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  2. To do the deed at hand.
  3. Ah! The deed was amazing.
  4. After the deed was done.
  5. I will not do this deed.

  6. They were doing the deed.
  7. Here the will is the deed.
  8. Select and define the deed.
  9. Surely the deed had been.
  10. It is, in deed, a highly.
  11. That deed was a true find.
  12. We have, in very deed, Mr.
  13. Mohammed did a great deed.
  14. Deed of Trust (Trust Deed).
  15. It’s a deed of cowardice.

  16. The undertaking of a deed.
  17. But that is no deed of mine.
  18. When you do your deed, you.
  19. It is in deed a good question.
  20. The deed, if you please, Mr.
  21. No good deed goes unpunished.
  22. This is the deed to my house.
  23. This deed of the three friends.
  25. I'll prove myself to them in deed.

  26. Abraham did that sacrificial deed.
  27. It was a deed to Melvin’s soul.
  28. Here is the deed for the house.
  29. Appearance is as good as the deed.
  30. I would like to have the deed.
  31. Deed in lieu is yet another option.
  32. After the come down when the deed.
  33. However, because by this deed you.
  34. Behold the deed: We are no more!.
  35. We did the deed and got pretty drunk.
  36. Who am I, that I should do this deed.
  37. But what if they have done the deed?
  38. It will be our good deed for the day.
  39. Our rescue was the deed of Providence.
  40. Eaten away by the poison of that deed.
  41. This in deed is a blessing in disguise.
  42. But when repeated practice of the deed.
  43. Maybe, after the deed, he wanted to be.
  44. The deed there is, but no doer thereof;.
  45. This is not the deed of the true believe.
  46. O, what a rash and bloody deed is this!.
  47. I want to escape the guilt of this deed.
  48. The action is only one-the deed of yagya.
  49. I may have the word but she has the deed.
  50. To witness that ill deed, that bloody sin.
  51. In fact, you actually committed the deed.
  52. Joseph said to them, What deed is this.
  53. Thanking in this verse means but good deed.
  54. For a deed that might cause pain to others.
  55. Deed follows word and word follows thought.
  56. I felt like punishing Cuddles for his deed.
  57. You are the prophet mighty in deed and word.
  58. For once in my life I did a good deed and.
  60. How are the word and the deed at variance!.
  61. What kind of greed can lead to such a deed!.
  62. Saving a family is really a high value deed.
  63. Do you think such a deed is remarkable?’.
  65. Although not every person is able on the deed.
  66. He relied on me as the torpedo to do the deed.
  67. But we will ship him hence: and this vile deed.
  68. The implication of his deed still plaguing him.
  69. My mother repented the missed deed she had done.
  70. I presume you have a deed for the property?
  71. You have done a brave and loyal deed tonight.
  72. Absorption in the ordained deed, while leading.
  73. God says: "… and the good deed exalts him…".
  74. Still, she never imagined Devin would do the deed.
  75. Deception was his creed and seduction was his deed.
  76. Another ten to twelve minutes and the deed was done.
  77. A deed fit for a member of the Ta’lont household.
  78. That is the most diabolical deed that ever you did.
  79. By the same logic, that deed is sinful which con-.
  80. Nazarene, who was a prophet mighty in deed and word.
  81. Inside you will find the deed for a home in Ireland.
  82. But what precisely is this deed, the undertaking of.
  83. Q: How strange! Surely the doer comes before the deed.
  84. Doing otherwise is the same as committing a bad deed.
  85. Once the deed was done the Galaef pointed at Mordrous.
  86. Your very language shows that while the deed is cer-.
  87. One was the harpoon with which the deed was committed.
  88. Thus it is not the size of the deed, but the ideal it.
  89. As for the other one, his deed will avail him nothing.
  90. The deed evidently robbed him of his presence of mind.
  91. And I vow before Allah that I, too, will do this deed.
  92. If he could will it to carry out the most foulest deed.
  93. It was a good deed; but the Rider was soon horsed again.
  94. Karma means "deed" or "act" and more broadly names the.
  95. Do not let us be frightened from a good deed by a trifle.
  96. And she died and did not leave a single good deed behind.
  97. Therefore you have done a great deed, as well as a brave.
  98. I vow before Allah that I will do this deed, Al said.
  99. That's my good deed done today then, said the trooper.
  100. But in respect to sin God never said he would undo the deed.
  1. Clearly, their way of life did not include the deeding of lands among themselves and their land was taken as treaties were violated.
  2. Paul Getty, one of the richest oil-tycoons of his age, instead of deeding all of it to one lousy useless museum which collects junk for people to gawk at? All those hundreds of billions of dollars are concentrated in the smallest space possible, buying the most expensive dead, oldest junk called antiques and ancient artifacts in the world.
  1. He deeded it to you and put up the money for ten years’ taxes.
  2. The Palace Flop house was deeded to Chinese merchant Lee Chong as payment for a grocery debt.
  3. It’s about the struggle of a poor New Mexican who decides to grow beans with a developer’s deeded water.
  1. The earth deeds were all.
  2. Yet the deeds will not be.
  3. Their deeds are the exact.
  4. The decisions and deeds of.
  5. They lead to water (deeds).
  6. It’s in the property deeds.
  7. Great and exalted deeds are.
  8. Old deeds and words lingered.
  9. If the done deeds of hand and.
  10. I'll hand over all the deeds.
  11. This speaks to the deeds and.
  12. The deeds that provide access.
  13. The flow of time and deeds are.
  14. These were the deeds of darkness.
  15. You do your many deeds for profit.
  16. Prayer is the cause of good deeds:.
  17. By these deeds and others, I have.
  18. But that you will forsake all deeds.
  19. Now guide me further in your deeds.
  20. I knew I had hurt him with my deeds.
  21. And shield them from the evil deeds.
  22. You have great deeds at your credit.
  23. And bad deeds always give bad results.
  24. But what shall his deeds entail him?
  25. Behold, the deeds are going with Blow.
  26. It also refers to deeds that are far.
  27. Copies of deeds to all real property.
  28. The one who does good deeds with good.
  29. But they did not repent of their deeds.
  30. Honest people don’t hide their deeds.
  31. Such is the requital for the good deeds.
  32. But there are no legends of their deeds.
  33. Walk–To perform deeds on a chosen path.
  34. I rejoice in the great wave of your deeds.
  35. In other words wise deeds and the seven.
  36. No good deeds should go unpunished!’’.
  37. Once his good deeds redounded to her credit.
  38. Men and deeds were brought to judgment there.
  39. Therefore, hands are used to symbolize deeds.
  40. Anything which is not deeds is academic cr-p.
  41. Ageing, in terms of years or deeds, is ageing.
  42. The evils of their deeds caught up with them.
  43. There was stunned shock at Adad's deeds which.
  45. And people differ in ranks only by their deeds.
  46. Nothing has his wealth and deeds availed him.
  47. He was a pious man and had done many good deeds.
  48. This symbolizes the evil motivations and deeds.
  49. Furthermore, water symbolizes the flow of deeds.
  50. Those accursed deeds, those accursed confessions.
  51. With the results of their deeds they shall dwell.
  52. We made attractive to every community their deeds.
  53. These are the deeds of the angel of righteousness.
  54. What they acquire: the deeds they have done.
  55. The relationship to deeds and results is further.
  56. The sunrise of his youth & a glimpse of his deeds.
  57. Look with loving affection and accomplish all deeds.
  60. Our entire history is full with our splendid deeds.
  61. They too are responsible for their deeds and will.
  62. Caused by someone’s direct actions and deeds as.
  63. As one among many of the good deeds of the late Mr.
  64. For many great deeds are performed in petty combats.
  65. Water symbolizes the flow of time, change, and deeds.
  66. The record of good and bad deeds, Sadie agreed.
  67. He taught that their deeds should equal their creed.
  68. Also, to cause others to perform deeds through that.
  69. Thereby, these are also deeds that utilize the stars.
  70. I dare say when it came to deeds you’d make a slip.
  71. More remains to be achieved with yet other such deeds.
  72. She knows the reward of their deeds from all eternity.
  73. First, is the symbolism of hands, which denote deeds.
  74. Obsessions with materialism punishes all other deeds.
  75. Grand and genuine deeds are always simple and modest.
  76. Yet this you do have, that you hate the deeds of the.
  77. Judgment where its deeds are weighed before Mitra and.
  78. What a crying contradiction between words and deeds!.
  79. There you will remember your ways and all your deeds.
  80. Ours is but a small matter in the great deeds of this.
  81. Deeds and results that match the seven spirits of God.
  82. Symbolic thought is how deeds are conceived and caused.
  83. But I have defamed my father’s name with my bad deeds.
  84. The deeds then of these are pure and chaste and divine.
  85. Thus the deeds of the transgressors appear good to them.
  86. All this—laws, prejudices, deeds, men, things—went.
  87. Good deeds that were reinforced at an early age become.
  88. So, man’s ascent and gladness are related to his deeds.
  89. Had they associated, their deeds would have gone in vain.
  90. Earth symbolizes the results of those deeds, reinforced.
  91. Prohartchin had set off with his good deeds and his sins.
  92. It symbolizes that through wisdom and wise deeds mankind.
  93. Their deeds are in vain therein, and their works are null.
  94. You shall have nothing except the deeds you have rendered.
  95. They will be excited in such a cause to the boldest deeds.
  96. There are deeds to be proud of and deeds to be ashamed of.
  97. A nation of Christ also investigates notions of evil deeds.
  98. There is a scroll for every man that includes all his deeds.
  99. Thoughts and deeds of the present our rouse and early start.
  100. You can review the similarity of my character and deeds in.

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