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  1. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.
  2. But your cure must begin somewhere, and put it that a thousand things which debase a population can never be reformed without this particular reform to begin with.
  3. The shortcomings inherent in Modern Art (merely) serve to debase the dignity of our society, its customs and traditions, while degrading (higher) culture in general.
  4. If there be no Devil and Satan, no 'murderer from the beginning,’ no real 'demons’ to be cast out and conquered, then Jesus Christ proceeded on a false path, and has in this respect done more than any other teacher to debase mankind, and, as Mr.
  5. The moral and patriotic observer will see with pain and mortification that we are about to add to the temptations to increase the stimulus to evasions and violations of the laws, still more to debase and degrade the commercial character of the country.

  6. It excludes from our waters, ports, and harbors, all their vessels, public and private; it excludes from our country all their products and manufactures; and forbids our citizens to debase and degrade their country by a commercial intercourse which would stain and pollute them with the payment of an ignominious tribute to a foreign nation.
  7. The first night that he waited for Nigromanta to come to the shadows of the almond trees it seemed like an eternity, pricked as he was by the needles of uncertainty and clutching in his fist the peso and fifty cents that he had asked Amaranta Úrsula for, not so much because he needed it as to involve her, debase her, prostitute her in his adventure in some way.
  8. Do not by deserting me let my shame become the talk of the gossips in the streets; make not the old age of my parents miserable; for the loyal services they as faithful vassals have ever rendered thine are not deserving of such a return; and if thou thinkest it will debase thy blood to mingle it with mine, reflect that there is little or no nobility in the world that has not travelled the same road, and that in illustrious lineages it is not the woman's blood that is of account; and, moreover, that true nobility consists in virtue, and if thou art wanting in that, refusing me what in justice thou owest me, then even I have higher claims to nobility than thine.
  1. A debasing war, in.
  2. Still, in our culture, we tend to enshrine the intellect while debasing.
  3. It was impossible to disentangle one's activity from its debasing contacts.
  4. It acts neither in an ennobling nor a debasing way, but in an irritating way.
  5. The gloom of Los Hatos woods was preferable; a life of hardships in the train of a robber band less debasing.
  6. Her benefactors abused their position to demand the most debasing return for the nourishment they afforded her.
  7. He does not stop at debasing the character of the people of this country, but he utters a libel against all parties and against the Government itself.
  8. For politicians facing reelection, the choice between debasing the currency, imposing sky-high taxes, or implementing draconian cuts in services is a simple one.
  9. The system we call public education has long been turned away from an intelligent analysis of the purpose it is to serve, and sunk into sterile and debasing ideology.
  10. Sir, have we become so lost to the real independence and sovereignty of the country, that we are prepared to yield to this degrading, debasing, and humiliating badge of vassalage?
  11. No; the true remedy for a debasing materialism (for I will not admit that Milton’s materialism was debasing) is to be found in the moral rather than in the intellectual realms of thought.
  12. For a moment my soul was elevated from its debasing and miserable fears to contemplate the divine ideas of liberty and self sacrifice of which these sights were the monuments and the remembrancers.
  13. How could she have said such a thing! How could she, Ellen’s daughter, with her upbringing, have sat there and listened to such debasing words and then made such a shameless reply? She should have screamed.
  14. One after another, Carton rammed home the facts of the case, the fraudulent registration and voting, the use of the names of dead men to pad the polling lists, the bribery of election officials at the primaries--the whole sordid, debasing story of how Dopey Jack had intimidated and swung one entire district.
  15. In view of the debasing effect of slavery in the South, and the communistic element in the North, I am often asked, What is to be the result of this effort to establish republican institutions on this continent? I answer, there is no hope but in sanctifying the hearts of the people by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  16. This doctrine, plainly as it is taught in the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, is at once distinguished from the debasing superstitions respecting evil spirits found in heathen systems of mythology and religion, as in China, Ceylon, and India, by this—that it is taught along with the equally clear doctrine of the counteracting agency of good spirits called the angels of God.
  1. And he repeatedly debased and desecrated Lord Buddha and Buddhism.
  2. Li Hongzhi debased and denounced the existing religions and Qigong without restraint.
  3. For example, that the needy are morally elevated while the wealthy are morally debased.
  4. However much debased he may be, a man exacts instinctively respect for his character as a man.
  5. And now here, in Chapter 17, Krishn classifies these worshippers as the most debased, for the only form of reverence.
  6. It was a lanky looking figure, but with a commanding presence that debased the relevance of everything else around it.
  7. Frank had no idea how long the attack had lasted, only that when it was over, he was left feeling debased and worthless.
  8. I have so often debased the true metal of sincerity that anything I say must ring false—that anything I may give cannot be taken.
  9. Then he walked out of the place, leaving it with his spirit debased, dragging behind him the remnants of his failure and huge defeat.
  10. I am cruelly out of spirits at the idea of old England truckling to such a debased and accursed Government as that of the United States.
  11. This nominal sum, therefore, is necessarily higher when the coin is much debased by clipping and wearing, than when near to its standard value.
  12. Instead of working wickedness by night and growing more debased in the assimilating of it by day, she shall take her place with the other Angels.
  13. He hated to have Angellina’s memory debased by having her accident listed as ‘alcohol related’, but he could see no way to prove otherwise.
  14. Mistrust of government runs high in India, and since gold can’t be debased and can be converted to cash in a hurry, it’s seen as a solid investment.
  15. He had all the cold, hard, cruel, terrible features of the green warriors, but accentuated and debased by the animal passions to which he had given himself over for many years.
  16. One American airman, shot down and relentlessly debased by his Japanese captors, described the state of mind that his captivity created: I was literally becoming a lesser human being.
  17. This is likely one of the reasons why Japanese soldiers in World War II debased their prisoners with such zeal, seeking to take from them that which was most painful and destructive to lose.
  18. To have open air homosexual and heterosexual orgies and to spill innocent blood to gain favor from demons is the most debased a nation can become and is calling severe judgment upon themselves.
  19. He looked up at her as she stood there, hand on heart, looked quietly, almost in prince on new-minted gold but a decadent, tired Caesar on copper debased by long a kindly way, that frightened her.
  20. In this group were many turbulent individuals whose minds were bent on mischief, while about the fringe of this crowd there circulated those debased men who had been hired to make trouble for Jesus.
  21. Even incomplete, even debased and abused and reduced to the state of a junior revolution like the Revolution of 1830, they nearly always retain sufficient providential lucidity to prevent them from falling amiss.
  22. Those husbands who are physically and/or verbally abusing their wives in an effort to try and control them with fear are not operating in true love, contrary to what they may be thinking in their warped and debased minds.
  23. Madeleine had set were tangled and broken, the methods were adulterated, the products were debased, confidence was killed; the market diminished, for lack of orders; salaries were reduced, the workshops stood still, bankruptcy arrived.
  24. They contended that all of this was fulfilled through collusion between Al’lah and the devil against His noble messenger, so that He debased him unjustly, in a way that was unprecedented, without his committing a sin (far be it for Him).
  25. She picked out the gloating chortle of some debased practitioner inflicting his ministrations, and she pushed on to land a further distance away, in a widening cavern under an iron-barred grate through which daylight filtered in from above.
  26. Considered less than fully human by ones who considered themselves the most superior examples of humankind, they were ridiculed, debased, turned out of their homes and then hounded across the continent where they’d lived for countless generations.
  27. This is a fact most noteworthy, for it has had this effect, that in no place where the Bible in its integrity has been popularly read has the doctrine of evil spirits usurped a disproportionate share of attention, or debased the public mind through the pressure of an overwhelming burden of gloom.
  28. Angel, we are no longer in control of our destiny: our prestigious beautiful culture is being debased; our revered cultural norms that would preserve our heritage and dignity are completely eroded, our identity is gradually transforming to that of the white man, an alien culture, a strange custom and their own ways of life that satisfies their environment and their own fancy.
  29. In truth, powerful—yet, as to any foreign effect, imbecile—rich, in the goods of fortune, yet wanting that inherent spirit without which a nation is poor indeed; their strength exhausted by struggles for local power; their moral sense debased by low intrigues for personal popularity, or temporary pre-eminence; all their thoughts turned not to the safety of the State, but to the elevation of a chieftain.
  30. Not only is the circle of men, from which the servants of the government and the rich men are chosen, growing all the time smaller and smaller, and more and more debased, but these men themselves no longer ascribe to the positions which they hold their former significance, and frequently, being ashamed of them, to the disadvantage of the cause which they serve, neglect to carry out what by their position they are called upon to do.
  31. Because they victimized themselves, abased themselves in public, debased themselves in public, cringed, acted the coward, acted the fool; their host countries tolerated them enough to let them live inside their culture… by acting out this form of public self-degradation and humiliation, they were acting out the necessary signs of cultural submission so they could practice their own cultural superiority in private without being massacred and killed.
  32. Logic was taught first; ontology came in the second place; pneumatology, comprehending the doctrine concerning the nature of the human soul and of the Deity, in the third; in the fourth followed a debased system of moral philosophy, which was considered as immediately connected with the doctrines of pneumatology, with the immortality of the human soul, and with the rewards and punishments which, from the justice of the Deity, were to be expected in a life to come: a short and superficial system of physics usually concluded the course.
  33. The whole civilized world is a spectator in the discussion of this resolution; and all the civilized nations in the world are and will be anxiously desirous to know, whether the United States of America, after having hitherto, with impunity, suffered all the aggressions of Great Britain, and after having suffered Great Britain, with impunity, to impress thousands of their seamen, and retain them on board of their armed ships and vessels, and compelling them to fight against nations with whom the United States are at peace; after having suffered Great Britain, with impunity, to murder their citizens, and after having suffered Great Britain with impunity to attack their sovereignty, in case of the Chesapeake frigate, will, after all these outrages and hostile acts, tamely, meekly, and patiently, submit and bow down to the lowest degree of debased degradation, and suffer Francis J.
  34. And this blind life of theirs is so debased,.
  1. Anger depletes the health, debases the mind, and handicaps the spirit teacher of man's soul.

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