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Deepen numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The shadows were starting to deepen.
  2. But as I sit here, my thoughts deepen.
  3. The important thing to do is to deepen the impression.
  4. At each muddy step they could hear the growl deepen and.
  5. You may actually deepen your loss instead of reducing it.
  6. Deepen and broaden your awareness of yourself and all the.
  7. And awakening continues to evolve and deepen over the years.
  8. Keep sex in the forefront of your relationship will deepen the.
  9. You can deepen your connections with animals and discover your.
  10. Colors grow more alive, more vibrant, the textures deepen, and.
  11. Next July, she countered, lifting her head to deepen the kiss.
  12. Lily pecked my lips and leaned away before I could deepen the kiss.
  13. His throat instantly tightened, with breaths that started to deepen.
  14. So relax and build some fun memories while you deepen the connection.
  15. Try to deepen yourself all round and to live a life of utter devotion to.
  16. He was certain that every passing moment would deepen his desire for her.
  17. No, I need to think, she said, watching the water deepen in the corral.
  18. As you strengthen this association your connection to your body will deepen.
  19. The next morning another event occurred which served to only deepen my resolve.
  20. And I suspect it will continue to deepen through the years I may have remaining.
  21. After a while she heard and felt his breathing deepen and she knew that he was asleep.
  22. Use the resources at the back of the book to explore further and deepen your learning.
  23. But an increasingly frantic search of Tommy’s house only served to deepen the mystery.
  24. It hastened their ends, and would hasten his, but would deepen the agony he took from it.
  25. It stretched on and I heard her sigh and minutes later I listened to her breathing deepen.
  26. The best strategy for the investor is to broaden and deepen the store of relevant knowledge.
  27. What Rosamond had written to him would probably deepen the painful impressions of the evening.
  28. You are to help deepen my trance so I will not resist receiving all the information they contain.
  29. On each bead of this mystery, deepen our union with you until our single-hearted prayer becomes.
  30. It was intended to deepen and strengthen the heart union of believers with their crucified Saviour.
  31. Using ten, twenty, or fifty indicators will not deepen your analysis because they share the same base.
  32. The weather seemed to conspire to deepen the gloom of those who had to stay on campus that winter break.
  33. To qualify for the next much-needed bailout, Greece needed to deepen its already drastic austerity measures.
  34. A squeak of surprise slipped out, but it quickly turned to a sigh as Aspen angled her head to deepen the kiss.
  35. But this call to Africa, while not interfering with duty here, will broaden their vision and deepen their piety.
  36. I knotted my fingers in his hair at the base of his neck, pulling slightly to deepen our kiss further, and he moaned.
  37. I kissed him back fervently, my hand cupping the back of his head to deepen the kiss, but I had questions bothering me.
  38. The fluorescent light bouncing off all the toothpasty green furnishings seemed to pool and deepen in the hollows of Sam’s skin.
  39. Your knowledge of it will deepen, and as it deepens, you will find it easier to be happy in meditation and in your day-to-day life.
  40. Lay out a path number 12, and here’s where we start to deepen of actions that ask incrementally more and are the tribe mentality.
  41. Louie wanted to reassure Phil that he’d done nothing wrong, but he decided that raising the issue would deepen Phil’s preoccupation.
  42. The blast smelt of icebergs, arctic seas, whales, and white bears, carrying the snow so that it licked the land but did not deepen on it.
  43. But the unconscious Mr Clare had gone indoors, and they saw him no more; and, the shades beginning to deepen, they crept into their beds.
  44. He spoke with an odd ruefulness, and seemed to try to deepen the impression his tone conveyed by another look at Lucy eloquent of regret.
  45. There would be plenty of time to deepen the trenches, build the shallow parapets higher, before the heretics could possibly advance this far.
  46. They only deepen their colors, and introduce terms which declare that his ruin shall be irreparable and his destruction complete and eternal.
  47. The purpose is to deepen your awareness of karma, to understand its power, and to develop conviction to create virtue and to avoid non-virtue.
  48. Cheery words, of the order in speech that a slap on the shoulder is in the sphere of physical expression, only seem to deepen the determined gloom.
  49. Instead, he took a year to deepen the San Juan River in Nicaragua and thus made a canal, creating a course 500 miles shorter than the Panama route.
  50. By practicing exercise in this way, you will learn your limits, improve your endurance, deepen your commitment and stay true to your word (integrity).
  51. Obviously, there is always more to learn, and in the time that he holds the stock, which can be years, his knowledge and understanding deepen and broaden.
  52. After a few minutes, Maggie heard Pat’s footfalls on the wooden floor, and through closed eyes she felt the darkness deepen as Pat snuffed out the candle.
  53. As the success and motivation enters your eyes and ears, the belief nutrients flow through your heart and the roots of the seed deepen and become stronger.
  54. A rally is more likely to persist when the A/D line rises to a new high, while a decline is likely to deepen if A/D falls to a new low in step with the Dow.
  55. This will deepen your sense of your body and then when it really counts, you are so in tune with yourself that every part of your experience becomes magnified.
  56. Continued focus on your feelings will deepen your sense of self and ultimately the core of certain behaviors and patterns you have been doing for years will emerge.
  57. Whatever happens is going to enhance the beauty of it, deepen the charm of it; anything that happens will bring more and more flowers, more and more fragrance to it.
  58. When night came it did but deepen the darkness, and our hearts were hot, for away in the North we saw a red glow under the cloud, and Aragorn said: Minas Tirith is burning.
  59. There are many strange circumstances such as this before us; but in our opinion they do but deepen the mystery, and do not in the smallest degree help us to understand the case.
  60. The words spoken by him were similar in kindness and empathy to those of Christ, even in his tone, which made me glad inside, but for obvious reasons, also deepen my embarrassment.
  61. My heartfelt wish and the purpose of this book is to give you yet another way to expand and deepen the quality of your life and the lives of all those you have the blessing to love and touch.
  62. But if your purpose of exercising is to deepen your connection to your body, improve its abilities, clear your mind and change your body, tune the TV out and focus on what your body is doing.
  63. It immediately filled the void and helped me deepen my understanding of awakening as one of going beyond all perspectives, seeing all but not attached to any, truly being without a competing perspective.
  64. What served only to deepen the mystery was the fact that here and there a calf was killed and partly eaten, indicating that if it were the work of a dog it must be one of unusual size, strength, and ferocity.
  65. What do the yellowjohns of Anglia owe us for our ruined trade and our ruined hearths? And the beds of the Barrow and Shannon they won't deepen with millions of acres of marsh and bog to make us all die of consumption?
  66. The devil then starts causing them to see false visions and imaginary things which aim to deepen the process of putting them to sleep, thus achieving the complete domination and mastery of the devil over the spirit of the bewitched one.
  67. The gray light, the gloomy little area of dark grass, surrounded by its border of brush, beyond which the pines rose, in breathing silence, apparently into the very clouds, and the deathlike stillness of the vast forest, were all in unison to deepen such a sensation.
  68. Sticking her head out of the half of her trench not covered with a protective layer of planks and dirt, she saw that nearly all the women on the hill were in their combat positions, with only four women still working with picks and shovels to deepen the communication trench connecting the various bunkers and trenches.
  69. The whole surface of the land is exposed to the chemical action of the air and of the rainwater, with its dissolved carbonic acid, and in colder countries to frost; the disintegrated matter is carried down even gentle slopes during heavy rain, and to a greater extent than might be supposed, especially in arid districts, by the wind; it is then transported by the streams and rivers, which, when rapid deepen their channels, and triturate the fragments.
  70. Cosmic Spaces of Synthetic Types that are jointly created by self-conscious Elements (Creators) of both these Branches are also Their joint, common Sphere of the Creative manifestation, within the Forms of which the Creators of both Branches can “mutually deepen” and mutually expand the vibration limits of application of their own specific creativity (for example, the molecular Formo-Creators of the brain realize all their biochemical activities — while we realize our mental and psychological activities — only on the basis of continuously decoded (by them) VVU-Information “unpacked” from VVU-Configurations of conglomerates of the Formo-copies that correspond to them in frequency.
  71. She listened as his breathing began to deepen,.
  1. The deepening blue of the sky.
  2. Without, the night was deepening.
  3. There is also the gradual deepening of.
  4. The eerie mud coloured sky was deepening into black.
  5. In the deepening dusk they came down into the valley.
  6. The shadows were deepening, darkness was settling in.
  7. He strode on, in search for her, his worry deepening.
  8. He nodded still again, the lines in his face deepening.
  9. Ashley’s room had grown chilly with the deepening night.
  10. Instead of enlarging and deepening action we chisel our.
  11. They clung together a little longer in the deepening dusk.
  12. In the last light of deepening dusk, Moshe could just make.
  13. Heat ebbed from the brick and out into the deepening sky, where.
  14. The sound of conversation rises with the deepening boom of the PA.
  15. Yes, I can see the resemblance, he said with a deepening smile.
  16. I couldn’t see a damn thing in the deepening indigo of the heavens.
  17. Shadows flitted across the blue of his irises, deepening them to cobalt.
  18. There were no other humans that he could see in the deepening twilight.
  19. He kissed her lips with a deepening passion and groaned against her lips.
  20. It was indeed in deepening gloom that the king came to Edoras, although.
  21. The pilot stood immovable, the disdainful smile deepening upon his lips.
  22. Natasha had been working with Marilyn on deepening her performances.
  23. She liked to watch them change, deepening, darkening and then slowly fading.
  24. Movement! From out of the deepening shadows of the road ahead came two riders.
  25. There seemed a deepening of the chill in the air as she climbed up and out of.
  26. In addition to the building of 7 locks and deepening navigation channels to a.
  27. She leaned toward him and kissed his lips lightly and found that it was deepening.
  28. Much to his growing fascination, Joel watched the deepening blush covering her face.
  29. He heard his son’s deepening voice and heard the butler direct him to the library.
  30. Let’s now move towards deepening the relationship with all that targeted traffic….
  31. Then I was moving, my arms wrapping around him as I kissed him back, deepening the kiss.
  32. Her lips were responding to his and it was becoming more passionate as it was deepening.
  33. Her face appeared tense, deepening the worry lines on her forehead and around her mouth.
  34. The boy had to fulfill his role alone, while Andore suffered through a deepening loneliness.
  35. The deepening knowledge and the spiritual experiences inspired her to become a better person.
  36. William— The nut in Regan’s throat had swollen; her color was deepening to bright red.
  37. Then they stood side by side as a thin strip of light appeared at ground level, slowly deepening.
  38. Hunter walked into the deepening gloom of the evening woods, his senses sharpening with every step.
  39. There was a steady stream of cars on the road, their headlights cutting through the deepening dusk.
  40. The shadows were lengthening, deepening back in the woods as the companions strode on down the trail.
  41. I lay there staring out at the deepening blue sky through the naturally shaped opening in the ceiling.
  42. The cat kept up its attack on the thin door, its sharp claws wearing a deepening gouge in the soft wood.
  43. He stood naked and unproud his arms heavy by his sides, his slouch deepening under the weight of his heart.
  44. It would open up memories and I did not want to responsible for deepening wounds that hadn't had time to heal.
  45. The sun was sinking behind the mountains, and the shadows were deepening in the woods, when they went on again.
  46. Another mark in Vaughan’s favour, and a further deepening of the mystery surrounding his role in this affair.
  47. Satisfied, he dragged it to where JY was, grunting with the strain of maintaining balance in the deepening muck.
  48. In the last light of deepening dusk, Moshe could just make out the mounts standing together a short distance away.
  49. Her reluctance to give in would only increase her appeal to him by the day, deepening his desire for her by the night.
  50. And there was not only the actual debt; there was the certainty that in his present position he must go on deepening it.
  51. The trees and bushes with their great pallid blossoms stood dark, still, and sinister, etched against the deepening dusk.
  52. The cat turned, moving towards the field and the shouts, the rage in its mind deepening, fed by memories of cages and pain.
  53. They could hear the sound of it breathing, sniffing the wind, and they felt the deepening of the darkness as it drew near.
  54. Shortly afterward they slipped out of the house in the deepening twilight, and moved toward the river with their precious box.
  55. The immediate area in front of the opening was illuminated, but all else was shrouded in deepening shades of grey and blackness.
  56. The stable master noticed the deepening bruise on the face of his friend and watched the young man tighten the cinch too roughly.
  57. The distant peaks of the Cordillera had lost their identity of clearcut shapes in the steadily deepening blue of the eastern sky.
  58. This silent exchange was perhaps less than a minute, and yet it was long enough to convey their deepening attraction for one another.
  59. Dave's face turns a pale shade of red, the colour deepening as he starts to stand up from the table; �You calling me stupid mate?�.
  60. Quitting all languor Lionel cried in grief, in cry of passion dominant to love to return with deepening yet with rising chords of harmony.
  61. The darkness, which was deepening, might have saved me from further hindrance; when, looking back, I saw that Saveliitch was not with me.
  62. I slid my arms around his neck and pulled him closer, deepening our first kiss, which had to be the most amazing in the history of Bayport.
  63. But who cares how he sounds? It’s like, instead of deepening with his guilt, Keith Lamplighter has become even shallower than he suspected.
  64. With each change in the angle of the sunbeam, the room took on a different hue ever deepening from yellow, to orange, and finally a ruby red.
  65. Joel and the others took this time to become better acquainted with Kathy and her neighbors, deepening their relationship with Kathy and the Smiths.
  66. And as I moved through the deepening shadows, delicate frescos emerged depicting the life of Christ and covering every centimetre of ceiling and walls.
  67. One moment I'm in control of the kiss and considering deepening it, then she's got me pinned to the mats when she gently nips my bottom lip with her teeth.
  68. If their hypothesis was correct, it was believed that the difficulty would be removed, either by deepening the wells, or by subsequent large supplies of rain.
  69. Fortunately the few kerosene lanterns stayed lit even as they cast long wavering shadows dancing across the room and deepening the darkness in all four corners.
  70. Your partner taking even small doses of testosterone means that she could experience effects such as; facial hair growth, her voice deepening or problems with acne.
  71. Passers-by probably thought them a pair of harmless lunatics, for they entirely forgot to hail a bus, and strolled leisurely along, oblivious of deepening dusk and fog.
  72. As he moved to shade his eyes to better look into the deepening shadows of day’s end, Yigal, a short way from him, asked, New dust? his voice slightly elevated.
  73. Hunching his shoulders against the wind, Frank stuck his hands deep in his pockets and slogged his way through the deepening puddles back towards his cottage, angry tears mixing with the rain.
  74. The word forms from a state of mind that takes hold when a significant portion of the population feels a deepening cynicism, a corrosive distrust of existing institutions, and a yearning to surrender to a new order.
  75. Likewise do they remain aware of selfhood progression in their continuing ascension of the spiritual universe and of growing consciousness in their deepening appreciation of, and response to, the intellectual cosmos.
  76. There seemed a deepening of the chill in the air as she climbed up and out of the town, as though the imminence of winter was more profoundly announced away from the lights and the chirpy clatter of bars and restaurants.
  77. Falcon and Keith weren’t the only ones to share in these thoughts, the rest of the band and their bodyguard, had also noted Joel’s deepening interest in the young woman, with varying degrees of interest and speculation.
  78. Nemia had enhanced Talia’s color, brightening the blue of her eyes to an incredible magic sparkle, and deepening the pink of her lips and the blush of her cheeks in a subtle way that enhanced the fine bone structure of her face.
  79. As they relaxed, a startlingly luminous gibbous moon slowly hoisted itself above the cliff they’d recently descended, its pale gold light revealing rocks and trees while deepening the shadows; adding yet another level of mystery.
  80. And so I held on to Christ, as it were, with a finger or two; but my soul for years was filled with anguish and difficulty, deepening as I passed along, from which I was often sorely tempted to find relief in a total relapse into skepticism.
  81. One second it was thundering along chasing the sunset in the deepening darkness, the next it was accelerating at thirty-six feet per second per second from under her, its legs spread in all directions and at angles that looked pretty painful.
  82. Anne enjoyed it thoroughly in all its phases—the stimulating class rivalry, the making and deepening of new and helpful friendships, the gay little social stunts, the doings of the various societies of which she was a member, the widening of horizons and interests.
  83. The bees must have worked at very nearly the same rate in circularly gnawing away and deepening the basins on both sides of the ridge of vermilion wax, in order to have thus succeeded in leaving flat plates between the basins, by stopping work at the planes of intersection.
  84. Because these contributions were submitted and edited during the second half of 2007 and early 2008, you will not see references to the deepening credit crisis and sharp financial market sell-off that very nearly bankrupted the venerable investment bank Bear Stearns in March 2008.
  85. She saw by degrees that since their first and only encounter his mobile face had grown more thoughtful, and had acquired a young man's shapely moustache and beard—the latter of the palest straw colour where it began upon his cheeks, and deepening to a warm brown farther from its root.
  86. They still flew high and out of sight of all save Legolas, and yet their presence could be felt, as a deepening of shadow and a dimming of the sun; and though the Ringwraiths did not yet stoop low upon their foes and were silent, uttering no cry, the dread of them could not be shaken off.
  87. Even the deepening of this basic human connectiveness is slowly corrupted by dull routine, deadness, so that love is classified into two separate kinds: Limerence, the immature projection of one's idealizations onto the other person, and mature love; as people actually get to know each other.
  88. Could Bloodtooth be stalking them at this very moment? Sam knew his quarry‘s prowess but could anyone waylay Samson and JY given Sam‘s new sensory gift? The feeling persisted causing Sam to silently signal the unperturbed pit bull to his side and search the deepening shadows, his senses raw as sandpapered skin.
  89. As they stared blankly in dumb misery deepening as they slowly realised all they had seen and all they had lost, a capricious little breeze, dancing up from the surface of the water, tossed the aspens, shook the dewy roses and blew lightly and caressingly in their faces; and with its soft touch came instant oblivion.
  90. Then, the barricades having been built, the posts assigned, the guns loaded, the sentinels stationed, they waited, alone in those redoubtable streets through which no one passed any longer, surrounded by those dumb houses which seemed dead and in which no human movement palpitated, enveloped in the deepening shades of twilight which was drawing on, in the midst of that silence through which something could be felt advancing, and which had about it something tragic and terrifying, isolated, armed, determined, and tranquil.
  91. What deepening twilight-scum floating atop of the waters,.
  1. A shadow deepened over him.
  2. The owl had only deepened it.
  3. Then his voice deepened with.
  4. The red in S’us’ skin deepened.
  5. Her breathing slowed and then deepened.
  6. Then, as the horror deepened: Talus?
  7. The gloom deepened around Jean Valjean.
  8. My awakening has deepened over ten years.
  9. Dusk had deepened the shadows of the city.
  10. But the mystery deepened upon their descent.
  11. His resolve to help the travelers deepened.
  12. I deepened my concentration and called her.
  13. His breathing deepened and his jaws tightened.
  14. The pink in her cheeks deepened to an angry red.
  15. His tan deepened and he began to compose again.
  16. The sound only deepened her sense of aloneness.
  17. Garret followed her gaze and his scowl deepened.
  18. The Passage’s sound deepened and intensified.
  19. The kiss deepened and their breaths were shaky.
  20. A slight flush deepened the bronze of his cheek.
  21. The deep lines of grief had only deepened dur-.
  22. His smile faded and a crease in his brow deepened.
  23. It deepened The Folk of Yore – Sacred Memories.
  24. The glow deepened in her face and her eyes flashed.
  25. The shock and surprise on her face deepened suddenly.
  26. Her bewilderment deepened as he took a key from his.
  27. The hint of angry colour in her cheeks deepened to a.
  28. With all eyes upon her, Cassie’s blush deepened to.
  29. His breathing deepened and he felt the arousal coming.
  30. The connection between them had been deepened somehow.
  31. The colour in her cheeks deepened at the scorn in his.
  32. Lawrence Seaway channels to be re-dredged and deepened.
  33. Her smile deepened and her eyes got smoky with passion.
  34. Her eyes deepened, absorbing colors not in the spectrum.
  35. Her smile deepened, I love to hear you say that John.
  36. His voice had deepened, but it still had the same effect.
  37. Pete felt exhilarated as his tan deepened and his muscles.
  38. Evette deepened the pressure and the blade broke the skin.
  39. Clayton clamped his lips shut as his embarrassment deepened.
  40. He gently sucked her lower lips and then deepened the kiss.
  41. His kisses deepened, his hand moving to secret places that.
  42. Karla’s frown deepened as she stabbed out Frank’s number.
  43. While Glorfindel was speaking the shades of evening deepened.
  44. She raised her arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss.
  45. The creases at the corners of his eyes deepened as he smiled.
  46. As the night deepened so did the chill that settled over the.
  47. The kiss deepened and he felt her response, timid and slow at.
  48. Brad, Lope said, in a voice deepened beyond her actual years.
  49. The connection further deepened upon learning that, along with.
  50. As the night deepened, Huck began to nod, and presently to snore.
  51. A scowl rode his face, one that deepened when he spotted Sespian.
  52. He tilted his head and deepened the kiss and I opened fully to him.
  53. He had to admit, however, that recent incidents had deepened them.
  54. He deepened the kiss while pulling me closer to his cold, hard body.
  55. He had not moved, and I watched as the creases on his face deepened.
  56. Haven’t given it up! The tone was curt and the scowl deepened.
  57. In the days that followed, my depression about the situation deepened.
  58. But to Sam the evening deepened to darkness as he stood at the Haven;.
  59. He let his tired eyes close and after a moment his breathing deepened.
  60. While making out, when his girlfriend said lower, he deepened his voice.
  61. As the night deepened so did the chill that settled over the encampment.
  62. Massingbyrd’s eyes deepened, and she opened her lovely lips and said:.
  63. Star had no reports regarding her accounts and this deepened Max’s fears.
  64. As the water rushed through the break, it widened and deepened the channel.
  65. The added chanting only deepened the surrealistic quality of the adventure.
  66. Her blush deepened and she was once again thankful for the discreet lighting.
  67. The earth trembled slightly as the hole deepened and the walls became smooth.
  68. The faint notion of a sigh relaxed Ravan’s face, and his breathing deepened.
  69. The next morning Delco deepened my suspicions by showing up with a friend.
  70. Sam deepened the kiss and eased on top of her, resting his weight on his elbows.
  71. Her breathing deepened and became quicker and panic thoughts fizzed in her head.
  72. And as the wind picked up and the sky darkened all the more, his frown deepened.
  73. His eyebrows bent into a serious shape, and the creases next to his eyes deepened.
  74. His concern deepened when she actually showed signs that she was going to kill him.
  75. The crease on his forehead deepened, and worry wrinkles had emerged around his eyes.
  76. When he said my name, his voice deepened to a seductive huskiness that made me shiver.
  77. Her eyes instantly deepened, an emotion of sheer disbelief exploding within her irises.
  78. It was encrypted? The crease in the middle of Ray Sizemore’s forehead deepened.
  79. Rykus’s body tensed and his scowl deepened to a depth greater than the Spiral Canyon.
  80. As the threads of his sleeve unraveled, so did his resolve, and his melancholy deepened.
  81. But I love you, and I hope that you can tell that it has deepened in the last years?
  82. And then her voice deepened as she pointed to herself and then at me, Just me and you.
  83. The shocked expression in Larc’s eyes deepened, We don’t have to hurry this Evette.
  84. As winter deepened, the rainfall decreased, but it really wasn’t unpleasant in this area.
  85. Each time, the visions that came afterward screwed with her mind and deepened the nightmare.
  86. His confirmation only deepened her guilt, but her mind had raced on to new questions anyway.
  87. He must be able to see the effect that he’s having on me! she thought as her blush deepened.
  88. As the night deepened I could see the reflection of animals’ eyes at the edge of the forest.
  89. They were barely getting by, but their connection to each other had been renewed and deepened.
  90. As the night deepened and the men slowly settled and fell into quieter conversations amongst.
  91. Wrinkles deepened in grooves on his entire face, but I noticed eyes that glowed with happiness.
  92. We followed a shallow arroyo that, as we moved along, deepened into a high, rock-walled canyon.
  93. I tried to smile at him, but the creases on his brow only deepened until his eyes became slits.
  94. The forest deepened in the twilight, became a blue haunt of mystery sheltering unguessed things.
  95. The worried look in Sheena’s eyes deepened as he slumped himself down in the chair at his desk.
  96. In fact, the Lennox Yacht Club harbour is man-made, and the channel was deepened in the 1930’s.
  97. His frown deepened as he again considered that evening she had leaped from Hollowcrest’s window.
  98. When she first emerged from her mother’s home, sorry eyes drifted towards her, and frowns deepened.
  99. I deepened the kiss, leaning forward and pressing my hands into his back so he couldn’t move away.
  100. The questions asked became extensively deepened as each was expounded on, and the perception received.
  1. My sense of unease deepens.
  2. The collective groan deepens.
  3. MAILE: And the mystery deepens.
  4. The crease on his brow deepens.
  5. Alienation causes fear and fear deepens.
  6. The high-pitched growl changes and deepens.
  7. At once the pavement narrows, the chasm deepens.
  8. We begin again, only to find the cycle deepens each time.
  9. His displeasure deepens when he sees the memo on the floor.
  10. Awakening deepens your relationship with the Universe (You.
  11. It evokes a feeling of companionship, which deepens as the letter.
  12. This discovery deepens the mystery even further as to the security that covered the planet.
  13. As the world crisis deepens, rationing (shortages) will increase, first energy, then food and water.
  14. Her blush deepens and she averts her eyes off to something terribly uninteresting over the back of the couch.
  15. You observe that the scratch on that table is slight at one side, but deepens in the direction of the bedroom door.
  16. Yet their hunger only increases in their pursuit of evil gain, and their thirst deepens with every drop of blood they consume.
  17. As our tools became more powerful and our understanding of the world deepens, we become fascinated by the changes we can create.
  18. Your knowledge of it will deepen, and as it deepens, you will find it easier to be happy in meditation and in your day-to-day life.
  19. His frown deepens, and I’m surprised by the sudden compulsion to smooth my fingers across his lips and change that frown into a smile.
  20. When you meditate on karma in this way, your understanding of intentional actions and their results deepens, and a deeper understanding of how karma operates begins to arise.
  21. All three heroes of the tale are very attractive to the reader, while the touch of tragedy describing the noble self-sacrifice of one of them further deepens the interest of this lively story.
  22. Viewed from a hilltop it reflects the color of the sky; but near at hand it is of a yellowish tint next the shore where you can see the sand, then a light green, which gradually deepens to a uniform dark green in the body of the pond.
  23. Over many years I have come to understand that these inorganic beings represent a far more complex symbiosis, a kind of mirror, where the internal and external worlds are fused at a very deep and intimate level, and this process deepens and changes over time as you burn off your karma.
  24. The water around her deepens,.

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