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Dingy numa frase em (in ingles)

Suddenly the dingy.
but now it was dingy gray.
He wore a dingy tee-shirt.
An old fisherman in his dingy.
about at his dingy surroundings.
dingy and derelict the place was.
We passed a badly-lit hotel, a dingy.

dingy gray pants and a shirt that matched.
coffee mugs with a dingy brown terrycloth.
Spock and the lady went into a dingy room.
The once dingy green floor of the Tavern.
The rooms were on the small side, dark and dingy.
Carroll looked down at his torn, dingy shirt sleeve.
There still was a fairly dingy, rundown look to it all.
handsome buildings – he was surrounded by dingy, run.
It only took a minute to pull the galvanized dingy back.
Six dingy plastic chairs lined the left and right walls.
and dingy, with plaster peeling off the walls and papers.
reveal the dingy, yellowed athletic socks, with the hole.
The beds were small and metal with dingy sheets and covers.
The bathrooms were tucked away in a dingy, badly lit corridor.
After bearing the hot water, Junya pissed in the dingy toilet.
He wore gray, ragged clothes that looked so shabby and dingy.
I follow him under a hanging sheet and into a dingy back room.
My mind was elsewhere… rooted back in that dingy hotel room.
would have was a tiny locker in a dingy and infrequently-visited.
Piers ran the boat up onto the beach next to the half-sunken dingy.
shoulder as they walked down the dingy corridor towards their room.

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