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Design numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It is all by design.
  2. Here is a particular design.
  3. Create and design a web site.
  4. Cay, design it to launch.
  5. Passion has reason and design.

  6. Here the test design is made.
  8. The machine had a design flaw.
  9. First the design fades, then.
  10. I was a persistent design flaw.
  11. Apparently, this design was a.
  13. The design and set up are mine.
  14. It was only for show and design.
  15. The Spongebob design is a kids.

  16. I didn’t recognize the design.
  17. However, it was modern in design.
  19. You design and code such things.
  20. The earliest insect design of all.
  21. I have a design for the way I.
  22. It is best to design your own plan.
  23. We created man in the best design.
  24. Debi's design talents are amazing.
  25. My design is as honest as possible.

  26. I pointed to the ankh in his design.
  27. But he is far behind you in design.
  28. He noticed the design on the shirt.
  29. The author has to design their own.
  30. The interior design was unbeatable.
  31. Your web design should be so as to.
  32. The use of Images in the Web Design.
  33. It's part of design, part of design.
  34. Finally, think of your overall design.
  35. I hear you design and build your own.
  36. But the Lord’s design was otherwise.
  37. What an intricate design She’s woven.
  38. Design for Church of the Good Shepherd.
  39. Teresa and I helped design the Maze.
  40. Then he began to talk about the design.
  41. This is all part of the MAV’s design.
  42. I followed Merthin’s design exactly.
  43. A/-The design of promotional material :.
  44. The Marketing Message within the Design.
  45. The pretext is a fault in the design.
  46. I didn’t know one could design that.
  47. There was a great purpose in the design.
  48. The chance to design my life beyond my.
  49. Finally, decide on an easy-to-read design.
  50. Surrounding the lion is a serpent design.
  51. The design of the files will have to wait.
  52. I will share where I’m at in the design.
  53. Such design as this no man could boast of.
  54. Competitive Design for the Cathedral of St.
  55. Trinity was there to study fashion design.
  56. In the course of implementing the design.
  57. Love is a circle, it is part of the design.
  58. Fascinated by their design and beauty and.
  59. The ships were of Tranquil Islander design.
  60. But if that's not part of the grand design.
  61. Design and coding! That is the easier part.
  62. Two—only the design of one has changed.
  63. That would be the way to design the system.
  64. The ships were of no design he had ever seen.
  65. I have the Hab’s design to thank for that.
  66. The design of the ship was certainly strange.
  67. Plus three swords of an experimental design.
  68. These rules shall apply to the design, the.
  69. Recently Flash is used to design the small.
  70. It was a cushion-cover with the same design.
  71. A third chip, the TMS 9995, was a new design.
  72. To be more precise, web design incorporates.
  73. It appears you were discussing a ship design.
  74. The man seemed impressed, A good design, Mr.
  75. Now, on to the reference to Intelligent Design.
  76. God is infinite because his design is infinite.
  77. On the other hand, intelligent design is not.
  78. But he did not succeed then in his evil design.
  79. Thus, in this respect, the grand design would.
  80. The design was such that when it revolved you.
  81. This chapter covered the Adapter design pattern.
  82. The numeral four was of the design shown in Fig.
  83. But his learning formed no design of the whole.
  84. The design of the weapon intrigued him at once.
  85. Design the alliance: Build a strong foundation.
  86. I learned this in one of my own design disasters.
  87. Content should drive the design, not the reverse.
  88. They bring the design over one square at a time.
  89. I have a great design for a class two rocket.
  90. Design Tweaks: I used to be a sucker for this one.
  91. We refused to follow the design of our own bodies.
  92. Its main design is only to create fear and panic.
  93. The whole design of the river seems disconcerted.
  94. By running your design and development projects.
  95. The organization and design of the ships was not.
  96. Melvin’s safeguards were masterpieces of design.
  97. We may then choose to design our own path instead.
  98. However, during the design phase, there had been.
  99. But at least you can get some ideas for design.
  100. Having begun the accomplishment of this design, Mr.
  1. Designing a Hub of Connectors.
  2. It had been hard designing the building.
  3. Designing a layout will come after that.
  4. They ask these questions when designing a system.
  5. Reliability for the alloy while Designing a Casting.
  6. It dealt with designing home pages on the Internet.
  7. In designing this course, (that seemed ‘canned’)!.
  8. If the purposes of designing remains obscure then the.
  9. This involves designing the ad, selecting keywords and.
  10. Designing the files is done by a DBA or data base analyst.
  11. Consider designing it around the time that you have available.
  12. The American’s staff had done an admirable job in designing it.
  13. When designing Iris, JPL accounted for catastrophic landing failure.
  14. I have seen the style that you have when it comes to designing things.
  15. Designing a new type of ship from scratch is not an easy undertaking.
  16. The advent of Internet marks the beginning of history of web designing.
  17. The outsides were like shells without fruits, so he started designing.
  18. In designing a KM system, it’s generally easier to start from scratch.
  19. While designing a Casting, the Designer should always bear in MIND that.
  20. To be printed and bound at the Druiddrum press by two designing females.
  21. He was focused on cost-cutting rather than designing cars that sold well.
  22. I have the techs designing new E-teks in hopes this will not happen again.
  23. That he was a dangerous and designing agitator who might stir up rebellion.
  24. Aesthetic appeal can be enhanced with this new trend of designing web pages.
  25. He said that he would let someone else have fun designing the shaft turner.
  26. While designing layout for web pages the text width is also to be considered.
  27. Your neighbour who was thinking of designing and building a boat? Forget it.
  28. It was that priests should beware of designing but apparently perfect ladies.
  29. Hence, this service cost a lot less than if we were involved in designing the.
  30. This time they asked about the wedding date and who will be designing my dress.
  31. The following should be considered when designing a water purification system:.
  32. Designing an experiment with a sample that reflects the characteristics of the.
  33. But there exists a dichotomy regarding which of the methods of designing is better.
  34. Use of Vector Graphics Software: While designing a logo, vector graphics should be.
  35. When it comes to web designing the sites, the webmasters need to concentrate on the.
  36. While designing web pages, it is always better to use relatively sized layout sections.
  37. Well, lately, there came before it witnesses responsible for the designing of the ship.
  38. There are a number of things that are better not being practiced while designing an e-.
  39. Most of the time, the mistakes or errors while web designing take place as the designer.
  40. Let us compare the designing of the children’s lives with that of making a cross stitch.
  41. A web site that has proper information, designing and that is easily navigable will surely.
  42. When you are designing your revolution, idea or solution? This is what the toward is about.
  43. When designing a facility for generating purified water, the individual circumstances of the.
  44. Some amateur homeowner designers address designing their landscapes as to what the members of.
  45. Trainers should consider the gender of their clients when designing the perfect fitness program.
  46. There are many factors to consider when designing a space with respect to the back of your property.
  47. At the same time, very far, in his office, Elias Farfan was designing the strategy to approach Beatrice.
  48. In recent years businesses and organizations have spent vast amounts of money designing mission statements.
  49. Allah lives there designing provocative religions based on earthly resources, to become damned by the devil.
  50. The primary elements of designing a backyard that proves visually appealing consist of a patio and a garden.
  51. Prehistoric behaviors have no place in the future that God is progressively designing as time moves forward.
  52. Structured design making with adequate guidelines and standards is the need of the hour for better designing.
  53. He spent nights buried in his drawings designing the high precision jigs he would have to build out of plywood.
  54. If children are part of the picture their recreational needs may need to be considered when designing your yard.
  55. Is this book relevant for designing long-term investment benchmarks or for active managers trying to beat them? Both.
  56. In essence, you paint a picture of how their world will be different because of this community that you’re designing.
  57. Tony Carter has been skillfully designing and making collectable teapots with his wife Anita and their team since 1978.
  58. Designing involves three levels a) Architecture creation b) High level design creation and c) Low Level design creation.
  59. There was a great deal of consternation over the slope of her neck, and real love was expended on designing her hairline.
  60. Many people who are new to designing flower beds will testify that designing plant beds can be a bit intimidating at first.
  61. There are industry specific nuisance that should be taken care of while designing a solution to get true incremental advantage.
  62. So, designing to cross the Great North Road, they went on towards Barnet, my brother leading the pony to save it as much as possible.
  63. Even the common folk could not fail to distinguish between the moral majesty of the Master and the designing hypocrisy of his enemies.
  64. Do you understand the complexity in designing and coding such a system? The man was stuck with amazement, like a child at a planetarium.
  65. Whether your heart lies with growing vegetables, flowers, or just designing and maintaining a gorgeous garden you have to start somewhere.
  66. When designing your kitchen you will find that 100mm is a significant size, because this size will be the building block for your kitchen plan.
  67. So while designing the right incentive scheme certainly isn’t easy, here’s a simple set of rules that usually point us in the right direction:.
  68. He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to be walking around the palace with the Lady, and he knew he wasn’t supposed to be designing dresses for her.
  69. In designing the R5 communication model, it became clear that listening with a purpose had to be included, and the metaphor I use is a tape recorder.
  70. In my mind I could see it because I have seen people running away—the roads clogged to a standstill and the stampede over the cliff of our own designing.
  71. Also keep the following in mind; when designing the patio the materials used in laying one must blend appropriately with the remainder of the design scheme.
  72. But it will be noticed that besides designing his canvases carefully, he usually balanced the vigour and vitality of his form with a great sobriety of colour.
  73. A single NASA rocket is a concentrated repository of millions of hours of labor, research, testing, manufacturing, planning, designing, etc… being thrown away.
  74. The need to rely on an outside service provider for WAN communications can enormously complicate the process of designing, installing, and maintaining the network.
  75. A fax machine may only cost a couple of hundred dollars but designing and maintaining a web portal and capabilities can cost more than a few hundred-thousand dollars.
  76. Jesus of Nazareth was an expert in both designing and building; he was a master at working with wood; and Zebedee had long known of the skill of the Nazareth craftsman.
  77. Designing the individual LANs that make up the internetwork is similar to designing a single, stand-alone LAN, except you must work the backbone connections into the design.
  78. I therefore got up and put on my clothes, and went out across the yard into the long stone passage, designing to gain the outer courtyard and walk there for the relief of my mind.
  79. So, those of you designing systems are now saying 'well, what the hell can I do? - I have to rely on the fact that the past repeats it's self otherwise I might as well flip a coin'.
  80. Further increases in speed and efficiency are being achieved continually by designing the chips with smaller and smaller features (from 130 nm to 65 nm to 28 nm features, and so on).
  81. Yet even in spite of this disconnection; evolution shows beyond any doubt that Life has been steadily designing creatures that tread on the earth to create as little damage as possible.
  82. Since the original company had limped along for 10 years without being "good" because it had no feedback mechanisms in place, this area was an important one in designing the business unit.
  83. Since there is some challenge presented in designing a small yard you will need to be aware of the best arrangement to employ when it comes to patio furniture, the materials to use for the patio and.
  84. He spoke these words, holding the door open for his son to pass, and the latter achieved his exit exactly as a spaniel might which suspected the person who attended on it of designing a spiteful squeeze.
  85. He spoke these words, holding the door open for his son to pass; and the latter achieved his exit exactly as a spaniel might, which suspected the person who attended on it of designing a spiteful squeeze.
  86. It had occurred to her that, with my interest in architecture, my true métier was designing scenery for the films, and she had asked two Hollywood magnates to the party with whom she wished to ingratiate me.
  87. I observed that green–colored plants kept closer to the surface of the sea, while reds occupied a medium depth, which left blacks and browns in charge of designing gardens and flowerbeds in the ocean's lower strata.
  88. My mother, who since her early forties renounced men for this mad rush to success, was not altogether happy with my increasing involvement in the business, especially the artistic aspect of it, the designing of dresses.
  89. Much time, effort, and money have been dedicated to designing complex mathematical formulas for trading volatility, deltas, and other Greek symbols such as gammas and vegas that take other measurements of option volatility.
  90. Kurt calmly looked at Martin and said, McDonald, my father spent twenty years of his life designing that system to be the world’s largest, and most importantly, the greatest distributor of water to the entire population.
  91. Over the next three years Max took an interest in his young protégé and sometimes called in of an evening for a game of chess and a chat, sharing his dream of one day designing and building the best Art Gallery in the State.
  92. Esau was a designing and deceitful man and an expert hunter in the field and Jacob was a man perfect and wise dwelling in tents feeding flocks and learning the instructions of the Lord and the commands of his father and mother.
  93. Esau was a designing and deceitful man, and an expert hunter in the field, and Jacob was a man perfect and wise, dwelling in tents, feeding flocks and learning the instructions of the Lord and the commands of his father and mother.
  94. Many discretionary traders will resist the idea of a systematic, structured approach to trading, but I am not advocating that—I am, however, pointing out the necessity of that approach in analysis and in designing your trading system.
  95. After designing more than fifty planes, some big, some small, some duds and some real masterpieces; the fact was that you really couldn’t compete with nine-year old Chinese kids making, ‘almost ready to fly,’ planes for less money.
  96. On developing the architecture there could be multiple options on selection of components or designing the layers itself, in such cases the alternates has to be captured and final decision to be derived based on formally evaluated benefits.
  97. E: -- Designing the text in such a manner that future parts, which were still not written at the time when the earliest books were written, would be crafted to link in with those future texts, capturing the names of people who were yet to exist.
  98. The soil was also rich with earthworms that were perfect for fishing in the lakes and streams that had sprouted up around the area over thousands of years of carving, designing the rugged landscape that surrounded Delaney and his family of four.
  99. On the other hand, that sort of expansion was something Howsmyn had learned to take in stride, and the work Delthak had carried out in designing and building the Navy’s steam power plants, armor, and new heavy guns would help enormously if he did.
  100. Specifically, rereading the teaching dream about designing my journey, and the presence of many intermediaries in that process caused me to realize, and accept, that whenever I had deviated from my alleged path someone or some event put me back on it.
  1. As all was designed to be.
  2. It is designed to radiate.
  3. Although it is designed to.
  4. We're not designed for that.
  5. This day is designed to be.
  6. The bar is designed in an L.
  7. He wished they designed the.
  8. The tanks are designed to be.
  9. But this was designed for you.
  10. It is designed to raise birds.
  11. Not in the way it was designed.
  12. Designed by a Japanese company.
  13. But it wasn’t designed as a.
  14. Just as the heaven’s designed.
  15. It was designed to represent a.
  16. We humans were designed to heal.
  17. We were designed to love softly.
  18. This is a day that is designed.
  19. Her money counted, and designed.
  20. Women are not designed that way.
  21. His every move was designed to.
  22. The building is designed to.
  23. It was not designed mechanically.
  24. It was specifically designed to.
  25. Likewise, it is also designed to.
  26. These are designed specially for.
  27. Life is designed to create BEAUTY.
  28. You designed her initial responses.
  29. His beautiful ring that he designed.
  30. It was designed for solo operation.
  31. God designed us to need each other.
  32. It was designed to be intimidating.
  33. The software, designed solely for.
  34. God designed the night and the day.
  35. It is not designed to raise humans.
  36. It is designed to give individuals.
  37. Logo designed by the artist in 1969.
  38. This noose, too, he had designed a.
  39. Some hooks are designed for use in.
  40. Options were designed to reduce risk.
  41. He had designed the new super-weapon.
  42. It was not designed to be a predator.
  43. You are designed to live beautifully.
  44. Humans are not designed to use tools.
  45. It is only designed to perceive the.
  46. And God designed us in a perfect way.
  47. I should have designed that better.
  48. Truth is not designed to be laughed at.
  49. Was it so designed intentionally?
  50. I wouldn’t have designed it this.
  51. And but while here to vegetate designed.
  52. We were designed by Nature to do a job.
  53. Mercedes Benz was that it was designed.
  54. They are designed to die: NOTHING ELSE.
  55. Designed during the Wutai War and now.
  56. The gifts in the body were designed to.
  57. The dinghy is only designed for three.
  58. Humans are designed to LOVE; not EVOLve.
  59. It is designed to function harmonically.
  60. Teeth chew what they were not designed.
  61. The Odyssey wasn’t designed for battle.
  62. As if the whole system is designed as a.
  63. The entire complex is designed to be in.
  64. We avoided our designed purpose on Earth.
  65. It's designed so you never want to leave.
  66. We are not designed to enslave ourselves.
  67. The Chitlin’ IQ test was designed for.
  68. He had designed all of the units himself.
  69. If the Creator's as it’s been designed.
  70. Fear is designed to foster feelings of:.
  71. Basically the place was designed for fun.
  72. We are designed to love all living things.
  73. When you agree with that designed purpose.
  74. When you know you have a designed purpose.
  75. This is definitely designed to rip you off.
  76. My home is a specially designed cat house.
  77. I know how it works, because I designed it.
  78. Each tool is designed for a different task.
  79. Who designed this PC (Pain in the Crotch)?
  80. The suit is designed for eight hours of use.
  81. Grass was not designed to grow under trees.
  82. The body was designed for immediate action.
  83. And gone for searches of the designed wills.
  84. It was designed to function as a butterfly.
  85. God designed women to receive love by love.
  86. Brandela’s servants had designed a suit.
  87. That's the way the Game was designed to work.
  88. God designed men to receive love by respect.
  89. Humans are not designed to be used as tools.
  90. I—I designed them for that, but—.
  91. When you know what that designed purpose is.
  92. You are designed to be a supernatural being.
  93. But that's what the play was designed to do.
  94. It is designed for the manipulation of lies.
  95. They are designed as spiral wound membranes.
  96. Was for the abodes of cloudless day designed.
  97. All of these are designed to illustrate to.
  98. Since it was designed for six it was not a.
  99. We were never designed to kill living things.
  100. The ritual seemed designed to send a message.
  1. And if my designs had.
  2. His designs are his life.
  3. With 40 Designs by Overbeck.
  4. Even in these old designs.
  5. They had strange cryptic designs.
  6. Brown's designs, and saw nothing in.
  7. Businesses need designs of all forms;.
  8. The organic designs of Nature do not lie.
  9. Maybe she has non adulterous designs on me.
  10. It had bright coloured fruit designs on it.
  11. I had designs for every kook in the family.
  12. Ideas are the foundation of all our designs.
  13. The phone had shiny, gem-like designs on it.
  14. New circuit designs, new chips, new software.
  15. She watched art editors draw up their designs.
  16. My master is the one who designs these things.
  17. The rival editor however had his own designs.
  18. Be wary of anthropomorphic designs, my friend.
  19. By realising the designs I might release the.
  20. He created many designs and blueprints for the.
  21. Designs can also be planned based on what wood a.
  22. A warm thank you to Chris for his amazing designs.
  23. She began a quick rundown of the designs that would.
  24. I had no idea he might have designs on the big chair.
  25. She leafed absently through a Ballard Designs catalog.
  26. She had been much too busy with the models and designs.
  27. It had some stuff inscribed into it, designs and words.
  28. He was free of Pressman’s designs for a little while.
  29. Ship designs were even more confidential than manifests.
  30. She had seen such designs before, of that she was certain.
  31. He introduced numerous inventive designs, including the.
  32. They’re saying Ulfric has designs to march on Whiterun.
  33. You were caught taking other people’s designs from RIST.
  34. That structure is exactly what our designs are based on.
  35. Impractical Designs are the hallmarks of Wishful Thinking!.
  36. Pyotr Stepanovitch certainly had some designs on his parent.
  37. What wickedness, encouraged by the prescriptive designs of.
  38. He had designs on another victim besides Stepan Trofimovitch.
  39. Did you think I have designs -- marital designs -- on you?
  40. But I believe Altera is correct; he has designs on my throne.
  41. The best of Intentions oftentimes fall short of our Designs!.
  42. I literally had to do nothing but approve colours and designs.
  43. But the alluring features of using Flash web designs mar its.
  44. Her products and designs were desirable beyond the avant garde.
  45. My father designs helicopters for three hundred dollars a month.
  46. It had designs carved onto its sides, shapes representing spiders.
  47. These come in a variety of sizes, designs, shapes and construction.
  48. Apart from the letters depicted, Shoop could see that the designs.
  49. Thus, they could select their designs according to their abilities.
  50. Svidrigailov had found out his secret and had had designs on Dounia.
  51. As I started at the list, a fruitless enterprise, I saw the designs.
  52. Grailem feels it is time to test out one of his new defence designs.
  53. Be curious about their designs and, more importantly, examine their.
  54. I have those designs here, if you want to have a look at them?
  55. Svidrigaïlov had found out his secret and had had designs on Dounia.
  56. You know with what idle designs I began; but this is the end of them.
  57. But he was only gently feeling the designs of the coffin and had no.
  58. I moved back to Connecticut and worked for a graphic designs company.
  59. Sometimes we made seat designs better by installing a lumbar support.
  60. Strange and wonderful I thought it that the designs of Mordor should.
  61. This individual is one who designs the software to make computers run.
  62. He carries out his own secret designs, keeping his antagonists in awe.
  63. And little piles of Post Toasties, corn flakes, stacked up in designs.
  64. Everything would have been fine if he’d just sent those designs off.
  65. Scott headed out, got on his bike with a datatab containing the designs.
  66. Demographers and planners began to create new designs for suburban living.
  67. It was silver topped, with strange ornate designs carved around the knob.
  68. On the other hand, France has ambitions and designs of grandeur and power.
  69. Speaking of stupid designs, what’s up with your chest? Jeff asked.
  70. Its long-term survival is owing entirely to chance or custodial designs.
  71. The doors were massive, great designs of heavy wood with crystal fittings.
  72. I have no idea how old it is, but the designs date back to the Viking Age.
  73. Jack worked with architects to develop designs that were real houses, not.
  74. The marble was carved in sensuous designs, the grillwork was well polished.
  75. I bet David still has designs on trying to get the whole stash for himself.
  76. There need not be, there would not be, any real change in our designs, only.
  77. I did not know the man's character at that time, and still less his designs.
  78. Now the time has come to see how everything that God designs holds a purpose.
  79. Vine and swirling designs adorned the oak door and led into an arrival foyer.
  80. All this and he included the new School House designs and construction plans.
  81. Now, no man can do all that, and still produce delicate and thoughtful designs.
  82. Around the city were three sites where designs of his were under construction.
  83. I studied how it's all done, the circuit designs to the lowest hardware level.
  84. He had designs on things not unlike whatever he assumed this chest might hold.
  85. But his mother had designs of her own—she wanted to renovate their old home.
  86. Its national designs become increasingly unclear, its moral purpose, uncertain.
  87. Ashton is the man behind all the car designs we’ve created over the years.
  88. The table, as well as many of the designs on the plates, is triangular in form.
  89. He believed Sidoni's warning as to Ramirez's designs upon his younger daughter.
  90. Some designs go so far as to include two separate distributed backbone networks.
  91. And his designs are splendid examples of its powerful appeal to the imagination.
  92. Their methods and designs have probably changed very little across the centuries.
  93. I simply have fun with the desire, dream about it, enjoy drawing designs of the.
  94. It is an important step in crafting cast iron to beautiful designs for furniture.
  95. He was unreasonably impressed that the color of the designs was inside the glass.
  96. Bane gasping at the size and complex designs of both the branched stairs and the.
  97. The rest of the original crop of designs have either disappeared, or are about to.
  98. But now, after such dishonorable usage, who can tell what were his designs on her.
  99. More than anything lately, Max likes to fold complicated designs of paper airplanes.
  100. Also there had been gold thread woven into designs on the thatch roof of the temple.

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