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Distasteful numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. She worked a distasteful mouth.
  2. This measure was distasteful to me.
  3. This is again somewhat distasteful.
  4. The suggestion was distasteful to Gatsby.
  5. It was a distasteful task, but one that had to be.
  6. The idea was distasteful to the point of revulsion.
  7. To me the friendship seemed a most distasteful one.
  8. This foul and distasteful tableau was unprecedented.
  9. You once would have found all this highly distasteful.
  10. I have a rather distasteful job for you, he said.
  11. The smell of death was clear and as always, distasteful.
  12. The doctor's talk was distasteful to the builder of railways.
  13. Amory had found the nickname distasteful when it first reached him.
  14. He was well aware that he had let the distasteful parrot get to him.
  15. The other clasped his daughter in a way that David found distasteful.
  16. I could tell he was about to ask us to do something distasteful to him.
  17. They just blocked out distasteful moments and setbacks and continued on.
  18. I had thought this task was going to be onerous and distasteful but that.
  19. He was pretty insistent about it, no matter how distasteful the contents.
  20. As he surveyed them, one distasteful clown at a time, he realised with a.
  21. Later on, as she got older, dress became more and more distasteful to her.
  22. As distasteful as it might be, Ronald Reagan knows he must talk to the media.
  23. Kitty felt how distasteful her father's warmth was to Levin after what had happened.
  24. Kitty felt how distasteful her father’s warmth was to Levin after what had happened.
  25. It is distasteful, but many mortals will fight for any cause as long as they are paid.
  26. I had grown heavy and our constant social activity had become distasteful and a burden for me.
  27. It was distasteful, very distasteful to be in a crowd, but he walked just where he saw most people.
  28. As distasteful as he had found his younger brother’s leanings, he was family and needed protecting.
  29. She was from a rich, English upper-class family and my Greek origins were rather distasteful to them.
  30. James read through the transcript and, distasteful though he clearly found it, signed without argument.
  31. To Mihailov at that moment, excited by visitors, it was extremely distasteful to speak of money matters.
  32. At the same time, if my love was distasteful to her, why had she not FORBIDDEN me to speak of it to her?
  33. It was nothing serious but she found the thought of watching her friend kissing a boy somewhat distasteful.
  34. Though the ern did have ranged weapons, the creatures found their use distasteful, and shied away from them.
  35. Oded clears his throat and says: ‘There’s really no end to the distasteful and horrible practices of that guy.
  36. Mere yellow skeleton that he was now, he felt the contrast between them, and thought his appearance distasteful to her.
  37. Anna Arkadyevna read and understood, but it was distasteful to her to read, that is, to follow the reflection of other.
  38. I am conscious that I have advanced opinions which are distasteful to some minds, and startling because of their novelty.
  39. Asked to describe his years with the Park organization, Fink, 52, said, I found it to be a very distasteful experience.
  40. Their vocabulary was very limited and their language was an ugly-sounding guttural grunting that Manfred found distasteful.
  41. But being the superior group that they are, they often tend to leave the more distasteful aspects of the job to second shift.
  42. Anna Arkadyevna read and understood, but it was distasteful to her to read, that is, to follow the reflection of other people's lives.
  43. To be honest the detective found the very idea of love making between an able-bodied young woman and a disabled man a bit distasteful.
  44. Not enough to do, Miss Cartwright privately criticized, to whom such of the idle rich as were women were becoming daily more distasteful.
  45. Some strange details seem to adhere on your brain and I wondered why she did not trim her hair in that region to avoid this distasteful effect.
  46. She looked at Henry as though he were some distasteful food which only the strict rules of courtesy prevented her from pushing away from her place.
  47. Human faces had grown so distasteful to him, that the very sight of the servant whose business it was to clean the rooms produced a feeling of exasperation.
  48. When he next spoke, Simon heard the unsteadiness in his companion’s voice, and understood that this encounter was as distasteful to Johan as it was to him.
  49. I could no longer talk or laugh freely when he was by, because a tiresomely importunate instinct reminded me that vivacity (at least in me) was distasteful to him.
  50. I know that I am asking a great deal of you, Mrs Houston, and that you must find it distasteful, but we must consider that the woman with Henderson was no lady.
  51. So why was he being shown such hospitality? Or was the old man going to return with three young men to beat him up once more? Tom discarded this distasteful possibility.
  52. Alexey Alexandrovitch listened to her now, and those expressions which had seemed to him, if not distasteful, at least exaggerated, now seemed to him natural and consolatory.
  53. After arranging these things, Nikita lingered around us for some moments, and looked on as Guskof and I were drinking the liquor, and it was evidently very distasteful to him.
  54. He also has an eye for the ladies, and although he is not married and is free to pursue any woman he fancies, I find it all somehow distasteful and I cannot quite explain why.
  55. It would be distasteful, it would be coarse ; in short, a confidant is out of the question ! But if there's nothing, absolutely nothing, then surely one may speak, mayn't one ?
  56. Pushed from the rear by others eager for their own first taste, they wallowed into deeper water and along the shoreline as they kept trying to sample the distasteful disappointment.
  57. Scarlett seldom refused, no matter how distasteful the idea might be, for she always hoped to have an opportunity to suggest tactfully that they do their trading at Frank’s store.
  58. Konstantin Levin heard him, and the disbelief in the sense of all public institutions, which he shared with him, and often expressed, was distasteful to him now from his brother's lips.
  59. Konstantin Levin heard him, and the disbelief in the sense of all public institutions, which he shared with him, and often expressed, was distasteful to him now from his brother’s lips.
  60. Using these obligations as a lever, he secures the entree to the Ellersly home, though it is soon made plain to him that his intentions with respect to Anita are extremely distasteful to her.
  61. The practice was apparently distasteful even to Carthaginians, and they began to buy children for the purpose of sacrifice or even to raise servant children instead of offering up their own.
  62. He knew that Vronsky could not be prevented from amusing himself with painting; he knew that he and all dilettanti had a perfect right to paint what they liked, but it was distasteful to him.
  63. Satisfied, based on her shaken appearance, that she would pay the salaries of the others, I left the room, eager to be rid of the distasteful trappings of luxury with which she was surrounded.
  64. He knew there were dangers in rekindling their pain by recalling their mother’s past virtues, but he wanted that blissful past to erase their unpleasant memories of her present distasteful behavior.
  65. It is no secret that the Whitechapel area is one of the poorest areas in the country, and is almost seen as an embarrassment, although despite that I found the entire conversation somewhat distasteful.
  66. It is made plain to him, however, that his intentions with respect to Anita are extremely distasteful to her, and after an evening spent under a tremendous nervous strain he leaves the house exhausted and depressed.
  67. Nazi helmets and swastikas added an ingredient of distasteful icing to a thoroughly unpleasant cake, thought Rudolph, as the two biggest members of the gang advanced the full distance between the barricade and his car.
  68. Brooms and dishcloths never could be as distasteful as they once had been, for Beth had presided over both, and something of her housewifely spirit seemed to linger around the little mop and the old brush, never thrown away.
  69. Liza confessed to me (long afterwards) that Vassin had very soon ceased to attract her ; he was composed, and just this everlasting unruflBed composure, which had so attracted her at first, afterwards seemed to her distasteful.
  70. Harris having evidently fulfilled his mission, whether of delivering the package or receiving news which Ike seemed to be pouring into his ear, had but one thought, to escape from a place which was evidently distasteful to him.
  71. He went into a shop and ordered some new clothes, not with the idea of visiting the Pogoryeltseffs however—the thought of any such visit was distasteful to him; besides he could not leave town, he felt that he must stay and see what was going to happen.
  72. Of course, Lizabetha Prokofievna had foreseen it long before the rest; her heart had been sore for a long while, she declared, and it was now so sore that she appeared to be quite overwhelmed, and the very thought of the prince became distasteful to her.
  73. But when ladylike airs failed to lady, forced by brutal circumstance into a distasteful position, a helpless little lady who get results she was coldly businesslike and willingly undersold her competitors at a loss to herself if it would bring her a new customer.
  74. All the time I had a feeling that each one of my companions was finding the festivities as distasteful as I was myself; but, in the belief that he was the only one doing so, felt himself bound to pretend that he was very merry, in order not to mar the general hilarity.
  75. I established myself again at the zero end of the table, that is between Zerstchikov and Aferdov, who always sat on the former's right hand ; the place was distasteful to me, but I had an overwhelming desire to stake on zero, and all the other places at that end were taken.
  76. There is a certain sense of relief that follows the consummation of a long-delayed decision, no matter how inherently distasteful that decision may be, and Nancy’s first feeling when she awoke on the following morning was one of thankfulness that the preliminary step had been taken.
  77. The mocked forms, which always abound in numbers, must habitually escape destruction to a large extent, otherwise they could not exist in such swarms; and a large amount of evidence has now been collected, showing that they are distasteful to birds and other insect-devouring animals.
  78. Then, through cowardice, through stupidity, through that indefinable feeling that drags us into the most distasteful acts, he allowed himself to be led off to Bridoux', whom they found in his small yard, superintending three workmen, who panted as they turned the large wheel of a machine for making seltzer-water.
  79. I believe IN His Word and I BELIEVE His Word, from Genesis to Revelation! The word of God is an embarrassment for Christianity and there is no way that Christianity will ever fit into the Word of God, without scraping, cutting and sawing scriptures! (If you find this comment distasteful, I have proven this in my book Kinderdoop….
  80. Because he had voluntarily relinquished a title that was distasteful to him, and a station that was distasteful to him, and had left his country--he submitted before the word emigrant in the present acceptation by the Tribunal was in use--to live by his own industry in England, rather than on the industry of the overladen people of France.
  81. Each project would be plotted in excessive detail and the participants would argue and reconsider and revamp, mostly because aside from maintaining the squalor they lived in and occasionally being compelled to perform the more dangerous or distasteful servicing tasks at one of the Viirin compounds, the hoomans had little else to occupy their time.
  82. The evident folly of these proceedings, in which he had once taken part, was so distasteful to Nekhludoff after the impressions the misery of the life of the peasants had made on him, that he decided to go to a hotel the next day, leaving Agraphena Petrovna to put away the things as she thought fit until his sister should come and finally dispose of everything in the house.
  83. Every time Judas allowed his hopes to soar high and Jesus would do or say something to dash them to pieces, there was always left in Judas's heart a scar of bitter resentment; and as these scars multiplied, presently that heart, so often wounded, lost all real affection for the one who had inflicted this distasteful experience upon a well-intentioned but cowardly and self-centered personality.
  84. I can tell by their faces that they have experienced much sorrow; they have suffered much at the hands of an apparently cruel fate; they have not intentionally chosen this sort of life; they have, in discouragement bordering on despair, surrendered to the pressure of the hour and accepted this distasteful means of obtaining a livelihood as the best way out of a situation that to them appeared hopeless.
  85. Tell me, the first time you tasted oysters, tea, porter, truffles, and sundry other dainties which you now adore, did you like them? Could you comprehend how the Romans stuffed their pheasants with assafoetida, and the Chinese eat swallows' nests? Eh? no! Well, it is the same with hashish; only eat for a week, and nothing in the world will seem to you to equal the delicacy of its flavor, which now appears to you flat and distasteful.
  86. And the rumours, were they true? Did the Queen host orgies? Did she enjoy lesbian trysts? Did she bed her own son? I found the gossip distasteful and, in truth, felt that it was easy for everyone from the bitter minor royals to the hungry peasants to blame all France's ills on the Austrian, instead of the King's fruitless wars, his advisers' economic incompetence and a nobility unwilling to accept the higher taxes that France so desperately needed.
  87. I rather think his appearance there was distasteful to Catherine: she was not artful, never played the coquette, and had evidently an objection to her two friends meeting at all; for when Heathcliff expressed contempt of Linton in his presence, she could not half coincide, as she did in his absence; and when Linton evinced disgust and antipathy to Heathcliff, she dared not treat his sentiments with indifference, as if depreciation of her playmate were of scarcely any consequence to her.
  88. I rather think his appearance there was distasteful to Catherine; she was not artful, never played the coquette, and had evidently an objection to her two friends meeting at all; for when Heathcliff expressed contempt of Linton in his presence, she could not half coincide, as she did in his absence; and when Linton evinced disgust and antipathy to Heathcliff, she dared not treat his sentiments with indifference, as if depreciation of her playmate were of scarcely any consequence to her.
  89. This time, the year 1881, was for me the most ardent time of the inner reconstruction of my whole world-conception, and in this reconstruction the activity which is called artistic, and to which I formerly used to devote all my strength, not only lost for me the significance formerly ascribed to it, but even became distinctly distasteful to me on account of the improper place which it had occupied in my life and which in general it occupies in the concepts of the men of the wealthy classes.
  90. This is so out of character for them that it seems almost impossible, but apparently they even assist in the most mundane and distasteful of labors with as much stoic military discipline as any commander could ask! Imagine Dark Dragons expending their flame in flaring latrine pits! I would have thought that any of them would gladly die before submitting to such malodorous drudgery, but our witnesses have seen it with their own eyes, and reported that it was accomplished with no more griping and complaint than one would expect from any other soldiers!.
  91. Oh, ye rural deities, whoever ye be that haunt this lone spot, give ear to the complaint of a wretched lover whom long absence and brooding jealousy have driven to bewail his fate among these wilds and complain of the hard heart of that fair and ungrateful one, the end and limit of all human beauty! Oh, ye wood nymphs and dryads, that dwell in the thickets of the forest, so may the nimble wanton satyrs by whom ye are vainly wooed never disturb your sweet repose, help me to lament my hard fate or at least weary not at listening to it! Oh, Dulcinea del Toboso, day of my night, glory of my pain, guide of my path, star of my fortune, so may Heaven grant thee in full all thou seekest of it, bethink thee of the place and condition to which absence from thee has brought me, and make that return in kindness that is due to my fidelity! Oh, lonely trees, that from this day forward shall bear me company in my solitude, give me some sign by the gentle movement of your boughs that my presence is not distasteful to you! Oh, thou, my squire, pleasant companion in my prosperous and adverse fortunes, fix well in thy memory what thou shalt see me do here, so that thou mayest relate and report it to the sole cause of all," and so saying he dismounted from Rocinante, and in an instant relieved him of saddle and bridle, and giving him a slap on the croup, said, "He gives thee freedom who is bereft of it himself, oh steed as excellent in deed as thou art.

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