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Descent numa frase em (in ingles)

The Descent of Man and Press.
He saw him on another descent.
The elevator resumes its descent.
The descent, however, had begun.
In the morning I began my descent.
Then, the gradual descent occurred.
We must descent before we can ascend.

I felt nothing but descent for (name.
Notice the bullish Descent Block (Desc.
They were proud of this direct descent.
The ascent and descent of worship are.
Down a new path and a spectacular descent.
Officer Delahanty is also of Irish descent.
But the mystery deepened upon their descent.
We started a controlled descent immediately.
Gently, he cries and the descent slows.
Poise, my dear, and the marks of long descent.
His last lucid memory was the mountain descent.
In Sexual selection and the descent of man (ed.
You could get stuck with an impossible descent.
They pointed at him and then began their descent.
Many of these ancestors were of African descent.
The Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles.
Some had already turned east for the descent to.
Turn right heading 278, maintain rate of descent.
From them I draw my blood in a very short descent.
The process of descent is the same, but in reverse.
The sun continued its descent making the horizon a.
But then, tactlessly, Darwin published his Descent.
A tear began its descent down Ilky’s delicate face.
It seemed like hours before they began their descent.
They swooped in closer at a sickening rate of descent.
The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex.
People below may not be too happy about that descent.
He pushed the button, and the car started its descent.
He was still gawking at his comrade’s rapid descent.
Less than one in ten were of entirely Spanish descent.
This was the incident that began Corey's descent into.
After an hour in the air, Donovan began a slow descent.
When that became clear, the hit man started his descent.

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