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He tried to decipher it.
I decipher the blank wall.
This one is a bit harder to decipher.
Only the devotee has to decipher what.
Jeff tried to decipher meaning from this.
Their cries were easy enough to decipher.
He couldn’t decipher most of it anyway.

At first she could not decipher him from.
I have some guys trying to decipher it now.
Their expressions are icy, easy to decipher.
Decipher recent events presaged by previous.
I looked towards it, trying to decipher the sound.
I am still trying to decipher God’s instructions.
You never decipher the hidden meanings of everything.
Did you ever try to decipher it? she asked Jillian.
I stared at him, trying to decipher the better answer.
He studied her dark eyes, trying to decipher her meaning.
I tried to decipher what it meant when he became serious.
It will take that long for me to decipher the instructions.
She put the hard disk in the Omnius to decipher the password.
Khan looked her in the eye, trying to decipher her expression.
What is this? I asked, still trying to decipher the text.
I searched his face, trying to decipher how old he actually was.
I strained to decipher the real cause of these soft advancing.
I was trying to decipher which one I had been in, but could not.
They are not of this Earth, but you will be able to decipher them.
I had to break out a drunk dictionary to decipher his last sentence.
I wouldn’t want to try to decipher the chart, let alone graph it.
He took a few moments to try to decipher what they all had in common.
But he still could not decipher what it was about it that bothered him.
He wanted this over so he could rest and decipher the Goddess’ riddle.
As he closed in on them, he could decipher their clandestine motivations.
George stayed in the bunker and set about trying to decipher the second.
It is hard to decipher the age of the recipient and many complaints may stem.
Despite her carful studying, she found it impossible to decipher his reaction.
They tried to create a system that could decipher hidden subconscious meanings.
I will need a short time to decipher them; my ancient dwarfish is rather rusty.
It was quite difficult to decipher, mixing four branches of the Celtic language.
It was your plan to be captured? she asked, trying to decipher his strategy.
She stared wide-eyed up at him and squealed something that he could not decipher.
Deciphering the Ingredient List.
He was probably deciphering how much energy could.
Juliana continued deciphering the illustrated manuscript.
For a moment, his eyes had trouble deciphering the words.
He’ll be helping us with deciphering the Kierdan weapons.
Our sexual reality has us deciphering the mood, dealing with.
The important deciphering in these verses is simply the fact that.
The Sophianalytical method does not deal only with deciphering the.
Deciphering the aftermath of an unpreventable occasion is my thesis.
He made rubbings of old tombstones and col ected them, deciphering.
She went to her desk and started the laborious task of deciphering the card.
Chunt’s retreat on the outskirts of Edinburgh and set about deciphering the.
The challenge is gathering and deciphering useful data that gives you the lead.
But he was having a hard time deciphering the fine line of reality in his drunkenness.
You were right in deciphering it as you did: man and woman, side by side, equal in size.
They developed a secret system of deciphering those hidden subconscious meanings that was totally wrong.
Your grandfather has amassed a library of pre–EA artifacts and has his scientists deciphering them.
His sisters were gone to Morton in my stead: I sat reading Schiller; he, deciphering his crabbed Oriental scrolls.
I had to find the gray bag used in the cemetery and, knowing the content deciphering the spell that she had thrown upon me.
Herr Braun and Herr Hartmann have proved helpful in the deciphering of the information and breaking the protection around all the items.
We can now expect that the deciphering of these interesting inscriptions will soon give us reliable specimens of the oldest Turk dialects.
He examined without wrath, and with the eye of a linguist who is deciphering a palimpsest, that portion of chaos which still exists in nature.
The only trouble is deciphering what his subconscious mind knows, that his conscious mind doesn’t, before he does, noted the technician.
The Doctor had taken a careful rubbing on paper of the letters on the stones, and sent it to a friend for the purpose of deciphering it if possible.
Stuart had always had a head for things like chess and brainteaser, and he always felt that if required he would be pretty good at deciphering ciphers.
One morning two children pushed open the door and were startled at the sight of a filthy and hairy man who was still deciphering the parchments on the worktable.
Then they began the process of overlaying the richly embellished illustrations in the hope of deciphering hidden messages that might have been concealed by Raka.
When he finished the book, in which many of the stories had no endings because there were pages miss-ing, Aureliano Segundo set about deciphering the manuscripts.
The secrets of the ancient Sufis is based on gleaning wisdom from ancient texts by deciphering the subconscious meanings of the letters and consonants in those texts.
During the deciphering of this code, the brain starts to model this negative situation, which is implemented later into life as an unconscious order of the subconscious.
Much of the records had been destroyed with the decaying of time, but there was still enough intact that they would be busy for years deciphering and recording their findings.
IBD is one of the few resources I’ve found that not only gives information in an understandable way but also includes instruction on deciphering information that makes sense.
There were times of turmoil, times of gladness, times that seemed dark, but after all the deciphering, I had an appreciation for the mercy that was shown by God to me through Paul.
Desirée watched from her strapped down position as they worked fiendishly to create the copy of their hope into deciphering what it was that gave her protection from all their tests.
Deciphering what some of your scholars have called doodles, which appear in the margins of the Dead Sea scrolls, are codes that alter the context of the stories they appear to be telling.
Any deciphering is carried out on the basis of the individual system of designations which is typical of the Self-Consciousness of a particular Proto-Form or even of its different Formo-Types.
Holmes and I sat together in silence all the evening, he engaged with a powerful lens deciphering the remains of the original inscription upon a palimpsest, I deep in a recent treatise upon surgery.
After deciphering a pamphlet they found near the front doors of the library they discovered that the library, which had managed to stand against the holocaust, or at least preserve a lot of the information, was located in a place once known as Kansas City, Kansas, U.
I got up at dawn and worked, my eyes burned from deciphering scribbled envelopes, endpapers, and stained napkins, then transcribing the text to the computer with everything out of order, then trying to make sense of a subjective narrative with an asymmetrical timeline.
However, their entire system of deciphering, unpacking-unfolding (in the information space of their Self-Consciousness) of the UU-VVU-Information used by them is completely different from the one which is used in the Self-Consciousness of the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by Us.
What I haven't deciphered yet, Mr.
The remote control would be deciphered.
I deciphered the German entry as best I could.
By the way, I deciphered the rest of the tape.
Yet what existed beyond could not be deciphered.
Perhaps then, there was hope…but it could not be deciphered.
He deciphered and translated aloud as if it helped him understand better.
They did not try to put the letters they deciphered into relative historical context.
Her fingers trembled with the realization that she had deciphered the hieroglyphics at last.
He expanded on the magical technology that they had unearthed and his wizards had deciphered.
God is unraveled and His will is deciphered in the mechanism, processes and patterns around us.
Canberra had deciphered the transmission, but the message still remained in code as a precaution.
Some information as presented may need to be deciphered and dissected in order to be understood.
He deciphered the name of the convent as Les Souers des Sept Mers or the Sisters of the Seven Seas.
They hid their hidden meanings even more cunningly and secretly than the meanings they deciphered.
Nuclear warhead launch codes deciphered by Unit-2, although every year the stockpile grows slimmer.
Both for its brevity and the amount of confusion it caused in the enemy camp before it was deciphered.
Peter quickly denied it, and turned away, but Millie deciphered some of the codes and came up with a name:.
There were figures gathered around in an activity that Roelle finally deciphered as some kind of harvesting.
With gentle fingers he spread the soggy epistle on the kitchen bench then easily deciphered the untidy scrawl.
The last time his dream was deciphered by the Hebrew, Darniil, who attributed the interpretation to his God.
There was still a large number of papers to be deciphered, and a large addition to our knowledge might be expected.
He wrote many more, but, as has been said, these three verses were all that could be plainly and perfectly deciphered.
Now, tell me where the Nimbus is and how can the code in this fluid be deciphered, she asked looking at him bitterly.
A fifth kick to the knee came next, and Reese began keeping his distance, already having deciphered part of Colin’s plan.
According to the note, the same secret society has deciphered the Bible code that somehow identifies me as a threat to their plans.
As her friends battled the gigantic clown, Millie deciphered the codes on the door and touched them in the ordered she felt they went in.
It was embellished with a very important clue that had to be deciphered before one could locate the treasure, or in this case, The Holy Grail.
Their Code cannot be deciphered by any types of Collective Intelligences, which are carriers of these Universal energy-information structures.
But in addition to these there was a great mass of private papers which had not yet been printed, but which had been deciphered partly by Prof.
Elizabeth had deciphered enough of the language by referencing her historical linguistic database to be able to translate it to the flight crews.
Jacobs had bent and near-sightedly deciphered the tag message and, sure enough, had come shuffling and waddling to pay Martin a little how-do-you-do.
Once was easily accepted but the second time it came to their attention, they received a high enough rank to receive the code they had not yet deciphered.
A peculiar whine arose and she discovered to her surprise that it was coming from the youngster, a low ululating wail that she eventually deciphered as words.
By hook and by crook, soon the woman had deciphered that Smitty had seen the imposter congressman, Roy Higgins, going in and out of Eddie’s gym a few times.
As for the papyrus shall I tell you what it says should I? My translators deciphered the following: Baked beans in tomatoes sauce, Cheese, bread sliced etc.
The cloud army looked so real, the children were stunned for a minute and were in a daze, until Millie shouted, "Run!" as she deciphered the codes on the golden gates.
There was a hole in his heel, like a large manhole, and there were red words painted around it, which I deciphered only after the foot came down: FOR MAINTENANCE ONLY.
But WHAT is this signal? What information does it carry? How is it received and deciphered by the led? And how, exactly, does it influence their decision making processes?
These were all the verses that could be deciphered; the rest, the writing being worm-eaten, were handed over to one of the Academicians to make out their meaning conjecturally.

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