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Deplorable numa frase em (in ingles)

I found her deplorable.
This is very deplorable.
in this deplorable state.
He gave us a most deplorable.
The conditions were deplorable.
They worked under deplorable conditions.
And her reasoning, how wholly deplorable.

in deplorable situations and this is a sad fact.
be, the idea of taking these two was deplorable.
Conditions for soldiers in just about any war are deplorable.
The alarm caused a deplorable stampede at the divisional hospital.
deplorable characteristics that left his bank employees afraid to.
actions were ungodly and deplorable (he claimed to blow up the OK.
deplorable state after all these untold millions of years carries,.
universal coverage would somehow appear tomorrow, with the deplorable.
while in captivity, with another 53 citizens freed in deplorable shape.
This was the response to the deplorable decision taken by the Judicial.
able circumstances in the country before 1994, and as deplorable, which.
You are aware, sir, of the deplorable condition of my husband's father?.
Back in the real world, the deplorable state of affairs would not be the.
Now let me take that deplorable lack of knowledge further to our advantage.
The deplorable politics led to revolt by the Italian people from 90 to 88 BC.
was a deplorable overlook, especial y when within the ASCII there was plenty of.
Perhaps I shall explore that possibility when this deplorable affair is over.
Its deplorable peculiarity was, that it was the faintness of solitude and disuse.
By the time they reached Port Dickson their clothes were in a deplorable condition.

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