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I decide to go in.
We had time to decide.
But you need to decide.
It is for him to decide.
Only YOU can decide this.
We decide to take a poll.
Decide who you want to be.

Decide where you want to.
For example, I can decide.
You may decide what to do.
I decide to wait and see.
It is up to you to decide.
I decide not to mention it.
I would decide their fates.
We have to decide whether.
Decide to empty your mind.
At all costs I must decide.
We will study and decide.
We had to decide fast –.
This is your hour to decide.
Decide what it is you want.
Imagine you decide to invest.
IF we decide it's a problem.
It wasn’t for you to decide.
You can decide not to listen.
You'll have to help me decide.
Decide on a frequency based.
You listen, but don't decide.
You will have to decide which.
You have to decide about the.
Mother and I will decide that.
Decide on the terms of payment.
I decide not to argue with her.
Decide what it is you want to.
He was trying to decide which.
I couldn’t decide what to do.
I will leave you two to decide.
You’ll have to decide which.
She’d probably decide I was.
If you decide that spending $2.
He had a deciding look.
Deciding that they had all.
In that case, the deciding.
Thomas in deciding the buyer.
This is your deciding moment.
Deciding how to write the plan.
Alex sighed, deciding in his mind.
Keep this in mind when deciding.
The one-eyed guy stood still, deciding.
The deciding will be done by the Circle.
I don’t remember deciding to punch her.
Deciding not to panic, his young charge.
I cannot be swayed in this deciding hour.
When deciding between two options, it is.
Having me at the birth was like deciding.
This will assist you in deciding on your.
Deciding not to panic is still a decision.
But he had no choice in deciding what to do.
Surprise is usually the deciding factor.
It was she who cast the deciding those of Mr.
You are deciding what that event means to you.
Next morning, they started deciding what to buy.
Deciding that he had earned a short break, he.
Rudolph was a long while deciding what to think.
He hesitated, deciding what he should say to her.
They also have a role in deciding the price and.
The deciding moment came, and he gagged for air.
Jacobi said, Deciding that is the job at hand.
I waited for ten minutes before deciding to leave.
Deciding a purpose before creating any web site.
Deciding to take pity on her, he gently observed.
The deciding factor for these nations is who is.
They are simply angered by the North deciding it.
Now their task was deciding where everything went.
I scanned the area, deciding to leave the grounds.
Consider these factors when deciding on a project:.
Introduction to procedures Deciding how to proceed.
I don’t do the deciding, the stock does it for me.
I took a moment to answer, deciding how to word this.
I decided to eat a.
I decided to try it.
I decided to look up.
He decided to opt out.
I decided to lie down.
I decided to call in.
I decided he must be.
I decided to chance it.
So I decided to stall.
I decided to trust him.
I decided that was fine.
So I decided to buy a.
I decided to head west.
He decided it was both.
What if he decided to.
Then he decided not to.
I decided to play dump.
Dad decided to needle me.
He decided it was time.
I then decided to write.
She decided to fix the.
So I decided to move out.
He decided on the latter.
I decided to keep silent.
She decided not to con-.
I decided to be truthful.
He also decided that it.
Then Fred decided to act.
He decided he must have.
I decided on a compromise.
She finally decided to go.
I decided to live my life.
I've decided to stay here.
Hunter decided to tell Ms.
Harry decided to try the.
She decided to manage it.
He decided to stand still.
I decided to make the most.
He quickly decided not to.
But he decided to drop it.
She decides to ask now.
He decides to back off.
Amy decides to say nothing.
She decides not to move it.
He decides to approach her.
What if he decides to come.
Zoe decides he was saying:.
Marques decides to earn his.
It is your body that decides.
Darren decides to make his move.
If they get it, that decides it.
She decides she wants to see it.
And she decides that it is time.
Who decides how long they live?
He decides again not to wake her.
He decides to open the front door.
Bunyan herself decides to move on.
It is God and only God who decides.
She decides to stop by his apartment.
Cap decides to take on warmer waters.
I don’t care what Donna decides.
The attorney decides to bring company.
He decides this is not the right time.
That decides itself to test the Earth.
When Antigone decides to defy Creon's.
He decides to retire at 65 years of age.
He decides to go the place at the table.
He decides he cannot tell Kevin about it.
He decides to hold out as long as he can.
Belief and behavior decides the belonging.
God decides for himself, when, where, what.
He decides his time in Los Angeles is over.
When Henry decides to hide, he truly hides.
He decides on leadership and He sustains it.
In saying this, Bob decides to run Windows.
So who decides what is normal and abnormal?
He looks, he sees, he interprets, he decides.
Thompson decides to show up and I am not here.
He thinks about the radio, decides against it.
We will wait and see what the counsel decides.

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