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To see is to devour.
A wild beast did devour him.
Devour contents in the street.
To eat, true sense: to devour.
Let the Real devour you in full.
They wanted to devour that first.
And read as he’d devour it all;.

Satan shall devour you together!.
Then her neighbours will devour her.
One reptile will devour the other.
That pig will devour us, greedily!’.
He felt the hunger and craved to devour.
He wanted to devour this game (to the cob).
And then he would devour the witches as well.
Step out of time and see it devour the world.
She told me once that she'd devour you one day.
Reach your hand to the Evil and let it devour you.
The oak was behind her ready to devour another victim.
See also: Tongue, Eat, Swallow, Devour, Bitter, Flesh.
He was looking at me like some meat he wanted to devour.
The monster that came at night to devour small children.
We do not devour, we gnaw; we do not exterminate, we claw.
Lestrygonians, who devour the crews from eleven of his ships.
Devour the semi-defrosted turkey the day before Christmas Eve.
What the Shades didn’t devour, the Hoar Frost King decimated.
Satan encircles us like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.
You devour much, the Chinese man said, his eyes narrowing to.
If it cannot devour it gets revenge anyway by becoming destructive.
They shall not long possess the sky, they devour the stars only in.
I had no intentions of venturing out with Sher waiting to devour me.
Christ said apooleia—destroy, devour, state of being destroyed.
They are hungry like lions, ready to devour anything that comes near them.
Give her books, and she would devour them and end by knowing them by heart.
The intruders proceeded to devour what little remaining food they could find.
This illness, plus maternal greed, are the things that today most devour our.
Face them while they are small or they will grow into monsters and devour you.
He has the sensation that something huge and empty is about to devour them all.
JUDGMENT, and a fierceness of fire which shall DEVOUR the adversaries (Hebrews.
A blue-white hot light engulfed him then, as if it was ready to devour him whole.
Also note that a fiery indignation will devour these people who refuse to listen.
Devouring the leaves in a rage.
And a creature is devouring you in terror.
He sunk his head to her neck and began devouring.
She was devouring the shrimps that graced her plate.
They can be seen devouring cherries among the wheat.
I’ve never heard of a mascot devouring the team.
But aren’t such stories grand? I love devouring them.
Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? who.
The scent of smoke, flame devouring timber, filled the air.
You burn to catch up, your two wheels devouring the asphalt.
After devouring everything that I could think of , and having.
I didn't feel sleepy, and I did feel full of devouring anxiety.
Maggots of corruption devouring the corpse of our civilization.
She knew I was intellectually avid, devouring books by the day.
He seizes the limb and rips it from the dog’s devouring teeth.
I feel sorry for him; the beast is probably devouring him alive.
My rumbling stomach overcame me and I started devouring the food.
I heard the fire first as it sat in the library, devouring books.
He must unmask his unconscious complicity with this devouring and.
When he had finished devouring his meal, he looked up and saw the.
Carrie was lost in a North Wind world, eagerly devouring each page.
I would like to look at one more encounter with the devouring mother.
Ulysses’ mother is possessive and absent, devouring and castrating.
In, in, always in, devouring the sweaty air, hungering the passions.
The wave roared through the harbor, devouring a small speedboat and.
They are arrogant and they only care about devouring Ulysses’ riches.
I toss my paper sack in the trash can, after devouring every last crumb.
John walked around her slowly, circling his prey and devouring it from.
Mickey spoke once the door closed behind Frank, his eyes devouring her.
His smile was as huge as the steaks he was already devouring in his mind.
We have learned how great the mother’s phallic, devouring power is, and.
Locke imagined subjects walking outside could hear Hiss devouring his food.
He parts his mouth, sucking with a devouring wetness, on her whorling nipple.
It won’t be enough for Ulysses to encounter the devouring mother just once.
The unarmed security guard, who was devouring his late supper while peering.
She shook her head in wonder at his calm audacity, and fell to devouring her pear.
Polyphemus is the first devouring mother that Ulysses encounters during his voyage.
I stand paralyzed as he closes the distance between us, devouring me with his eyes.
I had already seen the fear riddled face of the woman that the zombies were devouring.
A Wolf devoured a sheep.
He devoured her with his eyes.
An evil animal has devoured him.
Ramirez is devoured by jealousy.
Devoured them with an eager zest.
Some wild beast has devoured him.
Then we’d be devoured by clowns.
Pinocchio did not eat, he devoured.
The house has devoured her already.
Not so! A secret ambition devoured him.
The steak he had just devoured was an E.
The wolves devoured these animals as well.
I believe I could have devoured that German.
The fire began to roar as it devoured the bed.
The captain's wife devoured it with her eyes.
Breakfast was prepared and devoured in a hurry.
I read and devoured more books than I had read.
The Great Hall of Firefly Palace devoured light.
We sat on the bed and all but devoured the food.
Somewhere, giant waves have devoured lives[sunami].
For he has sold us, and has also quite devoured our.
It devoured children who refuse to obey their elders.
Grasping her head in his hands, his lips devoured hers.
Riddance: Something that is devoured; or gathered away.
His eyes devoured the table but he forced himself to.
So much of the rest of him had been devoured by moths.
DESTROYED, once as DEVOURED by fire, and once as BURNED.
In three or four weeks, Marius had devoured this bliss.
The plants completely devoured them from the inside out.
He fed her a slice of apple which she devoured greedily.
Thomas devoured the Old Testament in the Good News Bible.
If we go on like this we’ll be devoured by animals.
Now with everything in sight having been devoured, they.
Donovan devoured two of the small loaves and stashed two.
Where the wine flows and spills, the food devoured, the.
It is Amenhotep, screaming as he is betrayed and devoured.
We devoured our sandwiches, waiting for the rain to cease.
Still bitter, Azura took the piece of meat and devoured it.
This was because the sharks had already devoured the first.
Hennom (Ge Hinnom) and was devoured by the worm or the flame.
One reptile devours another.
It devours the treat in one.
This thing all things devours:.
It is an illness that devours us.
He smiles at him as he devours the last of the samples.
In a panic, LP said, I'll drive before this place devours us.
He must face the mother who devours and the mother that seduces and.
Bokassa, the child who was devoured, or Bokassa, the child who devours?
The mantis captures, holds and devours many different bothersome insects.
Therefore, a curse devours the earth, and those who live in it are held guilty.
Fire must be made into something that preserves, not something that devours or consumes.
He greedily plucks and devours the white Gods’ Eye bloom, then another, then another.
Fire must be changed into something that preserves, not something that devours or consumes.
And if any man will hurt them, fire proceeds out of their mouth , and devours their enemies :.
They are the last powerful symbol of a mother who devours the life of both Ulysses and Penelope.
First the child is masochistic and allows itself to be devoured, then it becomes sadistic and devours.
And if any man will hurt them, fire proceeds out of their mouth, and devours their enemies: and if any.
The mother is first sadistic and devours, then she becomes masochistic and allows herself to be devoured.
He devours financial documents including 10-K annual reports, 10-Q quarterly reports, and proxy statements.
In prison, not being able to devour human flesh, he devours the pages of the Bible and declares himself an Apostle of Christ.
It then explodes in all its violence and life becomes an infernal labyrinth that hides a frightening monster that continually devours us.
But there is also the desert, which devours the land and is slowly transforming Belvun into the same kind of place I’m trying to escape.
All know that in that grim chamber lurks some monster from the black night of ages, which devours the shrieking humans Taramis delivers up to it.
And if any man will hurt them, fire proceeds out of their mouth, and devours their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must within this way be hurt.
Therefore a curse devours the earth, and its inhabitants suffer for their guilt; therefore the inhabitants of the earth are scorched, and few men are left.
And if any man will hurt them, fire proceeds out of their mouth , and devours their enemies : and if any man will hurt them, he must within this way be hurt.
The hog, that finds his food among ordure, and greedily devours many things rejected by every other useful animal, is, like poultry, originally kept as a save-all.
That lady is more mighty than dainty, she is no way squeamish, she devours all and is ready for all, and fills her alforjas with people of all sorts, ages, and ranks.
The fourth encounter comes about in the Strait of Messina, where Scylla strikes Ulysses’ ship in an instant and devours six of Ulysses’ companions with its six heads.
Lust is the animal that devours respect! the voice of probity protested but with a volume diminished as if by a greater distance than before, but his arm suddenly came loose.
Such a point of the field of battle devours more combatants than such another, just as more or less spongy soils soak up more or less quickly the water which is poured on them.
He must have been a nice person! All these poor wretches are perfectly well-behaved; they all seem satisfied, and yet their desire to finish their period of chains devours them.
Just as the caterpillar devours the plant it will return as a butterfly to pollenate, the Livingsons utilized and nurtured the forest, the mountains, the meadows and the waters.
Lesson: The Lion with the beehive in its belly sleeps and is forever forgotten, but the Green Lion who devours the sun, is remembered and the gold it shits out is forever worshipped.
Mind gives space to divine light, which ultimately devours all the negative and dark conditions and what prevails in the end is nothing but unpolluted sense of oneness and sweetness.
He carefully recalls his descent into Hades, which was possible because of Circe’s indispensable help, and he understands the illusion that devours those who run after power and glory.
She soon accepts a half of each of the little girls’ cookies, as they seem to know that she is hungry, and she devours them hungrily, the oats, the chocolate, the peanut butter and all.
How many human societies have had groups of killers hunting by night under the cover of darkness? What is the archetype of the rapist? Someone who hunts small children at night and devours them.
She, in fact, does not want to make any decisions to recognize and love Ulysses, as she is still attached to her childhood, her expectations, and the maternal element that devours her life (the Suitors).
The bal Mabile is not the polymnia dance of the Janiculum, but the dealer in ladies' wearing apparel there devours the lorette with her eyes, exactly as the procuress Staphyla lay in wait for the virgin Planesium.

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