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Describe numa frase em (in ingles)

It is hard to describe.
No word can describe it.
When I try to describe.
Please describe it to us.
Describe your father to me.
No words could describe it.
M: What you describe is God.

Not only does it describe.
They were hard to describe.
I will describe it, however.
It is hard to describe the.
Describe what you know about.
How would you describe it?
I would use bones to describe.
That can’t begin to describe.
That will better describe him.
Perhaps you can describe her?'.
So, I cannot truly describe her.
In the description box, describe.
I cannot describe my astonishment.
I can’t begin to describe how.
How to describe Minnie physically.
I don’t think I can describe it.
A term used to describe a black.
But I will not describe the details.
I cannot describe Vasya's raptures.
It is hard to describe what he did.
I describe life in England to Moniba.
I would describe his expression as.
I'm not even sure how to describe it.
But I will describe nothing, nothing.
There is no other way to describe it.
They describe a situation where two.
I don’t think words could describe.
ELIZABETH: I can't describe it clearly.
Could you describe what you mean?
It is the sort of silence I describe.
But let me first describe the theatre.
Pleasant is how he would describe her.
Which is a sensation they describe as.
I am not even describing.
Describing him, I'd say he was.
He was describing the modern computer.
Was Grav(e)y an adjective describing a.
He was describing the scene we were living.
Verlaine than of what they were describing.
Describing the purpose of the GPL, Stall-.
Is that how you’re describing it?
This is the event which Jesus is describing.
Really, don't laugh at my describing him so.
It seemed to him that he was describing her.
I'll be describing the avenues that writer-.
I’m not describing a hypothetical situation.
Carl went on describing how everything in the.
Really, don’t laugh at my describing him so.
I repeat I'm a poor hand at describing feelings.
This is what Ezekiel refers to when describing.
Eternal is not describing a judging that has no.
Whiles: Describing when an action is taking place.
What Jesus is describing here is a global event.
He was eagerh'' describing fome-thing to Versilov.
Asked the staff about her, describing her to them.
O'Connell continued describing Segall's accusations.
Eternal is not describing a judging that has no end.
I am describing them here simply for your amusement.
It floated overhead, and veered off, describing the.
In describing market-based research, they wrote that.
That is the correct mode of describing them, he replied.
Jesus also said this describing the kingdom of heaven;.
In other words, both methodologies are describing the.
Let me just help you, by describing the internal blocks.
Though they have trouble describing it, too…, he says.
The first part of her story consists of describing the.
It is clear by this that Jesus is describing the kingdom.
Matt began laughing when he read the part describing the.
In Matthew we have Jesus describing himself as that Stone;.
He is specifically describing the future end-time Martyrs:.
Describing itself as a safari theme park is an outright lie.
The boy’s father, intent on fully describing the hell his.
As I have described them.
It is also described as.
This is described in the.
The values described in Ch.
Oberon described it to us.
It was just as he described.
It was first described by Mr.
Here is how he described it:.
As described by the model of.
It cannot be described in words.
The Seven C’s described are:.
I have described more on this.
Two of them are described here.
They are described as follows:.
The ad was as Sandy described it.
Zinn described it in terms of U.
The oil is described as gold.
The song described him to a tee.
This system is described by the.
Just like Peter had described it.
These setups are described later.
She described his reaction to Vera.
He described what he had seen of.
The ISE described it as follows:.
I have described my two experiments.
I’ve heard him described as a god.
The New Covenant, as described by.
While I described the disaster, Mr.
Rusty had described the way things.
I described the attack on the house.
Love has been described by some as.
Some things should not be described.
Loops are described in forthcoming.
As they described it to the police.
Buhlman described the story of Sam P.
Wells described a community of men.
It can be described as comfort food.
The true saints are described thus:.
Each desire is described by a symbol.
It’s because, as described above:.
He describes it this way:.
Purple Cow describes the way.
A spectator describes the play.
This also describes the holo-.
Whereas chapter 17 describes a.
Hervey, in his "May," describes.
Jude 14b-15 describes the event:.
The story describes how Scribd is.
A vision statement describes what.
So Krishn now describes what is the.
The author describes this book as.
This letter describes what he told me.
The original Greek, describes this sore.
The website describes itself this way:.
He describes his childhood with vague.
The Catalog describes the entire human.
Kunstler describes one of the inmates:.
Paul describes this unseen world as the.
Isaiah describes the zeal of Jesus –.
Here is how Napoleon Hill describes it:.
Connectivity is a factor that describes.
It describes the business, sets out the.
It simply describes the hooks in the cart.
Another translation describes the time as.
This is as Janice describes what she found:.
It describes the machinations of the Bush Sr.
The best song that describes all my romantic.
The phrase aptly describes just how one can.
Describes how f (n) grows in comparison to n2.
Here is a song that describes what Jesus did.
This describes what the task should accomplish.
And then your partner describes it as awesome.
He describes how he is in constant meditation.
Revelation 16:18-21 describes an awesome storm.
The next section describes how some of these.
This describes too many of people in the media.
I think it describes the smell of grilled bone.
It describes the conception of Cain this way:.
Yes, rambunctious definitely describes Dominic.
One word that describes what I could’ve been.

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