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Deal numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The deal was for $23.
  2. We shook on the deal.
  3. So we have a deal.
  4. We jumped on the deal.
  5. I want the real deal.

  6. I can deal with that.
  7. OK - this is the deal.
  8. It was a one shot deal.
  9. To deal with it, you.
  10. I will deal with that.
  11. I have a deal for you.
  12. A deal was made with.
  13. Do we have a deal?
  14. And the deal worked out.
  15. Same deal as the press.

  16. Then, we have a deal.
  17. You will need to deal.
  18. I left a good deal out.
  19. Then it's a deal, Mr.
  20. I can deal with my work.
  21. If a deal turns into a.
  22. So now here’s the deal.
  23. Let Hell deal with them.
  24. Iraq may offer deal to U.
  25. Was a Great Deal of Fun.

  26. But I’ll deal with her.
  27. I'll deal with you later.
  28. It wasn't that big a deal.
  29. Ten grand is the deal.
  30. It was no big deal really.
  31. It takes a great deal of.
  32. It was no big deal to her.
  33. I wonder what his deal is.
  34. God has had a great deal.
  35. Requires a great deal of.
  36. Then, we have a deal?
  37. The key to this deal was.
  38. Once the deal had bedded.
  39. And I want the same deal.
  40. He does not deal with us.
  41. Can we deal with Jack.
  42. I’ll deal with the pain.
  43. I have to deal with him.
  44. What the hell, it's a deal.
  45. All right, you got a deal.
  46. You’l have to deal with.
  47. It’s not that big a deal.
  48. The deal sounded good and.
  49. Yet, without a great deal.
  50. David: You have a deal then.
  51. And so what's the big deal?
  52. Irritating, but no big deal.
  53. That deal seemed good to us.
  54. A lot to deal with, you say.
  55. Firebal s I could deal with.
  56. The only way to truly deal.
  57. I will deal with them later.
  58. Could a deal be cut between.
  59. He had some issues to deal.
  60. Why, what's the big deal?
  61. Learn how to deal with this.
  62. This tells us a great deal.
  63. He said, 'How does he deal.
  64. I got a very good deal on it.
  65. Without him there is no deal.
  66. Remember that deal that you.
  67. Sonja's mother knew the deal.
  68. Deal with it as best you can.
  69. It will be a great deal 121.
  70. Security Council to deal with.
  71. Yea, this is the deal here.
  72. Now here's the deal about it.
  73. We’ll deal with them later.
  74. Oh, well, here is the deal.
  75. Well, what is the deal with.
  76. Now he had to deal with Brent.
  77. Deal with your own mind first.
  78. So we deal with the frequency.
  79. Maybe we could do a deal?
  80. But to them it was a big deal.
  81. The real deal is much heavier.
  82. He thought it was a done deal.
  83. Now, do I have a deal?
  84. I’ll deal with my problems.
  85. That was the deal, right?
  86. Try fifty and you have a deal.
  87. You’ll have to deal with it.
  88. You have to deal with strict.
  89. This means a great deal to us.
  90. This is the real deal, though.
  91. We’ll deal with him and his.
  92. Fire and How to Deal with Them.
  93. This cements the deal for me.
  94. Methods to deal with criminals.
  95. We shook and the deal was made.
  96. We could have worked a deal.
  97. It just wasn’t the real deal.
  98. I’m going to deal with this.
  99. With a great deal of time and.
  100. If you’ve negotiated a deal.
  1. One is dealing with an.
  2. They were dealing with a.
  3. Here we are dealing with.
  4. Dealing with death is much.
  5. We are dealing with bad men.
  6. The Lord began dealing with.
  7. Helen is dealing with the tug.
  8. If the guys I'm dealing with.
  9. If you were dealing with 100 U.
  10. We dealing with top clientele.
  11. This is who we are dealing with.
  12. When dealing with an aggressive.
  13. Dealing with Put-Downs (4 of 12).
  14. Dealing with Put-Downs (5 of 12).
  15. We stopped dealing with him and.
  16. What exactly are we dealing with.
  17. Dealing With the Loss of A Child.
  19. Were dealing with a killer kitty.
  20. We are now dealing with the real.
  21. You gotta start dealing in volume.
  22. If you are dealing with strategic.
  23. Testament dealing with the follow-.
  24. You’re dealing with the male ego.
  25. This church is dealing with apostasy.
  26. And the 99% death dealing massively.
  27. Turf where they were dealing heroin.
  28. I’m not dealing with you today.
  29. Better get used to dealing with him.
  30. Dealing the game of Texas Hold’em.
  31. Maybe we’re dealing with a hoax.
  32. I had no idea what I was dealing with.
  33. Ugh, I can’t be dealing with them.
  34. It stops you dealing with your faults.
  35. Corinthian letter to dealing with them.
  36. She had her own way of dealing with it.
  37. Phone dealing was error-prone and slow.
  38. Still Paul went on dealing and counting.
  39. The poet is dealing with a vital issue.
  40. What the hell were they dealing with?
  41. Finding and dealing with the Investors.
  42. Selling without dealing with a Problem.
  43. We are dealing with mostly adults here.
  44. Goal of Dealing with Negative Filters:.
  45. That's a better way of dealing with it.
  46. Dealing with Prohibition, stone sober.
  47. Imagine dealing with that for eternity.
  48. We know that we’re dealing with the.
  49. Of course you have kids in here dealing.
  50. Until we know what we’re dealing with.
  51. Maybe I was dealing with voodoo banking.
  52. That way we know who is dealing with it.
  53. Here is a tip in dealing with Tierney.
  54. He had his own way of dealing with Lute.
  55. Max was there as well dealing with cases.
  56. We are dealing with a lone armed suspect.
  57. We're dealing with a little girl here.
  58. What was he doing out there? Dealing in.
  59. They reveal laws dealing with the inner.
  60. We’re dealing with a human army, most.
  62. Carry it in your hand when dealing with.
  63. By now Matai was dealing with Altera also.
  64. Why, that of dealing with me to her uncle.
  65. What the hell are we dealing with?
  66. Let’s hold off dealing with maintenance.
  67. You don't know who you are dealing with.
  68. Come, come, says Mr Vincent, plain dealing.
  69. They are dealing with it in their own way.
  70. Dad had his own way of dealing with it, too.
  71. You are so thoughtful in dealing with others.
  72. He needs to know what you’re dealing with.
  73. Plan ahead for dealing with common problems.
  74. So they are dealing then? asked Esther.
  75. But we‘re dealing with a real intelligence.
  76. Through dealing with questions held only in.
  77. In dealing with acne there is no golden rule.
  78. It’s the Federation we’re dealing with!.
  79. This is the way they understand dealing with.
  80. Who were you dealing with on the Team?
  81. Sixteen years of dealing with them is plenty.
  82. Dealing with the Welshman’s shifting mood.
  83. That comes in handy when dealing with Ameana.
  84. God had forbid dealing with familiar spirits.
  85. Just consider two books dealing with gambling.
  86. You need to start dealing with your issues.
  87. President Clinton issued orders dealing with.
  88. He had been dealing with Mack for a long time.
  89. One way of dealing with cognitive thinking is.
  90. And what of your last dealing with him?
  91. I’m that way when it comes to dealing with.
  92. Dealing with that would be her first priority.
  93. Dealing with a woman was a lot like planning.
  94. Building on the above paragraphs dealing with.
  95. What are you doing' with it: dealing or mess?
  96. Dealing with the Souls was bad enough, a few.
  97. Here in the nunnery, we’re too busy dealing.
  98. I told you, you are not dealing with just some.
  99. Dealing with the rape48 was a hellish nightmare.
  100. If you knew who you are dealing with—.
  1. It had to be dealt with.
  2. Beth dealt with Ma and Mrs.
  3. They dealt and Blauner left.
  4. We have dealt with his Men.
  5. He never again dealt with.
  6. I dealt him his five cards.
  7. Then she dealt the clincher.
  8. But whereas Wagner dealt in.
  9. That’s what we dealt above.
  10. But the stroke was never dealt.
  11. I've dealt with them, remember.
  12. This time I dealt with it on a.
  13. She had dealt with her troubles.
  14. The camp director dealt the cards.
  15. Any remaining cannons were dealt.
  16. The money was bet, the cards dealt.
  17. He would definitely be dealt with.
  18. I dealt with Mr Delmage after that.
  19. Next Roosevelt dealt with the banks.
  20. All that could be dealt with later.
  21. In her mind she’d dealt with it.
  22. I dealt with rejection issues and.
  23. How are they dealt with now?
  24. God was already dealt with, defiantly.
  25. Dealt with the problem and came out.
  26. Our first year mostly dealt with the.
  27. Nowadays they dealt mostly with cash.
  28. Afterwards, a hose dealt with the sweat.
  29. I’d dealt with girls like her before.
  30. You have dealt with the biggest hurdle.
  31. No, Bunty dealt with it all on her own.
  32. However, this group of Anointed dealt.
  33. For days the Holy spirit dealt with me.
  34. I was here when you dealt with Dring.
  35. This one dealt with behavioural science.
  36. When conflict is dealt with as soon as.
  37. Six guys sat in front of Pick as he dealt.
  38. With word that Blefuscu had been dealt a.
  39. Problem animals should be dealt with by.
  40. The "sleeping" mind had dealt a new card.
  41. I’ve dealt with them for years and.
  42. I will see that he is dealt with!.
  43. He has been dealt with for his failure.
  44. William and his family dealt in livestock.
  45. As soon as the Illuminati are dealt with.
  46. Chang said, The agent who dealt with Mr.
  47. It was irritating, but it could be dealt.
  48. Justification I have dealt with previously.
  49. You seem to have dealt with the problem.
  50. The fire/heating may be dealt with a dozer.
  51. He has dealt with real mafia hoods already.
  52. Pick dealt his card—the five of diamonds.
  53. It was never dealt with in ‘real life’.
  54. And it was the Professor who dealt that by.
  55. Here is how I dealt with this danger in 2003.
  56. This Dr Jacob must be caught and dealt with.
  57. And the police have already been dealt with.
  58. The number of cases that I have dealt with.
  59. A swift stroke she dealt, skilled and deadly.
  61. The next one in file dealt with the Romulans.
  62. He dealt with people by his own fleshly hand.
  63. Dealt? Bryony didn’t like the sound of that.
  64. Given what the three younger lads had dealt.
  65. He had dealt with that kind of arrogance and.
  66. We get dealt what God thinks we can handle.
  67. Another bank that I dealt with for a time did.
  68. Welcome or not, they had to be dealt with, but.
  69. That was a shrewd cut I dealt it on the stair.
  70. Most of what has preceded this has dealt with.
  71. That will be dealt with, the General said.
  72. Yes the cards are dealt but they too need fold.
  73. Paul dealt with the matter by laying down the.
  74. As he dealt with that though on a subconscious.
  75. I’ll join you once I’ve dealt with this one.
  76. Hundreds of complaints were dealt with every day.
  77. Nowadays they dealt mostly with cash from the U.
  78. Brother Francis dealt with a little pain himself.
  79. David fought the Philistines and dealt that foe.
  80. But still, those matters could be dealt with.
  81. The fat woman said they have been dealt with.
  82. We've dealt with foolish children before, Saint.
  83. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.
  84. Much of the high rate dealt with the plummeting.
  85. Whoever it is will need to be dealt with quickly.
  86. This will be dealt in greater detail in the next.
  87. So here is how we dealt with the support issue:.
  88. Once the question is asked, it must be dealt with.
  89. Whatever the case may be, he had to be dealt with.
  90. The conversations all dealt with public questions.
  91. Oh, well, at least the dishes have been dealt with.
  92. In so much that they are dealt with, and let go of.
  93. But, there was a potential problem to be dealt with.
  94. She was a doctor, a doctor who dealt only in death.
  95. It dealt with designing home pages on the Internet.
  96. As a result of the injustices constantly dealt out.
  97. Any prohibited act will be dealt with as follows: -.
  98. I’ve dealt with a lot of victims of violent crime.
  99. Any cowardice would be dealt with by him personally.
  100. All your oppressors will be dealt with at that time.
  1. He then deals a fifth.
  2. They were big deals too.
  3. Most were not good deals.
  4. There can be shady deals of.
  5. This chapter now deals with.
  6. He deals with no niggard hand.
  7. It deals with justice and anger.
  8. All their deals were kept secret.
  9. It is how all business deals work.
  10. He also deals in artefacts and if.
  11. Man deals with many friends in life.
  12. Well, that deals with tomorrow ….
  13. The deals will eventually go through.
  14. Brokering deals and seeing that the.
  15. It deals with the here-and-now, not.
  16. They are consumers looking for deals.
  17. The deals were not too shabby either.
  18. Some of it deals with interactions I.
  19. It’s how your body deals with that.
  20. But here’s how he deals with them:.
  21. The worse it got, the better the deals.
  22. One interesting area of math deals with.
  23. Could deals with only specific problems.
  24. Closed deals with 100 major new accounts.
  25. The blow which it deals rebounds upon it.
  26. Science deals with what can be proven true.
  27. Surah 65 deals with the concept of divorce.
  28. Its how your body deals with that energy.
  29. Every policeman deals with it now and then.
  30. But his real side interest was doing deals.
  31. He was admiring the way Cortes deals with.
  32. Paul deals with one-half of the resurrection.
  33. This goes for the city deals too, of course.
  34. I have negotiated good prices for both deals.
  35. So you did a deal, you are always doing deals.
  36. Trysts and deals were going on all around them.
  37. Then, you offer them creative financing deals.
  39. Part C deals with what steps are necessary to.
  40. That deals with life and death as with a play!.
  41. In fact, the standard job hunt deals with the.
  42. This part deals with the age of the Superpowers.
  43. I admit Theosophy deals with manifestation only.
  44. Deals for rock bottom rates at some of the best.
  45. Spirituality deals with your state of awareness.
  46. This site deals with the prayer of the heart, or.
  47. Change up the deals that you offer your customers.
  48. Krishn now deals with who the doer of action is.
  49. There have been over a thousand deals since then.
  50. The next part of this book deals with child abuse.
  51. They need to make the deals with the corporations.
  52. There may be unsound business and financial deals.
  53. Armour: Armour deals with preparation and strength.
  54. This section deals with skills needed on the move.
  55. This is the way the ego deals with every aspect of.
  56. One never loses if he deals with people in loving.
  57. He deals with us about the things we need to change.
  58. This is not where you will find the strategic deals.
  59. The pure meaning of Karma simply deals with what is.
  60. It deals with columns of figures and slips of paper.
  61. At other times He deals only with the Heads of the.
  62. It is harder to get started with bigger money deals.
  63. Google it to find companies that are offering deals.
  64. The armour also deals with protection, mostly of self.
  65. I'm studying law so I know a little about shady deals.
  66. They ha ve promotional deals all the time for as lo w.
  67. There are always great deals if you know where to look.
  69. Deals with the legislative branch, the house and senate.
  70. That includes the deals you made with Victor and Bernie.
  71. They had fancy clothes, power lunches and private deals.
  72. This ideology deals only with quantities, not qualities.
  73. The subject deals with suffering and ingratitude quietly.
  74. So what’s He going to do? This is how He deals with it.
  75. My deals are assumed by the tribal chiefs to be forever.
  76. Science deals with facts but how much we know about facts?
  77. Although this section primarily deals with women, it also.
  78. This section deals with the special risks associated with.
  79. I get the feeling that she deals with things and moves on.
  80. So they decided that some of the deals should go their way.
  81. Another sign that you should avoid a company is shirt deals.
  82. It is the earliest and also the latest, for it deals with.
  83. I had to call another assistant to dell with all the deals.
  84. And this deals with all of the inorganic waste from the.
  85. The triangle also deals with the love represented in the e.
  86. Sturgis deals with is so destitute of attractive characters.
  87. Secret number six deals with the importance of the seed husk.
  88. Great offer to put in newsletter or Hot Deals section.
  89. We just needed him out the way while the deals went through.
  90. Cetology is the branch of zoology that deals with the study.
  91. So there are some ways that God judges and deals with sin now.
  92. The deals he made were solid and he made a reasonable profit.
  93. This story deals with the problem of a young woman who is on.
  94. Tam, Bliss has always kept his deals with me, Glor said.
  95. Hoe: Symbolically this deals with work, resourcefulne s, a s.
  96. He can terminate the deals made to perpetrators on behalf of.
  97. The plan is to keep your eyes peeled for these types of deals.
  98. The paradise of good relationship and bilateral deals is gone.
  99. Now, there are a few other deals I find very interesting, Ian.
  100. Joel deals acid, but he doesn’t sell any in the coffeehouse.

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