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Demise numa frase em (in ingles)

1. In the face of demise.
2. I could feel my demise coming.
3. The UPA’s demise was certain.
4. Or was before his leader's demise.
5. To stop would usher in their demise.
6. He'll publicize her tragic demise.
7. He met his demise in the year 630 B.

8. The demise of ITS had been a trau-.
9. Then in the aftermath of his demise.
10. She only just heard about his sad demise.
11. That slow demise is still going on today.
12. It’s only a fleeting , temporary demise.
13. With the demise of marine reptiles at the.
14. Glenister is anxious that the demise of the.
15. Of dire predictions, about their demise, and.
16. Any monies remaining after the demise of the.
17. Wars of the end times, Antichrist and his demise.
18. That and changing times contributed to its demise.
19. This can stress them and even lead to their demise.
20. I don’t want to have his demise on our conscience.
21. Because of all the dead commuters, their demise had.
22. Dadda and Momma were shocked to hear of their demise.
23. The conditions of Leander’s demise had been strange.
24. It tells us that the Saints pray for the demise of the.
25. He’ll settle for nothing more than my untimely demise.
26. Its demise was not down to poachers, just old age, the.
27. Out of breath she told her mother of Matthew’s demise.
28. She wept openly when Hilderich told her of Amonas demise.
29. Also, Abner, Many of the prophets foretold His demise.
30. Dieter tried hard to come to terms with the demise of his.
31. She did see red, but only his demise would satisfy her now.
32. There was nothing further in the media on the demise of Mrs.
33. Rauros witnessed the demise of the Dire Queen and her suitor.
34. It was also satisfying to see the demise of Harald Gascoigne.
35. Drowning in a giant barrel of beer was his demise of choice.
36. By this time Ellen was bent over with laughter at his demise.
37. In extreme situations maybe even the demise of the supplier.
38. She counted down their demise in her head: Nine… Eight….
39. He was sure it was because of his role in the demise of Nixon.
40. Reports of his demise are not exaggerated, Greg replied.
41. Other newscasters announced sombrely the demise of their rival.
42. We did it! Joey said as he saw the demise of the Dawhawk.
43. But hear me, for I have also foreseen the nature of your demise.
44. As often happens, this success sowed the seeds of its own demise.
45. They are also not grieved over the inevitable demise of the body.
46. The main reason for the demise of these publications in promoting.
47. The crowd all parted anticipating what I assumed would be my demise.
48. She knew of the demise of Bridget’s mother Mary who was her aunt.
49. I brought the criminal’s favorite weapon as proof of his demise.
50. Sean had heard about the demise of Harris, but not the reasons for it.
51. In conversation he understood their demise in regard to the honeymoon.
52. When Scrooge was faced with his immanent demise: he was not laughing.
53. It appears as though arrogance will be his demise, he interjected.
54. He just liked to see what it had been eating before its early demise.
55. He couldn't bear to see his closest friend face such a hellish demise.
56. Being a bizarre form of death, his demise has grabbed the odd headline.
57. A very thorough investigation by the Kassikan into Tdeshi’s demise.
58. Even with the Wand of Deleth, that would hasten its demise considerably.
59. He increased the dosage and hastened, instead of delayed, his own demise.
60. It had acted when he did not, he felt responsible for the animals demise.
61. He told Ivan about the lecture and scolded him for laughing at his demise.
62. So unless you are suggesting I had anything to do with his demise —.
63. My guess is due to the traumatic events surrounding her parents’ demise.
64. I had to wonder if his family had anything to do with poor Fred’s demise.
65. There was light enough now to make the moon pale at its forthcoming demise.
66. Treatment didn't help; it threw my body in shambles and hastened my demise.
67. I’m glad you’ve recovered from your premature demise, I said dryly.
68. Forex shops help ensure their clients' demise by offering homicidal leverage.
69. Well, the woman Kemberra is with worked there up until Tdeshi’s demise.
70. He shouldered the cumbrous weight of responsibility for the world’s demise.
71. Matthew felt saddened by Dadda’s demise and although he was as cordial and.
72. And I’d bet my life that it’s connected to the Dark Brotherhood’s demise.
73. He sat in the car plotting his pack mates demise and trying to look concerned.
74. It seems to be fading but there is still a trace despite the demise of Communism.
75. Many a story was told by ex-employees of Coca-Cola who had seen their demise at.
76. The demise of Israel and the subsequent deportation is recorded in 2 Kings 17.
77. This was why Joan of Arc signaled the slow demise of the French Catholic church.
78. As you can all see, rumors of my imminent demise have been greatly exaggerated.
79. Twice he’d chosen to run from his problems and twice it had been to his demise.
80. Albéric, have a herald go around Toulouse to announce the demise of the Vikings.
81. He’d laid the place out, so to keep a family well to do, long after his demise.
82. Indra could not help noticing that another of his closest kith had met with demise.
83. After his father’s demise his family left the village forever that nobody knows.
84. He'll be assisting me in his own demise, thought Adrian to himself as he chuckled.
85. The composition of capital was an important trail sign to track Integrated's demise.
86. However the death of the wisest in the land could very well be our demise in the end.
87. Now he knew and accepted his demise, he could therefore focus on his last defiant act.
88. Which will be the next galactica to implode as its stars meet the gravitational demise.
89. She stood debating whether to help it to its demise, or to be Chinedu's mother's bitch.
90. They may have set out to kill me, but how could I feel such pleasure at their demise?
91. This had left him close enough to head-butt the man, which he did to quicken the demise.
92. Pon was careful not to mention the demise of the previous duties, including his brother.
93. The demise of danegeld started the land tax, which was based on the size of an estate(s).
94. Nick was buffeted by the concussion of the helicopter’s grand demise, and almost fell.
95. A day later someone found his tackle bag at the place of his demise and it was concluded.
96. Justice that causes their enemy’s (spirit(s) of greed, falsehood, and injustice) demise.
97. Then he saw the demon of metal, which seemed to exist still despite its master’s demise.
98. I wanted to feel like a shiny-cool winner, so I didn’t tell my students about my demise.
99. The account of Moshe’s seeming demise and resurrection as told by excited young drovers.
100. He couldn’t overlook the possibility that Laxgon had been involved in Tdeshi’s demise.

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