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Declaration numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was a declaration of love.
  2. This last declaration was funny.
  3. Declaration of a String in JAVA:.
  4. The kids jumped at his declaration.
  5. This is a declaration of his in-.

  6. Isaac went away with a declaration.
  7. Declaration and the related Covenants.
  8. A structure variable declaration is.
  9. Have written on the Declaration of Faith.
  10. Despite his declaration not to hurt her.
  11. They must submit a declaration that they.
  12. Crawford) but will believe his declaration.
  13. Destiny: the Signers of the Declaration of.
  14. It wasn’t the declaration she wanted to make.
  15. McCoy nodded, not surprised by the declaration.

  16. My mother was much affected by this declaration.
  17. The declaration said the Tanzanian government.
  18. He had made this profound declaration just as.
  19. The fact that the Declaration passed without a.
  20. Tom gave her a doubtful look at that declaration.
  21. It’s combat only without a declaration of war.
  22. This was a declaration of war, and Fritz knew it.
  23. It was a persuasive declaration, hard to ignore.
  24. But nobody took up Father Corbelan's declaration.
  25. This is the declaration I want you to read aloud.

  26. But declaration of this kind does not comply with.
  27. The Declaration of Independence states that all.
  28. Your declaration will be heard all over the country.
  29. Despite the declaration, he did not rush to stand up.
  30. After making this declaration, he stole a sideways.
  31. This declaration he read aloud to the whole assembly.
  32. Who is lying about what? Hubble’s declaration was.
  33. December 7, 1941 with our declaration of war on Japan.
  34. A Declaration of a variable refers to the following:.
  35. In the array declaration, the size can also be omitted.
  36. Yvonne nestled in her seat with Prince’s declaration.
  37. That declaration was greeted with big smiles around him.
  38. Devout declaration of insomnia – finished at a glance.
  39. The Borg have made their usual declaration, but it.
  40. Have you been informed yet about the declaration?
  41. The shock that followed this declaration found voice in.
  42. The rest of her impassioned declaration was lost in the.
  43. Many pilots voiced their agreement with that declaration.
  44. When, sir, the President received the declaration of Mr.
  45. With that declaration, he carefully worded his following.
  46. During this time I progressed on the Declaration of Faith.
  47. Was there a government declaration that I missed reading.
  48. An empty dial tone returned his declaration of allegiance.
  49. Rafael’s reaction to her rash declaration of love had not.
  50. Many people have signed this declaration only because they.
  51. He switched on the microphone and read aloud the declaration.
  52. And with Nixon’s declaration, the dollar was now just paper.
  53. Because he acted in conformity to that declaration; and, 3dly.
  54. Japan had sent a declaration of war shortly before the attack.
  55. Each declaration of Law designed a path into the heart of want.
  56. When we place the function definition in the local declaration.
  57. Erskine will both of them countersign the declaration to-morrow.
  58. The abbot orders a declaration to give up the worship of Shugden.
  59. He made the final declaration and the players applauded his feat.
  60. But the Joint Declaration of 1984 ended even those forlorn hopes.
  61. Al government employees are ordered to sign a declaration to the.
  62. Eva’s eyebrows rose at the declaration that came from the cleric.
  63. History of Skiing, The Declaration of Independent-Leg Action, and.
  64. But this small declaration of self mattered a great deal to Louie.
  65. He tortured himself to find out how he could make his declaration.
  66. Worse than that is his declaration that by doing Hajj—making the.
  67. The words of Thomas Jefferson in the Preamble to the Declaration of.
  68. On the wall, next to the Declaration, was his favorite picture, an.
  69. Is that enough for you? Take it as a declaration of love if you like.
  70. These devices included (1) declaration of taxable stock dividends (e.
  71. The same declaration is made by a peasant in Tver, another in Tambov.
  72. In the Declaration of Independence it is stated that he (George III.
  73. You can't simply prance in here and make such a… such a declaration.
  74. Declaration of Independence, Ho accepted authority of the Democratic.
  75. Prophecy: A foretelling; prediction; a declaration of something to come.
  76. In such case the revival by declaration is a mere gratuity to Napoleon.
  77. There were expressions of disappointment by the men at this declaration.
  78. In pages 38 and 39 of the correspondence, we find the declaration of Mr.
  79. It was still a week left for the declaration of Board Examination result.
  80. Declaration of Independence that Samantha had given him during his first.
  81. The broadcasting in the evening of a declaration from the self-proclaimed.
  82. We have his declaration to that effect through the Secretary of State; 3d.
  83. They wish the declaration to be revoked, by order of the White Snow Fox.
  84. Note that a declaration in an inner block hides a declaration of the same.
  85. I make this declaration on (what I deem) the most unquestionable authority.
  86. This is a declaration of your values in business and what you are all about.
  87. Variable declaration tells the compiler about variable name and their type.
  88. The propriety of it was defended on the declaration to the Executive by Mr.
  89. Krista reached up and patted Roric’s hand in approval of his declaration.
  90. Declaration of insolvency renders invalid all the transactions entered into.
  91. The first official declaration of the United Nations was to make war illegal.
  92. That declaration was too tempting for me to resist and I looked over to her.
  93. Matthews, I must say you have given a very heart-wrenching declaration for Ms.
  94. Wherein are you (who question) concerned with the declaration thereof?
  95. Military action cannot begin sooner than a month after the declaration of war.
  96. On hearing the declaration of the Jewish doctor, the chief of police commanded.
  97. A declaration of war has been issued by the Federation and by the Swordsmen.
  98. When the Players met again, all were hushed in anticipation of the declaration.
  99. What Govt 18 created encompassed a Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
  100. During this time, though in very poor form, I finished the Declaration of Faith.

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