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Distort numa frase em (in ingles)

  2. Thin lips distort into a half-smile.
  3. He helps us distort the truth of the.
  4. Sonja, recreate us savagely and distort.
  5. A force that tends to distort the body.

  6. Nobody is allowed to distort it in any way.
  7. Negative energy can thus distort the chakras.
  8. Distort the body tissues long-term, and pain and.
  9. Trapped emotions distort and block the flow of this.
  10. Fallopian tubes and distort the shape of uterine cavity.
  11. Fallopian tubes and distort the shape of uterine captivity.
  12. But there are always people who alter and distort the mes-.
  13. It’s a way to label and to distort what is really going on.
  14. As he stood in front of me, I watched his expression distort.
  15. They have found that it will distort and warp their thinking.

  16. Our beliefs have many biases which can easily distort reality.
  17. When they tell a lie to distort the truth and find financial.
  18. Connections can often and easily act to interfere or distort the.
  19. I wished that memory wil not distort her al other childhood memories.
  20. The mists, arising from the watery sphere, serve to distort the wondrous.
  21. In this they are aiming to confuse the believers and distort their faith.
  22. So volatility may easily distort movement of the MAs and provide false signals.
  23. The unconscious mind doctorine works to distort the truth in the conscious mind.
  24. Bribe: Something given in order to distort justice and blind the eyes of the wise.
  25. However if you do not keep consistent position sizes you will distort your payoff ratio.

  26. How the glaring shadow of my life came to distort my vision! he continued in lament.
  27. Those who hinder from the path of God, and seek to distort it, and who deny the Hereafter.
  28. He has some form of schizophrenia, a mental disorder that causes the mind to distort reality.
  29. The constant air temperature meant no uneven waves of air density to distort their brilliance.
  30. The more complicated any process is: the easier it is to manipulate, twist, distort, and corrupt.
  31. This could distort the normal processing of information that came to the brain from the five senses.
  32. The wire-rimmed glasses magnified his eyes for observers, but didn’t distort his view of the world.
  33. However, longer-term MA also tends to distort the true current trend because older data are outdated.
  34. The same substances are also said to distort the user's sense of time, which seem to pass more slowly.
  35. But, under certain conditions, profit and loss considerations distort the picture and lead you astray.
  36. It seemed, however much I tried to twist or distort it, as though he was actually coming to care for me.
  37. Don't let your inner emotions distort your mental view of your of your life and the love that is around you.
  38. This will be the grossest error that will distort all your other Conceptions of Universes and of the Creation.
  39. Physics paternity still hide the fact that Einstein’s critical density is being used as a cover-up to distort.
  40. News is a factor in trading; whether scheduled or a surprise, it can interrupt and distort existing price action.
  41. Given the very high correlations between adjacent maturity Treasury returns, this should not distort the results.
  42. He was off to report what he’d learned about the human mind’s capability to distort reality to his Lieutenant.
  43. In a study by April Fallon and Paul Rozin (1985), for example, both men and women were found to distort their own.
  44. Hallucinogens distort your perception of reality, causing you to have intense real feelings from unreal perceptions of experiences.
  45. The child has been brought into a meaning perspective that can limit if not distort any relationship that child might ever experience.
  46. So that when these extremes of volume do appear, they do not distort our view of what follows in the remainder of the trading session.
  47. The problem is that emotions essentially communicate on this same channel, and emotions can cloud and distort the message of intuition.
  48. This normally leads to arguments, debates and many new versions of the Bible that distort the truth and diverge from the original texts.
  49. Any attempt to hide or distort the information given to my commission will attract charges of outrage to and obstruction of the Congress.
  50. We don’t need to give any fresh Paitryk Hainrees any more ammunition to distort for propaganda purposes than we can help, now do we?
  51. However, strong movement in a sustained trend can also distort the true meaning of RSI, so it should be used in conjunction with other signals.
  52. It shows how government intervention can distort normal market activity by truncating trends and causing price spikes (bonds) and collapses (gold).
  53. If energy prices are particularly high in one country, such as Japan, then this can distort the mean average value, rendering comparisons difficult.
  54. If the portfolio consists of many long and short combinations, their mutual offsetting can distort the information about portfolio call-to-put ratio.
  55. Metaphysicist Taimni says that ‘everything in manifestation must disturb the harmony and distort (or perhaps suppress) the perfection of the Whole.
  56. Analysts typically forecast operating earnings that ignore non-recurring items like writeoffs, which may distort the picture of normal earnings.
  57. Observing an object up front and close or from too great a distance, for that matter, will oftentimes obscure or distort an individual‘s visual perception.
  58. Satan has tried to destroy the foundation of God’s five principles and distort the five principles of the purpose of man toward God with his five evil keys:.
  59. Dahms walked over to the communicator and flipped off the switch to the viewer and flipped on a switch, which would distort the voice of Rogae X, then she dialed the number.
  60. Of course, the delta is only an approximation of the probability because interest considerations and, in the case of stock options, dividends may distort this interpretation.
  61. The middle ground—the intuitive barren lands—were the home of those who held such restrictive beliefs as to blunt or distort what was otherwise possible to know and sense.
  62. Seward is loved not only by his household and his friends, but even by his patients, who, being some of them hardly in mental equilibrium, are apt to distort causes and effects.
  63. Firms and sell-side analysts tend to focus on operating earnings that ignore non-recurring items, such as writeoffs, which may distort the general picture of earnings trends.
  64. In addition, your corpse in there was partially covered with a sheet and a blanket, so the body temperature would have been affected by these factors enough to distort the time element.
  65. Take notice that it is UU-VVU-copies (but not We, as UFS) that uniquely deflect, distort, and interpret each instantaneous block of unpacked Information from the Self-Consciousness.
  66. But man has such a predilection for systems and abstract deductions that he is ready to distort the truth intentionally, he is ready to deny the evidence of his senses only to justify his logic.
  67. If he had really been a guilty accomplice, would he so readily have made this statement at the inquiry? On the contrary, he would have tried to conceal it, to distort the facts or minimize them.
  68. Then there are others where fable, myth, preconception, love, longing, or prejudice step in and so distort a cool, clear appraisal that a kind of high-colored magical confusion takes permanent hold.
  69. Interpreting freedom as the multiplication and rapid satisfaction of desires, men distort their own nature, for many senseless and foolish desires and habits and ridiculous fancies are fostered in them.
  70. Once you come to truly understand something in context through the sense of Pure Wonder: then any urge to lionize, glorify, worship, romanticize, idealize and distort what you truly understand vanishes.
  71. Why then bother hoping? Why bother being good and trying to bring about good, if people and life do not respond or distort and exploit any benevolence to sour and spoil them? he asks himself and others.
  72. Historical average returns equal expected returns, however, only if expected returns are constant and unexpected returns from persistent growth surprises and valuation changes do not distort within-sample results.
  73. By establishing the ranges with precision, this approach provides a check on the emotions that can distort investment judgment, both the exuberance engendered by a rising market and the despair occasioned by a falling one.
  74. We could unknowingly distort, through misinterpretation, the meanings of the words in the text of the verses, and consequently, the interpretation and understanding of the semantics of scripture, in both the Old and New Testaments.
  75. Have we got all this modernization to kill the innocents and to spread bloodshed and to distort humanity into pieces…? We should rule on their minds and in hearts and not by our supreme power but with our moral supports and economic supports.
  76. The volumes in the move up were so extreme they tended to distort the volumes elsewhere during the session, and in fact scrolling forward, the volumes at the bottom of the price waterfall were well above average, but distorted by the volumes in the bullish trend.
  77. It is unlikely that money illusion was complete, in the sense of all investors making the mistake described above; but an insufficient adjustment for inflation effects is enough to distort market pricing, given the extreme sensitivity of equity prices to their discount rates.
  78. Was it intentional or due to ignorance that people through history were led into believing that God is separate, that heaven is not here, that eternity is not now? When you awaken you will understand holy scriptures and easily see where the authors distort the truth and mislead the people.
  79. The spirit of Hampden was preeminently the English spirit—the spirit which has given distinction to the Anglo-Saxon race—and he and Shakespeare were contemporaries, and yet of this spirit not a vestige is to be found in the English historical plays and no opportunities lost to obliterate or distort its manifestations.
  80. And thus do they pervert and distort the Scriptures, making them the guide to slavish details of the daily life and an authority in things nonspiritual instead of appealing to the sacred writings as the repository of the moral wisdom, religious inspiration, and the spiritual teaching of the God-knowing men of other generations.
  81. Addendum to the above: Higher rates of lower-paying jobs; that is to say, higher rates of ―under-employment‖ will oftentimes distort unemployment statistics in the same (inverse) manner statistics report higher achievement levels in ―formerly‖ under performing schools, especially those located in predominately urban areas, in proportion to their lowering of academic standards.
  82. A belief in parapsychology, fortune and future telling, belief in the ability to predict the future, and a belief that all experiences should be considered as fate, can significantly compromise and distort human behaviour and contents of speech as outcomes of personal attitudes, values and beliefs, and therefore, the future personal applications of Self living life in two significant ways.
  83. As Danglars approached the disappointed lover, he cast on him a look of deep meaning, while Fernand, as he slowly paced behind the happy pair, who seemed, in their own unmixed content, to have entirely forgotten that such a being as himself existed, was pale and abstracted; occasionally, however, a deep flush would overspread his countenance, and a nervous contraction distort his features, while, with an agitated and restless gaze, he would glance in the direction of Marseilles, like one who either anticipated or foresaw some great and important event.
  84. The bio-Creators and UU-VVU-conglomerates of the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by Us ruthlessly, beyond recognition distort it (literally reverse it owing to the absence of more authentic Conceptions) for the purposes of their own low-frequency realization and provide themselves in ODS and in Formo-systems of Worlds (by means of the TEC-dynamics) with a reliable realizational bridgehead that enables them to inertially synthesize, on the Levels of the “unconscious” and “personality” Self-Consciousness, even the most surreal and absurd energy-information interrelations of Aspects of Qualities, which provides the maximum depth and fullness of the inertial implementation of this most important Process for the whole Creation.
  85. Then we, by our stable Desire of creative realization in a certain kind of life creativity (to build the most beautiful house), through karmo-klofts of the highest-frequency UU-VVU-conglomerates that already exist in our ODS, adapt the already kleksized (by them) Information of wave Fields-Consciousnesses to a more comprehensible kind (for our Imagination) — a particular Thought-Form, after which we “dress” it in the VVU-Configurations of the most active (in our Self-Consciousness) Conceptions (at the same time, we, of course, definitively distort the Essence of the FLAKS-Idea) and “lower” the wave dynamics to the Levels of the frequency interaction between corpuscular particles (we project our Conceptions on paper in the form of a picture or a drawing).
  86. And when I told them that perhaps it really was so, my God, how they shouted with laughter in my face, and what mirth I caused! Oh, yes, of course I was overcome by the mere sensation of my dream, and that was all that was preserved in my cruelly wounded heart; but the actual forms and images of my dream, that is, the very ones I really saw at the very time of my dream, were filled with such harmony, were so lovely and enchanting and were so actual, that on awakening I was, of course, incapable of clothing them in our poor language, so that they were bound to become blurred in my mind; and so perhaps I really was forced afterwards to make up the details, and so of course to distort them in my passionate desire to convey some at least of them as quickly as I could.
  1. But he was far from distorting or minimizing them.
  2. Our thinking is distorting the true nature of all things.
  3. The heat waved out above the cushions, distorting the lamplight.
  4. There came a heavy sound of distorting metal as the van’s nose.
  5. He was good, Maria thought, even when distorting the truth himself.
  6. For those of us sensitive enough, he is distorting the Ethers to do so.
  7. Krishn's teachings, we cannot help distorting them into the shape of our.
  8. Shutting down, stunting, distorting and destroying their growth potential.
  9. His jowls and the bags under his eyes hung low, distorting all the features on his face.
  10. Perhaps it was, but it turns out the saboteur was the parent company distorting the truth.
  11. Before I could reply, another explosion rocked the base, distorting the QComm’s audio channel.
  12. Now the missile, so close to the distorting field, moved only imperceptibly in their time frame.
  13. These large orders often had the effect of disrupting trading or distorting prices at expiration.
  14. There appeared to be eggshells near the magma, but heat waves rose off of it, distorting the view.
  15. Evil is only the misadaptation of immaturity or the disruptive and distorting influence of ignorance.
  16. The swift stream raced and gyrated under them, tossing, distorting, and splitting the moon's reflected face.
  17. At full magnification he could see space was distorting, stars had a kind of shimmering effect as if seen through water.
  18. He'd wanted to get her mind off her troubles, and here she was distorting what he meant—exaggerating, putting words in his mouth.
  19. Then distorting his pockets with knobby bundles, and giving her the flowers to hold, he put up the old umbrella, and they traveled on again.
  20. Though the Japanese press covered the European theater accurately, it was notorious for distorting the news of the Pacific war, sometimes absurdly.
  21. The end result is that those who are most successful at distorting the truth to their advantage get the most advantage-power-wealth out of this and vice versa.
  22. When the mind is racing, there are too many thought waves distorting the image; therefore, practicing visualization while you are in SMART mode is the key to success.
  23. Suddenly the room became bright distorting my vision I hear the sound of the door creak open and in walks the woman we had met earlier she was carrying a knife in her hand.
  24. Hence he is reduced—here, as in many fields of analysis—to the necessity of making general rather than exact allowance for the distorting effect of inventory price changes.
  25. Because legally, half-legally, illegally… lying, cheating, conning, distorting, snookering, finagling any kind of advantage possible: is how all businesses make their profit.
  26. I watched the smoke pouring from the lorry's tyres in a kind of dread fascination, imagining the look of horror that must be distorting the driver's face as he slammed his foot on the brakes.
  27. One of the reasons we have not been able to understand our main objective is due to the puppets that go out of their way to take the heart out from the Law by distorting the writings of the apostle Paul.
  28. Examples: The report of National Transit Company, a former Standard Oil subsidiary, for the year 1928 illustrates the distorting effect due to the inclusion in the income account of profits from this source.
  29. Oftener, however, its credibility rested on the faith of some lonely eye-witness, who beheld the wonder through the colored, magnifying, and distorting medium of his imagination, and shaped it more distinctly in his after-thought.
  30. Distorting nature’s insurance policy, sex—by fear and guilt—is the basic, underlying cause of our children’s rape, just as much as it is the grounds for lowering the verbalized charge from rape to just abuse or molestation.
  31. Distorting nature’s insurance policy, sex—by fear and guilt—is the underlying cause of our children’s rape, just as much as it’s the grounds for lowering the verbalized charge from awful rape to mild abuse or molestation.
  32. While that didn’t make her a friend of the Iranian regime, she had enough credibility with the international public and medias to be able to pass on Iranian official views without distorting them the way too many Western reporters did.
  33. Because the circle is forever reducing that reducing which is inherently part of the form of the sphere becomes a tool in distorting of space in the sphere and is eventually removing all forms of space from within the centre of the sphere.
  34. What Mercer thought was that in the distorting chrome of the bumper, with his stupid beard, he looked like someone who’d been turned inside out—superficially soft, but with a hard shell where his tissues should be, holding the emptiness in.
  35. But it can be out-of-limit only in one case — when it doesn’t belong to this Reality, when it simply potentially exists for us as FLAKS-Information, which is not subject to any distorting interaction with karmo-quanta of our Reality.
  36. As he continued with how the pile of dried horse dung allowed him to formulate Terence’s methodology in distorting the actual time of death, their reactions were muted but suggested they were quite amused with his abilities and his theorizing.
  37. However, since they are formed by cruder vibrations of Energy-Plasma, all information structures of their fragmented Self-Consciousness are affected by the same distorting effect as the one that influences any three-dimensional holographic image.
  38. The rub lies, however, in far-fetched attempts aimed at distorting the commensurable accomplishments of relatively minor historical figures, many of whom do not properly merit their assigned place in history alongside the unquestionable giants of their generation.
  39. The record must cover a number of years, first because a continued or repeated performance is always more impressive than a single occurrence and secondly because the average of a fairly long period will tend to absorb and equalize the distorting influences of the business cycle.
  40. The First Amendment provides extraordinary advantages for many reporters and journalists in the news media pre-disposed, for a variety of reasons, to distorting (the) news in whatever manner considered appropriate in advancing either a social or political agenda that they may (otherwise) support.
  41. Just like a fish swimming in its own water, in its own normality is not aware that it is swimming in something called water: our perceptions are filtered through the reflective medium of our tool-brain: distorting the outer actuality of the universe into a crude symbolical representation called reality.
  42. No matter what he may write, a drama, a learned work, a story, a philosophic treatise, a lyric poem, a criticism, a satire, it is only this inner work of his soul which is dear to us, and not the architectural structure in which he, for the most part, and I think, always, distorting them, clothes his thoughts and feelings.
  43. But all these worlds are comformed by our economic irrationality and obsession: the world is money based, though money is both unnecessary and the very system which is distorting and twisting the other logics – whose principle entelechy is health, not growth for growth's sake and accumulation for accumulation's obsession.
  44. The cult at its most central element is a self replicating body of believers that denies the false pretences of its own existence by distorting the truth into a lie in order to gain a future of their own making that can only lead to their everlasting destruction in exchange for a momentary power and position of elevated status.
  45. The mention in that info of the distorting influence of Philippines’ President Quezon on his strategy, influence that apparently resulted in some disastrous decisions on his part, had embarrassed him into discreetly revising his command relationship with Quezon, making MacArthur cut the local political factor out of his strategic and tactical planning.
  46. There in the quiet, with the wind flicking tree branches and distorting the water’s mirror, I cooked improbable dinners in my disposable aluminum pans, made coffee so rich and sturdy it would float a nail, and, sitting on my own back doorsteps, could finally come to think about what I had seen and try to arrange some pattern of thought to accommodate the teeming crowds of my seeing and hearing.
  1. They distorted my flaws away.
  2. Somehow they distorted the planet.
  3. Help me, the distorted face said.
  4. But the message has become distorted.
  5. My face was so distorted, it made me.
  6. This information was greatly distorted.
  7. He looks again and the image is distorted.
  8. Everything I hear is muffled and distorted.
  9. Rosa notices Connie’s distorted left hand.
  10. It became more distorted as his eyes filled.
  11. You mean that my vision is distorted?
  12. He was misty and distorted, starting to fade.
  13. Distorted by the ringing in my ears and the.
  14. Its tone ran high and low, sounding distorted.
  15. The distorted lens in this metaphor is our ego.
  16. Modi insisted his comments had been distorted.
  17. Through mottled panes of small, distorted glass.
  18. While resting, he heard a distorted female voice.
  19. The voice in the ear piece is slightly distorted.
  20. The world was totally distorted lacking features.
  21. Even Luther did not stay away from the distorted.
  22. Now, because she was functioning from a distorted.
  23. Tissues that are continually being distorted by a.
  24. He was unconscious and lay like a distorted corpse.
  25. Universe, as distorted as the Newtonian Universe is.
  26. He grasped Jack’s distorted leg by the ankle with.
  27. The victim is abnormally thin with a distorted view.
  28. MACD was distorted by the strong upward-trend sessions.
  29. Her dreams that night were distorted, filled with Jeff.
  30. A revenge attack is the result of distorted perception.
  31. When fallacy is exposed, the face of mind is distorted.
  32. The evil reasserted itself and his face distorted again.
  33. Distorted images of becoming thinner, control, fear and.
  34. The audio would be choppy or distorted, and eventually.
  35. If you bend mathematical laws you will get a distorted.
  36. The space around him distorted and then formed a vortex.
  37. I’m sure my own perceptions are distorted but not to a.
  38. Violence comes from distorted thinking in productive form.
  39. Distorted Earnings through Parent-subsidiary Relationships.
  40. His vision was severely distorted, and everything looked.
  41. A distorted smile appeared suddenly across his lower face.
  42. The faces, although somewhat distorted, were recognizable.
  43. The future can be distorted by anyone, but never the past.
  44. She felt humiliated, ashamed of her awkward distorted body.
  45. Non-‐truth is actual y just a distorted view of.
  46. They were, however, all distorted landscapes in which you.
  47. Are you raving? said Ivan, with a pale, distorted smile.
  48. His dressing gown was unfastened, his face red and distorted.
  49. And Kino heard the music of the pearl, distorted and insane.
  50. At this point the very concept of reality becomes distorted.
  51. When he does, his thinking is based on two distorted points.
  52. Her beauty distorted like a reflection in a fun-house mirror.
  53. Natural processes were distorted into supernatural phenomena.
  54. Both are distorted corruptions of imbalanced human awareness.
  55. The fact is, we hadn’t distorted Mani’s derisive comment.
  56. Death and injury reports are often distorted by the government.
  57. Rikke’s eyes poured over the distorted emblem, searching it.
  58. All worship is actually a distorted pyramidal sense of Wonder.
  59. Today, my toy poodle still has some distorted remains of the.
  60. Consequently: all of its feedback becomes completely distorted.
  61. Her face was yellow and distorted, and her lips were twitching.
  62. Sometimes the view of change is distorted by a change in oneself.
  63. Neil opened his eyes and saw John’s face distorted with terror.
  64. With his hair standing up on end and his pale face distorted by.
  65. Since women are on the pill, their menstrual cycle have distorted.
  66. Her face was distorted through two visors but I saw she meant it.
  67. Then All Truth becomes distorted and is systematically destroyed.
  68. You got a smoke chicky? he slurred, his face distorted and.
  69. He glanced in the mirror behind the bar and saw his own distorted.
  70. Barron, who had quickly scanned the article that gave a distorted.
  71. A face pressed against my window; it was shaggy-bearded, distorted.
  72. I felt sorry for her and her new distorted, repressed personality.
  73. But the Legion, they twisted and distorted the truth in awful ways.
  74. I was on foot of course, so the timing will be somewhat distorted.
  75. If that Inner Universe becomes imbalanced, then it becomes distorted.
  76. His face, while still handsome, was distorted as if he were in pain.
  77. They are all hideous, ugly, distorted, expressions of human insanity.
  78. Lance managed to garble a few words in his voice, distorted by blood.
  79. So when volume levels are very close, the OBV trend can be distorted.
  80. The evening’s presentation had distorted his values and perception.
  81. His focus was distorted and his observational skills were diminished.
  82. Hideous, its distorted desires numbed his senses, crying out at its.
  83. This is also a distorted instinct of a wild animal, which must hide.
  84. The synthetic coverlet depicted stars and planets at distorted scales.
  85. The result is a distorted cultural environment based mainly upon greed.
  86. Don't you want to write it down? said Mitya, with a distorted smile.
  87. Allowing drug/devise direct marketing to the public has distorted the.
  88. You are not ill-natured, but distorted, said Alyosha with a smile.
  89. It is like some familiar thing seen in a dream, fantastically distorted.
  90. NOTICE: It has been reported, that a Distorted Character, having a keen.
  91. Just see their intelligence and see our might they distorted into pieces.
  92. Then a wrinkle distorted his snout as a sudden thought clouded his mind.
  93. It is an exponential calculation of how distorted our ego mind is with.
  94. His face was distorted and unrecognizable as he held on to Detroit's leg.
  95. The audio was a little distorted and I could not hear the voices clearly.
  96. Finally, the head twisted and a pair of rain distorted eyes stared at him.
  97. And suddenly I knew something was wrong and distorted and out of drawing.
  98. And even that has been so whitewashed and distorted, it is a complete lie.
  99. However, it is a very subtle, deep, sick, wrong, distorted, twisted truth.
  100. Number One Fan intentionally made the voice recording slower and distorted.
  1. Thought does not report things, it distorts reality to create things.
  2. Physically Distorts: And there is clear evidence that space distorts.
  3. I try to sit up again, but my movement distorts my hearing, so I lie still.
  4. The feeling of power, or control; distorts awareness and inflates the ego.
  5. This bias often distorts the meanings and struggles of the Bible, and the.
  6. Vaginosis is an infectious disease which distorts the balance of bacteria in.
  7. Behold, the LORD lays the earth waste, devastates it, distorts its surface and scatters its inhabitants.
  8. The money illusion distorts our sense of value: overvaluing the joys of ownership, and undervaluing the Love of life.
  9. As mentioned earlier, negativity clouds perception and subjectively rearranges, distorts, and blots out the perceived facts.
  10. If you over-balance your inner awareness, if you become overly reflective about anything: it distorts your awareness of actuality.
  11. It is this intrinsic nature of our selective awareness which distorts the dynamic balance of our senses and perceptions automatically.
  12. An object distorts the attentional field in the sense of the force analogy, but the attentional field values do not represent forces of attraction.
  13. And what mostly distorts the balanced biofeedback of your inner awareness is when parts of it split off and are no longer integrated into the whole.
  14. Such a "No" denies us real access to the becoming self because we wind up conforming to that "No" in situations where "No" distorts the situation and our response to it.
  15. And if one makes mistakes, and if the other person turns out to have been unworthy of being treated frankly and goes away and distorts, it can't be helped,--one just takes the risk.
  16. Violence only weakens this force, retards, and distorts it, and puts in its place another activity, which is not only not useful, but even harmful for the forward movement of humanity.
  17. Common sense tells us that this approach heavily distorts the facts of life because market prices are considerably less important to some security holders and some companies than they are to others.
  18. Record keeping, both of trade results and of research, is critical, because this bias often distorts memory—you simply will not remember contradictory information, or it will be somehow fuzzy and obscured.
  19. This Consumer Debt Disorder distorts the ability to perceive currency's essential function as a placeholder for the exchange of mutual surplus, by turning it into fictions capable of producing weapons of mass scarcity.
  20. If a person is not constantly questioning what they perceive inside themselves and outside themselves: then normality-reality becomes a dominant unthinking, unfeeling reflex: then Abstraction eventually distorts Actuality.
  21. Of course, the moment of Inertia (that is, the dynamics of the quantum-holographous frequency-rotation Shift, the specific influence of which depends on the qualitative Direction in which the Shift is made) slightly distorts (“mixes”) its initial typical VVU-Information, while an individual SFUURMM-Form of “the personality” (projected by the Formo-Creators of the brain from an individual ODS) add to the VVU-Information its own subjective imprint (klekses it energy-informationally).
  22. In other words, as a result of a resonance that appears in one of you, for example, in response to the high-frequency dynamics of some SFUURMM-Forms that structure my FLUU-VVU-doubles, each of you “unpacks” the VVU-Information (received from me) from TEC of his own Stereo-Form with the help of the Formo-Creators of lower-qualitative NUU-VVU-Configurations that involve (into the process of “unfolding-folding”) SFUURMM-Forms of lower-qualitative UU-VVU-conglomerates from your individual ODS, which distorts very much in your Self-Consciousness the initial meaning of the Information generated by my FLUU-VVU-doubles.
  23. At a certain moment, somebody inertially attracts in this very way one of innumerable flaks Ideas to the creative dynamics of one’s FCA and FDR from the lowest-qualitative flakglaass Realities, transfers their Formo-images through many subjective refocusings from higher-qualitative NUU-VVU-Configurations into lower-qualitative ones (that is, repeatedly distorts it), reprojects (in the form of a picture, a drawing, then a model and a variant of the ready product) into the Reality of our type, and, eventually, gets many things that surround us and, according to our distorted Conceptions, as though also happen to be there.
  24. Everything Depends on the Strength of the Consciousness of Christian Truths in Each Individual Man—The Leading Men of Modern Times, however, do not Think it Necessary to Preach or Practice the Truths of Christianity, but Regard the Modification of the External Conditions of Existence within the Limit Imposed by Governments as Sufficient to Reform the Life of Humanity—On this Scientific Theory of Hypocrisy, which has Replaced the Hypocrisy of Religion, Men of the Wealthy Classes Base their Justification of their Position—Through this Hypocrisy they can Enjoy the Exclusive Privileges of their Position by Force and Fraud, and Still Pretend to be Christians to One Another and be Easy in their Minds—This Hypocrisy Allows Men who Preach Christianity to Take Part in Institutions Based on Violence—No External Reformation of Life will Render it Less Miserable—Its Misery the Result of Disunion Caused by Following Lies, not the Truth—Union only Possible in Truth—Hypocrisy Hinders this Union, since Hypocrites Conceal from themselves and Others the Truth they Know—Hypocrisy Turns all Reforms of Life to Evil—Hypocrisy Distorts the Idea of Good and Evil, and so Stands in the Way of the Progress of Men toward Perfection—Undisguised Criminals and Malefactors do Less Harm than those who Live by Legalized Violence, Disguised by Hypocrisy—All Men Feel the Iniquity of our Life, and would Long Ago have Transformed it if it had not been Dissimulated by Hypocrisy—But Seem to have Reached the Extreme Limits of Hypocrisy, and we Need only Make an Effort of Conscience to Awaken as from a Nightmare to a Different Reality.

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