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Deadly numa frase em (in ingles)

This is a deadly habit.
It was a deadly device.
But CO2 is deadly to me.
But all was deadly still.
There was a deadly silence.
He gave her a deadly stare.
The raids made them deadly.

That's deadly all the same.
She shot him a deadly glance.
It is verily a deadly plague.
The plan was deadly effective.
Assault with a deadly weapon.
The road ahead became deadly.
This formation was very deadly.
A deadly virus created by man.
The 5 Deadly Productivity Sins.
Holly's face was deadly serious.
Use deadly force, if necessary.
I went on firing deadly bullets.
Arrows flew with deadly accuracy.
Learn more about 14th Deadly Sin.
Wallace is a very deadly squirrel.
She was obviously deadly serious.
School was deadly boring for her.
The consequences had been deadly.
She trembled and grew deadly pale.
They were a deadly serious bunch.
Deadly dull, but a necessary evil.
Underling said in his deadly calm.
I fear you have taken deadly hurt.
Then came five deadly overs that.
He was like a deadly coiled snake.
Hers was more dangerous and deadly.
Satan will heal the deadly wound.
The trip was deadly, but enjoyable.
She was bitten by a deadly snake.
Fast and deadly to smaller insects.
He went on in the same deadly tone.
Mohini, ever capricious and deadly.
Boasting of effects that are deadly.

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