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Dissemination numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The problem is its analysis and dissemination.
  2. The tradition that developed from this first dissemination.
  3. Talk about destroying all dissemination of new ideas everywhere.
  4. The authors link this evidence to gradual information dissemination.
  5. This is the dissemination of a marketing message by self proliferation.

  6. But the instructions for the files’ dissemination weren’t encrypted.
  7. All the more reason for the understanding and dissemination of the material I am presenting.
  8. But there would also be an unofficial report, with limited dissemination, that would tell a different story.
  9. If the aim was the dissemination of ideas, the printing press could have accomplished that much better than warfare.
  10. By creating the concept of intellectual property: the dissemination and sharing of knowledge has become strictly limited.
  11. These women need to be empowered through supportive counseling, power equality, knowledge dissemination and legal options.
  12. No matter the concern or ailment these are true energy centers and will aid in the dissemination of energy throughout the body.
  13. We reported these, naturally, our ‘occupiers’ seemingly unconcerned about the dissemination of all the bad news they occasioned.
  14. Only with such a view of the matter will all the obstacles to the dissemination of the schools be obviated, though they have seemed insuperable.
  15. True technology is close to unknown, with religious intolerance often blocking the progress or even the dissemination of what little science there is.

  16. The reaction of OPMI trading markets to the dissemination of accounting information as measured by OPMI market prices is a matter of crucial importance.
  17. The rest, who out of confidence had accepted the previous truth, on which the existing order is based, always oppose the dissemination of the new truth.
  18. The focus was specifically on Evan Sturza's letter, Sturza's Medical Investment Letter, but has larger ramifications for media dissemination of negative information.
  19. To these may be added the numerical divisions in the parts of the flower, the position of the ovules, the shape of the seed, when not of any use for dissemination, etc.
  20. As it offered tremendous speed and labor advantages, mechanized printing spread rapidly, and greatly enhanced the literacy of Europe along with the dissemination of different ideas.
  21. Consequently, with the County Council administration, thirty schools to forty thousand of the population are the highest limit of what the dissemination of the schools in the county may reach.
  22. In botanical works, this or that plant is often stated to be ill adapted for wide dissemination; but the greater or less facilities for transport across the sea may be said to be almost wholly unknown.
  23. Roy leaned hard on him, including a requirement that he deliver mail from the box on Sundays and wait at the Park home for Roy to process and give him instructions for Monday dissemination of the packet.
  24. It may have been no small coincidence that industry prospered in eighteenth century England along with a great rise of periodicals and newspapers that aided in the dissemination of news and information contributing to intellectual collaboration.
  25. Men who pass over to the side of a new truth which has reached a certain degree of dissemination always do so all at once, in a mass, and they are like that ballast with which every vessel is laden all at once for its stable equilibrium and regular course.

  26. In the administrative, external side of the school there are five main subjects, which are so closely connected with the school business itself that on their good or bad structure depend to a great extent the success and dissemination of popular education.
  27. Taking the time first to check quickly the printout of her text and signing it, then going briefly out of her office to pass it to a clerk for reproduction and dissemination, Ingrid sat back behind her desk and grabbed the daily intelligence summary file and started reading it.
  28. If you are not an intended recipient, please notify the sender, and then please delete and destroy all copies and attachments, and be advised that any review or dissemination of, or the taking of any action in reliance on, the information contained in or attached to this message is prohibited.
  29. The more people shall have to eat, the more there shall be of telegraphs, telephones, books, newspapers, journals, the more means will there be for the dissemination of discordant lies and of hypocrisy, and the more will men be disunited and, therefore, wretched, as is indeed the case at present.
  30. As such, the predetermined existence of subatomic-energy interactions over time and through the transcendent medium and catalyst of evolution seeding the intrinsic dissemination, as the definition of willed creation, of the higher-order spirit-energies of lower levels of base instincts and the higher levels of intelligence etc.
  31. To subjugate to Christianity all the wild people outside the Christian world,—all the Zulus, Manchurians, and Chinese, whom many consider to be wild,—and the savages within the Christian world, there is one, only one means,—the dissemination among these nations of a Christian public opinion, which is established only through a Christian life, Christian acts, Christian examples.
  32. It would seem that with the dissemination of culture, of improved means of locomotion, of frequent intercourse among the men of the various nations, in connection with the diffusion of the press, and, above all, in connection with the complete absence of danger from other nations, the deception of patriotism ought to become harder and harder, and ought in the end to become impossible.
  33. We, the men of state, who are counteracting this impoverishment by wise enactments, and we, the capitalists, who are counteracting it by the dissemination of useful inventions, we, the clergy, by religious instruction, and we, the liberals, by the establishment of labour-unions, the increase and diffusion of knowledge, in this manner, without changing our position, increase the welfare of the masses.
  34. If patriotism has left the land of freedom—if it has taken its flight from the mild and peaceful shores of Columbia—if foreign influence and corruption has extended itself so far that the people are disposed to rebel against the Government of their country—if the dissemination of foreign gold has had the baneful effect of suppressing all noble and patriotic sentiments, it is indeed time that foreign intercourse should cease.
  35. This other method of attaining a newly revealed truth and transition to a new structure of life consists in this, that men do not attain the truth simply because they perceive it with a prophetic feeling or experience of life, but also because at a certain stage of the dissemination of the truth all men who stand on a lower stage of development accept it all at once, out of confidence in those who have accepted it in an internal way, and apply it to life.
  36. In the worst case the consequences of the Kíev epidemic will consist in this, that the peasants of one millionth part of Russia will spend what they have earned by hard labour, and will be unable to pay the Crown taxes; but the consequences from the Toulon-Paris epidemic, which is embracing men who are in possession of a terrible power, of vast sums of money, and of implements of violence and of the dissemination of their madness, can and must be terrible.
  37. If fifty years ago a rich idle man and an ignorant labouring man were both equally convinced that their condition of an eternal holiday for the one and of eternal labour for the other was ordained by God Himself, it is now, not only in Europe, but even in Russia, thanks to the migration of the populace, and the dissemination of culture and printing, hard to find either a rich or a poor man who, from one side or another, has not been assailed by doubts of the justice of such an order of things.
  38. But the men from the masses who free themselves from constant labour and who educate themselves, and who, it would seem, should be able to understand the deception which is practised upon them, are subjected to such an intensified effect of menaces, bribery, and hypnotization by the governments, that they almost without an exception pass over to the side of the governments and, accepting advantageous and well-paid positions as teachers, priests, officers, officials, become participants in the dissemination of the deception which ruins their fellow men.
  39. But how are they to be controlled, watched, and taught, if they breed by the hundred in each county? In my opinion the work of the County Council and school council ought to consist in nothing but watching the pedagogical side of the business, and that is feasible, if these means will be taken: in every County Council, which has taken upon itself the duty of the dissemination of popular education, or the coöperation with it, there ought to be one person—whether it be an unpaid member of the school council, or a man at a salary of not less than one thousand roubles, hired by the County Council—who is to attend to the pedagogical side of the business in the county.
  40. In connection with this, the despotic governments directly prohibit the printing and dissemination of books and the utterance of speeches which enlighten the masses, and deport or incarcerate all men who are likely to rouse the masses from their lethargy; besides, all governments without exception conceal from the masses everything which could free them, and encourage everything which could corrupt them, such as the authorship of books which maintain the masses in the savagery of their religious and patriotic superstitions, all kinds of sensuous amusements, spectacles, circuses, theatres, and even all kinds of physical intoxications, such as tobacco, and brandy, which furnish the chief income of states; they even encourage prostitution, which is not only acknowledged, but even organized by the majority of governments.
  41. The only difference is this,—and the difference is very great for the society in which these phenomena are taking place,—that there it is the aberration of a few dozen peaceful, poor village people, who live on their small means and, therefore, cannot exert any violence on their neighbours, and who infect others only by the personal and oral transmission of their mood, while here it is the aberration of millions of people, who possess enormous sums of money and means for exerting violence against other people,—guns, bayonets, fortresses, ironclads, melinite, dynamite, and who, besides, have at their command the most energetic means for the dissemination of their madness, the post, the telegraph, an enormous number of newspapers, and all kinds of publications, which are printed without cessation and carry the infection to all the corners of the globe.

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