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1. Use your marketing to disqualify.
2. Their sole intent was to disqualify each and every absentee voter.
3. Mere Presence of Funded Debt Does Not Disqualify Preferred Stocks for Investment.
4. Dichotomy is most often used to "disqualify" something (in the sense that the term is used in.
5. The bonds of very small enterprises are subject to objections which disqualify them as media for conservative investment.
6. They constantly challenged military votes that were clearly legitimate, but they were able to disqualify them on a technicality.
7. Also, efforts were made to disqualify the military vote, and people were hired to question the elderly so as to inject doubt about the butterfly ballot.

8. Thirty years of time and effort, however, should immediately disqualify the notion of any third-party political movement in whatever manner it may appeal to ―hard-core‖ types.
9. You may have to deal with higher rates of interest, but choosing a poor credit ranking mortgage lender can go a long way to ensuring that your credit ranking rating won’t disqualify you for a financial loan.
10. Perhaps, sir, I owe an apology to the Senate at this time for entering into this debate under a state of hoarseness, which must necessarily disqualify me, in some degree, from discharging my duty on the present occasion.
11. Since the selection of high-grade bonds has been shown to be in good part a process of exclusion, it lends itself reasonably well to the application of definite rules and standards designed to disqualify unsuitable issues.
12. But if we compare together the habits of a soldier and of any sort of manufacturer, we shall find that those of the latter do not tend so much to disqualify him from being employed in a new trade, as those of the former from being employed in any.
13. He said Mike and Mitch were riding in the Dirt-Bike Competition not wearing the proper gear! The judges plan to disqualify them for not wearing any helmets! Then Barry told me Mike and Mitch got very upset with the judges and started arguing and fussing with the judges and the coach!.
14. I I said I know you pay $3,900 for people who get accepted in the study; what you pay people who waste two hours of their life, drive here in a driving rainstorm, get jerked around for two hours and then are finally told after two hours they been rejected because they had prostate cancer? Why the hell didn’t you disqualify me on the phone before I ever came over here? I sarcastically said to the gal at the front desk; I bet you don't pay any money to people who wasted two hours and didn't qualify for the study.
1. That was disappointing but not totally disqualifying.
2. To these Senators judicial temperament in a candidate is a disqualifying liability at his confirmation hearing.
3. The MAGIC of the Wolf Trap Kiss Close is that it's a series of general and sexual compliance tests combined with BT spiking and disqualifying.
4. In several of the ancient states of Greece, foreign trade was prohibited altogether; and in several others, the employments of artificers and manufacturers were considered as hurtful to the strength and agility of the human body, as rendering it incapable of those habits which their military and gymnastic exercises endeavoured to form in it, and as thereby disqualifying it, more or less, for undergoing the fatigues and encountering the dangers of war.
1. They couldn't see what disqualified.
2. Being disqualified did not stop the fight, however.
3. I’ve disqualified myself from that sort of thing.
4. And then I would be disqualified for doing it again.
5. I was once disqualified four times in a single round.
6. Over his high school career, he was disqualified from.
7. I hadn’t seen it, but Patrick was disqualified for rough riding.
8. Team Noziak is disqualified for releasing hands before the exercise ended.
9. In this case, it turned out the kid had used an illegal formula for fuel and would be disqualified.
10. I realize that all the weaknesses and fears that I thought had disqualified me for the job, were in.
11. Scholarship essays full of grammatical errors are the first to be disqualified even if the content is otherwise compelling.
12. On 13 September 2012, however, the World Meteorological Organization disqualified the higher reading, restoring the record to Death Valley.
13. They left the Olympic village, unauthorized, to avoid the test and invented a patently fraudulent story of a motorcycle accident and were thus disqualified.
14. Not all of the horses are comfortable being confined within each stall of the starting gate, and they have to be calmed or disqualified before the race can start.
15. To raise them from the dead and judge them disqualified for heavenly service, and remand them back to the atoms from whence they came would have the ring of justice.
16. The rest of the fights I won, but was disqualified unfairly every time because my opponents would not stand still long enough for me to hit them cleanly, unless I managed to corner them.
17. And Archibald received a commission of surgeon in the British navy, in which he continued until disqualified by old age, when he retired from business, and died a few years since in London.
18. Many people, in the any art, of fighting, believe, that in the ring, or in tournaments, there are rules and regulations, to apply to, less you break them and get disqualified, for not obeying.
19. Issues failing to meet these minimum requirements should be automatically disqualified as straight investments, regardless of high yield, attractive prospects, or other grounds for partiality.
20. The governor who told Lott he didn’t know of a single defensive use of a gun was the same guy who went to Florida to help get the military votes disqualified in the 2000 presidential election.
21. Issues failing to meet these minimum requirements should be automatically disqualified as straight investments, regardless of high yield, attractive prospects, or other grounds for partiality….
22. It is true that these requirements would have disqualified a large part of the preferred-stock financing done in the years prior to 1931, but such severity would have been of benefit to the investing public.
23. As a warning to all of Christ’s followers, Scripture recorded how the fourth generation of Abraham’s descendants received their freedom, but disqualified themselves from fulfilling God’s purpose (1 Corinthians 10: 6, 11).
24. In the manufactures of Birmingham alone, the quantity of gold and silver annually employed in gilding and plating, and thereby disqualified from ever afterwards appearing in the shape of those metals, is said to amount to more than fifty thousand pounds sterling.
25. My mother and I briefly entertained the idea of my purchasing the radio, television and newspaper properties that were in the territory that my outdoor company served, but this was precluded by the estate attorney who, because I was on the board, pointed out I was a disqualified person.
26. Jane! Jane! he said, in such an accent of bitter sadness it thrilled along every nerve I had; you don’t love me, then? It was only my station, and the rank of my wife, that you valued? Now that you think me disqualified to become your husband, you recoil from my touch as if I were some toad or ape.
27. Fanny was very anxious to be useful, and not to appear above her home, or in any way disqualified or disinclined, by her foreign education, from contributing her help to its comforts, and therefore set about working for Sam immediately; and by working early and late, with perseverance and great despatch, did so much that the boy was shipped off at last, with more than half his linen ready.
28. Because in the oligarchical State they are disqualified and driven from office, and therefore they cannot train or gather strength; whereas in a democracy they are almost the entire ruling power, and while the keener sort speak and act, the rest keep buzzing about the bema and do not suffer a word to be said on the other side; hence in democracies almost everything is managed by the drones.
29. You think wow, we need that person! They've got such a gift on their life - but listen, what is their character? Because only the character can keep the person in the place and produce the fruit God intended, so if we're not committed to develop our character and understand God's process of developing character, no matter what your gift and dream is, at some point you'll derail because your character disqualified you from the dream, the thing you were trying to pursue.
30. What, then, let me ask, has changed the character of those people, that they are to be despised? What new order of things has disqualified them for the enjoyment of liberty? Has any malediction of Heaven doomed them to perpetual vassalage? Or, will the gentleman from Virginia pretend to more wisdom and more patriotism than the constellation of patriots who conducted the infant Republic through the Revolution? In point of territorial limit, the map will prove its importance.
1. A line growing or extending from zero can never leave zero because of the influence of being zero disqualifies any possibility of growth.
2. When any line is starting from point zero it can never leave zero because of the influence of being zero disqualifies any possibility of growth.

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