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And descend upon the plains.
Bogey descend to that level.
Descend to four thousand feet.
The steep descend to oblivion.
As we descend, the next level.
In other terms, he must descend.
The moon was starting to descend.

He couldn’t descend the stairs.
They watched Jose descend the steps.
As time runs on, and stars descend.
For the Lord himself shall descend.
For the Lord Himself will descend.
He decided to descend the staircase.
Flower Descend With Touching Thoughts.
Of wood and stone, nor will He descend.
Athos, would descend to his kalyva by.
Finally the footsteps began to descend.
He was about to descend into the unknown.
To improve the ability to descend stairs.
It is true that He did so descend, but.
DESCEND TO HADES; for if the miracles had.
Will watched him slowly descend the ladder.
The men in white descend upon the new patient.
As they began to descend the marble steps in.
Gary felt a large hand descend on his shoulder.
Then did God send a Spirit1 of His to descend.
Leonardo approached the cart to help me descend.
To improve the ability to walk or descend stairs.
Apostle Paul: Yeah, the power will descend again.
Harry expected the storm to descend any day now.
They decided that only three ships should descend.
You will descend to the earth to unite with your.
With but one step, Mary begins to descend the hill.
Cynthia and I had no choice but to descend to the.
He watched it descend; it seemed descending for ever.
They also might descend into that well and search it.
For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven, with.
He will let it descend at any time He wants and wills.
As soon as Corey began to descend the steps I quickly.
We are not descending the.
The sewer was now descending.
The axe was already descending.
The sun was rapidly descending.
He looks like a star descending.
Descending through the clouds to.
Mabeuf was descending on his side.
After descending for four miles it.
Balloons were still descending from.
They were descending, but was it slow going.
Jacob thinks of descending to it 'mourning.
I was over the hill, and descending into an.
Descending the stairs he called the coxswain.
Katcrina Nikolaevna was descending the staijs.
That night the wagon which was descending to M.
He did not see his mother descending like the.
The early twilight was already descending on St.
Above us, the stars and the moon were descending.
NutriSystem formed a textbook descending triangle.
He clipped onto the rope, and started descending.
The golden moon was descending towards the steppe.
Sorren stood motionless in the descending elevator.
He watched it descend; it seemed descending for ever.
May I be satiated by the four joys of descending and.
It was in the lift, descending, that Olga came to mind.
This was a stance called the ‘The Descending Rain’.
As we were descending the mountain we took notice of a.
A descending triangle is making a decline to a new low.
The Descending Hawk pattern starts with a long white day.
Heathcliff almost close upon us, descending the Heights.
Very steep stairs appeared, descending into the darkness.
I followed Electra to the basement descending a total of.
He picked it up and read the title Pegasus Descending.
We can buy shares upon breakout from this descending flag.
As I continued descending in ability, I began to feel fear.
Raskolnikov continued descending the staircase in silence.
Jody, that ‘Cindy witch’ saw the two of us descending.
Sandra was descending the escalator while the young couple.
It is still possible that a descending triangle in forming.
The world has the word of God for a scendinng or descending.
They all descended on Less.
They had descended into a.
As soon as we descended onto.
Silence descended on the cell.
The Amazons descended on them.
The cloud descended into Earth.
Naturally, I descended to the.
To his horror, they descended.
I descended the tree and then.
Rachel descended from the podium.
As she descended the staircase.
She descended toward the kitchen.
A sense of dread descended on me.
Her voice descended to a whisper.
Darkness descended on her vision.
A silence descended upon the camp.
A sort of quiet descended on them.
He understood and descended the.
Every now and again it descended.
I carefully descended the building.
Whores had descended on Sherborne.
The maester descended from the dais.
God descended on earth to save men.
In seconds, the cavalry descended.
Blackout descended, and a hush fell.
Paul shook me gently as we descended.
An eerie silence descended upon them.
He resumed his retreat and descended.
Seth is descended from the pastor.
A sudden hush descended on the arena.
Don and Christina descended the ladder.
Now a great darkness descended over him.
Together they had descended the stairs.
The road thinned and descended rapidly.
He smiled awkwardly as I descended the.
She heard the door close, and descended.
As she descended, she caught the sound.
And looked at the world, and descended;.
I descended the tree with incredible ease.
Suddenly a heavy storm of rain descended.
Stubb, and descends the scuttle.
A glass wall descends between them.
He descends onto the Mount of Olives.
In this model, desire descends first.
Summertime withers as the sun descends.
He upon whom My wrath descends has fallen.
Then the curve descends down to its minimum.
One descends, one sees no longer but one has seen.
His body descends as the planet’s gravity takes over.
God descends in the spirit of man under an empire of words.
The Greeks had a name for this energy which descends from the.
The little pistol, a mere shadow, descends to a waiting purse.
What beauty is this that descends upon me and rises out of me?
Her hair first descends, and then rises again, and turns into trees.
When the pulpit descends and goes instead of the carver that carved.
God descends into the heart at the level at which we stand, begins to.
When the sun sets and darkness descends, that too you watch and enjoy.
My Pretty Lotus descends from the heaven above to feed me with ice cream.
Ours is a somber group that descends the cliff, battered, weary, and bleak.
It is because of its extreme barrenness that it descends to such expedients.
The autumn harvest descends from heaven’s water which is pure and transparent.
If God descends at earlier time, the alternative faith will decrease in height.
Christ descends, that are left, shall together with them be caught up in the.
The supposed Evremonde descends, and the seamstress is lifted out next after him.
WHEN CHRIST RETURNS: THEN we that are alive at the time Christ descends, that.
Or when a hero or a villain descends into the absurd, it can be a cautionary tale.
When it descends into their yard, miserable will be the morning of those forewarned.
Christian taps another code into the keypad, then the doors close and the elevator descends.
Remember the one where a thick mist descends from the mountains to cloak the land in fog?
It is contained in a narrow ridge of mica slate, which descends into, and is lost in, a valley.
The river descends rapidly and winds between hills, not high, but steep, and of beautiful forms.
As The Vengeance descends from her elevation to do it, the tumbrils begin to discharge their loads.
Michael when the archangel descends the dragon back to his bottomless pit during the second coming.
An overwhelming peace descends upon him and in this holy state he remains fixed for many untold hours.
One declines, descends, trickles away, even crumbles away, and yet is hardly conscious of it one's self.
Freed of all artificial constraints: civilized man descends to a level lower than that of savage animals.
We are told that a great city descends out of heaven from God, and that this is the bride of Christ.
Legend has it that on the Chinese New Year, the Masked Dragon descends from the stars to dance along the rooftops.
Eat of the good things We have provided for you, but do not be excessive therein, lest My wrath descends upon you.
He has raised his arms towards the arc of its flight but when it descends no lower, he brings them to his side again.

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