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Debate numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. That was up for debate.
  2. Then the debate was on.
  3. This isn’t up for debate.
  4. We will debate these issues.
  5. This is the constant debate.

  6. There is debate within the.
  7. There is much debate as to.
  8. It was not much of a debate.
  9. She knew the debate was over.
  10. So there is no public debate.
  11. They long ago had held debate.
  12. The debate is: inflation or no.
  13. They would not solemnly debate.
  14. This stimulated a debate that.
  15. Talking heads debate with zeal.

  16. We debate everything under the.
  17. He was watching a debate on IBC.
  18. Alan didn't engage him in debate.
  19. Still, I wasn’t here to debate.
  20. Of the Gods’ debate on whether.
  21. We can debate family issues later.
  22. There is no time to debate further.
  23. The debate between value and.
  24. That sort of moral debate dated him.
  25. That said, it certainly created debate.

  26. These judgments are not up for debate.
  27. Al Maxey, "The Maxey-Thrasher Debate".
  28. It was Summerlee who opened the debate.
  29. The nurturer in me won the inner debate.
  30. There will be no more debate on this.
  31. Field "Debate On The State Of The Dead".
  32. The great debate raged on within his mind.
  33. Please, let’s keep this debate civil.
  34. But the underlying debate is whether the.
  35. The major debate has been how, when, and.
  36. The debate raged on between Neu and Dither.
  37. The euthanasia debate is fiery at the least.
  38. No consensus emerged from the early debate.
  39. Again, I’m not here to convince or debate.
  40. Will not debate the question of this straw:.
  41. Debate raged between those who believed in.
  42. But such debate is completely without merit.
  43. I must return to this debate in the House.
  44. There is much debate and speculation as to.
  45. This was a long and drawn-out debate, which.
  46. I’ll not debate this with you, Commander.
  47. Go on, let’s debate and you prove it to me.
  48. He seemed to resolve some debate in his mind.
  49. The moment for closing the debate had arrived.
  50. With Thomas embroiled in debate with some of.
  51. That has been the subject of heated debate.
  52. Bohr and the Great Debate About the Nature of.
  53. White, Russell-White Debate, Page 51, 1912, F.
  54. The debate was over: his stutter had returned.
  55. White, Russell-White Debate, page 51, 1912, F.
  56. Debate must be the issue of everyday’s life.
  57. All of which we’ll bring up at the debate.
  58. White, Russel -White Debate, page 51, 1912, F.
  59. Sex is the most popular subject of moral debate.
  60. The observation all would begin with a debate.
  61. Connelly-Field Debate On The State Of The Dead.
  62. There was an angry debate concerning what they.
  63. There is no debate, argument, or reconsideration.
  64. This caused much debate in when to use the siren.
  65. Now he was having a debate with a flying horse.
  66. There’s been debate, but never a way to test it.
  67. The daughter of debate that discord aye doth sow.
  68. This motion was agreed to without debate, ayes 56.
  69. The debate consisted of minister Helena Everett.
  70. In US, there is debate on rising healthcare costs.
  71. She had missed the stimulation of political debate.
  72. Can you believe that there is now intense debate.
  73. We are not going to debate this issue with you.
  74. We had a debate about it and I described it to her.
  75. At school however, it was a great matter for debate.
  76. Debate on the Eternal Destiny of the Wicked by two.
  77. It’ll be relevant at the debate and something Dr.
  78. If you ever hear a political debate over whether U.
  79. One irritating thing about the helmet debate that.
  80. For the debate, let‘s assume he was Conservative.
  81. Going into a debate with the intent of winning 136.
  82. He could not sleep and he held a debate with himself.
  83. This is not something that is up for debate Leora.
  84. This is shown in the Connelly-Field Debate On The.
  85. But this could no longer be a debate over semantics.
  87. If they want to debate with a Christian, refer them.
  88. Psychologists will debate for a long time about what.
  89. So after years of internal debate I decided to leave.
  90. In the modern era there has been a debate about the.
  91. There is much debate as to how to improve this process.
  92. So it is that Reagan’s debate preparation is altered.
  93. Jason reminded his mother of the debate this afternoon.
  94. Even today, it caused much debate about the fairness.
  95. Xander and my little debate was ended when class began.
  96. So let us not debate the secular nature of the author.
  97. There's a quick debate about how best to approach them.
  98. His pained expression told me I was winning the debate.
  99. On November 20th there is a monastic debate examination.
  100. That is a matter of debate of course, Tarmon said.
  1. I hang there, debating options.
  2. It was dusk, and I was debating.
  3. Christian and an atheist debating.
  4. I ignored it, debating my options.
  5. His debating ability is impressive.
  6. Debating the issue with your friends.
  7. The two LDs in his head were debating.
  8. Believe me, there is no debating that.
  9. I’m not debating the issue with you.
  10. They seemed to be debating what to do now.
  11. Ling Mai paused, as if debating with herself.
  12. Der had been nominated as debating team leader.
  13. We were debating that when you came in, General.
  14. I was debating whether to place this topic under.
  15. Marriage is a partnership, not a debating society.
  16. There’s tons of literature debating that subject.
  17. Cameron was still debating what she had called her.
  18. Otherwise, we could continue debating until morning.
  19. Toro Ruíz swayed, blinking, debating whether to fall.
  20. I glared at him and then the door, debating my options.
  21. So, they were debating whether or not it was really me.
  22. He could see Victor debating whether to tell him or not.
  23. Vinny looked at her salad as if he was debating whether.
  24. Carter looked at his wristwatch debating whether or not.
  25. She stared at Shapiro for a moment, debating what to say.
  26. Two hours later, Maria was at home, debating what to wear.
  27. For the first time I started debating and arguing with him.
  28. Halfshaft paused, debating whether to punch her or hug her.
  29. I was really debating whether I should call in sick or not.
  30. If researching and debating about our four-legged comrades.
  31. As he was debating this question, Abigail sprouted her wings.
  32. Despite this, debating does bring information that is welcome.
  33. He was hungry and after debating eating some of the sugar he.
  34. Lydgate did not answer, and she saw that he was debating with.
  35. She was standing and debating with herself when the policeman.
  36. Cameron was still debating what she had called her mother for.
  37. The boots paused as though debating this sad lack of forethought.
  38. I was still debating on this subject when I was joined by this.
  39. We might spend hours debating the relative merits of Liverpool F.
  40. He could hear them talking and laughing, debating and discussing.
  41. The hunchback paused, debating whether to point out the political.
  42. We had been chaotically debating who/what had helped common tomb.
  43. Barron pursed his lips momentarily, as if he were debating how to.
  44. I grin at him debating whether I should challenge him for a moment.
  45. Are you still debating the decision, Reeve? President Shinra.
  46. There was much shouting and debating among the Orcs; a quarrel seemed.
  47. Among runners, there are two opposing camps debating on the merits of.
  48. The Inspector looks thoughtful, debating with himself before answering.
  49. He pauses for a moment as though debating with himself before answering.
  50. Locke pursed his chapped lips, debating whether he should return her call.
  51. We spent the rest of the afternoon debating about what to name the kitten.
  52. I was debating whether to place this topic under ‘Managing Staff’ or.
  53. I was in my room, standing before the mirror, debating how to wear my hair.
  54. Ming stared somberly at his son, debating what to tell him in front of his wife.
  55. Margaret was debating whether to leave, when the door was opened by Madam Agnes.
  56. The meeting continued with the five men debating various political scenarios and.
  57. After a few more minutes of debating technical issues, Jhordel dismissed them all.
  58. I could see her debating whether to sacrifice her leverage and apologize, inquire.
  59. He is rather appalling, isn't he? There simply is no debating that devil, for his.
  60. I’m debating if I’m ready to have a drink without relapsing into my old habits.
  61. Hail them, Garcia said, debating if he should log onto to his Kelvan computer.
  62. But this did not stop Europeans from wasting their time debating this idiotic issue.
  63. The most reputed of our scientists are still debating the possibility of time-travel.
  64. I fisted my hand on the table and then flattened it, debating which lie to tell Raf.
  65. I then started debating if I should stay until she wakes up or leave before she does.
  66. Brent turned around once more and stared at the group debating; then he looked above.
  67. Matilde raised her chest in a deep breath, debating whether to cut her off or continue.
  68. There was no point in debating that with her, he skipped ahead to the point of it all.
  69. She stood debating whether to help it to its demise, or to be Chinedu's mother's bitch.
  70. I’m not debating this with you, I said if we can, we will put you back into the wild.
  71. They were now debating whether we should have thrown things at the rioters as they passed.
  72. She stood debating what to do, then she remembered that she had his front door key on her.
  73. The rest of the world is adding to their nuclear power and we are still debating what to do.
  74. Sarah, now stopped and tense, eyed them approach while debating about her courses of action.
  75. After debating for a few seconds, she took the call, praying to God that it wasn’t Lester.
  76. Alicia and the group were on the hillock, morosely debating what would happen to the prisoners.
  77. Then he proceeded to enter the great debating chamber in procession with the master of ceremonies.
  78. Especially considering that somewhere there is a fat girl debating whether or not to start jogging.
  79. He eyed the cleaning implements with the enthusiasm of a child debating a plate of spinach and liver.
  80. Gulab couldn't help over hearing the unpleasant conversation and was debating whether to get involved.
  81. Several hours passed and Chevalier was debating moving her to the bed when he heard Anna in the next.
  82. In Korinthos and in Athens, scholars were debating reforms that would remove absolute power from the.
  83. What was the use of debating such a proposition, when superior force can wipe out the best arguments?
  84. Charles puckered his lips as though he was debating the question then sighed with evident disappointment.
  85. Barnes was silent for a long moment, debating what was one of the most difficult decisions of his career.
  86. Later the nuns who were students, perhaps a thousand of them, filled the courtyard to do their debating.
  87. Rapp started into his beard with the clippers, debating whether to leave the mustache favored by ISI men.
  88. Theia muttered something inaudible and sat with Eugenie, both debating whether or not to try the porridge.
  89. Graisco bit the corner of his lip as if he were contemplating the response or debating the appropriate reply.
  90. There was a brief silence and he could tell she was debating asking more questions, Are you bringing her.
  91. Roselyn was a National Honor Society member and co-captain of the school’s state championship debating team.
  92. He was here now, backstage in this auditorium, because Michael Shermer had chosen Sam as his debating partner.
  93. Kim paused debating whether to move on to the current issues or spend time on the details of her quest to find Wren.
  94. Nervously, I hover in the doorway, debating whether to sneak back to my cabin, but he sees me before I can retreat.
  95. He is rather appalling, isn’t he? There simply is no debating that devil, for his words are tainted with poison.
  96. In Luke 2, Verses 42 to 47, the Bible tells us Jesus was down there in the Temple at 12, debating with the teachers.
  97. As I stood there debating my options, one of the deputies stuck his head out the door and asked if I needed any help.
  98. She cocked her head at him, debating on whether or not to remind him that they’d spent some time together last night.
  99. How long she sat there she was not aware, debating within herself as to whether she had done the right thing coming back.
  100. She looked back up at Elena and Felicity, and could tell that they were silently debating if they should change the topic.
  1. He debated with the devout.
  2. For a few seconds he debated.
  3. She debated going to her VW.
  4. She debated for a few minutes.
  5. Nightly she debated with Melanie.
  6. Amaranthe debated what to tell him.
  7. He had debated whether or not his.
  8. I didn’t want to see him debated.
  9. He debated whether he should call.
  10. I debated about keeping my shoes on.
  11. I debated whether I needed my jacket.
  12. She debated the question for a moment.
  13. This motion was debated at some length.
  14. I have debated this verse with others.
  15. I debated whether I should put my arm.
  16. They debated whether to issue a warning.
  17. Orestes’ crime was debated and discussed.
  18. Should I say anything to him, she debated.
  19. This motion was debated, and lost—56 to 43.
  20. She debated as to her next course of action.
  21. He debated pushing the familiar out of the.
  22. Warren sat and debated his options for hours.
  23. I debated with myself about what I should do.
  24. Everyone debated it, and everyone took sides.
  25. They debated the issue but nothing came of it.
  26. I debated with myself as to whether I needed Mr.
  27. The Afghanistan War has a far more debated legacy.
  28. Liam debated whether he should interfere but then.
  29. I can’t recall when the last motion was debated.
  30. Yes, I debated that in my mind prior to Afghanistan.
  31. The young man debated a moment, then smiled quietly.
  32. Sealing the helmets was a hotly debated precaution.
  33. The report was also debated, and agreed to—57 to 39.
  34. Then debated collecting a reward, or a ransom demand.
  35. Paul and his mother debated it endlessly between them.
  36. She debated and as a senior was named Girl of the Year.
  37. He debated only a moment and then swung over the ledge.
  38. Locke debated if he wanted to delve into the topic again.
  39. Her eyes traced down him as she debated about what to do.
  40. Jennifer debated for a moment about what to do with them.
  41. Well, He debated with mirth, we’re not on Earth.
  42. Alex debated whether to reply, but he decided the brevity.
  43. At noon, my mother and I debated about what we should have.
  44. I DEBATED WHETHER TO bother with some rules in this edition.
  45. Revelation 13:18 is another hotly debated verse in the Bible.
  46. Colling debated whether he should persist in the masquerade.
  47. Setting that issue aside, he debated in his mind whether he.
  48. These conditions were debated, agreed upon, and written down.
  49. While the others waited behind me I debated about what to do.
  50. For a moment, he debated going directly there to confront her.
  51. No sound at all could be heard as the Elders debated silently.
  52. Sam’s fate had been debated before he entered Tara’s office.
  53. As he debated the matter, he considered all the couples in the.
  54. The rifle girl debated the age of The Elder and The Chemist too.
  55. A often debated topic is whether or not to feed the Maxima clam.
  56. She had debated for a long time that afternoon whether she had.
  57. He debated holding his breath for the duration of his time here.
  58. Pushing the keys into place, she debated calling from the Cottage.
  59. He debated trailing them secretly, and then was able to pull the.
  60. As with any biblical issue that is debated, there are always some.
  61. The previous council had debated at great length about building a.
  62. I have covered my bases and debated all the options, haven’t I?
  63. The fridge door stood open, as Greta debated the benefits of left-.
  64. For the hundredth time I debated over the wisdom of going this way.
  65. Nose to nose with Emory, she debated on whether that had been wise.
  66. Not all that was spoken and debated in the Council need now be told.
  67. The cost in lives is heavily debated and not always easy to measure.
  68. Indra was pleased with these results but debated whether or not to.
  69. I debated long and hard whether to actually address this in my book.
  70. Finn debated for a moment and then went and grabbed a plate of food.
  71. Let us settle this issue that has been debated for over a thousand.
  72. Bollins paused before answering, the question being a hotly debated one.
  73. I debated long and hard about what to write in this section but I knew.
  74. Sita was well educated , cleverly debated with Ravan and his courtiers.
  75. From the days of the "church fathers," it has been debated whether this.
  76. Harry had debated for several days whether he should leak the news of his.
  77. We debated whether to put the stock on our institutional stock ideas list.
  78. They debated the merits of both options before finally approving the claim.
  79. Loriot debated the question mentally for a few seconds, obviously undecided.
  80. Instead, he sat there in silence, head buzzing while he debated what to do.
  81. I debated whether to place my hand on Govind's hand lying pale on the covers.
  82. I debated about going to wake her up from whatever nightmare she lay gripped in.
  83. I debated seriously about moving myself to AZ, perhaps Sierra Vista, outside Ft.
  84. When I began this chapter, I debated about whether or not to discuss some of the.
  85. Barnes made a flick of his fingers, replied, I debated coming forward days ago.
  86. She lowered herself to her knees and debated pulling the box from its hiding spot.
  87. I have debated PhDs in the bible who know less than someone who actually reads it.
  88. City council has debated the expansion project proposals at length over the years.
  89. They debated until they tired of the frustration of not knowing what was happening.
  90. The significance of the message was something they debated for many hours afterward.
  91. That left Nicolas pensive for a long moment as he debated her words inside his head.
  92. Nancy slowly faced Patricia and the other nurses as she mentally debated her answer.
  93. EDMs are not really designed to work to the point of being debated in the House.
  94. On the way across the storeroom he debated whether he should sit or face the toilet.
  95. They debated long and hard and in the end were satisfied with the plan they developed.
  96. From the days of the "church fathers" it has been debated whether this was Samuel or.
  97. As we rode along I debated endlessly with myself over what I should name my stallion.
  98. Farah debated for a moment about following them anyway but finally decided against it.
  99. From the days of the "church fathers" it has been debated whether this was Samuel or a.
  100. In the Days that follow’d, I debated with myself as to whether I was still with Child.
  1. I held internal debates with myself.
  2. There were even whispered debates about.
  3. Now there are only conversations and debates.
  4. Political debates? Where? With pre-approved.
  5. Even our political debates of late have been.
  6. Roger’s here to help you with the debates.
  7. The other is reserved only to debates ofwriting.
  8. We hear the same speeches during campaign debates.
  9. Those cons are based on small research, debates and.
  10. These debates are centered directly on the numerous.
  11. I have had debates on government structures and studied.
  12. As with most debates, there are two sides to this argument.
  13. Like all debates, it is a confused debate, with no way out.
  14. We have debates over political issues all the time, but I.
  15. But he could also get vicious and personal in debates on TV.
  16. Furthermore, he left a very vulnerable trail in the debates.
  17. There are also still ongoing debates about the existence of.
  18. There was a most irritating end to every one of these debates.
  19. There is no need for these questions to become political debates.
  20. The serious debates, Professor, will be the claims that all of the.
  21. Kennedy for the Democrats, went head to head in a series of TV debates.
  22. Canning's declarations in the debates of the last session of Parliament.
  23. Do nightly television debates make a difference to the voter? Maybe not.
  24. He debates whether to say anything, or if he should just keep walking away.
  25. This was the first of the parity debates in which I was prominently involved.
  26. None of our major leaders who were now ministers wanted to come on TV debates.
  27. He looks as if he’s about to speak, debates, folds his arms and says nothing.
  28. With every flame that jumped high, debates were sparked and our knowledge grew.
  29. It is from these debates that the questions started to join together in my head.
  30. Those debates have been quite spirited and havemet with the participation of a.
  31. And on the matter of our debates, another gem was him trying to convince me that.
  32. David turned to the government pages to catch up on recent debates on Capitol Hill.
  33. My ex-wife and I would have interesting debates on whether a particular house was.
  34. More than once during one of their quiet debates he had turned and looked directly.
  35. Listen to debates by Sye Ten Burgencate and ultimately get in some debates yourself.
  36. To classify them into sub sections will lead to academic debates which is useless to us.
  37. It is one of the continuous debates amongst us on why you are following the route you are.
  38. Leivers as well, had bitter debates on the nationalizing of the land and similar problems.
  39. We found out today that Laplante is a psyonic and was spying on the debates of the council.
  40. That’s one of the reasons why there are debates, fighting and no legislation being passed.
  41. I even had a dream about it - the race - the political ads - the debates; how different it.
  42. Before answering, he debates with himself, razor in hand, and decides he can’t be bothered.
  43. It was exciting for him to listen to debates on subjects he had last read about as a teenager.
  44. The afternoon sessions started at 3:00 o'clock, and the evening debates opened at 8:00 o'clock.
  45. So the debates began, and for years I would pummel my father about questions about God and the.
  46. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has stirred heated debates among politicians, regulators, and bankers.
  47. Out of their debates came novel ideas and new institutions of government: the American Constitution.
  48. Malvern is apart of the Oxford Union, I have followed the publications of their debates for years.
  49. This adds significant fuel to the fire of debates about the true age of Egypt and the purposes of its.
  50. Part of having participated in formal debates as a Christian, included the opportunity to debate Muslims.
  51. Non-Christians become able to show intelligence in debates, university achievements, interview and so on.
  52. Evidently accustomed to managing debates and to maintaining an argument, he began in low but distinct tones:.
  53. However, after a number of debates, argument and a long wait it was nearly decided by the core committee that B.
  54. The debates of that period chiefly turned upon the competency of this power to bargain away any of the old States.
  55. Lynn told me they host monthly debates here, for entertainment, and also hold religious services here once a week.
  56. Those debates invariably attracted crowds of listeners, along with the attention of the agents of the High Priest.
  57. The party also turned to the urbane Shashi Tharoor, aware that he might lend some gravitas to their side in debates.
  58. What more is there to know, oh noble prince?! The cantankerous younger cousin debates the prince with sarcastic glee.
  59. The setting of that multiple, of course, is very important and is where we have the most debates in our approval process.
  60. Macon said this was one of those debates which sometimes arose in the House, in which all were on one side of the question.
  61. It was during one of these debates that he and Ivan met a young man called Daniel who told them he was a Jehovah’s Witness.
  62. It was something that was recognized by the rest of the family during the many debates that would take place in the household.
  63. These will all be hotly contested debates, and I’m not sure how we will get to the bottom of the deficit reduction equation.
  64. From what I could hear, that stirred up some pretty heated debates on whether or not that was legal in the state of Tennessee.
  65. You all know what happened 17 years ago in the great debates, when our troubled country was brought back from the brink of disaster.
  66. After hours of effort and several debates on what was and was not necessary, the horses were fully loaded and Connor, Andrew, and Mr.
  67. No more debates: time was up and, appropriately enough, the sky was blackened with dense, dark clouds and the rain fell as a deluge.
  68. That apparently started some fierce debates in the American Pentagon, where the heads of the American Navy tried to have Dows relieved.
  69. Depression manifests on account of some disappointment or failure, severe dyspepsia or heated debates, wrong thinking or wrong feeling.
  70. No doubt there were hushed meetings where the trend of its position was noticed even now and debates over who would be first to publish.
  71. This normally leads to arguments, debates and many new versions of the Bible that distort the truth and diverge from the original texts.
  72. He was clean-cut, intelligent and often the center of lively debates that helped to make regulars of the class of clientele Brian preferred.
  73. This symbol indicates where significant debates have sprung up, so you’ll know how you stand if you decide to look into the issue further.
  74. Bob often had meaningful debates with himself, he felt it was the only time he had any worthwhile discussion with anyone remotely intelligent.
  75. He tried to remember; revolution, committees and sections, the great debates and the huge, towering hopes that lead all men down to a straw bed.
  76. He debates whether he should re-bandage and it is only the reality that we have nothing else we can use to bandage Berndt’s arm that stops him.
  77. In the printed debates of the house of commons, not always the most authentic records of truth, I observe, however, that they have been accused of this.
  78. Pre-existing internal tensions were exacerbated by debates over the party’s attitude towards American involvement in the war, followed by debates over whether.
  79. In fact, debates about the circumstances surrounding that evening may never end, and whether or not they choose to admit it, that’s just how many people want it.
  80. Flavius Aurelius Quintus was truly happy to be back home this afternoon: the debates at the Senate today had sunk to a near record low in stupidity and naked greed.
  81. Post-blast emotionalism, surcharged TV debates on the threat to Modi’s life and consequent disillusionment with administrative measures began to gather momentum.
  82. Today, most of the cheaper dog foods and many of the more expensive ones feature corn as an ingredient--a fact that has caused innumerable debates between dog food.
  83. There were academic debates going on down there over the odds of outgassing asteroids coming to rest in this position while Alan still thought his parents were flesh.
  84. Till then, Modi had assiduously courted the media and, as party general secretary in the 1990s, he was always willing to appear on television debates (see chapter 1).
  85. Democracies can well afford open and passionate debates, but they cannot allow irresponsible leaders who are only interested in the political well-being of the present.
  86. Obviously you can conjure up an extreme example where the moral position appears cut and dried but in general it is true that most debates are complicated and not trivial.
  87. Please understand that the question about whether other intelligent beings existed in the Universe has been one that has resulted in many heated debates during our history.
  88. The cellar was a place Chris and I rarely went, because hateful dad or Lute had his military meetings down there, and sometimes it got loud with debates and the way to do things.
  89. They had been interested in those even though they kept the Kassikan out of the debates swirling around them, in spite of many efforts in the scientific media to get them involved.
  90. He watches televised debates about a certain topical issue, and actually takes one side or the other! - even becoming hot under the collar when the opposition view is being expressed.
  91. Ministers have been explicitly told not to speak out of turn or appear on television debates, and instead focus on one-way social media engagement on a strict ‘need to know’ basis.
  92. But in the media clash of 2014, television had competition too—the war in cyberspace, especially social media, was about to change the rules of old-style debates and political jousts.
  93. Representatives of governments, private persons, and official organs say the same thing; it is repeated in parliamentary debates, diplomatic correspondence, and even in state treaties.
  94. Leaders and the public often fail to stay focused on the positive relations between nations and the larger overall picture, being trapped instead by small, divisive debates and actions.
  95. While they may not participate directly in the debates unless invited to, I encourage the various delegates to hold talks with them on a bilateral or multilateral basis during this conference.
  96. The months went by and winter set in as he roamed the hills around Jerusalem, spreading his gospel and still participating from time to time in the debates at the Chanute, on the Mount of Olives.
  97. But the pills don’t always work: Nixon has begun wandering the White House hallways late at night, engaging in loud verbal debates with the paintings of former presidents that hang on the walls.
  98. They understood very little about the philosophical discussions or the theological debates of their fellow apostles, but they rejoiced to find themselves numbered among such a group of mighty men.
  99. The comparative claims of Church and Dissent, the strife of parties within our pale, the debates of Convocations, Congresses, and Diocesan Conferences, are all alike matters of indifference to them.
  100. But, sir, the most copious source of error that I have witnessed during the various debates upon the proceedings under the act of the 1st of May, is found in the extent of the Berlin and Milan decrees.

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