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Deportation numa frase em (in ingles)

1. And after the deportation to.
2. My father was hit hard by her deportation.
3. So deportation has been refused by the courts.
4. They, too, had lost family members to deportation.
5. Upon deportation, my head would be lowered close to the.
6. I immediately knew that this was the deportation we had long feared.
7. I will not be a willing part to their despoliation or forced deportation.

8. The demise of Israel and the subsequent deportation is recorded in 2 Kings 17.
9. He only gave you the property to avoid deportation, the man said to Zoleka, then he left.
10. Think about the destruction of the first temple and the deportation of the Jews by the Babylonians.
11. Deportation and the loss of fishing licenses are possible punishments levied upon drift-net violators (U.
12. Every feature of the vision, then, serves to further the deportation of the ephah from the midst of Israel.
13. I’m not facing deportation for getting someone killed, not to mention the crimes you orchestrated against me and my staff.
14. The deportation of the party of convicts to which Maslova belonged was set for the fifth of July, and Nekhludoff was prepared to follow her on that day.
15. Three days ago, he and Gozan were on the verge of deportation to be followed by either summary execution at Sumar International or exile to the wilderness in rags.
16. STEPAN’S cell was shared among others by the former yard-porter, Vassily, who had been sentenced to deportation for robbery, and by Chouev, sentenced also to deportation.
17. Those directives included the rounding up of persons for deportation towards so-called work camps like Treblinka and the assignment of Jewish labor to the German-run armament factories in Warsaw.
18. It is only to our perverted ideas, that it seems, when the master sends his clerk to be a peasant, or government sentences one of its ministers to deportation, that they are punished and have been dealt with hardly.
19. In response, the Department of Justice (DOJ) presented a restructuring plan to Congress which divided INS functions into customer support (assisting legal aliens) and law enforcement, which would deal strictly with visa violations and the arrest and deportation of illegal aliens.
20. Caught and arrested as he was arriving in Israel, Victor had then escaped deportation and jail by making a deal with the Israeli secret service: tell the Mossad everything he knew about his past customers and arms deals in exchange for permission to stay and live his retirement in Israel.
21. Another very classic example of the bias of the Western media in buying any propaganda painting Muslims in bad light was the misreporting of the deportation of a man from Saudi Arabia only because he was too handsome! The real scenario, however, can be understood by reading this piece - http://www.
22. Those excesses, which included forced deportation of Arabs and ethnic cleansing of many Arab villages and towns under the guise of military counter-offensives, were painted over for decades by the Jewish leadership and were still being mostly denied in Nancy’s time as late as 2012, especially in the United States.
23. That screen and the others following it also showed historical scenes from the past of the Holy Land, including pictures of King David and King Solomon, the first Temple, the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians and the deportation of the Jews to Babylon, their return to Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the Temple.
24. Case in point: He refused to consider the recommendations of some of his top advisors that his administration move forward toward a federal law that would require the driver"s license of every alien to expire with the expiration of that person"s visa so that, as Dick Morris recently wrote: „…a routine traffic stop could trigger the deportation process" (to say nothing of preventing flying lessons).
25. If I belong to the minority of oppressors, the disadvantages of insubmission to the demands of the government will consist in this, that I, refusing to comply with the demands of the government, shall be tried and at best shall be discharged or, as they do with the Mennonites, shall be compelled to serve out my time at some unmilitary work; in the worst case I shall be condemned to deportation or imprisonment for two or three years (I speak from examples that have happened in Russia), or, perhaps, to a longer term of incarceration, or to death, though the probability of such a penalty is very small.
26. It is impossible for us to believe that we do not know of those one hundred thousand men in Russia alone, who are always locked up in prisons and at hard labour, for the purpose of securing our property and our peace; and that we do not know of those courts, in which we ourselves take part, and which in consequence of our petitions sentence the men who assault our property or endanger our security to imprisonment, deportation, and hard labour, where the men, who are in no way worse than those who sentence them, perish and are corrupted; that we do not know that everything we have we have only because it is acquired and secured for us by means of murders and tortures.
27. There is now no such a man who does not see, not only the uselessness, but even the insipidity, of collecting taxes from the labouring classes for the purpose of enriching idle officials; or the senselessness of imposing punishments upon corrupt and weak people in the shape of deportation from one place to another, or in the form of imprisonment in jails, where they live in security and idleness and become more corrupted and weakened; or, not the uselessness and insipidity, but simply the madness and cruelty of military preparations and wars, which ruin and destroy the masses and have no explanation and justification,—and yet these cases of violence are continued and even maintained by the very men who see their uselessness, insipidity, and cruelty, and suffer from them.
28. They acquired land through deportation,.

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