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Disgusting numa frase em (in ingles)

1. You are disgusting and if you.
2. How fucking disgusting is that.
3. It's disgusting to look at them.
4. This is so fucking disgusting.
5. He was quite disgusting, in fact.
6. Yell and scream, it was disgusting.
7. That is disgusting, Jeff said.
8. I think your pussy is disgusting.
9. Far more disgusting is more like it.
10. It's disgusting how you all cater to.
11. It smelled strange but not disgusting.
12. Back then he thought it was disgusting.
13. By the disgusting worms was gathered up.
14. These, too, were shameful and disgusting.
15. That is disgusting; we are related!.
16. The point is it has and it’s disgusting.
17. It's a disgusting and ridiculous suspicion.
18. It was really disgusting to see the fellow.
19. Andrew is your brother, that’s disgusting.
20. Fuck The Donald and his disgusting comb-over.
21. That’s really disgusting, Afu told her.
22. That was particularly shameful and disgusting.
23. The reptile-reek of the snakes was disgusting.
24. That’s disgusting! Augusta blurted out.
25. The smell was disgusting, but he hardly cared.
26. This is disgusting, the old lady sneered.
27. Look at the disgusting place that you call St.
28. If we try to eat it by itself, it is disgusting.
29. Its aspect was frankly disgusting and repulsive.
30. What was even more disgusting was the fact that.
31. That's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard.
32. It’s disgusting and she is in a state of shock.
33. I’ve discovered that raw potatoes are disgusting.
34. It's disgusting … some of the things I've heard.
35. After uttering his disgusting speech, the false Mr.
36. I was so anxious that it was disgusting even to me.
37. Their disgusting, perverted way of life ensures it.
38. That was the most disgusting thing I ever heard.
39. How disgusting, to put that girl up there like that.
40. The condition of the hospital was beyond disgusting.
41. Anger is offending, even disgusting and troublesome.
42. If anything, it sounded more disgusting than useful.
43. Combining the waste of two meals sounds disgusting.
44. A disgusting example of a supposedly civilized human.
45. It was both blinding and disgusting at the same time.
46. All green food is disgusting we often learn as a child.
47. All this was disgusting and at the same time shameful.
48. Nature itself becomes disgusting, icky, alien, feared.
49. Like I said, he could make a princess sound disgusting.
50. It is all vile and disgusting to anyone who watches it.
51. The lies spread about him siring babies are disgusting.
52. The old men got all disgusting with me, but they were.
53. I could hardly bear to look at her, she’s disgusting.
54. Swearing and cursing people who annoy you is disgusting.
55. I found it so disgusting that I would vocalize about it.
56. It’s disgusting and I thought highly of you, until now.
57. Smoking would cause such a bitter, disgusting taste that.
58. Such weather makes every thing and every body disgusting.
59. Apparently, shaving one’s privates was a disgusting and.
60. Or was that your fault? he said with a disgusting smirk.
61. Reminded of their previous, and rather disgusting, encounter.
62. He was a big, giant, disgusting, horrific, festering ball of.
63. Buster, that’s absolutely disgusting! Stop this car and.
64. She is finally proud of her uncle, his disgusting looks aside.
65. She wrinkles her nose as if what I’ve just said is disgusting.
66. I was wondering why my hair looked so disgusting in the morning.
67. What was most disgusting was finding out that the motivation for.
68. It was this disgusting smell that made The Chief Of Police heave.
69. That is fucking disgusting! Even Peter was appalled but of.
70. Zem said, Now what was that disgusting story about animals you.
71. She could hear herself making disgusting, shameful gagging sounds.
72. It was the most disgusting thing that the lil bomber had ever seen.
73. In fact, I had never smelt anything so disgusting in my whole life.
74. It has no borders and no right to exist anywhere and is disgusting.
75. I think of this disgusting creature as of some monstrous phenomenon.
76. She’d not seen a kiss, and it seemed a disgusting and odd practice.
77. That’s disgusting, Raven spat out before he could stop himself.
78. This makes sense because I’ve seen my insides and they are disgusting.
79. The Gospels are the Gospels, but what is disgusting remains disgusting.
80. Cyprian! Everyone here knows how filthy and disgusting the streets look.
81. She knew she would no longer be compelled to enter that disgusting chasm.
82. The wine hit her quite hard, even though she clearly found it disgusting.
83. That's not the point! What he did to you was disgusting and you let him.
84. The goofy story about her friend Insley’s half-dressed, disgusting baby.
85. It was quite disgusting the way the policeman’s head exploded.
86. It was disgusting and against every taboo he had ever been brought up with.
87. I turned around, disgusting with my looks, and looked into his sapphire eyes.
88. Their disgusting bodies heaved in and out with mechanical wheezes of breath.
89. The first thing she saw was the disgusting polyester-blend PMS uniform shirt.
90. I was wondering why my hair looked so disgusting after I awoke in the morning.
91. Oh, dear! oh, dear! how disgusting, he cried aloud as he had done then.
92. Monroe furrowed his brow, shook his head, and gave me another disgusting look.
93. Moreover, Morel's manners got worse and worse, his habits somewhat disgusting.
94. Disgusting probably won’t sell a lot of products, but humorous videos with.
95. Selena was surprised that she hadn’t gotten anything disgusting for clothes.
96. Absolutely disgusting female creature whose depravity and greed know no bounds.
97. Nekhludoff thought he saw Maslova smile here, and this seemed disgusting to him.
98. Which is probably a testament to just how disgusting whatever is on his chin is.
99. On the Internet, the talk about Scott is horrible, the theories wild, disgusting.
100. Forcing people to do what you want instead of what makes them happy is disgusting.
1. Disgusted Ben shook his head.
2. Gerald made a disgusted noise.
3. That disgusted me so much, I.
4. They gave him a disgusted look.
5. Bucca gave her a disgusted look.
6. He was disgusted by what he saw.
7. It gets disgusted with monotony.
8. He thought I would be disgusted.
9. He must already be disgusted by.
10. Disgusted, I didn’t answer him.
11. I was disgusted by my actions.
12. I learned to be totally disgusted.
13. She felt disgusted at her weakness.
14. She made a slightly disgusted face.
15. Jo threw a disgusted glance his way.
16. Get out of here He said disgusted.
17. Ava looked disgusted and furious now.
18. Emily shakes her head as if disgusted.
19. Work disgusted him, walking tired him.
20. This both attracted and disgusted him.
22. She was beautiful and she disgusted him.
23. She made a disgusted sound and flinched.
24. Mick had to laugh at Ashi’s disgusted.
25. He was disgusted with what he had to say.
26. I shrugged, disgusted, and closed the lid.
27. He sampled one and spit it out, disgusted.
28. But economists aren’t so easily disgusted.
29. In any case, the ordeal had disgusted him.
30. The thought of that interview disgusted him.
31. He must be ashamed and disgusted altogether.
32. Smelling him, remembering it, disgusted her.
33. McClure gave a disgusted look and tugged at.
34. Judas was disgusted with the whole spectacle.
35. What is wrong with you? I ask, disgusted.
36. I was so disgusted with myself that I rose to.
37. Although I felt very disgusted about wearing a.
38. What the heck are you? he asked, disgusted.
39. Carrie, disgusted with herself, bit her lip and.
40. Incubus, one of the guards said, disgusted.
41. He was disgusted by what he had been reduced to.
42. I’m swamped with shame, disgusted with myself.
43. I tried not to wince at her disgusted tone: cheat.
44. She pulled her hand back, disgusted with herself.
45. We were disgusted with the three monsters; more.
46. A fellow writes that calls himself Disgusted One.
47. He sipped the drink and produced a disgusted look.
48. She couldn't help but feel disgusted with herself.
49. His hands dropped and he gave her a disgusted look.
50. She was now afraid of Max and disgusted with his.
51. You guys are here alone? Joseph was disgusted.
52. Daphnie came up to Thomas with a disgusted look on.
53. A Cockney chum of mine was disgusted to hear the Q.
54. Tom was disgusted; and felt a sense of injury, too.
55. He was quite disgusted with his perceived impotency.
56. I had rarely been so upset and disgusted in my life.
57. The part of Karen that isnt disgusted admires Amy.
58. Garrett held his hand to his nose, his face disgusted.
59. Bonnie was disgusted, but simply couldn’t look away.
60. Paul was disgusted at the condition the kitchen was in.
61. A practitioner of blood magic disgusted by something?
62. There was a disgusted sigh on the other end of the line.
63. They were disgusted that it seemed to stand on a plain.
64. What’s with all the junk? asked Katie, disgusted.
65. Disgusted with him, she appealed to the chief of police.
66. If it had been anyone else I would have been disgusted.
67. What disgusted me most was when I witnessed men who once.
68. Massie hadn't quite decided which one disgusted her more.
69. You weren’t disgusted to hear about my injuries?
70. City Of Queens, the more disgusted with what was going on.
71. Lew was disgusted, and there were no more such boondoggles.
72. The girl nodded her head with a disgusted look on her face.
73. With a disgusted grimace, she kicked the snow woman in the.
74. Disgusted with herself, she apologized for sounding negative.
75. Garcia was disgusted at how easy the man was led towards a.
76. Disgusted, I dare say, and gone home as suddenly as he came.
77. And he would have looked at the pictures and been disgusted.
78. These kids, is that our enemy? Martina said, disgusted.
79. Randy understood why the Maynwarings were so disgusted with.
80. Rochelle was moody, feeling disillusioned and disgusted with.
81. He disgusted himself while returning to the house, foraging.
82. Weary and disgusted with the attacks on them personally and.
83. Then their God will be so disgusted by them that He Himself.
84. Roger was so disgusted by this sick gesture that he threw up.
85. Oh, fuck you, guys! He sat back in his chair, disgusted.
86. Disgusted by his inability to help in any way, he passed by.
87. I was disgusted with Eddie, but more, I was sick with myself.
88. Fine thief your friend turned out to be, he said disgusted.
89. One shouldn’t be disgusted with members of Congress because.
90. Solo Ki seemed whiter than ever, disgusted by the sudden praise.
91. I went away and didn't buy the stock, disgusted with that idea.
92. Even Toby and James looked mildly disgusted at the insinuation.
93. Charlie disgusted most of the women he slept with eventually.
94. And it was all because they were too disgusted with themselves.
95. I was utterly disgusted when I realised that he had been merely.
96. It is in this point of view that I am disgusted with this report.
97. Ellen who was aware of what went on was disgusted by the incident.
98. Some people cringe, others are amazed, still others are disgusted.
99. But I think they got disgusted with his foul language, he said.
100. As was often the case when Ish was around, uncle had a disgusted.
1. It disgusts me.
2. The sight disgusts her, but she laughs.
3. Her past is the shame of all Christians and disgusts all who are.
4. No one else knows what that is, which thoroughly disgusts Attila and his more refined tastes.
5. That rotten prosecutor has gone, too, contemptuous no doubt, it disgusts him to see me naked!.
6. And he drank them with the tea and says, "Even tea disgusts me," and I say, "Everything tastes bitter when one's sick.
7. We are cheered when we observe the vulture feeding on the carrion which disgusts and disheartens us, and deriving health and strength from the repast.
8. As it was an inviolable law for every gallant to keep to his partner, for the night especially, and even till he relinquished possession over to the community, in order to preserve a pleasing property, and to avoid the disgusts and indelicacy of another arrangement, the company, after a short refection of biscuits and wine, tea and chocolate, served in at now about one in the morning, broke up, and went off in pairs.
9. A terrible thing it is, containing days without bread, nights without sleep, evenings without a candle, a hearth without a fire, weeks without work, a future without hope, a coat out at the elbows, an old hat which evokes the laughter of young girls, a door which one finds locked on one at night because one's rent is not paid, the insolence of the porter and the cook-shop man, the sneers of neighbors, humiliations, dignity trampled on, work of whatever nature accepted, disgusts, bitterness, despondency.
10. Or that in you disgusts me; here you miss,.
11. Shocks and disgusts wheeze out their chests,.

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1. Ah!‘ he spat in disgust.
2. I looked at them in disgust.
3. I threw it down in disgust.
4. He spit it out with disgust.
5. I kicked the CPU in disgust.
6. His lips twisted in disgust.
7. My mouth puckers in disgust.
8. His nose wrinkled in disgust.
9. So, it was a look of disgust.
10. He shook his head in disgust.
11. Caris turned away in disgust.
12. James, with a look of disgust.
13. I shook my head with disgust.
14. Zoe shook her head in disgust.
15. Stein nearly spat with disgust.
16. I moved it with sheer disgust.
17. Sidney stepped back in disgust.
18. She shook her head in disgust.
19. Gary shook his head in disgust.
20. Haven shook her head in disgust.
21. Samara shook his head in disgust.
22. The former circles with disgust.
23. In disgust, he walked into the.
24. Odin snapped his jaws in disgust.
25. Bohdan shook his head in disgust.
26. Rancid shook his head in disgust.
27. This last was spat out in disgust.
28. Dopey Jack looked at us in disgust.
29. From horror, perhaps from disgust.
30. Mary looked at Alicia with disgust.
31. Wickland shook his head in disgust.
32. Elm looked at the ground in disgust.
33. Carlisle looked at it with disgust.
34. Fletcher looked at him with disgust.
35. Pissed, Ed shook his head in disgust.
36. Christine stopped short with disgust.
37. I turned to the detective in disgust.
38. Christ! Joey shouted in disgust.
39. Fuck, said Bru in sheer disgust.
40. Happy now?’ she asked with disgust.
41. I felt pity and disgust and pleasure.
42. You disgust me! She said coldly.
43. Also, much to Kiera’s disgust, snot.
44. He had read the message with disgust.
45. I could understand Bisdah’s disgust.
46. Donald was shaking his head in disgust.
47. Diggory screwed up his face in disgust.
48. His face had the presence of disgust.
49. He looked at me with restrained disgust.
50. It made his face wrinkled with disgust.
51. He felt nothing towards it but disgust.
52. The woman’s face painted with disgust.
53. His gaze suddenly darkened with disgust.
54. Jilin grew angry and vented his disgust.
55. In the end, he hung up on me in disgust.
56. Barron’s voice was filled with disgust.
57. Samara looked over to Bobby with disgust.
58. Look at him, said Choad in disgust.
59. Cristian stared at his manager in disgust.
60. Teya only looked at her with disgust as.
61. Ah, shit! Starret said with disgust.
62. And then instead of that— disgust, pity.
63. Torbin exhaled in a way to signify disgust.
64. He returned the gesture secretly in disgust.
65. Cherry stared at him in incredulous disgust.
66. Aazuria stared at him in wonder and disgust.
67. Shut your mouth, he said with disgust.
68. Below him, Gemini scowled at him in disgust.
69. His look of disgust and loathing evaporated.
70. Robert looked around him with disgust as the.
71. Harmony grimaced, unable to hide her disgust.
72. Until now, he added with a grunt of disgust.
73. But her disgust for his obsession still shows.
74. Mitchell could only shake his head in disgust.
75. Dafyd threw his hands up in the air in disgust.
76. After a time this disgust entirely disappeared.
77. Sebastian grimaced at his messy shirt in disgust.
78. Oh, the nasty beasts! said he with disgust.
79. The trolls made noises of disgust and admiration.
80. Grandma will look on with disgust and scold him.
81. At the sound of the name he recoiled in disgust.
82. That was worse even that his anger, his disgust.
83. Felicia wiped her hands on her skirt with disgust.
84. Boris sighed and drooped his shoulders in disgust.
85. Sophie hissed in disgust and rolled away from him.
86. The veal she refused with disgust and irritation.
87. You will be looked upon with disgust and derision.
88. Without her looking on me with horror and disgust.
89. Johnny who had a look of disgust on his face said.
90. Raskolnikov sat in silence, listening with disgust.
91. A look of disgust swept across his rainsoaked face.
92. He spat in disgust, but allowed the men their way.
93. What the hell? Barret spluttered with disgust.
94. But instead most of them looked at her with disgust.
95. He made a sound of disgust in the back of his throat.
96. Boredom had seized him; a great disgust of humanity.
97. The others looked at her with disgust, Gulab!.
98. Peter Templeton felt a wave of disgust wash over him.
99. This is ridiculous, Wickland said with disgust.
100. Stella featured prominently in them, to his disgust.