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  1. Dither here is.
  2. Dither parted his gaze.
  3. Dither scratched his head.
  4. Dither, Everett, Thompson.
  5. As the hour raged, Dither.

  6. The Lass was all in a Dither.
  7. Death has got me in a dither.
  8. Have you ever been in a dither?
  9. How about you Jamahl? Dither.
  10. Absolutely not! Dither snapped.
  11. Thank you, Dither said, standing up.
  12. The debate raged on between Neu and Dither.
  13. I'm afraid I cannot concede, Dither told her.
  14. Dither, you've been a vocal supporter for the No.
  15. Nothing against you Neu, Dither announced, as Neu.

  16. Hold on, I'll have to interrupt you there minister Dither.
  17. Bugger that! I'm the chairman of the Dithernet! Dither.
  18. Dither squirmed slightly, before hoisting his chin up defiantly.
  19. Would you say that you are anti-bot, minister Dither? she.
  20. The Blue Chromis is sometimes sold as a "dither fish" because it is out.
  21. And the more perfectly made the engine, the less will the amount of this "dither" be.
  22. I am not an expert here, but have watched with some interest the Leftist dither and mad cow disease symptoms because of it.
  23. There must be enough play between the vital parts to allow of some movement; "dither" is, I believe, the Scotch word for it.
  24. Without the stimulus of nature before him it was difficult to preserve the "dither" in the drawing, and the life has escaped.
  25. Yet, however perfect your system, don't forget that the life, the "dither," will still have to be accounted for, and no science will help you here.

  26. And the axles of the wheels in their sockets, and, in fact, all parts of the machine where life and movement are to occur, must have this play, this dither.
  27. On the other hand, variety holds the secrets of charm, vitality, and the picturesque, it is the "dither," the play between the larger parts, that makes for life and character.
  28. But generally speaking, in Gothic architecture this particular quality of "dither" or the play of life in all the parts is conspicuous, the balance being on the side of variety rather than unity.
  29. It only approaches artistic conditions when it is blurred, vague, and indefinite, as in so-called artistic photography, for then only can some amount of this vitalising play, this "dither" be imagined to exist.
  30. In fact, the most perfect work, like the most perfect engine of which we spoke in a former chapter, has the least amount of variety, as the engine has the least amount of "dither," that is compatible with life.
  31. In a good composition it is as though the parts had been carefully placed in rhythmic relation and then the picture jarred a little, so that everything is slightly shifted out of place, thus introducing our "dither" or play of life between the parts.
  32. The beast is invited to indulge without limits the insatiable lust of sexual abandon; to dither over pollution of the earth while its mind is filled with rot; to allow science to extract from it its precious humanity; to yield up its individuality and dignity one small drop at a time until one day it is noticed that something is missing.
  33. The necessary play that makes for vitality—the "dither" as we called this quality in a former chapter—is given in the case of the Greek temple by the subtle curving of the lines of columns and steps, and by the rich variety of the sculpture, and in the case of the Gothic cathedral by a rougher cutting of the stone blocks and the variety in the.
  34. In an historically short period of time, as Catholicism seemed in a political dither among its popes and secular kings (AD 1184–1449), and while the Mongols were still settling in on Islam’s former eastern provinces, a scourge of Black Death descended upon the whole world, exterminating from one-third to one-half of each population center that inhabited its many environments (AD 1446).

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