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Dismal numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Did send a dismal sheen;.
  2. Did send a dismal sheen:.
  3. It won't do to be dismal now.
  4. It was cold and rather dismal.
  5. Upon the dismal shore of Acheron.

  6. The Sharpe ratio is a dismal −.
  7. The dismal noise came from upstairs.
  8. SUMMARY: We averaged a dismal 5.
  9. What dismal things are closed houses.
  10. But the attic was dismal beyond words.
  11. Dismal, but true, said Whitehead.
  12. All this dismal silence was terrifying.
  13. What a dismal place, said Cyberia.
  14. The sea was grey and shaggy and dismal.
  15. The surroundings were dismal and bleak.

  16. Puerto Viejo’s was in a dismal state.
  17. With heraldry more dismal; head to foot.
  18. It was a real sad time, dismal, in fact.
  19. What a dismal failure I turned out to be.
  20. It was a dismal welcome for the strangers.
  21. What a dismal mystery knight I proved to be.
  22. For the record here is our dismal performance.
  23. Thus a whole year went by in this dismal place.
  24. He remembered his dismal disaster with Cecilia.
  25. Justin’s eyes surveyed the dismal city streets.

  26. He wondered what point on this dismal path these.
  27. Julia gave us both a little dismal signal of sympathy.
  28. Abu Shouk was much more uniform and dismal than Kalma.
  29. The stock had definitely roared back from its dismal 1993.
  30. This funeral seems to me the most dismal thing I ever saw.
  31. Under the leaden sky the works looked more dismal than ever.
  32. Jesus face was in such dismal condition that James gave up.
  33. Quietly, sure of his ground, he traversed the dismal fields.
  34. Remember my description of our dismal, belowground quarters.
  35. They all stared in horrified silence at the dismal procession.
  36. It was so dismal there that I left! I am staying out this way.
  37. Rad grabbed Anne’s arm and led her away from the dismal corner.
  38. She couldn't see the window, or the dismal rain streaming down it.
  39. I have been wandering the countryside a dismal failure ever since.
  40. O wild and dismal night storm, with wind--O belching and desperate!.
  41. What was such a dismal and gray area in her life has all the sudden.
  42. It was a dismal, red brick complex that called no attention to itself.
  43. Its failure leaves a dismal path of destruction of property and lives.
  44. Christmas would probably be passed in the same dismal way, with fears.
  45. However, the statistics are dismal for the long call strategy overall.
  46. For the varsity boys, it was a long, dismal train ride back to Seattle.
  47. Given the dismal record of raft-bound men, Mac’s despair was reasonable.
  48. The oilcloth and the wall-papers looked very dismal in the grey daylight.
  49. Would Richard Branson ever find himself in a dismal situation like this?
  50. You notice how everything in this country is achieving the same dismal look.
  51. We're dismal enough without conjuring up ghosts and visions to perplex us.
  52. Jaggers's chair, and became fascinated by the dismal atmosphere of the place.
  53. I awoke to find that dismal howling still in my ears, Ulla, ulla, ulla, ulla.
  54. Just a year ago we were groaning over the dismal Christmas we expected to have.
  55. Venki had regained his exuberance after the dismal demonstration with the sling.
  56. His few hours' sleep had not been nearly enough; he was tired and rather dismal.
  57. Both of whom you left unburied, their gore splattered across that dismal place.
  58. In a few minutes he stopped quaking and his body succumbed to a dismal uneasy sleep.
  59. In some part of this beautiful universe, God has prepared an awful, dismal, burning.
  60. The source of his melancholy was the generally dismal state of the world at the time.
  61. At this dismal time we were evidently all possessed by the idea that we were followed.
  62. In a bare lime-washed yard behind the house, I found my aunt dressed in dismal black.
  63. She sat for a few dismal minutes in silence, facing the consequences of her rash act.
  64. However, I won't describe these dismal details ; I only felt that I was awfully tired.
  65. The other wheeled his horse to face the portal resembling the high gate of a dismal barn.
  66. That volatility, combined with dismal returns, gave the strategy a Sharpe ratio of just.
  67. Unfortunately, the League of Nations was a dismal failure because nations, including the.
  68. No house could be dismal which had a pretty girl inside it and such a show of roses in front.
  69. The result was dismal, and the boy’s seizures, depression, and uncooperativeness continued.
  70. A dull and dismal light was shed over the bedclothes and curtains surrounding the young girl.
  71. THE ABANDONED BUILDING embodied the entire neighborhood: hard and empty, dismal and destitute.
  72. On the first occasion they were tested the children realised they were a dismal disappointment.
  73. It seemed it was destined only for a dismal fate each time it was worn and now its time had come.
  74. He looked about, but there seemed nowhere even for an animal to crawl into in this dismal country.
  75. Around the wounded stood crowds of soldier stretcher-bearers with dismal and attentive faces, whom.
  76. I needn’t ask if you are happy, said I, presently, with a dismal failure at looking cheerful.
  77. I have to say, I am a little glad that I shall be reeled up out of this dismal place in a short time.
  78. The leaden skies and the softly-swishing traffic foretold a long, damp and dismal winter in this city.
  79. Although this was a dismal apartment block, the female residents still took pride in keeping it clean.
  80. The one who came from farthest to my lodge, through deepest snows and most dismal tempests, was a poet.
  81. Ah, there she is, Alcor cried as he saw Cleo descending the stairs with a dismal frown on her face.
  82. Conversely, you may have seen promotions run for products like yours that were utter and dismal failures.
  83. These dismal creations look still uglier at sea than in port, and with an added touch of the ridiculous.
  84. What a dismal heartbroken event for me to accept… I literally spent years grappling with this reaction.
  85. As she threaded her way through the market stalls, it seemed to her that a dismal air hung over the fair.
  86. One of them in fact turned into something best left undescribed and slunk off into some dismal dimension.
  87. Entering a long gallery, a dismal shriek made me spring out of my conductor's arms, with I know not what.
  88. Looking at the worst decile by sales to enterprise value, we see those now all too familiar dismal returns.
  89. Each wandered away, from time to time, but the same dismal fascination always brought them back presently.
  90. This dismal threadbare stretch of her life was over! Thank God because it had nearly been the death of her.
  91. She could tell that Esyth was being humorous on purpose, obviously in an attempt to dismiss her dismal mood.
  92. Ah, dismal — soul'd! / The winds of heaven blew, the ocean roll'd / Its gathering waves — ye felt it not.
  93. I had often, in my childhood, followed a ballad-singer, to hear the sequel of a dismal story, though sure of.
  94. Casaubon because he had such a great soul, and was so and dismal and learned; and now, to think of marrying Mr.
  95. It stood tall, with its blood like colour and impressive features standing out so clearly in the dismal weather.
  96. Two dark blue sedans arrived at the curb outside the dismal building where we’d spent the past twenty-four hours.
  97. The miserable Toad, crouching in the coal-dust, tried hard to think of something to do, with dismal want of success.
  98. But for every such miraculous survivor, there were thousands of financial disasters like the Dismal Swamp Canal Co.
  99. The burrow was damp and dismal just as Cherva knew it would be, discomfort would lend a sharpness to their training.
  100. Marius fixed his despairing eyes on that dismal house, which was as black and as silent as a tomb and far more empty.

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