enough.
  56. Practice cutting out the shape with scissors.
  57. The picture shows a crown of thorns cutting.
  58. Cutting in, Bane ignored the Tard’s caution.
  59. The Sentence of Cutting off the Thief's Hand.
  60. He’s cutting bits of his victims with care.
  61. And if they were producing and using cutting.
  62. His molester used it for cutting up cakes of.
  63. There WAS someone on the edge of that cutting.
  64. Cutting horses too you may have witnessed or.
  65. The app that you offer might use cutting edge.
  66. She was yelling now, her eyes cruel and cutting.
  67. Let the candy cool before cutting it into bars.
  68. Now Max had to keep cutting until it fell free.
  69. The bank stays on the cutting edge of technol-.
  70. Almost what Ben? she murmured, cutting in.
  71. Toby had a way of cutting himself up, sometimes.
  72. So the cutting process of the tunnel continued.
  73. Cutting across diagonally, he made his way left.
  74. EMBA Programs are often at the cutting edge.
  75. Johnny who was also cutting the wire said to me.
  76. Always some kind of spear or cutting instrument.
  77. Cutting out all the smoke and mirrors it means.
  78. This is ludicrous! Cutting out most of the fat.
  79. She’d be cutting him loose; that was for sure.
  80. With this method uniform cutting is not possible.
  81. Try to use only cutting boards with soft surfaces.
  82. As noblemen, they’re cutting their own throats.
  83. He’s severed two arteries cutting off her legs.
  84. Nem wrestled the dagger out of the cutting board.
  85. The Coultergeist had the nastiest, most cutting.
  86. Project X is the cutting edge of cancer research.
  87. Cutting heads is an authentic existence of Satan.
  88. And Kit’s not around to insist on cutting it.
  89. I returned with a cutting torch mounted on a dolly.
  90. Cutting hands for stealing will not abandon thief.
  91. He displayed the cutting for two years after that.
  92. A moment later, Emily has finished cutting my hair.
  93. Dan made a cutting motion in the air with his hand.
  94. Said he, „we should be cutting into home-grown.
  95. Cutting edge science remains the envy of the world.
  96. Grey Iron has a good machinability as the cutting.
  97. Thomas did the vine cutting and all the note-taking.
  98. Teya quickly swung again this time cutting across.
  99. She took up her scissors and began cutting them out.
  100. She found one used for cutting up limes and lemons.
  1. A beep cuts him off.
  2. An answer phone cuts in.
  3. The cuts on your body.
  5. Bottom line, no more cuts.
  6. Then the broadcast cuts out.
  7. Aaron cuts into my thoughts.
  8. He made 20 cuts on her leg.
  9. No cuts, no blood, nothing.
  11. The cold cuts and pie were.
  12. He saw the red cuts on her.
  13. For this, eat lean cuts of.
  14. I saw fresh cuts in old iron.
  15. No, Marcus cuts her off.
  16. He cuts her off fast and hard.
  17. Some of his cuts had turned.
  18. That cuts across all branches.
  19. This cuts down on water usage.
  20. The doctor cuts in immediately.
  21. The cuts looked red and angry.
  22. As before, the cuts were clean.
  23. He countermoves and cuts me off.
  24. The stuff cuts into your lungs.
  25. There are Loads Of Short Cuts!.
  26. Cuts that are too deep may bleed.
  27. My cuts had already sealed over.
  28. Yet she’d seen no bumps or cuts.
  29. The tunnels dug in railroad cuts.
  30. Then suddenly the cuts disappear.
  31. An Argument That Cuts Both Ways.
  32. Miles cuts through the atmosphere.
  33. Types of Vegetable and Herb Cuts.
  34. One guy received cuts to his hand.
  35. Not anymore, Josie cuts me off.
  36. The belt cuts into my flesh again.
  37. But this will cuts out everything.
  38. Ryodan cuts Kat a hard, flat smile.
  39. Peter cuts off the ear of a slave.
  40. A road cuts through the fells and.
  41. Great care is needed to avoid cuts.
  42. The cuts on her hands were healing.
  43. That argument cuts both ways, I said.
  44. I’m fine, except for a few cuts.
  45. Optimizing Cuts for Tool Deflection.
  46. I had a broken nose, multiple cuts.
  47. The company cuts its dividend payout.
  48. Start looking for leaner cuts of meat.
  49. What is it that cuts into your heart.
  50. Each day the rain cuts a new channel.
  51. Wounds, or blows, or cuts to the soul.
  52. The cuts were deep, but he would heal.
  53. One cuts around in front of the light.
  54. There are no short cuts of true value.
  55. He made long shallow cuts in her flesh.
  56. I saw no cuts or bruises on his hands.
  57. With that Caesar cuts Brutus’ throat.
  58. Orakne got cuts on his back and calves.
  59. It cuts down the stress placed on the.
  60. Every one of them had cuts and bruises.
  61. They won’t learn to take care of cuts.
  62. He closes his eyes, cuts out the lights.
  63. There were several cuts around his lips.
  64. Also avoid breathing or getting on cuts.
  65. China, death by a thousand cuts in, 109.
  66. That wind cuts straight through you!’.
  67. The cuts on her body were already healed.
  68. Miles cuts the corner and is out of sight.
  69. He cuts 'em up for mines and booby traps.
  70. Only the pain of life that cuts the heart.
  71. Adam’s voice cuts through the silence.
  72. The arms had been slashed with sabre cuts.
  73. When the Federal Reserve cuts or adjusts.
  74. Rondel opens his mouth, but Tristan cuts in.
  75. The camera cuts to the chauffeur’s hands.
  76. Lastly, remember that chiffonade cuts are.
  77. He touches the bruises and cuts on my face.
  78. Here's to silence that cuts me to the core.
  79. The ’electric scalpel’ cuts, burns and.
  80. I could feel the cuts on my chest closing up.
  81. He cuts off the hands and feet of trespassers.
  82. There were cuts on his legs from the branches.
  83. Frank cuts back in with Ella and the song ends.
  84. The clip 12 is engaged with the V-shaped cuts.
  85. Cuts made included $4,000 from officers’ $22.
  86. Tax Cuts 4 Every1 and a Screen 4 every Fool.
  87. The trendline cuts off -‐ just in Ume.
  88. Like a sward that cuts, but cannot cut itself;.
  89. Sebastian carefully wiped Aspen’s cuts clean.
  90. A sliver of sunshine cuts through the slit of.
  91. Truth is like a sword, and it cuts to the heart.
  92. He inhaled sharply as he saw the deep cuts and.
  93. I see no cuts, no teeth marks, not even bruises.
  94. But there is no such thing as short cuts in law.
  95. Double-glazed, it cuts the voice off completely.
  96. Watch also for the type of costs a business cuts.
  97. Budget cuts had left holes in their deployments.
  98. I checked Joseph and Jesus for cuts and bruises.
  99. The cuts were deep and with no hesitation slices.
  100. Other than small cuts from the glass, and a cut.

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