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Delirious numa frase em (in ingles)

It was a delirious time in.
I thought that he was delirious.
It often makes humans delirious.
You were half delirious already.
He awoke in a high fever and delirious.
The doctor thought that she was delirious.
With delirious eyes, the man stared at Raven.

Perhaps he is delirious from his head injury.
The poor fellow began to be delirious, feverish.
Hammond was wild eyed and looked almost delirious.
In any case, your letters were delirious with love.
That night I was ill again, feverish and delirious.
She was sometimes delirious when she had high fever.
The invalid was delirious and did not recognize me.
I couldn’t answer him, I was so delirious in my joy.
He was delirious and verging on the point of collapse.
They thought she was delirious; and she was by midnight.
He’s either mad or delirious, murmured Rogojin.
You tell him I am-a dying man--a dying and delirious man.
What next! He was unconscious and delirious all yesterday.
I was delirious or something! I had no clue it was Derrick.
Before she had completed it, she became suddenly delirious.
I must have been unconscious, and I believe I was delirious.
He was almost delirious; an uneasy smile strayed on his lips.
Thatcher was very ill, and a great part of the time delirious.
Even in my sleep, I was rumbling and delirious about something.
He wasn’t delirious but he stared at the floor in disbelief.
His fever rose and he became delirious and began to hallucinate.
A man dying from a sudden blow does not commonly become delirious.
I’m afraid he’s delirious, Highness, the Doctor suggested.
Behind me I heard Holmes's high, thin voice in some delirious chant.
Thomas felt the world swimming around him, felt delirious, nauseated.
My eyes met his in the mirror, and I saw that he was quite delirious.
It was time—two hours after he was delirious; the next day he died.
I think you must have eaten something which has made you all delirious.
Here, have some of this Peaberry, I think you're delirious with fatigue.
Chris was worried that she seemed to be becoming increasingly delirious.
Mitya himself was almost delirious, feeling that his happiness was at hand.
That very day, sir, he fell ill with fever and was delirious all night.
At last, delirious with joy, they began cheering and clapping their hands.

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