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Deliver numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I may have to deliver early.
  2. You will each deliver your.
  3. And brother will deliver up.
  4. And brother shall deliver up.
  5. Change - Deliver the solution.

  6. To survive, he would deliver.
  7. The Lord deliver her and save!.
  8. Jill hadn’t had to deliver it.
  9. Apophis would never deliver on.
  10. And in the end, deliver nothing.
  11. We’re here to deliver a list.
  12. God has been faithful to deliver.
  13. Drew and His Traumatic Deliver y.
  14. I should deliver in the spring.
  15. Deliver it the way Bob Hope would.

  16. I have never failed to deliver a.
  17. The purpose is to deliver wisdom.
  19. You deliver all of the information.
  20. The Lord will deliver you in a day.
  21. You want me to deliver food?
  22. An hour and a half to deliver it.
  23. I don’t want to deliver this news.
  24. She would be happy to deliver it in.
  25. It was his destiny to deliver pizzas.

  26. Then shall they deliver you up unto.
  27. Gideon! You will deliver this nation.
  28. Now I have some prime pot to deliver.
  29. Wait, that the rebels may deliver me.
  30. The doctor says I should not deliver.
  31. Winter's coming on, so deliver it now.
  32. No actually, I came to deliver these.
  33. Once we deliver what we have committed.
  34. They can deliver photos back and forth.
  35. Do you want us to deliver at the harbor.
  36. He wondered what this day would deliver.
  37. We are asking you to deliver 10 courses.
  38. The elbow can deliver a considerable blow.
  39. Then said Faint-heart, Deliver thy purse.
  40. He had a note to deliver from his sister.
  41. I have to be the one to deliver the disk.
  42. And brother shall deliver up brother to.
  43. Deliver the product and return the change.
  44. My mom sent me to deliver your earnings.
  45. This presents a layered image to deliver.
  46. We pull and tug, so deliver the unexpected.
  47. She also liked his ability to deliver the.
  48. Ted decided it was time to deliver the news.
  49. He then promises to return and deliver her.
  50. Don’t promise things you can’t deliver.
  51. It is your task to deliver the winning bid.
  52. I don't normally deliver the babies, Sophie.
  53. A pilot heading for England was to deliver.
  54. We have to deliver artwork to an exhibition.
  55. For instance the Mormons deliver their re-.
  56. Dimmesdale was to deliver an Election Sermon.
  57. I have to deliver this saint here to Oberon.
  58. Have your wife deliver the package, Mr.
  59. Eleanor and the girl deliver every Thursday.
  60. I call, they deliver and they send me a bill.
  61. Morel was dancing up to deliver another blow.
  62. We had a baby to deliver, it was coming and.
  63. As usual, David had been the one to deliver.
  64. To deliver such a one unto Satan is to.
  65. He wants to safe, heal, deliver and to restore.
  66. Sorry, this will be the last day we deliver.
  67. Then how can you expect to deliver with skill?
  68. Robin would deliver them with letters of thanks.
  69. She assured me that I could deliver them when.
  70. It will deliver justice when it is appropriate.
  71. They HAVE to deliver in that time to that price.
  72. I just came to deliver Fay, he told Teresa.
  73. I was told to deliver a package to Barry Waters.
  74. Good Lord Deliver us--please--please--deliver us.
  75. In the right society, it can deliver that message.
  76. But he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul.
  77. He always tries to under promise and over deliver.
  78. It cannot absorb the shock we are about to deliver.
  79. Wine is generally considered to deliver the least.
  80. White is soon to deliver a new life into the world.
  81. After I deliver my message, I want to go to Lovern.
  82. My purpose is to deliver truth, justice and wisdom.
  83. Take it! You will deliver it at the Russian Embassy.
  84. For an extra fee, many sites will deliver overnight.
  85. Oh, Katherine Kavanagh, you can deliver a good line.
  86. I but deliver the weapon of the Elf Prince unto you.
  87. His mission to deliver people would not hinder his.
  88. He was probably supposed to deliver a living emperor.
  90. Deliver the child by C-section before it was too late.
  91. Moments later, Reagan stands to deliver a second toast.
  92. You would not be able to deliver our message alone.
  93. IBM offered to pick up and deliver the broken hardware.
  94. I was going to deliver this to someone, she said.
  95. He was about to deliver the Colonel's shade from this.
  96. Current inhalers deliver nicotine bucally only to the.
  97. Cure had been called away urgently to deliver the last.
  98. Time enough to deliver the little goddess to the Hangar.
  99. Could Sophie and I be made in heaven to deliver babies?
  100. He now had a captive audience and it was time to deliver.
  1. She was delivering the mail.
  2. But he was not delivering them here.
  3. But I couldn’t – delivering this.
  4. He said nothing when delivering our meal.
  5. Ted has devoted his career to delivering.
  6. The women in the provinces were delivering.
  7. Delivering packages, that’s the life for me!.
  8. God when he was delivering food to his brothers.
  9. He is delivering a large shipment within the week.
  10. She would have insisted on delivering the object.
  11. This ends up delivering very high leverage at times.
  12. Most of the time he spent out on the road delivering.
  13. This says that you are delivering pricing information.
  14. Bishop Rendellyn was delivering violent sermons again.
  15. Lastly, it could simply be a new way of delivering an.
  16. One of the many jobs I had after college was delivering.
  17. Again, it’s clear that you are delivering pricing info.
  18. But I don’t know anything about delivering kittens.
  19. In those days we started delivering the milk about 1am, I.
  20. The sky was a loon sky—promising much, delivering little.
  21. Therefore I insisted in delivering the book in person as to.
  22. Nation of Israel, delivering them during His earthly ministry.
  23. This statement is likewise targeted at delivering the truth.
  24. Delivering compassionate service that is fast, fair, and easy.
  25. You still haven’t told me where I’m delivering this stuff.
  26. It was the courier service in charge of delivering their thongs.
  27. He emulated his manner of delivering a song and made it his own.
  28. I just keep delivering something I think will make a difference.
  29. Apparently he was delivering some new gym equipment for Matthew.
  30. I was delivering milk early one morning and I ran into this house.
  31. Edward’s job would be delivering the coke to a Contra commander.
  32. Delivering beyond the expected creates an experience worth sharing.
  33. He talks about his bummer of a part-time job delivering pizzas for.
  34. Not long after we started delivering groceries for Coles they built.
  35. He’s a real bad-ass who rights wrongs, delivering vigilante justice.
  36. Not delivering as expected creates a bad experience that will be shared.
  37. His aide-de-camp was kept busy in receiving and delivering his orders.
  38. Thereby, the key to delivering this message was found in the ways of the.
  39. Remember these key points while delivering the body of your presentation:.
  40. Time management is an important aspect for delivering the projects on time.
  41. He’s a real bad-ass who rights wrongs, delivering vigilante justice.
  42. I have no idea what's in the crate, I'm charged with delivering it unopened.
  43. Delivering as promised creates an expected experience not worthy of sharing.
  44. The work of delivering and receiving the prisoners that had commenced at 4 A.
  45. The thing delivering such utterance must rest ere it could repeat the effort.
  46. Kenneth leaned in, A man delivering food stopped at the far bank of the river.
  48. They grabbed him and took a bite from his neck, delivering poison into his body.
  49. Her lessons on delivering exquisite pleasure with her lips and tongue intensify.
  50. At the opposite end of the trailer, Grandpa finished delivering his instructions.
  52. After delivering that parting shot, he stalked out of the room and into the foyer.
  53. Whoever it was caught me off guard, delivering a blow that made me lose my senses.
  54. Here we have the Book of Genesis delivering a prophecy within the Story of Joseph.
  55. High tech, state-of-the-art, his rifle packed mind-stunning punch – delivering a.
  56. And then he talked that doctor into delivering me that day, in 1928, via Caesarean.
  57. He was supposed to be in Libya by that time, delivering food and sanitary supplies.
  58. No, no; it would be delivering me up to them, and putting ourselves in their power.
  59. One of the students - whose Dad's truck it was - thanked Jack London for delivering.
  60. I flushed, delivering her small sacrifice to whatever toilet god she was praying to.
  61. It was usual to keep a record when an officer was delivering an intelligence report.
  62. He would be delivering the keynote address on something terribly complex and global.
  63. Russell shocked them both by delivering a punch to the underside of Sebastian’s jaw.
  64. It wasn’t easy delivering a pizza ten minutes late, much less hours and hours late.
  65. In delivering it she gave also Clare's accent and manner with reverential faithfulness.
  66. They are disciplined enough to sit out of the market when the market is not delivering.
  67. Unlike his moments with Hamilton, Locke would have no problem delivering a few punches.
  68. Learning about the different types of grips is essential to delivering better strokes.
  69. Objects of desire promise us satisfaction but fail miserably in delivering any such thing.
  70. He thanked them profusely for delivering the documents and walked them back to the terminal.
  71. He had one other preoccupation, to educate himself; he called this also, delivering himself.
  72. In addition to delivering specific wisdom, The Apocalypse models the understanding of wisdom.
  73. The doorbell rang, and she went to attend to the man delivering the food that she had ordered.
  74. Even after 30 plus years of delivering pizzas, he couldn’t stomach the thought of anchovies).
  75. One call to Karl that he would be delivering a package within the hour, and he was on his way.
  76. He drove around southern California five days a week, delivering bags of chips of all varieties.
  77. You cannot feel it in the proper sense, but it is there, every day delivering more and more pain.
  78. Longer roll casts are made by forming the loop and delivering the stroke in one continuous motion.
  79. Every person involved in delivering supplies is licensed and subjected to ongoing personal testing.
  80. Joe was now settled into his job with the oil company, driving and delivering all over County Kerry.
  81. He looked agitated as he worked the phone lines while delivering blunt instructions into a radio mic.
  82. Consider the significance of what you are delivering for meaning as to what you need to give more of.
  83. She was responsible for delivering babies, tending hunting wounds, and aiding the sick and the dying.
  84. Instead of delivering its shareholders to the promised land, Exodus left them exiled in the wilderness.
  85. Mitya was jumping up with the obvious intention of delivering another tirade, but the words did not come.
  86. Swinging from ropes over pits and delivering the coupe de grace with a tripod from a machine gun mount.
  87. By Jove, the Man is both Artist and Musician—he must as well be adept at delivering Women in Travail!.
  88. There were many servants in the room, and merchants delivering special wares, and others on other errands.
  89. During those three and half years, Jesus was constantly preaching, teaching, healing and delivering people.
  90. He was delivering him? We found a list in the car with orders---twelve year old, blonde with green eyes.
  91. Quick as a flash Amin’s hand struck his face delivering two strong slaps that knocked him to the ground.
  92. That person is convinced that the message she is delivering will have a strong influence on your behavior.
  93. At first Darren had been totally appalled by Phil's brainstorm, delivering an unequivocal "No!" in response.
  94. On a cloudy August morning, Dr Singh was delivering his tenth, and possibly final, Independence Day speech.
  95. On the green-marbled wall was a clock in the shape of a large pewter sun delivering time in a timeless realm.
  96. His face still affected her body like a good meal, delivering nourishment and energy where she was deficient.
  97. That would spell the end of Fred’s career for sure: what was he doing delivering pizzas with no pants on?
  98. Ch’o’s visions and explanations proved to be crucial in delivering the final blow which won them the war.
  99. Along the way, I thought I saw myself passing on a bike, twelve years old, delivering papers in the dark morn.
  100. Then, back in the dark ages when he went to high school, delivering pizzas had been the one light in his life.
  1. He was delivered to you.
  3. My child delivered the news.
  4. You delivered the death blow.
  5. Him being delivered by the.
  6. As soon as he delivered his.
  7. You have delivered my soul.
  8. When will they be delivered?
  9. An address was delivered by Mr.
  10. But the message was delivered.
  11. A speech delivered by him in.
  12. The drinks were delivered first.
  13. I delivered proof that —.
  14. It has only just been delivered.
  15. The Brens snarled and delivered.
  16. This time, it delivered comfort.
  17. I delivered the message, my lady.
  18. Your car should be delivered by.
  20. I’d like it delivered by FedEx.
  21. God his deliverer had delivered Job.
  22. The bowler delivered his final bowl.
  23. Unless it was delivered how?
  24. The fierce speeches were delivered.
  25. The righteous is delivered out of.
  26. The pills will be delivered tomorrow.
  27. They delivered more than we used.
  28. The note was delivered that same day.
  29. He has delivered us from the domain.
  30. Jean Valjean felt himself delivered.
  31. The waitress delivered our breakfast.
  32. Your grandmother delivered me in a.
  33. The Gorn delivered those gods to.
  34. They were delivered earlier today.
  35. It would be delivered within the hour.
  36. He delivered news to his three young.
  37. A package was delivered to your house.
  38. The order was delivered with precision.
  39. And the food, it was delivered?
  40. The party that has delivered the most.
  41. He delivered the news with an almost.
  42. It is not to be broken when delivered.
  43. It was here, he delivered that speech.
  44. The flowers were delivered by a postman.
  45. Mifroid delivered a little lecture on.
  46. To the winners he delivered on his bet.
  47. The system delivered a beautiful trade.
  48. A voice delivered him the final message.
  49. I think you delivered, and then some.
  50. It was a nasty remark, delivered curtly.
  51. All this Sancho delivered with so much.
  52. We delivered them from a woeful scourge.
  53. Crawling inside she delivered their baby.
  54. I delivered the letter, I delivered it.
  55. For lunch, Maria had some pizza delivered.
  56. Two had been delivered at the door by Dr.
  57. He was delivered by the local tribe’s.
  58. Television has also delivered some other.
  59. Moses was a man, but he delivered Israel.
  60. Israel was not delivered or restored in A.
  61. A gown was delivered for the special event.
  62. Redeemer delivered them when they repented.
  63. We’ve delivered the city to you!.
  64. Pizza automatically delivered once a week.
  65. This will be delivered to his office today.
  66. Everything will be delivered in an hour.
  67. And now I was delivered of a healthy child.
  68. We do know that the document was delivered.
  69. These are the first twins I�ve delivered.
  70. Any touch that gave or delivered pleasure.
  71. I will see that the message is delivered.
  72. I have delivered many babies, in the USA.
  73. Spirits of Evil, Delivered, Salvation, Turn.
  74. No product or service is delivered perfectly.
  75. His Scotch was delivered by a gorgeous Thai.
  76. Just as Bakyt had wanted, I delivered a son.
  77. From all these children may you be delivered.
  78. An anonymous videotape is delivered to the U.
  79. Coffee was poured, and plates were delivered.
  80. She had delivered a baby girl the day before.
  81. In addition, puppies are often delivered by.
  82. Her next words were delivered telepathically.
  83. The letters will never be delivered, however.
  84. Sanderson had hand delivered only minutes ago.
  85. My child delivered the second blow immediately.
  86. LaTrue had delivered Chiang there ahead of me.
  87. It puts all the delivered on Newton’s bias.
  88. He was delivered by the local tribe’s shaman.
  89. Then Pilate commanded the body to be delivered.
  90. Observe how God delivered his message to Israel.
  91. Their own eggs on toast were at last delivered.
  92. Minutes on Indian Education, delivered in 1835.
  93. Engraved invitations will be delivered shortly.
  94. Angus delivered a glancing blow with the tyres.
  95. It is of being delivered from the fear of death.
  96. You can then see if you have delivered on your.
  97. Delivered to over 60 countries free only at www.
  98. The work is completed daily, and delivered daily.
  99. Reuben heard it, and delivered him out of their.
  100. The truth was delivered out of the work of love.
  1. The dark delivers a friend.
  2. These it delivers up to death.
  3. It never delivers a new truth.
  4. Develop a piece that delivers a.
  5. When a company delivers the goods.
  6. The party that delivers on its promises.
  7. Also, delivers the message that life is.
  8. He always delivers what he promises and.
  9. Life delivers what you expect it to produce.
  10. The Illyrian who delivers wood to Thea is a.
  11. It delivers a stabbing as well as a stunning blow.
  12. Jet delivers a steady stream of photons into the now.
  13. It simply solves the problem and delivers the result.
  14. He delivers to Hollywood actors, such as Tony Curtis.
  15. Bailor is the party that delivers property to another.
  16. Where do the injured go? Who delivers the babies?
  17. And it delivers what it promises in this temporal World.
  18. She delivers a boy after moving up north to Pacific Grove.
  19. God saves you, delivers you, heals you, anoints you, calls.
  20. The above verse delivers the truth about the focus of The.
  21. And, at last, he delivers his final view of the matter: 46.
  22. God judges sin, but God saves and delivers the righteous.
  23. No female conceives, or delivers, except with His knowledge.
  24. As noted above, yoga also delivers an array of psychological.
  25. This delivers the message that God is accessible through the.
  26. But I believe Jesus delivers this rebuke with tongue in.
  27. The governor delivers an address in which he demands submission.
  28. Stallman delivers the story with all the polish and practice of.
  29. Without unequivocal and verifiable relevance that delivers specific.
  30. Chapter 12 that he soon delivers his loving devotees, who contemplate.
  31. Fear delivers mental weakness which leads to ceaseless stress and strain.
  32. Delivers L-ascorbic acid in concentrated form, without losing potency to.
  33. A good company that delivers a high-quality opportunity that works will.
  34. The horses play a very important role in the root vegetables he delivers.
  35. Description too deserts me, and delivers over a task, above its strength.
  36. You know how to operate TOMIC to a level that delivers consistent returns.
  37. Secret Affiliate Weapon delivers tons of useable information that's helped.
  38. You need to find out if the company consistently delivers that performance.
  39. The printer delivers to the distributor books that have been ordered by them.
  40. She delivers a counter of her own, cutting a gash across Taxa’s midsection.
  41. She closes the distance between them quickly and delivers a barrage of blows.
  42. He receives personally his reward, and he delivers personally his intelligence.
  43. It’s a terrific HIGH-VALUE page that delivers just what she was searching for.
  44. It delivers great wisdom about both the seen and unseen aspects of our universe.
  45. It’s a terrific high-value page that delivers just what she was searching for.
  46. This feed URL delivers exactly the same content to a user when they subscribe to.
  47. In fact, the revealing and verification of this wisdom delivers truth and justice.
  48. A hobby that delivers flow can be anything, as long as it has the elements of flow.
  49. Delivers L-ascorbic acid in concentrated form, without losing potency to improve the.
  51. Can you give me the phone number of a good pizza joint that delivers to this motel?
  52. Intravenous injection delivers the drug within 2 minutes and the asthma subsides rapidly.
  53. This super home page links to all the other home pages and again, delivers the VPP.
  54. The popular mind is incapable of scepticism; and that incapacity delivers their helpless.
  55. Xiona charges Taxa and delivers several blows that are blocked by Taxa who holds her ground.
  56. The Apocalypse delivers verifiable proof that the Vatican’s and Christianity’s primary.
  57. I told her that if she carried my pups, she’d have to live with me until she delivers them.
  58. If you build a good site that delivers high-value content, you’ll get into the directories.
  59. A garden that delivers most of what we need when it comes to vegetables that grow above ground.
  60. Most importantly, by this knowledge and the wisdom it delivers, you will also understand that.
  61. Also, because it is used in conjunction with decked, arrayed, scarlet, and purple it delivers.
  62. In this opportunity the authoress delivers the first novel of her trilogy "Chronicles of Magic".
  63. Verse 13:11 delivers a crucial message that is self-evident to most of the world now and as well.
  64. No fruit emerges from its sheath, and no female conceives or delivers, except with His knowledge.
  65. This first chapter delivers irrefutable proof that I am truly the promised Messiah and Teacher of.
  66. He is very careful about the merchandise his customers receive and he always delivers it promptly.
  67. God delivers over to men his visible will in events, an obscure text written in a mysterious tongue.
  68. Every two days until one of you delivers yourself to Erudite headquarters, this will happen again.
  69. As with the other cloud services, network as a service (NaaS) delivers network services over the Internet.
  70. The sacrifice of Jesus is effective in many other respects, as well as for salvation, it delivers us from.
  71. The conscious refusal to go along with your weakness is what invokes and finally delivers real inner-strength.
  72. CLV is the amount of profit a customer delivers to your company for as long as the customer is buying from you.
  73. An audience does not merely listen to a speaker; it looks into the way he delivers, he enthralls and entertains.
  74. It is during aerobic (oxygen) exercise that the body delivers intense amounts of restoring oxygen to all the cells.
  75. And he personally writes the Saturday afternoon radio broadcast he delivers to 286 conservative stations nationwide.
  76. But if the Blue team captures the Runner and delivers him to the opposing goalie, the Blue team would get 300 points.
  77. The person in charge of revenge delivers the sense of bravery instead of reasons out of a mental state of psychosis.
  78. The facility of borrowing delivers them from the embarrassment which this fear and inability would otherwise occasion.
  79. END, WHEN HE DELIVERS UP THE KINGDOM TO THE GOD AND FATHER, when he has abolished all rule and all authority and power.
  80. You who love the Lord, hate evil! He preserves the souls of His saints; He delivers them out of the hand of the wicked.
  81. I've lost track of how many times we've rewritten our plans,' he paused, 'Though, The Leader always delivers so they say.
  82. They have a useful daily e-letter called Wall Street Breakfast that delivers pertinent market headlines of the day to your inbox.
  83. The substance no longer delivers temporary relief because daily stimulation of that part of the brain had rendered it almost useless.
  84. Chapter 19: General Colin Powell Delivers the Commencement Address Vet Tech had been on its feet for close to a year when I read in a D.
  85. He can’t keep a spirit working, Mohammad cannot live in freedom, it has to be with other people, to be happy from fear and fear delivers fear.
  86. All know that in that grim chamber lurks some monster from the black night of ages, which devours the shrieking humans Taramis delivers up to it.
  87. Please click on the following link to find out more about social media SEO - the future proofed SEO strategy that delivers outstanding results now.
  88. It elaborates on the VPP (Valuable PREselling Proposition) and delivers the major benefit statements (more on content-building in the next section).
  89. That delivers some positive delta along with extra cash, but it comes with more negative gamma and provides no significant help when the rally continues.
  90. What will happen if there is not an agreement? Lest haply the adversary (opponent at law) deliver you to the judge, and the judge delivers you to the offi-.
  91. But then he'll suddenly snap out of it, his serious face breaks into a big smile, and he delivers a line like: ‘Saraaaa, let’s stir up the place tonight!’.
  92. He told me that the pastor has the choice on how he delivers his message to the congregation of his church and that the rich members control or influence everything.
  93. If you think about the lifecycle of a small company, it usually initially succeeds in a relatively small niche where it delivers unique value and becomes a market leader.
  94. That delivers less premium, but it is similar to a position in which the call spread has been covered and rolled-down to another call spread that is farther out of the money.
  95. This is actually a company that delivers products and services that help organizations in acquiring human resources by means of improving the power and effectiveness of the Internet.
  96. Christ is our Savior in this sense alone, that He leads us to repentance and a new life, and therefore delivers us by such change of character from the punishment due for past offences.
  97. Good then is alms as repentance from sin; better is fasting than prayer and alms than both; "charity covers a multitude of sins" and prayer out of a good conscience delivers from death.
  98. He’s cheapened life, de-valued its currency so it no longer has any value—least of all to those masses of our fellow beings who merely suffer life till death delivers them from it!.
  99. Also, because it is used in conjunction with decked, arrayed, scarlet, and purple it delivers the message that the priestly robes are for show and effect and are closely associated with.
  100. The advantages of a leased line are that the connection delivers the specified bandwidth at all times and that the line is as inherently secure as any telephone line because it is private.

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