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We did everything but dismantle the President’s chair.
I remove the barrel, dismantle the zárdugattyú and oil it.
Gazzy’s never not been able to dismantle something!.
Why would that bother him? She was helping to dismantle nukes.
With him gone, it will be much easier now to dismantle his criminal empire.
In order to completely dismantle the United States government, strip it of.
It should not surprise anyone that when you begin to dismantle the ego in the.

It seemed to him there must be a way to dismantle it without closing the church.
I’m currently working to dismantle the laws that have inhibited the Fourth Amendment.
Maybe even dismantle some time-programmed plot or device the killer had already primed.
Once you have the new facility functioning you can dismantle the old facilities in the.
They dismantle the tent and camp without haste, while I say my farewells to the landscape.
He carries the chairs back to where they belong and, together we dismantle the decorations.
But it would be a matter of some vital moments for him to find the core within to dismantle it.
Then American Catholics began to dismantle their sub-culture and we were changed by the culture.
The Germans left approximately two hundred Jews behind to dismantle the ghetto and clean the area.
Israel would withdraw its troops from Sinai, dismantle its settlements there, and gradually hand Sinai back to Egypt.
Looking the dress over and moving her arms to see how he could dismantle her clothing, he noticed the zipper on the side.
Kennedy’s reaction to want to dismantle the CIA was totally understandable and within his jurisdiction as president to pursue.
Zinsmann set to work demonstrating how to dismantle and reassemble each of the weapons, with Colling interpreting his instructions.
Charles decided that he would dismantle his business empire and make it difficult for the powers that be to obtain it, even in the event of his death.
It did not take them long to pack Chris’ clothes into his suitcase, throw the rest of his stuff into a cardboard box or two and dismantle the stereo.
But Wolfensberger was using these in-built securities, namely the lack of trust and communication between the compartments, to dismantle the system from within!.
Here he is an inconspicuous forerunner to the pre-Socratic philosophers, which soon after would dismantle the belief in the existence of the gods and their presumed immortality.
On the one hand there was the prospect of the RAF's destructive air power, and on the other the Führer was threatening that unless the ships were brought home he would dismantle them.
It didn’t take him long to dismantle the unions – that may have qualified as a conspiracy, but if not, it wouldn’t be long before Iran-Contra graced the headlines of the newspapers.
Those isolated shots quickly became heavy exchanges of gunfire as the workers of Paris built barricades all across the city and as the army went on to brutally dismantle them and disperse the rioters.
They actually showed up with a full crew the day after the funeral, entered onto property they had no claim to, and were all set to dismantle the boulder, regardless of how much damage they did to everything else.
What would it take to eliminate money and bring about an opportunity at a new economy of equality? Just five of the world's one hundred richest people using their money to dismantle the world's wealth making machine.
Perhaps a determined President Bush has found, in his appeal for a joint answer from states that love and respect freedom, the appropriate formula to dismantle that global terrorism which becomes fervid seeking death as a prize.
From both these points, we arrive at the following conclusion: Occidental Union Administrators should dismantle all barriers that prevent the pursuit of scientific knowledge; that is, every avenue of scientific research must be explored.
Finally, with the Sun low on the horizon and due to disappear in one hour, she concluded the shooting session and had her recruits dismantle and clean their rifles on folding tables, under the supervision of their female Afghan instructors.
What had been foreseen as a day of formality became one of fierce exertion; housemaids began making a fire, removing covers, unfolding linen- men in aprons, never normally seen, shifted furniture; the estate carpenters were collected to dismantle the bed.
As I said about death, you must meet the Ego eye-to-eye, understand it, accept it, embrace it, appreciate it for what it is and the service it has provided for you, and then quietly and systematically dismantle it one layer at a time until there‘s nothing left –.
It is reported that on the morning of the Coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953, one local authority resorted to law and applied for an injunction to force a persistent organiser to dismantle a street party, already set up and just waiting to go, which it considered to be illegal.
The poster had appeared several weeks earlier, Robert De Niro with his army jacket and Apache haircut, and you only had to pass within a dozen yards of it to see that this was a movie meant for them—that, as Nicky put it, Scorsese was using the master’s tools to dismantle the master’s house.
The only time true love can exist is when human beings clean up their intentions and souls and lives and their society and dismantle and throw away their tools and clean up the earth so the earth becomes a clean environment, so the earth becomes clean enough for humans to have clean emotions and clean thoughts and clean feelings, and clean actions.
Hold! take this door! this grating! this penthouse! this chimney-piece! this broken brazier! this cracked pot! Give all! cast away all! Push this roll, dig, dismantle, overturn, ruin everything! It was the collaboration of the pavement, the block of stone, the beam, the bar of iron, the rag, the scrap, the broken pane, the unseated chair, the cabbage-stalk, the tatter, the rag, and the malediction.
The Goletta and the fort being thus in their hands, the Turks gave orders to dismantle the Goletta--for the fort was reduced to such a state that there was nothing left to level--and to do the work more quickly and easily they mined it in three places; but nowhere were they able to blow up the part which seemed to be the least strong, that is to say, the old walls, while all that remained standing of the new fortifications that the Fratin had made came to the ground with the greatest ease.
When they returned to their room Shirl spread her tools on the table and began to dismantle the expensive laptop, Murray made a pot of coffee and sat and watched her doing her thing, the whole procedure was a mystery to Murray, he was totally computer illiterate and as far as altering one he would be about as much use as an ash tray on a motorbike, he was fascinated watching Shirl soldering this, disconnecting that, taking one component out and replacing it with another, very much in control of her environment.
Dismantling the British Empire 635.
A nice gesture, after dismantling my home.
Dismantling the stress matrix is not an easy task.
It was like a fine dismantling of attention, a subtle rejection.
The Levites were responsible for dismantling and re-erecting it.
Crippling, then dismantling, the industrial order is their program.
Your probes get to work dismantling and assimilating his every facet.
He saw that the bartenders were dismantling the bar, which was both surprising.
And better than playing with ammunition was the dismantling and cleaning of guns.
I've been in this form for nearly 500 years now and they have no intention of dismantling me.
It was like a U-shaped huge desk and no way to get it in and out of the door without dismantling it.
He was the president of the corporation that I was in the process of dismantling, loafer by loafer.
They went on all day, and she finally figured out that they were dismantling the construction elevator.
Now that they had the wallboard removed from the wall, they began dismantling the vertical planks one by one.
He’d spent years devising a plan that had a very real chance of dismantling America’s intelligence apparatus.
Stewart Underwood recalls the massive effort and complexity of dismantling the guidebook program by Procter & Gamble.
It is only by the complete dismantling of any accumulated imbalance that you can ever achieve a higher dynamic balance.
The traders were packing up their leftover goods and dismantling their stalls: the Fleece Fair was over for another year.
In 1989, as the Soviet bloc began dismantling and the Berlin Wall came down (see the next section ‘Meanwhile, Back in the USSR.
Upstairs, the fire crew was doing mop-up and overhaul, dismantling the second-story ceiling, putting out hot spots under the eaves.
Exhaustion is the constant companion of itinerant actors with afternoon and evening performances, travelling, setting up and dismantling the stage.
On the other hand, the Chinese had no intention of dismantling Hong Kong’s phenomenally successful capitalist system: China needed the money too much.
Looking at the various components of the now field stripped weapon, she remembered her very first time and how long it took to complete the dismantling process.
Having escaped the turmoil of family and French-Canadian nationalism, she was thrust into the bitter dismantling of South Africa’s apartheid — and with it her marriage.
Sparky began dismantling the binding of one of the scrolls and then unbelievably he pulled a white sheet out that had been sandwiched in between the two layers of parchment.
After greasepaint and costumes were removed, friends milled backstage offering congratulations, getting in the way of stage crew who had already started dismantling the set.
Yet even while dismantling the shroud of shame and secrecy surrounding intellectual disabilities, she kept a very important detail of Rosemary’s life—the lobotomy—a secret.
A year before, I had an even more bizarre experience when we chose Mamata as the CNN-IBN Politician of the Year for her stunning achievement in dismantling the left citadel in Bengal.
This was after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China’s arch communist enemy and after the dismantling of the previous Apartheid Regime in South Africa.
But one of the many people who regularly brought unpleasant news of the deluge had told her that the company was dismantling its dispensaries to move them to where it was not raining.
The President and Congress looked forward to a Happy New Year finishing off their work of dismantling the American Republic behind the barricade of their 60 Senator filibuster proof majority.
Failure to sign the agreement would force me to begin dismantling the valve immediately by first shutting off all valves on the systemin essence, turning off the heat to four or five large office buildings in the neighborhood around our property.
As March wore on, he gradually began to settle on two leading contenders for varsity status: one of the previous season’s JV boats—the one with Moch, McMillin, and Day in it—and the original sophomore boat, still intact despite his various attempts at dismantling and improving it.
Dismantling the Soviet Union was supposed to help in setting up democratic governments, but all too often the presidents of these new states seemed to think that elections were more fun when you’d fixed the result in advance and that the busy modern head of state needs a busy modern secret police force.
It is truly ironic that the Nazis labelled much the art 'degenerate' - art by greats like Picasso, Chagall, Dix and Beckmann - seizing and hiding it so as to protect public morals while Hitler and his cronies set about dismantling the very concept of morals, classifying certain types of people as animals and foisting the ultimate horror on Europe.
Bucca quickly dismantled the shelter.
Ships? Most ships have been dismantled.
A room was dismantled for each new guest.
That is why the CIA and NASA refuse to be dismantled.
The base had been totally dismantled in the two week break.
The cage had been dismantled; now that the wolves and the.
It dismantled the democracy that helped it achieve State bliss.
The British Raj would have to be dismantled in double-quick time.
Mother partially dismantled it, and one of the pieces fell on me.
From far off over the valley, with its dismantled cornfields and.
The result is a dismantled DNA structure which alters the coding and.
They came all dismantled and crated but assembling them would not be a.
As I told you, when I was a boy, the Xuande emperor dismantled the fleet.
I labeled every piece as I dismantled it, and laid everything out on a table.
On his own, without consulting the president, Haig ordered the system dismantled.
Banners were folded, display cases and tables dismantled, leaving only one thing.
This is why civilization must be dismantled, taken apart and never allowed to exist again.
Unless it has been dismantled, there is every reason to believe that it could be operational.
It wouldn’t fit through the tunnel to the rail station, so it had to be partially dismantled.
All the equipment and facilities concerning time travel have been dismantled, he said….
After which he put the fatal knife in Potter's open right hand, and sat down on the dismantled coffin.
Apparently the place had been but recently furnished, but it was now dismantled in a most painful manner.
It doesn’t help that everyone wants their particular workstation dismantled last and re-installed first.
As for the time travel program of the World Council having been dismantled, Nancy had big doubts about that.
Further travel through time has been banned ever since and all the pertaining equipment has been dismantled.
The explosive device needs to be physically dismantled though and you will need to get some experts to do that.
Enthralled by Musab’s actions, Siri handed over his phone and it was similarly dismantled and returned to him.
For this one reason alone: the normality that humans call human civilization: should be dismantled and destroyed.
The way I understand it they are quite the disappointment to the regular military and will be dismantled very soon.
Kurt had read in his historical research how the area had made a dramatic comeback after the steel mills were dismantled.
Less than thirty years later, when he was just a boy, the Xuande emperor, Zhu Zhanji, ordered the fleet dismantled and all.
When the new temple was built to double the scale of the Tabernacle, the Old Testaments was dismantled stored in the Temple.
All weapons of war were dismantled except for those given to the UN's Special Force that used the armament to enforce world law.
The desks and stuff will have to be dismantled on the Thursday as well – so that moves the computers back to Thursday morning.
Two years after Ronald Reagan demanded the Berlin Wall be dismantled, it is still standing, and time has run out for Ronald Reagan.
When the last of the water was lifted out, the raft itself had to be dismantled and raised, plank by plank, up the ladders and out.
The cabin was dismantled, half painted, and they would take the odor of turpentine away with them in the memory of a happy afternoon.
She also said more than once that the British Empire should be dismantled and is one of the most trusted advisors of President Dewey.
In the dinning room, we came across a wonderfully long oaken table, which had to be dismantled before we could even begin relocating it.
Gāndhiji was considered their arch enemy at one time because he successfully dismantled this great empire without firing a single bullet.
He dismantles the machine, stares into its circuits, lets his fingers trace the journeys of electrons.

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