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Deadly numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. This is a deadly habit.
  2. It was a deadly device.
  3. But CO2 is deadly to me.
  4. But all was deadly still.
  5. There was a deadly silence.

  6. He gave her a deadly stare.
  7. The raids made them deadly.
  8. That's deadly all the same.
  9. She shot him a deadly glance.
  10. It is verily a deadly plague.
  11. The plan was deadly effective.
  12. The road ahead became deadly.
  13. Assault with a deadly weapon.
  14. This formation was very deadly.
  15. A deadly virus created by man.

  16. Holly's face was deadly serious.
  17. Use deadly force, if necessary.
  18. The 5 Deadly Productivity Sins.
  19. I went on firing deadly bullets.
  20. Arrows flew with deadly accuracy.
  21. They were a deadly serious bunch.
  22. Learn more about 14th Deadly Sin.
  23. School was deadly boring for her.
  24. The consequences had been deadly.
  25. Wallace is a very deadly squirrel.

  26. She trembled and grew deadly pale.
  27. She was obviously deadly serious.
  28. Deadly dull, but a necessary evil.
  29. Satan will heal the deadly wound.
  30. I fear you have taken deadly hurt.
  31. Then came five deadly overs that.
  32. Hers was more dangerous and deadly.
  33. He was like a deadly coiled snake.
  34. Underling said in his deadly calm.
  35. Fast and deadly to smaller insects.
  36. She was bitten by a deadly snake.
  37. The trip was deadly, but enjoyable.
  38. He went on in the same deadly tone.
  39. Mohini, ever capricious and deadly.
  40. His eyes flared a deadly blank look.
  41. Boasting of effects that are deadly.
  42. That is one deadly, dangerous plane.
  43. And deadly is the force of jealousy;.
  44. And laced it with something deadly.
  45. And I’m pretty deadly with a bow.
  46. With a deadly serious expression he.
  47. And then all went deadly quiet, and.
  48. It was charming, handsome and deadly.
  49. She was up and moving, a deadly force.
  50. Nevertheless, I found it deadly work.
  51. He awaited the reply in deadly anxiety.
  52. When this hypocritical, deadly cynical.
  53. PRECAUTION: Some contain deadly poisons.
  54. As cute as she is a deadly shot, sir.
  55. There was a deadly violence in this man.
  56. They are stronger and more deadly to us.
  57. He can even recover from deadly attacks.
  58. Syn reared back to strike a deadly blow.
  59. The house can be deadly boring at times.
  60. From a mouth unseen there came a deadly.
  61. He was truly a beautiful deadly creature.
  62. Again the hall was still and deadly silent.
  63. I was not infected with this deadly disease.
  64. Percy, my mother said, deadly serious.
  65. And Deadly Persistence Of The Product That.
  66. That’s gossip and one of the deadly sins.
  67. More deadly to him was the name of Elbereth.
  68. That and some information is deadly to know.
  69. With what a deadly sore my soul doth smart;.
  70. You’re supposed to give hot, deadly kisses.
  71. Lydia knew that her sister was deadly serious.
  72. Who will lead us now in this deadly dark? '.
  73. A swift stroke she dealt, skilled and deadly.
  74. Suddenly he became deadly pale and shuddered.
  75. In fact, it's a deadly thing to go up against.
  76. Lady Jowyn, daring to smite that deadly thing.
  77. He would probably take it as a deadly insult.
  78. Smaller battles, skirmishes, but still deadly.
  79. Hearts even if he was beaten by deadly attacks.
  80. So, she was also deadly in hand-to-hand combat.
  81. An eagle's feet are equipped with deadly talons.
  82. Making light of things that are deadly serious.
  83. Beautiful guns but I knew they could be deadly.
  84. But they wanted him to swear a deadly oath and.
  85. But Kino had become as cold and deadly as steel.
  86. She nodded as she disposed of the deadly weapon.
  87. The message was clear: air travel can be deadly.
  88. But this knowledge had come with deadly lessons.
  89. Man, last weekend was deadly dull without you.
  90. Saul stares at me with a deadly look in his eyes.
  91. His mother was deadly pale and dark at the mouth.
  92. They were escaping threats of deadly retribution.
  93. He looked deadly serious, staring straight ahead.
  94. He or it is obtaining power as he plays a deadly.
  95. It was swift and deadly as the stroke of an adder.
  96. I knew I had to intervene before this turned deadly.
  97. They are more deadly than ever when they know this.
  98. They lined up quickly, armed with deadly blow-pipes.
  99. Hopefully she could use one as a deadly instrument.
  100. Its fragments are deadly to a radius of ten meters.

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