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Depression numa frase em (in ingles)

How his depression.
fought depression and won.
depression that it causes.
scored high for depression.
Depression in the Elderly.
the same hole of depression.
Depression can also set in.

of the causes of depression.
Depression hit her like a.
Depression and heart attack.
My mother has had depression.
My depression is lifting, too.
mood and help with depression.
A depression going back years.
Of course, she has depression.
of helplessness and depression.
Kate was in a deep depression.
depression in other age groups.
Depression, anxiety, stress,.
tion to weather the Depression.
the depression she was feeling.
It can lessen your depression.
depression, and then acceptance.
A degree of depression sets in.
Away with depression and gloom.
edge of this drowned depression.
Depression can happen to anyone.
He had his hours of depression.
The result is severe depression.
did not have seasonal depression.

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