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In a dispirited.
We were totally dispirited.
Although dispirited that his flying.
Too sore to move and dispirited she was.
These teachers literally feel dispirited.
At those junctures, he would feel dispirited.
He spun his wedding ring and gave a dispirited smile.

I feel distant from you, Donald said, dispirited.
I talk, there is no strength and I sound so dispirited.
She was too dispirited even to look and see who it was.
Dispirited and anxious, long hoping that to-morrow or.
By the end of the week she was dispirited and depressed.
The troops meanwhile stood growing listless and dispirited.
Because Sima Zhongtian was himself dispirited, he did not.
He has changed, has become more gentle, but is dispirited.
As they approached the mayor spoke to them in a dispirited voice.
A broad smile reassured us that the illness had not left him dispirited.
Dispirited features stared down and across at him, puzzled by his presence.
Since her internal power had recovered, why was her speech so dispirited?
But I’m feeling dispirited about ever recalling what happened on Saturday.
For days he had drooped about the empty chicken run, too dispirited to crow.
She woke up tired and dispirited, and ate her breakfast porridge mechanically.
Far from being dispirited, his friend now appeared to have a twinkle in his eye.
Yang was bloodied all over, his look was very dispirited and there was not even a.
Muttering and dispirited, Elise Jones closed her eyes and surrendered to the fates.
For the next hour Barrington walked about the crowded streets in a dispirited fashion.
This is bad, because a dispirited team is less productive and less able to solve problems.
Oh, Ailia said dispirited, trying to read his face for any clues of his sudden change of plans.
It seemed as though some burdensome idea had suddenly chilled his feverish head; he seemed all at once dispirited.
As two days of enquiries wore on, Daniel became dispirited and began to wonder if it had all been a waste of time.
She is well enough, but she is worn out with the care of her cousin, Lady Barbara, and she is sadly dispirited, too.
And, from his point of view, the sooner the better, for his men are only going to become more dispirited as the days go by.
Her mind was so much weakened that she still fancied present exertion impossible, and therefore it only dispirited her more.
Herbert, coming to my bedside when he came in,—for I went straight to bed, dispirited and fatigued,—made the same report.
There was no fear in the deceased eyes, not for themselves, only the subtle flinch of concern for Byron’s once dispirited mind.
But the soldiers grew dispirited with inaction: exposure and army rations were beginning to tell, and finally yellow fever broke out.
The others all followed, dispirited and shamefaced, and only much later were they able to regain their former affectation of indifference.
Dispirited by such narrow thinking, Margaret was ready to write a stinging investigation report tonight, prior to her return to Washington.
In the middle of the second decade of the twenty-first century, many evangelicals find that they are disunited, hurt, angry, dispirited and confused.
As for the survivors now trapped in the middle of an open field, they finally surrended as Sunrise came, out of ammunition and completely dispirited.

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blue depressed dispirited down downcast downhearted gloomy grim low listless

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