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Declaration numa frase em (in ingles)

It was a declaration of love.
This last declaration was funny.
Declaration of a String in JAVA:.
This is a declaration of his in-.
The kids jumped at his declaration.
Isaac went away with a declaration.
A structure variable declaration is.

Declaration and the related Covenants.
Despite his declaration not to hurt her.
Have written on the Declaration of Faith.
They must submit a declaration that they.
Destiny: the Signers of the Declaration of.
Crawford) but will believe his declaration.
McCoy nodded, not surprised by the declaration.
It wasn’t the declaration she wanted to make.
The declaration said the Tanzanian government.
My mother was much affected by this declaration.
He had made this profound declaration just as.
It was a persuasive declaration, hard to ignore.
Tom gave her a doubtful look at that declaration.
It’s combat only without a declaration of war.
The fact that the Declaration passed without a.
This was a declaration of war, and Fritz knew it.
But nobody took up Father Corbelan's declaration.
But declaration of this kind does not comply with.
The Declaration of Independence states that all.
This is the declaration I want you to read aloud.
After making this declaration, he stole a sideways.
Your declaration will be heard all over the country.
Despite the declaration, he did not rush to stand up.
A Declaration of a variable refers to the following:.
Who is lying about what? Hubble’s declaration was.
December 7, 1941 with our declaration of war on Japan.
This declaration he read aloud to the whole assembly.
In the array declaration, the size can also be omitted.
Yvonne nestled in her seat with Prince’s declaration.
The Borg have made their usual declaration, but it.
Devout declaration of insomnia – finished at a glance.
That declaration was greeted with big smiles around him.
The shock that followed this declaration found voice in.

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